Letters to the Editor October 2006

Letters to the Editor October 2006

Dear Dr leela and Dr Manish

I read the interview with Dr Praful and have following comments:

I can refer to my article regarding “How to motivate and inspired sustained Commitment to Learning Homeopathy” in this issue. It has been the hard work and great results of our previous and present excellent homeopaths that have kept homeopathy alive. Results speak much louder than a million words and curing patients (in the real sense of the word) will always elicit curiosity from patients and professionals alike although often it has the reverse effect of creating jealousy and denial. This should not stop all homeopaths of doing the only thing that is right” studying and applying the advanced methods of Hahnemann as explained in the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon.

In view of what I just said, it would be an enormous progress for homeopathy, that a hospital project like Dr Praful proposes would succeed. It truly would mean integrating homeopathy and allopathy. I like what Dr Praful sees as the marriage between the two, in the different situations he describes: emergency medicine where life saving procedures could be much helped by homeopathy, and the treatment of inveterate diseases who could be monitored to the point where they would be dismissed on homeopathic treatment only. This would imitate what existed in the homeopathic hospitals around 1900 in the USA.

DO I believe it can work? From human standpoint it would be a blessing!. What happens in reality? I can speak for Europe and the USA. When allopathy brings in the topic of Integrative medicine, on their seminars, lectures and papers, it puts every modality from massage to essential oils to homeopathy in one batch. Even more concerning, just this month in my State of NM, a seminar of integrative medicine takes place and everything BUT homeopathy will be discussed. This should be no coincidence. I am probably going to be called an adherent of conspiracie theories but the reality is that homeopathy in this continent will never succeed in taking the primary role that it should rightfully have as Dr Praful expresses. We simply don’t have the capital of the pharmaceutical industry. Homeopathic medicines are too cheap to comptete with the $3 drug a day. And when a Medical school or hospital has “an integrative branch” present, it is often massage, reiki, counseling but no homeopathy! They claim they teach alternative branches but usually it is as much as 12 hours for 5 different modalities, enough to recite the definition of each modality and nothing more. And the head of such Integrative unit knows nothing about homeopathy, TCM or other modalities. Years ago I was invited in Dana Farber hospital, the most prestigious cancer institute in the US. Patients demanded alternative help to go through the horrendous allopathic treatments. The Press and TV were invited but the result remains always the same: mainly lip service. Allowing an acupuncturist to work in the hospital or a massage therapist is the extent progress goes. But be not mistaken: nothing will interfere with and displace allopathic drug intervention for centuries to come. And of course what happens: MDs in the hospital who have no knowledge of TCM or homeopathy must refer their patients to these practitioners . On the basis of what knowledge? The result is they are referred when allopathy gives up on the patient and possible created an incurable patient through their suppressive interventions. This is a set up of keeping the results to a minimum for the holistic oriented physician.

In spite of Dr Praful’s optimism, which I don’t share, (I really wish I could) I do hope that he succeeds in India since at least he has the government supporting homeopathy, which is hardly the case in Europe and the US.

But we must not forget why those homeopathic hospitals disappeared in the US: in the first place: because of bad homeopathic treatment and education. A fatal mistake was made when trying to appease allopathy and inviting allopathic MDs with no knowledge in their homeopathic societies (talking about dilution!). So I have to return again to my article since it is the base of keeping Homeopathy alive, against all odds! It has done so for 250 years and the truth will never disappear although always will be suppressed in the name of business!

Warm regards to you both
Dr. Luc De Schepper

I must say I love your ezine dearly and always eagerly await each issue. It really is the only one of its kind and a superb information source.

I too received the email that’s caused such a lot of concern among many readers but I can’t understand why. Many newsletters I get mainly have that written on the bottom anyway, just to cover themselves – which in this day
and age is understandable.

Anyway, thanks for a brilliant ezine that gets better and better all the time.

Christine Wyndham-Thomas


Thank you for allyour work in producing this excellent work. Some great cases which I am so graterful to share.
Keep well and do not completely abandon this journal. thank you ,


acute/chronic and kitchen sink

this has to be the best article elaine has written yet. i am always amazed at how well she gets her message across so that even the “beginner” can understand her point. hats off to elaine, yet again!!!


PLEASE do NOT retire. If you go, I have no doubt that the quality of the newsletter will deteriorate rapidly.

Texas School of Homeopathy


Hi Manish, Leela, and team

Regarding Spam mail — all groups editor do that time to time. nothing wrong in it. Chillllll

Regarding ‘Leaving editor post’ — well, you must be having better reason !!

