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Dear Sir,

I have always had an interest in finding out the possibilities of using homoepathy remedies for plants. Dr. Kaviraj’s column will really be very good for all those interested in non polluting agriculture.


Pawan Kr. Singhania


Your articles are always interesting. I find your online course one that I can truly recommend to anyone for a start on homeopathy. It is a good one for clerks in a homeopathy supply pharmacy to start with their understanding of homeopathy.


Wyatt Gordon, PhD



Beatriz Hernández Hill


Thank you! wonderful papers on lacs..: canis latrans, dog’ story..among others…

Bernadette BRESARD


Dear Sir

Like always your October 2009 Newsletter is also excellent with valuable articles of immense value for gaining wide range of experience in the field of homoeopathy derived from the various authors of the articles. God bless them all for sharing their knowledge and experience.

With best regards

Sincerely yours

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


The dog’s story

Thank you Sheila for unfolding the practicing meassure in Homoeopathic World…you filled the piture upto the neck with the wonderful wisdom with clear illustrations…Thankyou for sharing this knowledge bank…but I do request you please in the end,do enclose the summary in a paragraph also so that there may remain an option for those who avoid reading long stuff. DB Tripathi


Dr. Schmukler’s editorial

Thank you so much for your clear and informative letter and the supporting document by Gary Null. I hope it spreads around the world. Your work is much appreciated.

Best regards, John Board



The cartoon was hilarious! Keep up the amazing work! We are the only homeopathy magazine in the world with a cartoonist!



Your cartoon made me laugh (dryly) Alan!

Yoys will be yoys eh?!

Best wishes on a wonderful magazine. I look forward to it greatly every issue.

Rhóda Uí Chonaire, Dublin, Ireland


Although the problems in homeopathy as discussed by Alan are potentially harmful, to my opinion there is a greater threat. In recent months I met two totally different people, but connected the problems they noticed. First there was the dutch organisation of homeopathy (KHVN) which signalled that there number of members (being patients) was gradually declining, mostly by the death of the old member. No new young members were signed in. Then I had a discussion with an 18 year old girl, who told me that no one of her school friends knows anything of homeopathy. Connecting those two you can quite easily discover the future problem. If this is the case in more countries than homeopathy will pass away silently. I think homeopathy, especially in the Netherlands, but perhaps also in other countries, has a great PR problem. Homeopaths suppose without any prove that everybody knows about homeopathy and that just is not the case. So, in my opinion, we have a huge new task, i.e. promoting homeopathy constantly and everywhere: in schools, in daily newspapers, in magazines etc. etc.



Thanks for the October issue of Hpathy Articles, they are very informative I have used some tips and realy happy to report that it did wonders for my Grand daugher whoe was suffering from stool dilema. Thanks again.

PiaraSingh Minhas






The issue is interesting, specially the article by Britta Gisder. It’s a fact that the temperamens of the present day children are changing fast mainly due to huge prresure of education and other habits. But the basic or the key factor underlies in the drugs referred to by Gisder. There a re several other remedies too and we hope some more articles of this nature.

Dr. Sukanta Mukherjee


Respected Sir,

I have been getting ur Homeopathy for Everyone for the last 2 months, Its very informative and useful as a good guide for the homeopathic practitioners. Especially I would like to thank u for giving TIPS and SECRETS and on Disease, Healing, Our higher purpose, Miasms, Aids and more…. and many more articles. We are very thankful to u for providing such a useful work for the benefits of the practitioners as well as for the people. I would suggest u to enhance this project in regional languages if u can so that a lay men can also identify the power of homeopathy and understand it is one of the best in alternative treatments.

Thanking u,

yours friendly,

uma maheswara rao.P


Dear Alan Schmuckler,

I just want to say Hello and how much I enjoy your magazine, especially the interviews!

Sabine Herzig from Basel, Switzerland


All the papers were found very interesting and knowledgeable. Particularly, the paper “Tips and Secrets:30, by Alan Schmukler was very informative



Dear sir Thanks and I feel happy to know the homeopath extended to agriculture. May be we’ll be successful in this line in near future and it will kick the people who are making noise against homeopath and applied to WHO.Allah always with us & we’ll be successful.

