Letters to the Editor November 2008

Letters to the Editor November 2008

Feedback to Alize Timmerman Interview

The use of potencies.

With more than moderate interest I read the interview with Alize Timmerman.
The C4 philosophy seems to me to be a very interesting one. The question that arises reading about the different levels of the different potencies (C1 to C8) is about the source. Where does this knowledge come from? Is it really scientifically and empirically explored or just hypothetical? I consider this to be a very important topic because when somebody important as Alize Timmerman makes such a statement about the use of potencies many homeopaths, and student for certain, will follow these directions as an undeniable truth.
It must however be emphasized that this approach to the potency problem, how valuable it may seem, has nothing to do with Samuel Hahnemann. According to Hahnemann the only goal is to treat the imbalanced Dynamis!

Hahnemann Organon $ 11 Sixth Edition
When a person falls ill, it is only this spiritual, self acting (automatic) vital force, everywhere present in his organism, that is primarily deranged by the dynamic 1 influence upon it of a morbific agent inimical to life; it is only the vital force, deranged to such an abnormal state, that can furnish the organism with its disagreeable sensations, and incline it to the irregular processes which we call disease; for, as a power invisible in itself, and only cognizable by its effects on the organism, its morbid derangement only makes itself known by the manifestation of disease in the sensations and functions of those parts of the organism exposed to the senses of the observer and physician, that is, by morbid symptoms, and in no other way can it make itself known. 2

Hahnemann Organon $ 17 Sixth Edition
Now, as in the cure effected by the removal of the whole of the perceptible signs and symptoms of the disease the internal alteration of the vital principle to which the disease is due – consequently the whole of the disease – is at the same time removed,1 it follows that the physician has only to remove the whole of the symptoms in order, at the same time, to abrogate and annihilate the internal change, that is to say, the morbid derangement of the vital force – consequently the totality of the disease, the disease itself.2 But when the disease is annihilated the health is restored, and this is the highest, the sole aim of the physician who knows the true object of his mission, which consists not in learned – sounding prating, but in giving aid to the sick.

When following Hahnemann in using potentized remedies we can find his following remarks.

Hahnemann: Chronic diseases Page 145:
“Homoeopathy, by a certain treatment of the crude medicinal substances, which had not been invented before its foundation and development, advances them into the state of progressive and high development of their indwelling forces, in order that it may then use them in curing in the most perfect manner. Some of these medicines in their crude state seem to have a very imperfect, insignificant medicinal action.”

“The changes which take place in material substances, especially in medicinal ones, through long-continued triturations with a non-medicinal powder, or when dissolved, through a long-continued shaking with a non-medicinal fluid, are so incredible, that they approach the miraculous, and it is a cause of joy that the discovery of these wonderful changes belongs to Homoeopathy.”

To produce effective homeopathic remedies the process of dynamization or potentization should therefore be undertaken. In order to free the latent medicinal powers the substance to be potentized should be triturated up to C3 after which every substance can be dissolved in water and alcohol.
Potentizing remedies is necessary to create remedies that are able to reach the dynamis in a direct manner and thus cure the dynamic cause of disease.

Hahnemann: Chronic diseases page 149:
“In order to produce a homogeneity in the preparation of the homoeopathic and especially the antipsoric remedies, at least in the form of powders, I advise the reducing of medicines only to this millionth potency (C3), no more and no less and to prepare from this the solutions and the necessary potencies of these solutions; this has been my own custom.”

After reaching the C3 level every substance can be dissolved in water and alcohol. Hahnemann obviously did not triturate the remedies to C4 or higher.

Hahnemann: Chronic diseases page 146:
“What can I say of the pure metals and of their sulphurets, but that all of them, without any exception become by this treatment equally soluble in water and in alcohol, and every one of them develops the medicinal virtue peculiar to it in the purest, simplest manner and in an incredibly high degree?
But the chemical medicinal substances thus prepared now also stand above the chemical laws.”

The process of creating energetic remedies is called potentizing or dynamizing. There is no distinction made by Hahnemann between the processes of triturating or succussing other than that the process of trituration is needed to prepare insoluble substances to be dissolved in water and alcohol.