For future editor of hpathy
I would say to be an editor, one has to have at least proper schooling in Homeopathic science as well as general medical science like anatomy, physio, patho, etc. just language proficiency would not work

Online website words reach all over the world. Any wrong information about hom. would/can do much harm to the system. I reside in US. Some phrases like “time to do dishes” and all when get written on website would only give impression like Its a “—–“, [unable to find word] but does not look professional at all. It does harm to our system.



Hello all of you.
You are doing a great job. That is not easy. I am a freanch canadian homeopath. But even if some time a have to use my dictionnary to read english for few word. I love all interesting subjects that your are treating. Please kep on.
Micheline Babin nurse and homeopath.


quite few people give logical interview without any criticism or any bypass to main stream of interview. i can say dr barvalia is d great devoted homoeopath

Dr. Mukund


I have just read the interview (with dr. Barvalia) and have found it extremely useful. Seeing homeopathy work in emergencies is very gratifying. I do know that it can work wonders in these situations but having live case examples makes a lot of difference.
Interviews like these serve to refocus homeopaths on what is critical in diagnosis. The more we read and hear about the the importance of recognising unique symptoms as well as miasmatic prescribing the more it imprints on us, helping us greatly in our own practices.

Thanks a lot


Thank you for the interview ……….
It is a really exciting concept to have hospitals working together with homeopathy in an integrated manner. I’m afraid that day may take a while in the U.S. but I hope India and Europe, too can forge ahead and be an example to the rest of the world. I have recently thought how neat it would be to practise physiotherapy alongside a homeopathist. I hope the day will come that it is a normal situation.
God bless you in your endeavers,


Dear Praful,
I just read your interview in this magazine homeopathy 4 every one. It was really inspiring. My love and respect for you took me over. The memories of all the good times spend with you came to my mind.
My heart felt wishes for your good health and spirits. regards to all in the family.
Homoeopathy is very exciting.

Jayesh Shah


Dear Dr. Barvalia :

I came across your interviews at May all your dreams and vision be fulfilled by God’s Grace. I am taking liberty to write you a few lines with a personal problem, and pray that this does not cause too much intrusion into your business schedule.
I also thank you for the link to the Ma Teresa powerpoint … truly inspiring for a lesser mortal like me.

With thanks and regards,

A. Banerji


Hi, Elaine. I have subscribed Hpathy Ezine since last month & am really impressed by the efforts put up by the team. I am glad to be a member.

Dr. Twara G.


Thank you very much for your mail, Sir.

I have enjoyed thoroughly the previous issue – benefited a lot – got to know about Mr.Praful Balvalia – as I was keenly looking for remedies for Chronic Pancreatitis. I am indebted to Homeopathy 4 everyone ezine for life time.

I have started learning homeopathy professionally very recently. I believe I would be able to contribute to the magazine as my knowledge grows and once I start serving people.

I appreciate all your efforts in bringing out this ezine and I wish always the best to Homeopathy and the magazine too.

Best regards

Durga Arikapalli


Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia,
First of all I would like to say that I am a Ph. D doctor (Agriculture). I am a sincere beleiver of homeopathy. I am yet to get qualified to write articles on homeopathy. I am learning the system through your ezine and other relevant books. I do have strong and true stories and my own experiences on the success of homeopathic system. may be at a later stage I do will write good articles on experience with the system.
Thank you for writing to me.
Dr. Dhanam Abbas

Dear Dr. Bhatia,
Thank you so much for your letter. I am not a doctor but I am an avid follower/ reader of Homoeopathy. I am not practising homoeopathy but I do assist my doctor with her medicines. Your ezine is wonderful and very informative. i do appreciate the effoprt you have put in this. All the best in your venture.
Sai Sunita


Thank you for your fine eNewsletter,
I would like to ask you about a particular book (I have no title or author) that was written in Germany about 20 years ago and perhaps you can lead me to it, if it was translated to English.

It was a collection of stories, each with a unique plot, which expressed the key attributes of a remedy. This embeds the characteristics of the same into the student’s memory, through the story.

I heard about it and I thought the idea was very clever, but I have no further detail.
I just hope that it is available in English and someone can lead me to it.

Please ask some of your colleagues. Maybe one of them can help.