Dr M A Rahman


The most useful on-line magazine to keep developing homeopathy paradigm.

Thank you very much indeed for your commitment.



Homeopathy for Everyone exceeds itself with each issue. After the substantial September issue I found another interesting articles in this one. Thank you for it,

Dr Doina Pavlovschi


It is a brilliantly written article and a good analysis of how the five elements move the biological system. Ishopanishad, one of the 18 upanishads, begins with the verse “Porrnamadaha poornamidam. poornaat poornamadyuchte, poornasya poornamadaya poornamevavashishyate”. Literal translation means ” That is perfect and this also is perfect.Having given birth to the perfect the perfect remains perfect”. If interpreted in the light of wave mechanics of physics it may be said that Energy is all pervading, It is all pervading neither can be created nor can be destroyed. From this energy matter is born and the material evolution was set to roll. By chance or by design under different combinations of the matter ( this incldes all the five elemnts) biological system was born leading to organic evolution. At present Man and the flowering plants seem to be the culminating point,but it is wrong to assume tgis since evolution is a continuous process. Homeopathy since combines nature of an individual and his responses to surrounding material and biological matter seems far more scientific in nature. It adresses the game of energy and matter both. I will be happy to receive any response and discuss the subject.



Dear Editor,

I just loved your Oct 9 Issue’, and your “Tips and Secrets”,that is very useful. Mrs Lewis’s articles are as usual, and the Quiz… I’m fond of them, now… Maravilha!!!. I’m learning a lot about homeopathy reading this amazing magazine every month, and it’s already as a meeting for me, a homeopathic matter.Thank you a lot. Glad to meet you.



Dear Friends,

Congratulations for the idea of the Plant Doctor’s column. It will be extremely useful for those of us involved with gardening. Another thing. I always find it very difficult to find the simillimum based on the sintoms I get from the ill person (chronic illnesses). This seems to be the real Achilles’ heel of Homeopathy. Could you suggest me books or sites with clear explanations on how to make the right questions on the first place and then deciding which ones are to be considered and which ones are to be ignored?

My best regards,

Ismar Pereira Filho


Dr Manish Bathia

Thanks for your Audio Verson it is interesting to hear and you talk with a good voice so everyone can hear what you have to say. It is a pleasure to listen to you and learn thank you again /

Gun Sweden


Subject: RE: swine Flu

Thank you so much both Misha Norland and your son Mani (Norland) for your articles. I have print them out och read them again and again. They give me new energy and also hope for the future because there is so much to think about and as Mani says ” All you need to do is wonder at life and have a healthy curiosity and want to know more” . Mind, body and spirit all together. Misha brings energy and it is wonderful to read the interviewed by Lynnie when he talks about his dayly life and says ” different days are different” so true. And he helps me to find out the right “medicin” to a problem I haven´t solve until now and that because I read one of his article, thank you.

I wish we should have the same spirit here in Sweden for homeopathi and the rest but I hope it comes.

Gun Sweden


The September Issue had the information I had been looking for. You are doing a noble job. Was it not for you I would not have known much homeopathy. I have been trying to get information on where to study homeopathy. I am not practising now but I intend to do so in two years time. Keep the good job up.



Feedback for August issue Dear Mr. Schmukler,

You requested feedback, and I am sorry I was so late reading the newletter. I am very much a student that hasn’t gotten too far and then has had to postpone my education in homeopathy. I enjoy receiving your newsletter, however!

Your editorial introduction was a nice preparation for what followed.

Some of the New Papers were out of my reach of experience, but the information on the swine flu helpful and very interesting. I very much liked the 50 Facts paper.

I found the video a bit difficult to hear, especially with Dr. Bhatia’s accent. The audio was much better, and the accent was not much of an issue, and I found the lecture interesting.

Having very limited experience, I could not relate to the research paper on corn.

The cartoon was great.