Hahnemann’s Organon $ 269 Sixth Edition
This remarkable change in the qualities of natural bodies develops the latent, hitherto unperceived, as if slumbering2 hidden, dynamic ($11) powers which influence the life principle, change the well-being of animal life.3 This is effected by mechanical action upon their smallest particles by means of rubbing and shaking and through the addition of an indifferent substance, dry of fluid, are separated from each other. This process is called dynamizing, potentizing (development of medicinal power) and the products are dynamizations4 or potencies in different degrees.

A very often occurring misconception of idea is that the centesimal potencies should be succussed 100 times to prepare a next potency. This at least is not according the instructions of Hahnemann. Reading the Sixth Edition of the Organon we see that 100 shakes only are used to prepare the LM potencies!

Hahnemann: Chronic diseases page 150:
The preparation of the higher potencies is then continued with two strokes of the arm**
(** After many experiments and searching comparisons with the patients I have for several years preferred from conviction to give to the medicinal fluids which are to be elevated to higher potencies and at the same time to be rendered milder, only two shakes (with two strokes of the arm) instead of the ten shakes given by others, because the potentizing in the latter case by the repeated shaking passes far beyond the attenuation at every step (though this is one hundred fold)

Hahnemann remarks that more shakes passes far beyond the dilution. Therefore the remedy loses its capacity to provoke a mild reaction of the dynamis.

Hahnemann’s Organon $ 269 Sixth Edition, Footnote 6:
“But with so small a diluting medium as 100 to 1 of the medicine, if many succussions by means of a powerful machine are forced into it, medicines are then developed which, especially in the higher degrees of dynamization, act almost immediately, but with furious, even dangerous violence, especially in weakly patients, without having a lasting, mild reaction of the vital principle”.

If a remedy acts violently the reaction of the vital force will be equally vigorously. Therefore the remedy will most probably act only for a very short time. (Action= reaction principle)
Due to his experiments and experience working with the potencies Hahnemann concluded the centesimal potencies to be kind of ‘a mistake!’

Hahnemann’s Organon $279 Sixth Edition, Footnote 1:
“The praise bestowed of late years by some few homeopathists on the larger doses is owing to this, either that they chose low dynamizations of the medicines to be administered, as I myself used to do for many years, from not knowing any better, or that the medicines selected were not perfectly homeopathic”.

The dose using the centesimal potencies is much larger (dilution 1:100) than using LM-potencies (dilution 1:50.000)
The Centesimal potencies are only shaken twice and therefore where called the low dynamizations.

During the 1820’s Hahnemann mainly used the centesimal potencies as is stated in the publication of the chronic diseases of 1828. During these years Hahnemann practiced the ‘prescribe and wait’, waiting for 30 to 100 days, which he abandoned with the publication of the fifth edition of the Organon where he prescribed homeopathic remedies on a weekly basis.

Hahnemann’s Organon $ 247 Fifth Edition.
“Under these conditions, the smallest doses of the best selected homeopathic medicine may be repeated with the best, often with incredible results, at intervals of fourteen, twelve, ten, eight, seven days, and, where rapidity is requisite, in chronic diseases resembling cases of acute disease, at still shorter intervals, but in acute diseases at very much shorter periods – every twenty – four, twelve, eight, four hours, in the very acutest every hour, up to as often as every five minutes, – in ever case in proportion to the more or less rapid course of the diseases and of the action of the medicine employed, as is more distinctly explained in the last note”.

Furthermore Hahnemann?s experience led him to prescribe the homeopathic potentized remedies even more often i.e. on a daily basis, but only under certain conditions. In the last publication of the Chronic diseases of 1837 Hahnemann writes.

Hahnemann: Chronic diseases 1837.
“Concerning the technical part of homoeopathy”
Experience has shown me, as it has no doubt also shown to most of my followers, that it is most useful in diseases of any magnitude (no excepting even the most acute, and still more so in the half-acute, in the tedious and most tedious) to give to the patient the powerful homoeopathic pellet or pellets only in solution, and this solution in divided doses. In this way we give the medicine, dissolved in seven to twenty tablespoonfuls of water without any addition, in acute and very acute diseases every six, four or two hours; where the danger is urgent, even every hour or every half-hour, a tablespoonful at a time; with weak persons or children, only a small part of a tablespoonful (one or two teaspoonfuls or coffee spoonfuls) may be given as a dose. In chronic diseases I have found it best to give a dose (e. g., a spoonful) of a solution medicine a least every two days, more usually every day.

