Letters to the Editor October 2007

Letters to the Editor October 2007

It’s all about money…

Dear Dr. Bhatia:

Now this was a very interesting article to read indeed. I share your view about seminars and some speakers not being skilled enough to share their information and views with other homeopaths since the given information may be only partially true or misleading. Or even worse they may include speakers who have nothing to do with homeopathy whatsoever and are only there for the money. The last seminar I went to was a bit like that. Some exceptional good speakers and then some others where you wondered what this has to do with homeopathy?

However you mentioned in your article: “The homeopaths in the western hemisphere, who are not trained in conventional medicine and don’t know much about the human anatomy, physiology, pathology and diseases in general, can be deceived easily.”

Firstly I would like to clarify this: I know for a fact that any enrolled homeopathic student with an accredited college in Australia would have to at least complete modules in Anatomy & Physiology, Diagonising Diseases/Understanding Pathophysiology and Biochemistry before attaining a Diploma in Homeopathy.

My question to you is, Dr. Bhatia: Is it really necessary to acquire this extra knowledge in conventional medicine as a true, classical homeopath? I thought the motto of a true classical homeopath is: “Treat the patient, not the disease!”

Just studying Hahnemann’s principles, the Materia Medica’s and learning about the drug pictures for homeopathic medicines in depth alone can take many, many years. It never really stops anyway if you are determined enough to deepen your understanding in homeopathy all the time.

However, the aim of a ‘classical homeopath’ from my understanding is to match the essence of the patient with the essence of a remedy according to the totality of symptoms. So where does the knowledge of conventional medicine finds its place in prescribing the correct homeopathic remedy for a patient? I truly believe homeopaths are NOT prescribing for a particular disease! Disease according to Hahnemann and Kent starts in the mind. I even think any manifestation IN THE PHYSICAL BODY (so-called disease) stems from an imbalance in the emotional body. This very knowledge is distinguishing homeopaths from allopaths. What makes a homeopathic prescription so special? The knowledge of the Law of Similars and the Law of the Minimum Dose. No need to know how to analyse a disease, wouldn’t you agree with me?

Hahnemann used to say: “The name of your disease is none of my concern, the name of the remedy should be none of yours.”

So why gain more knowledge in something which has nothing to do with homeopathy and may only in the end be confusing? Is it to attain better and higher credentials? Is it to show conventional doctors homeopaths are just as good as them since they have obtained same knowledge in understanding pathophysiology and diagonising diseases? Or is it to try and make homeopaths look equal in the eye of an allopathic doctor and therefore they are entitled to charge ‘an arm and a leg’ for a treatment as well? I wonder?

These are only some thoughts which came to my mind while reading your article and I would appreciate your much valued feedback.

Kind regards,



AMEN, AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would go so far as to say that ‘instant” speakers make it harder for skilled practioners to present, because skilled practioners/researchers
KNOW and SAY that there are grey areas, unknown things…. uncomfortable words for students and new practioners. All of medicine is an art, and
can be counterfieted. LEt’s work on getting some international standards for schools and licenses.

I don’t believe that to be a good homeopath you have to be an MD. I do beleive that you have to have a good working knowlegde of anatomy, phys and
patho phys (this part needs to be extensive), as well as standard allopathic interventions and drugs ( like a US nursing degree degree confirs).



Dear Dr.Bhatia,
you told that till the action of 1st dose is contd next dose should be avoided but in the same issue article by Ditemar shows that the pt. improving and even then she contd to repeat silicea every 3rd day with success.many books including clarke’s prescriber tell ab out regular repetitions and personally I also have seen many renowned homeopaths telling pts to take 200\1m potency drug at weekly\fortnightly intervals with very good results.this is why.please explain.


The article written on Obesity is very very informative and helpful and I congratulate and appreciate the author of this article for giving this article to homoeopathic lovers to benefit from the information.

With best regards

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Dr. Manesh Bhatia,

the article on international speakers is simply EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT,




Dear Manish,

Ill got your editorial from a colleague.

I´m, director of an education in Holland. We invite speakers every now and then to enlighten our knowledge and that of qualified homoeopaths.
I recognize the problems you have been written about. It is difficult to find good speakers. And even when they have video material and can present the
case very well I do have my doubts. There is an “international speaker” of Holland that I have seen several times with his theories and live cases of whom I have severe suspicions that he is interpretering afterwards.
The problem is that our colleague´s are easily hypnotised by the story´s of this kind of people (as it is for instance by the followers of Sankaran – who has ad some very good elements to homeopathy but also produces text´s and material that is in my opinion doubtful) and “demanding” more seminars and so
So yes there is money involved. If it wasn´t financial interesting we would not organize any lecture ore seminar. But I´m getting really tired of all the lycopodium behaviour.
So thanks for your editorial, its right from the hart.

with regards

Franc Müller
Dear Dr. Manish Bhatia

I read your this month editorial and I have also read the previous month article. But after reading this month issue, I cannot stop myself and decided to write to tell you that your are honest in your thoughts and have stated a very true and correct picture. We really lack good talented homeopaths to take lead and serve the mankind.
Dr. Talha Qureshi
Dear Dr. Manish,

I sincerely appreciate your concern you have raised in the editorial of the It is the time not on International but on national platform also in India, the scenario is same. Sorry but we must confess that we Indian are most of the times too Hippocratic for satisfying our false ego, overcoming insecurity and definitely for the financial reasons too, we become the instrumental for all the wrong things you mentioned.