I particularly liked the case studies, in that they gave me a very nice sense of being there, how to simplify the intake information, and how to record the process. I saved the quizzes in Word to experiment with them and check back for the answers later, if they are given. Thank you,

Emily Kukura


Dear Editor, What I’ve got from the beginning till now, there is difference between HUMAN and other existence like animal. In may holy book Qur-an, God said,” We have indeed created man in the best of mould” and also, “We have honoured the sons of Adam”. So, is HUMAN equal animal?! Lets back to Misha Norland in page 2 last paragraph, he said, “the dog is my soul-mate! We have great conversation. Seriously my wife is my soul-mate and I delight in time that we are together”. Of course Aethusa may have such idea. According to Misha’s expression SIMILLIMUM has a new equivalent or synonym such as – Holy Grail -, I would like to know that Misha wanted to have a new approach or put a figurative in his text just to extend and make it longer!

Jafar Vakili


Dear Dr.Bhatia,

I am full of appreciation for the ‘Hints’ on homoeopathy. Although these are tips from books of various authors but readers might have read in a casual way and not remembering.This outpur in the form of hints make these tips jewels. Accept my congratulations.

Dr. Shiv Dua


Good day. I have resaved October’s homeopathy. I have read article Britta Gister -treatment of children and hear lecture of Aphorism 28-29 Dr Marish Bhatia and very interesting cartoon I held it on the desk in my children hospital for the doctors. I like to know more remedies diabetes mellitus about.

Best wishes

Lyubov lyan



Your Hpathy Octuber is, as usual, excellent. It is not easy to say which article is the best ne. I am impressed with your Carcinosinum– Sujit kr Sharma Blessings.

Fernando ArizpeTreviño


Especially enjoyed the tips and secrets, and the article on Phosporus.

Adele McVeigh.


I am highly pleased to dear this month’s article. The topic based on dog was very interesting. I wish you all, all the best and hoping to get more informative information in the upcoming issues

With Regadrs,

Dr. Marylin Hazarika


I am a second year student of homeopathy at Pacific Academy in SF and would like to share that your Homeopathy for Everyone Ezine is adding to my knowledge and understanding of case taking, and remedies. I look forward to receiving it each month and pass on the articles and the link to fellow students.

Thank you for providing such a great, free resource.

Sincerely, diana rutherford


Dear sirs,

I enjoy receiving hpathy ezine every month. The vaccinaction issue last year was especially good. the article in Oct issue on children was also very good and of course the tips and secrets section is always worth a read. Thanks.

Carmel O’Flaherty I.S.Hom


Dear Manish, Thank you for another months thought provoking reading.I particularly liked and was interested in the article about the approach of Masi-Elizade.These kinds of articles reviewing the philosophy and general approach and modus of different schools I think are very important and helpful to all homeopaths, since they encourage a more rounded and varied approach and give a sense of our rich homeopathic history and environment.I’d like to see more of these kinds of articles. Regards and best wishes,

Robert Bannan LCH


Thank you for the October issue of Homeopathy for Everyone every article that is published is substatiated with authority and is very useful for the reader. I have used Mag carb for a child that was having problem evacuating her lower bowels ONE dose fixed the problem. Thanks to the tips section. Dr Bhatia you are doing a great service and keep it up.I have personally involved myself with homeopathy for almost fourty years as a student learning from anywhere and but has no credentials to prove as an homeopath. I did your online course of elementry intro to homeopathy and am waiting for my certificate. Any suggestions as to obtain grading to join in the field. Thank you

Piara Minhas



I am a 3rd year student of The Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine.

I particularly enjoyed the article on miasms as I am currently writing a thesis on miasms and autism. It would be interesting to read any available information on this topic as I haven’t been able to find very much.


Earlene Signature


Dear Mr. Editor,

I read with great interest an article by Dr. Mani Norland entitled “The Wonder of Homeopathy.” I highly appreciate the insight of the writer and his grasp of how the play of energy and matter has resulted into biological system. I am reminded of Ishopanishadic verse ” Poornamadah poornamidam, poornat poornamadyuchte, poornasya poornamaadyaya poornamevava shishyate “. Literal meaning is ” That is whole (and) this (also) is whole. Whole is created from the whole (yet) the whole remains whole “. This is interpreted as ” All pervading energy or say the Spirit creates the material universe both being perfect the Spirit remains whole. Using the priciples of physics energy and matter are interconvertible. We can now explain that there was material evolution resulting into the universe with all its suns and planets. This was followed by biological evolution which is spontaneous and is continuous to this day. The author rightly points out that the biological system works in coordination with the forces existing in the universe and homeopathy is in consonance with this scientific fact. I congratulate the author for his deep study. Please convey my best wishes to him.