Even in the use of centesimal potencies Hahnemann prescribed on a daily basis! The method of waiting 30 to 100 days after prescribing is obviously based on the 4th edition of the Organon (1829) and the first publication of the Chronic diseases (1828)! The development of homeopathy in the late 19th and early 20th century in America must therefore considered to be based on the 4th edition of the Organon.
The publication of 1837 is preceding Hahnemann?s Paris period where the development of yet another potency scale was realized, the LM-potency scale. The LM potencies are prescribed in the same way Hahnemann prescribed the centesimal potencies already in 1837.
The publication of the 6th edition of the Organon took another 78 years. In the meanwhile homeopathy went ‘worldwide’ based on, yes, the 4th edition of the Organon.

Generations of homeopaths learned to practice homeopathy and prescribe their potencies based on the 4th edition which, according to Hahnemann in the 6th edition of the Organon, was to be considered a mistake.

Beside the homeopathic classification of diseases, the use of LM-potencies also became oblivious. This has worked out to be a very much against the interest of homeopathy. It might be one of the main reasons why homeopathy is in decline worldwide.

The LM’s are shaken 100 times between every step.

Hahnemann Organon $ 270 Sixth Edition
In order to best obtain this development of power, a small part of the substance to be dynamized, say one grain, is triturated for three hours with three times one hundred grains sugar of milk according to the method described below 1 up to the one-millionth part in powder form. For reasons given below (b) one grain of this powder is dissolved in 500 drops of a mixture of one part of alcohol and four parts of distilled water, of which one drop is put in a vial. To this are added 100 drops of pure alcohol 2 and given one hundred strong succussions with the hand against a hard but elastic body.3 This is the medicine in the first degree of dynamization with which small sugar globules 4 may then be moistened 5 and quickly spread on blotting paper to dry and kept in a well-corked vial with the sign of (I) degree of potency. Only one 6 globule of this is taken for further dynamization, put in a second new vial (with a drop a water in order to dissolve it) and then with 100 powerful succussions.

It might seem quite euphoric but the Master himself called the LM-potency the most perfect potency. For homeopath?s it must be considered an important invitation to study and use these potencies.

Hahnemann Organon $270 Sixth Edition, footnote 7.
This assertion will not appear improbable, if one considers that by means of this method of dynamization (the preparations thus produced, I have found after many laborious experiments and counter-experiments, to be the most powerful and at the same time mildest in action, i.e., as the most perfected) the material part of the medicine is lessened with each degree of dynamization 50,000 times yet incredibly increased in power, so that the further dynamization of 125 and 18 ciphers reaches only the third degree of dynamization. The thirtieth thus progressively prepared would give a fraction almost impossible to be expressed in numbers. It becomes uncommonly evident that the material part by means of such dynamization (development of its true, inner medicinal essence) will ultimately dissolve into its individual spirit-like, (conceptual) essence. In its crude state therefore, it may be considered to consist really only of this underdeveloped conceptual essence.

The LM potencies have to be considered the high potencies meant by Hahnemann as they are shaken 100 times for the preparation of every next potency.

Therefore in using the LM’s every potency can or must be used. In the centesimal potencies the level of potency only very slowly rises, therefore the intermediate potencies are omitted during treatment. We only use the Kentian scale. (C30, C200 etc.). Using the LM’s we can use every potency.
Using the LM’s the curative power of homeopathic remedies is boosted tremendously. These potencies can be administered on a daily base and therefore their healing capacity is raised.

Hahnemann Organon $ 246 Sixth Edition
“..And this may be very happily affected, as recent and oft-repeated observations have taught me under the following conditions: firstly, if the medicine selected with the utmost care was perfectly homeopathic; secondly, if it is highly potentized, dissolved in water and given in proper small dose that experience has taught as the most suitable in definite intervals for the quickest accomplishment of the cure but with the precaution, that the degree of every dose deviate somewhat from the preceding and following in order that the vital principle which is to be altered to a similar medicinal disease be not aroused to untoward reactions and revolt as is always the case1 with unmodified and especially rapidly repeated doses.”