Dr. Shoshana Margolin

Dear Sir,

I would definitely like to contribute some articles, specially cases to your fantastic ezine.I have some 100 odd chronic cases that i have treated in the last 5 years or so successfully.But right now i am in the finishing stages of my PhD dissertation at Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, and have to complete it by this month end.I will definitely contribute more after my PhD requirements are over.

I am honoured by your invitation.Let me express my highest regard and gratitude towards you for this wonderful initiative called hpathy.I really enjoy all the articles published and find most of them very instructive.

I would like to make a suggestion to make the ezine more popular.The monthly quiz contest that is conducted by Elaine Lewis can help you to make the magazine more popular by giving an annual prize to the top three winners.Everytime a person solves the quiz case correctly, let him get 1 point.For an excellent explanation to justify the reason behind choosing the correct remedy, let him get a bonus point, which Elaine can decide.At the end of the year, add up all the points gained by the various participants.Let the first three to gain the highest points during the year get rewards as free homeopathy books of their choice from your portal.

For example, the guy winning the first prize could be awarded books worth Rs.2000, the second prize winner books worth Rs.1500, and the third prize winner books worth Rs.1000.This will also help you to unearth serious homeopathic talent who could be useful future contributors to you ezine.You could even include some of these people in your team.This will also encourage budding homeopathic talent to study harder and more seriously.More than the monetary value of the prize, it is the encouragement that the homeopaths will get (specially amateur ones like me)which is more important.You could also get some sponsor like a homeopathic medicine company or some rich friend to
finance these prizes.I hope you like my idea.

With warm regards.


dear sir !
nice to read all the articles.the most I liked is -hanemann’s advanced methods by david title.It is very informative as well as guiding.It is renoveting Hanemann’s 5th edition innovation of 50 millesimal potency.This eye opening article should reach more and more homoeopaths.
M y best wishes to the author and the editor.

dr meeta

Dear Sir:

A retired teacher, I felt I could help homeopathy best here in the United States by making the public aware of this wonderful option for healthcare. While the situation here is improving, most people here know nothing of homeopathy or how to use it. For a year and a half I taught a local study group. Many times other obligations kept people from class so I made an audio CD which covers the basics of repetition, sensitivity, dosing and how homeopathic remedies differ from allopathic medicine. I recorded the CD as many people just don’t like to read, but don’t mind listening. Almost everyone here can play an audio CD.

I have attached a copy of the third part of the CD material which covers emotional trauma as I feel it would be of interest to your readers. It was written in simple language so anyone could understand the points. I give permission to any homeopath to copy this for distribution to their patients. If a homeopath would like a copy of the CD to distribute to patients, I will send him or her a copy for ten dollars which they may then copy without further charge. In the case of a homeopath in India the only charge would be for postage. The second attachment is a copy of the cover of the CD. Artwork by Sorin Sorin Vladimir, Moldova.

I very much enjoy the opportunity to learn from your newsletter and have been happy to order books from the Mall, which arrived without a problem. I have studied homeopathy seriously for five years after a wonderful cure that got rid of lifelong migraines in six weeks.

Sincerely yours,

Eileen Klinck

Dear Dr. Leela
Wonderfull Interview with dr. Barvalia………..Thank you.
I learned a new word “Inveterate”= deep rooted,persisting,long established,long duration or as we call ….chronic……

you posted; regards Inveterate cases……….. antimiasmatic prescribing when allopathics are still used by the patient…………learning to perveive homeopathic characteristics even while the picture is distorted by allopathic meds…………….
Yes one of the most difficult things to look out for.
Are we seeing the true unaltered symptoms or is it the allopathic personameds making an impression on the patient.
As 80-90% of the patients we see are already on some sort of allopathic med.
Gina Tyler


Though I didn’t find alot of information about miasms, there is a great deal of pretty clear informtion about Dr. Barvalia’s practice and vision for training homeopaths in severe disease management– hospital cases/management. Only I wasn’t clear about the physical time required on site. I thought the bit about expanding the use of Aesculus was good. This is like the training I recieved— over and over—- “Don’t put the remedies in the abox. TAKE THE CASE”……….. But it always bears reminding.


Beth Knudsten-Spears


Dear Dr Manish,

Just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful job that you and your colleagues have done to maintain this website. The information is very clear, accurate and concise. There is also a lot of variety in content, so lay people as well as professional homeopaths can enjoy the website. Keep it up!
I teach the NCH Basic course at the Greater washington Homeopathic study group in Washington DC. If I can be of any help to you in maintaining this website, please do not hesitate to ask.
Neeta Suryavanshi


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