Vijay Rajurs


Dear Editor:

I am offering feedback as you requested. In particular, I am commenting on the Chief Editor’s article about the Voice of Young Science Network. Obviously, there is no actual “science” in this network or they wouldn’t be so ignorant as to call on the condemnation of homeopathy. I am appalled at such blatant ignorance.

Surely the WHO is not actually listening to this ignorant radical group. There is too much well-documented information about the history of success of homeopathy over allopathic medicine in the past 150 years.

I shake my head when I watch the news and hoopla about the H1N1 flu strain. There would have been no deaths from this virus if those victims had had any one of several homeopathic flu remedies on hand. I resist the urge to write CNN, Sanjay Gupta, MD (their favorite medical reporter) and the other news stations and enlighten them all about the miracle of homeopathy. I only hesitate to write for fear that it would stir up undesirable publicity and somehow cause harm to the free use of homeopathy in this country. If I have this reaction to all the drama and ignorance of the news media, I can only guess how professional homeopaths must feel.

What kind of response has homeopathy provided to the WHO in response to the recommendation of the Voice of Young Science Network? The *WHO needs to be educated* on the *long successful history of homeopathy* and perhaps be submitted with a petition signed by the millions of homeopathy users, both lay and professional in support of the safe, successful use of homeopathy. Does the WHO not know that the Royal Family has always used homeopathy? Do we ever hear of any of them spending an extended time in a hospital? No, we don’t.

I am strictly an amateur homeopathy, having discovered this miracle 26 years ago in, of all places, Mississippi where it is illegal for a professional homeopath to practice. Fortunately for me, it is legal to self-treat. Also fortunately for me, there is a marvelous health food store about an hour from my home town where I first purchased educational material and homeopathic remedies. (Now I can order all this over the Internet.) I regret that I have not been able to spend much time to spend on furthering my education of homeopathy, but I cherish my few remedies and many old editions of the old newsletter that were passed on to me. I cannot imagine life without homeopathy. I wouldn’t want to and I feel sorry for people who don’t know about this marvelous, miraculous gift of God.

It should be a crime to deprive third world countries of these miraculous remedies. The WHO should welcome the use of any remedies that can help these poor people, especially remedies that are so safe and inexpensive.


Gena Hopkins Vicksburg, Mississippi


The article The wonder of Homeopathy was wonderful I’m just wondering myself when homeopathy will become our mainstream medicine, I hope its not too far away as I believe there are so many diseases that are more and more prolific.



Dear Sir,

Thank you for providing such a huge information and plat form for homoeopathic practioners and students to study,debate and express their views.

I have gone through all articles of October issue. All articles are well and helps us to enhance our knowledge. Iam presently located at Bhopal. There are several Homoeopathic Doctors practicing homoeopathy & Students studying.

From my experiance one thing is clear: Studying,Practicing and following homoeopathy is not a simple task. Practicing in homoeopathy to the purest form is very rare to see.

To enhance the popularity and effectiveness of Homoeopathic System, following suggestions are requested to take in to consideration.

Make available all medicines in LM potency. Follow and teach E.A. Farringtons way.

You are also requested to provide PDF Files of previous issues so that we can print the same and keep with us for reference.



Thank you for the wonderful rebuttal to the so called “science” group. I don’t know where it will end, but I keep a good thought. In this community, homeopathy is flourishing. I personally deliver Influenzinum this year to friends and family (free of charge).

Wanda Salyard


The article on treatment of children’s disease by knowing the temperament was excellent.I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The article was beautifully explained with examples. I appreciate the author for the excellent work and also the editor for adding it in this issue.I would like to have something like this for the different constitutions too. If u have already published it in any issue pls do inform me. Looking forward for more interesting articles…..