1 What I said in the fifth edition of the Organon, in a long note to this paragraph in order to prevent these undesirable reactions of the vital energy, was all the experience I then had justified. But during the last four or five years, however, all these difficulties are wholly solved by my new altered but perfected method. The same carefully selected medicine may now be given daily and for months, if necessary in this way, namely, after the lower degree of potency has been used for one or two weeks in the treatment of chronic disease, advance is made in the same way to higher degrees, (beginning according to the new dynamization method, taught herewith with the use of the lowest degrees).

Hahnemann Organon $ 246 Sixth Edition, Footnote 1
We ought not even with the best chosen homeopathic medicine, for instance one pellet of the same potency that was beneficial at first, to let the patient have a second or third dose, taken dry. In the same way, if the medicine was dissolved in water and the first dose proved beneficial, a second or third and even smaller dose from the bottle standing undisturbed, even in intervals of a few days, would prove no longer beneficial, even though the original preparation had been potentized with ten succussions or as I suggested later with but two succussions in order to obviate this disadvantage and this according to above reasons. But through modification of every dose in its dynamization degree, as I herewith teach, there exists no offence, even if the doses be repeated more frequently, even if the medicine be ever so highly potentized with ever so many succussions. It almost seems as if the best selected homeopathic remedy could best extract the morbid disorder from the vital force and in chronic disease to extinguish the same only if applied in several different forms

Talking about high potencies Hahnemann obviously means the LM potencies.

For the future development of homeopathy it is, I think it of great importance that the statements we make on behalf of homeopathy must scientifically and empirically be true and not just based on opinion or fashion.

Ewald Stoeteler.
Classical homeopath,
Almelo, the Netherlands.


The reply of Dr.Vithoulkas to my query is very convincing and all the credit goes to you for starting such a wonderful feature in your website. I find the contents/articles of the magazine very thoughtful and knowledgeable. Thank.
Dr.Shiv Dua

We must have more cartoons from Alan Schmukler! I so admire his artistic talent. One cartoon per issue is not enough!

Elaine Lewis


I really enjoyed the audio lectures that you started. Bedsides of being interest some of them were useful as a teaching aid. I hope you will have some more soon, especially those related to the Organon.
karen gorman


Super Ezine
A Dummy’s Guide to LM Potencies by Dr. Manish Bhatia, The Importance of Potency Choice, Dilution and Dose with case examples by Marc Van Wijk, Titration by Alize Timmermann and Archived Articles on Posology by Edward De Beukelaer for bringing all together and were I found to be all super informative articles. I learned a lot from these articles and appreciate the authors for contributing their knowledge and grateful to all and Ezine for printing this fantastic edition. It just gets better and better.
jim hebert


Loved the two cartoons in the Oct. issue. Great!

Lola Padula


I did receive the October issue. Thank you very much. I am very impressed with your issues and I look forward to receiving future one.

Laura Harr


thanks magazine is informative and helpful sir could u send me article and treatment of macular degeneration with rpe and atorpy and medicines used with success



The October issue was incredible!!!! touching CRUCIAL topics like potency selection, dosing, aggravations..

My favorite article was “Potency Selection Guidelines by Dr. Hahnemann” by Dr. Manish Bhatia . VERY ENRICHING!!
One article that left me kind of “incomplete and wanting more” was “Who Says What About Dose and Dilution” by Edward De Beukelaer.

I’d love for you to include information and advise on the best ways to go about Homeopathic Vaccinations. How to use them, when to use them, how often etc, etc, etc…


Juliette Grosclaude


Dear Ed:

Your editorial is interesting.


Jahangir Satti, Ph.D., D.A.B.R.


this is to thanks so much for the the october issue, as usual interesting and informative.

congratulations for your efforts and generosity,

best regards,

hilda jacobsen


i am very happy to say you that i am getting so many benefits by your regular articles.
Amrit Raj


Dear Editor,
I have really enjoyed the issue today. I has given insight into the selection of the potency. It contains three articles on potency.
You know that there are number of cases on bronchitis or oesteo arthritis or skin allergy in India. It will be great help for the probationers to have cases on these fields.
Love and regards
S. C. Kursija


Your edition is full of very interesting matter as always. George Vithoulkas answers are particularly helpful. thanks.