The short details given on LOW DOWN ON POTENCY is an eye opener and helps those ill equiped homeo enthusiasts who try medicines themselves, and avoid unnecessary complications. You may see that it is these enthusiasts who spread homeo more than the ussual channels. So encourage them.



A Lac Canis Latrans Case – David Johnson

To be honest, I am sick of articles like what is homeopathy?, How homeopathy works etc etc. As homeopaths we are fully aware of thes. In my 70 years of humble experience, we can learn better from case studies and I like the above one very much. I also like your challenging us to answer to a case. This provides helps to those who seek. I have a male patient 14 years of age, his skin between above the nipples and below the neck is dry, red and itchy. It just won’t go away.Does any one has an answer for that. Blessings be,



Respected doctors, Just as we see an order in the maze of symptoms in the materia medica, I have seen an order, a fantastic relationship between drugs during my practice which I have not come across in any of the texts. You can come across this relationship provided you prescribe the drugs exactly similar and provided you do not cross the 30th potency. I have come across 4 cases of Conium constitutions and all of them needs Bell at one point of time or another as regular acute. Am I right in concluding that all Coniums in the world need Bell as regular acute ? If this is correct then what is the secret that relates Conium and Bell . Let us compare the whole of Conium to whole of Belladonna None of the symptoms clash. I have come across 5 cases of Natrum Mur constitutions needing Bryonia as regular acute at different times. If you compare these two drugs, you will see lot of overlapping of symptoms. They seem to be two sides of the same coin ! EUREKA ? If the modality of constitutional is worse by lying down, that of the acute should not be better by lying down. If constitutional has profuse periods, the acute cannot have suppressed periods. But there is much more which makes two drugs relate to each other as chronic and acute counterparts. How did I discover this relationship ? First thing, I did not go beyond 30th in my practice. Why did I do it ? For the following reasons:- –I did not want my patients to complain of aggravation and meddle with the same behind my back with other systems of medicine –I know that no chronic disease is curable in all respects. One born with psora has to die of psora. So what is the point in going beyond 30th and how much to keep on ascending in the scale? –With 30th many of my patients were happier than taking other systems of medicine. If with 30th I can deliver much better than what other systems can grant, then why cross the 30th ? It was in this process, that I stumbled upon the above relationships. Once you give 200th onwards and if it does not correspond exactly, the symptoms are disarrayed and you cannot work properly with the patient any longer.

With regards

Dr Andriel D’souza


Sir, thank you for providing useful information about homeopathy. the information about various drugs and its selection for treating various diseases is exellent. one reqeust is that pls throw some light on the treatmetn of psoriasis and its treatment by homeopathy. as a patronizer of this type of medicine, once again i thank you for all the efforts you are putting in helping the people select right type of medicine in the holistic treatment of chronic/acute diseases. thanks..keep posting with regular updates




Very well organized and informative. I am looking at furthering my education so the article on the school was impressive. Thanks! I look forward to all the issues!



Dear Sir,

Thanks for bringing into notice the horrible attempt they again made. This happens due to many reasons,but one is the allopathic medicine market is in crores & trillions in pounds or in dollers & these companies wants money only, they do not boder about what is the truth of Homeopathy,they think in terms of profit only.I believe there is a wide scope in establishing the subject as in almost many diseases the allopaths become failure,but I observed that still people still prefer to go back to them.They go back & spends thounsands + lakhs of money only because of there so called ” professional attitude” ,which most of us lack & that too because of improper educational infrastructure,knowledge. I believe proper knowledge will give us understanding of our subject that will lead to a will to enforce it & so we shall act perfectely & thus shape ourselves for serveing the society,hence we shall get the trust to believe in us & so in everybody, so that we also will have companies comming up for investments in research & development as well as in marketing.




Dear Sir,

The OCT 2009 issue is fabulas . Death by Medicine is good exposition of modern medicine . They will never end to criticise homoeopathy ., because they are ignorant and non-receptive i .e they are unscintific people . A game of MNCs is goining on . They are afraid of the the efficiency of homoeopathy and its 30-35 % market growth . What they are doing today , that has allready been done during the life of master and after the death also. Nothing will happen . Truth must prevail

anil kulshreshtha.