As usual the content is excellent. Well done.


Christine Moss


Thank you so much. I look forward to the learning experience each month,



Dear Hpathy,
I recommend Hpathy to all homeopaths and hope that students find it early on in their studies.
As a final year student I am very appreciative of Hpathy Ezine for the many times I have been able to reference suitable articles for assignments. I have also received plenty of inspiration for assignment topics through your articles.
When doing a general search I often come across an article from Hpathy Ezine covering the topic at hand.
I am a firm devotee and look forward to upon graduation in the next month maybe having some time to read in more depth the articles not associated with an assignment.

A topic that I would be interested in you addressing is one I just completed a research assignment on which was chosen due to perceived controversy.
My topic was Adamas Trituration vs Diamond Immersion: Does trituration preparation produce a different homeopathic medicine to an immersion preparation of the same crude substance? Of course your recent article by Alize Timmerman highlighted further aspects of trituration for which I thank you. Peter Tumminello and his book “The Twelve Jewels” enlightens us on the gem immersions.

The other controversy here is the proving method. An example is with the Pearl provings. The Pearl immersion has been proved both by Alistair Gray with a Hahnemanian proving & Peter Tumminello as a meditative proving.
I have been a participant in a conference Tumminello gem immersion meditative proving and was thoroughly impressed. I must admit to having been slightly skeptic at the outset but nothing changes you faster than
experiencing it for yourself.

Fiona Proven


Thank you very much, I shall read all this, Edward de Beukelaer will translate my answers.
First, I am interested by Ananda’s conceptions, which are closely near Dr Masi’s ones :
the wound : the vulnerability
The wall : the égotrophie.
The mask : the égotrophie “masquée”.
Dr Masi added the égolyse, (the failure of the wall), and the hétérolyse (the vengeance).
Dr Masi adds the metaphysic conflict which cause the individuals’ specific manner of defense .
Kind regards
S Fayeton


dear editor,
Peace be with you. The feed back of last month is highly highly appreciated. I don’t think such a wonderful program anybody else is running so for.
Keep it up, show your concern for the earth, and it will Instruct
Peace be with you,
M kaiser



Thank you

This is as the previous issues are first class. For me personally LIFE CHANGINGLY so.

With best wishes


Dear Editor

As a new graduate in homeopathy I am finding the articles in your magazine extremely helpful in helping me find the remedy picture

Beverley Brown NZ


The articles are excellent and I enjoy very much everything you publish on line about Homeopathy.

My health has improved a lot since I started using homeopathic remedies.

Thanks a lot


Hi there,

I like your e-zine very much. To be honest I am pretty lazy to give you feedback in more detail or to be specific, but it would be convenient if there is something like poll and you just tick some boxes or percentage and send it back with speed of a click. Think about it

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I love the hpathy magazine and I have recently given your details to a load of colleagues.


Dear Friends,
excuse for my English. About the question of use homeopathic remedies and right doses, I think that we must study with great attention the books of Masi and Candegabe, and Organon too.
The ideas of these Masters of Our Art of healing derived directly by Kent and Allen and Ghatak.
It is very important the study of energetic level of disease, the dynamic prognosis of disease. So, it is possible a dynamic lecture of Kent’s learnigs about prognosis. High level of energy, with clear mental symptoms are linked at high level of energy and so we must use high doses (200, MK, XMK, CMK).
Low level with no characteristic symptoms are linked to low energy and so we must use low doses (organic doses, also < 12CH).
The frequency is difficult, but we must remember that Homeopathy is impulse, energetic information.
This aspect is more important that frequency, I think.
Excuse my English.
Dott. Paolo Rossetti,
Medical Natural Center of Animal Diseases – Homeopathy
AUSL 11 Empoli, Toscany, Italy.


The oct ezine was very informative. And it helped me enhance my homeopathic knowledge

Nilay Trivedi


I liked the Schmuckler pieces, Cuba, lambs, and Zaren book review.

let’s see if this mail gets thru – in the past when I’ve sent comments the mail bounced.

Carol Willis


I always enjoy reading the articles in your homeopathy journal.
Thanks for all the hard work.
Sheila Brewis


dear Elaine,
its a guess but its worth a try i would have thought of AGARICUS M as the October Quiz remedy. will await the answer next month.

PS your article on success rates was very well written & as they would say in old english “she certainly knows her onions”.

i am trying to get the book you mentioned for acutes in INDIA [Homeopathic Medicine in the Home by Breslow] seems difficult though.


dr sacheen khirid


The Articles are very beautiful and very useful to know good practice of homeopathy.

Thank You Sir.

V.Siva Kumar.


Dear Editors,

Your October 2008 ezine to be informative and education, as have been all your ezine’s, I especially enjoyed “The importance of potency choice,dilution and dose” from Marc Van Wijk. I believe this to be an important subject as potency, dilution and dose?need to be tailored to each individual case for maximum effectiveness and maximum benefit
Michele Santos.


All efforts being put in this valuable website is highly acknowledged




I enjoy a lot reading all the articles and look forward to the next issue.

Luis Wolman


So sorry I don’t feed back. I love getting and having the info, but don’t often take the time to read,#. I just bob in there when I have the luxury of a few minutes spare. I do want it though.

Kind regards

Chris griffiths


Choice of Potency

I have a feeling that in chronic cases, once we have chosen the right medicine according to the symptoms of the patient, we may start with low potency like 30C. This may be tried at least for 2 weeks (twice a day). If there is status quo or some improvement, next higher potency (200C) of the same medicine may be given for a week or 10 days (once daily). If the medicine is really working, some appreciable improvement is likely to be seen. If so, give 1M potency 1 dose every week for 2 or 3 consecutive weeks. Finally give one dose of 10 M. Perhaps further medication may not be necessary. If during the above course of treatment, at any stage there is some deterioration or change of symptoms, medicine may have to be changed.
I have applied the above plan in case of my wife. She had severe dementia = forgetfulness, lying listless, not talking at all, not responding, not recognizing people, not showing interest in any thing, unable to walk, etc. I found Picric Acid (Picricum acidum) very matching with her symptoms, and I gave her this medicine as per plan mentioned above. I got wonderful results. Besides, 30C and 200C as per above plan, she has so far been given 3 doses of 1M during the last three weeks. Now she talks as freely as she used to earlier. Shows interest in household matters, wants to know what is happening, is able to walk with support, recognizes people, remembers old events, but some times gets confused. On the whole there is remarkable recovery. I find some improvement in her condition daily. I do hope she will improve further. Here I must mention that we are continuing allopathic medicines also prescribed by Neurologist. The medicines are Aricep 10 (1 tablet at night) and Admenta one tablet in the morning and 2 at night. We were told that these medicines are for maintaining the status quo, but the damage that has already occurred to the brain and the memory already lost are not recoverable. Hence I had to look for alternative treatment (Homeopathy), and got tremendous success.
I would like to have the opinion of practicing Homeopaths.



Dear Editor
I am totally amazed by your october issue. I am still working on it. I am personally very grateful to all of you. Keep up good working.
Take Care
Ahmad Obaidus Sattar Bhuiya


great as always

thank you!


One of the most educational issues I’ve ever read. Learned a lot about dosages and potencies. Good job in promoting the spread of Homeopathy by educating everyone like this issue surely does. Thanks to all the intellectuals who contributed thanks to you and Ezine.
Jim Hebert


Dear editor ,

your all issues are very interesting and informative. surely it sharpens our knowledge. it is a nice world platform to share for common cause to popularize our homeopathy. ‘unity in diversity’ through this art of healing to serve suffering humanity in benign way. kudos to you and to your entire team.

thank you.



Dear Sir,

What captures all the attention in the October issue of ezin is I think, the subject of Posology. The compilation of words of our great past teachers teaches about the basics of the subject.