Dear Dr. Bhatia,

The criticism of Homoeopathy will continue,because Allopaths in USA/UK and elsewhere make huge money by keeping the patient continued by creating one or the other disease.So, we shall no longer care for it.At the same time a resolution at International Level showing homoeopathy as present and future medicine, shall be sent to the persons who condemned Homoeopathy. There is a book ‘Homoeopathy cures where Allopathy fails’ by Dr. Madan of Delhi.He is MBBS,FRCS(U.K),MNC Homeo(USA).I quote from his book: Chronic Diarrhoea due to: Colitis,Giardiasis and Amoebiasis. Allopathy: Often the Medicines given are: Metrondidazole,Secnil,Tiniba,Fasygin,Gramogyl.These are notorious for increased acidity, skin reaction, headache.I feel these preparations cause non-infective colitis and make the patient permanent case of ulcerative colitis.Interestingly, we allopaths give these preparations for colitis. Homoeopathy: Ipecac 200 alternate with Emetine 2oo, both twice a day.To give permanent cure,Sulphur 200 and Natrum Sulph 200 each one dose in a fortnight. At various places he has given the side affects of allopathy. I can write more.but then it will be lenghty one. I have written in reference to “When this will end”. The articles given and discussed in the magazine are of utmost standard, but one thing lacking is that Doctors do not give their experiences with the use of different potencies. I have experienced that Chamomilla give better results in children diseases 30 potency than any other,even to uplift the mood of the child. Articles on mental symptoms are lacking.Please do not consider it as negative point from my side.I appreciate the wisdom of every doctor who has contributed in hpathy.

Dr.Raj Kumar Kamboj.


Hi Manish

Just wanted to say that the Hpathy newsletter has been absolutely instrumental in my professional development as a homoeopath. All through my years as a student I went on many tangents due to reading the newsletter and learnt so much above and beyond the teaching of the school.

If I hadn’t read it, I would not have heard about Grant Bentley’s HFA course which I attended in my own home country of Australia! You are providing a great service internationally and I feel so much a part of the world community of homoeopaths – it is so crucial to know the successes and challenges of all of us.

Keep up the great work!



Please don’t stop doing these [quizzes], they’re so helpful. I really get a lot out of each one – whether I have time to research it/enter an answer or not. Learning about remedies is all well & good, but until you get a person presenting their symptoms, it’s just not yet real. & so fascinating when you get people needing the same remedy but presenting it differently. So thank you for such interesting articles

J Helen


Hi Issue of October was very interesting, especially the two articles, “Treatment of Children” and “The Dogs Story”. As usual the short write ups of “Tips and Secret” is very useful.

Vijay Pradhan



Just to say great issue – always inspiring to read anything by Misha so thanks for that.

Regards Sylvia Palmer


Just a quickie…read an article by Barbarta M on an absess in an Old English.. I have been looking for some help in a large absess in my Rottie. I was sure this absess was my Rotties body refusing to accept her microchip,.,,,and she encapsulated it and it grew and grew reaching the size of a golf ball.

I had finally decided to take her to the vet…after agonizing over this for over a year. I read about the Old ENglish’s absess..and thought DUUHHH !!!! SILICA…of course !!! have been into Homeopathics and tissue salts for over 30 years.

I gave my Dog Shaiman one does of Silica….in a matter of exactly ONE HOUR….this absess had come to a head. I hot packed it….gave another dose of Silica….and the next time I went to look…it burst open like a volcano ! I squeezed out all the gunk I could…hot packed it once again…. Went to bed….got up…gave her another dose of Silica…and once again…the absess was huge and with a little pressure, Out popped the most vile pus…and with it…and a lot more pressure….Out popped a metallic mess… I am assuming it was her microchip. I will bring her to be scanned this week to see if I am right.

It has been only one week. I open the scab and filled with Myrrh 2 times a day to keep this draining. It is almost 100% perfect !! One more day and I will allow it to close completely.

No more than 4 doses of Silica and some perseverance not only cured my dogs long standing abscess….it saved me at least $1000 in vet bills and surgery.

I was blessed to find this sight…thank you.

Mickey Collins



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