If I look into my practice, so far, I find that, whenever selection of the remedy was done correctly by me, patients were relieved of symptoms for quite a long time just with a single dose, & a complete cure was achieved after repeating few more doses following or not following homeopathic aggravation. Cases not interfered, not abused and not complicated by conventional mode of treatment gets even completely cured by single doses and without any homeopathic aggravation. Mostly children and teen agers contribute to such simple cures. Pathological cases also when untouched by any other mode of treatment, straight away comes to homeopathy and, if correct medicine is found, gets cured within few days with single dose of 10M potency without any aggravation. I remember a case of huge haemorrhagic/chocolate cyst containing of about 1 lit of blood inside, in young unmarried girl, got cured by single dose of 10M of the selected remedy within 2 days. The blood got reabsorbed and cyst shrunk. And the girl put on straight away 6 kgs. of weight in next 2 months thus, improving her general condition as well. Cases of migraines are a bit difficult to handle I feel. Because the pains are so severe patients just can not resist themselves form not taking painkillers. So it is difficult to find the original unmodified picture of the disease & if it is found, they require more frequent repeatation than other cases. And many times it becomes difficult to differentiate between relapse of original disease symptoms & homeopathic aggravation. I remember a case of a migraine, who initially responded very well with every dose of 10M of selected medicine in every episode of headache she got with definite improvement in general condition as well but, at one particular day she stopped responding to any of the potencies & to any number of repetition. The headache was just continued for quite a long time. I referred her to some other doctor thinking that I am not able to understand her case properly. She stopped visiting me there after. After one year her husband met me on road and, I just asked him how is his wife doing now. And he surprisingly said that they did not need to go to another doctor. After stopping homeopathic medicines, she slowly recovered on her own. She did not need any painkiller also since then. And now she is completely alright having no headaches and off all the medicines. Then I realized that it was the homeopathic aggravation which I was thinking as her disease symptoms and all I needed to do was not repeating the dose any more and let the aggravation run its course and let the cure follow.

So, as Dr. Hahnemann has rightly said that, correct selection of right medicine alone is not enough to achieve cure. Cure is based on three legged stool of principle of selection of most similar medicine, principle of selection of correct potency and principle of correct dose.

With warm wishes,


This was my first Ezine. I’m not a qualified homoepath but have done some courses and sometime when I’m free from my full time occupation I’d like to study and qualify. I’m very interested also in the results in animals as I’ve treated my dogs quite successfully for a few years, as and when required.
Frankly I found the ezine fascinating. Some of it went over my head but articles like the one about 1Ms were so informative, I’m sure I’m going to learn loads from this and future issues.

Pam Needham


Thank you,

I have found interesting the papers about LM.

X Bargallo.


Dear every body at,
I am V. Hari Hara Prasad, a homoeo enthusiast. I have seen your site and I have subscribed to it.
As I am not a physician, I barely understand a little of your book. Even then, I have enjoyed about the Hahneman’s potencies, curing the diseases of the children and the conditions at cuba.

Thanks a lot for doing such a tremendous service to the humanity

With deep regards,

V. Hari Hara Prasad


First, thanks for the free email newsletter. It’s packed with an abundance of information!
Secondly, I am new to homeopathy — just beginning to see the potential that homeopathic care can have in my home and farm and beyond. Currently, I’m just finishing a Basic Homeopathy Course with Mary Aspinwell and Melissa Burch at Inner Healthy (online). A wealth of information — in which they recommended your website.

So, needless to say, as a beginner, lots of the information is a bit over my head, yet, as I progress, this material will become invaluable.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn from you~
Patti Winter


Great magazine! Very interesting articles and opinions. Look forward to it every month. Regards Catherine Chambers =

I received my first issue of Homeopathy for Everyone and I am very grateful for the generous opportunity to learn from such a fine resource. I will be reading more and responding as I progress through my self-studies and self-treatment.
Della V.


Dear Editor,
many thanks for the obituary for Ananda Zaren!
Great were the articles about potencies, dose and dilution referring to Hahnemann’s organon.
Kind regards

Martha Greiner-Jetha


I received October issue of Homeopathy 4 everyone and enjoy it very much.
Thank you for it,

Dr Doina Pavlovschi


Dear Editor,
Thank you for this treasure of wisdom that you ‘re sending me online every month. It Is very useful and refreshing .I have told my friends of this field to be it’s member. On subject you will get my comments very soon.

Dr.Brijesh Tripathi



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