From the platform of HMAI we have witnessed the same thing while organizing number of events at state & national level. But we must not
discourage the new development, researches, databases & invaluable case records. All this is the back bone of Homoeopathy in this adverse march
of development in Medical fraternity. I must admit that despite of all the wrong things we are concerned about, Homoeopathy has flourished in
India then any other country and the people of India has seen the fruits of it.

From the platform of the HMAI, it is our constant Endeavour to promote the right spirit of Homoeopathy. In this effort our latest biggest ever event we have planned to show the Road Map for the Healthy India leading to slogan of Swastha Bharat Samarth Bharat holistic Health for All By 2020. You are also requested to peep in to it and send in your comment, suggestion & Ideas.
All are invited to participate in this Movement of Swastha Bharat Samarth Bharat – Holistic Health for All by 2020. Let this become an opportunity
for the Homoeopathic fraternity to integrate & contribute in National Health Program.

You are most welcome to send in your input, feedback or any constructive
suggestion for the success.

Dr. Kalpit Sanghvi
President, HMAI Gujarat State Branch,

-francis fernandes.


I have found the e-letters very interesting. I would like some advice as far as homeopathy courses. I have been a supporter of the alternative health movement for many years. Recently, I even went for certification in hypnosis with the Guild in the US. Unfortunately, the Guild is useless in assisting members in establishing a practice and after many cards being handed out even by an MD who is a homeopath very few calls came through. Frustrating? Yes.

I had thought about pursuing homeopathy but as with many alternative pursuits there is always a great deal of money and who can be trusted.

I was thinking about homeopathy due to the help it gave me and a future move I will be making to a country without homeopaths. Of course, I would like a good course with the knowledge of making remedies as my homeopath does. I was considering approaching him about being an apprentice of sorts but he sees medical doctors as the only ones appropriately practicing and his demeanor has changed from when I originally went to him in 2002. For instance, he normally prepares LM strength remedies from LM1 to LM20 using two a day one in the morning and one at night. I would hope to have a course to explain preparation of such remedies.

Thank you for any advice you may provide,



dr manish ji.
good day
you r very correct in your editorial. i do agree with you.
cox i am the one who felt this thing very much from last 10 years.
here in seminar too liltle practical approach, just every body seems next to GOD….who can cure any sort of illness by single doses……?

thanks for speaking truth. some o f may sure short learn with this.
keep it up. this is true….AUDE-SEPHER
Dr. sanjeev Agarwal
Money, Honey!
Dear sir,

I could not agree with you more.

In real Practice there is no pure case of doing one way. Some cases are cracked with one sentance of the patient , some not even after spending 10 -15 hrs time with the patient. I like your style of saying “sticking the neck out”
Please keep sticking your neck out that is what is neede in the present bogus commercial world Let the doctors / organisers understand the suffering and share the KNOWLEDGE FREE (if not free at minumum charge)

Love to all



Dr Praful is a great homeopath of nowadays and this case give us that sense . His way of understanding the essence of the patient and remedy is fantastic. Hope you from H Pathy can bring to us readers more cases from this renomed homeopath! Thank you !I am a student of homeopathy in Brazil and will never forget the essence of Natrum carbonicum! We shall always go for the similimum!


I have just read all the Jan Scholten articles and interview and thoroughly enjoyed his ability to express his understanding of homoeopathy. I particularly liked his statement:-
“In homeopathy, it all came together, it was as if coming home. In homeopathy one can find what moves people, how a body works and reacts to stress, how it expresses the problems. Homeopathy is, in a way, a combination of medicine, psychology, mythology, physics, philosophy, and sociology. In a way, it in encompasses all sciences.” This describes exactly why I love homoeopathy as well, it is complete and it leads us to solve the dilemma of what the real problem is and gives us tools to fix it, enabling our patients to reach their joy.
I also liked his thoughts:-
“Case taking and analysis is a working process. One has to go to the essence of the problem in order to know what it is. Going to the essence is by no means straightforward. The essence is always hidden, sometimes more, sometimes less, so one has to discover that essence. Mostly the patient wants to go away from it, because it is painful. So the doctor has to guide the patient to it, by gently softening the pain in the consultation. How much one needs to see of the essence depends very much on how well one knows the problem of the patient. When it is a well know remedy, one can recognize it with some hints.”
This is encouraging and delightful and is exactly how I have experienced understanding a case.
Also his comment:-
“Case taking is something that has to be learned. What guides me is the question “What is the problem here?”, “Why should this patient produce those symptoms?”. In the past I was a symptom gatherer as a homeopath. Now I have become a problem analyzer. These are two very different things. One has to go into the depth of the patient by asking further and further, till one comes at the end where there is nothing further. But that is often much further than one thinks, as I have seen in supervising homeopaths.”
This is so true – the homoeopath’s job is to discover the real problem and not just stringing a series of rubrics together as is so often seen with invaluable outcomes.
I thoroughly enjoyed these articles,
thanks Jan for your insights and your willingness to share them with us, encouraging us to explore and trust our discoveries,


this Jan Scholten issue is fantasticand very useful specially because he explain his own theories and make them easier. I hope in a future you make and similar issue but with Massimo Mangialavori, the other great revolutionary homeopath after Sankaran and Scholten , it’s very needed because there is less information about him.
Thank you


I am reading Jan Scholten´works in the September issue of Homeopathy for Everyone and as always, they are very interesting. Thanks for the shipment.


Sept. editorial

You’re great!
Thank you for stirring this!



Another fabulous issue. You are just getting better and better.

Thanks for all your work!

Joy M. Wilson, DHom, CCH
The Texas Institute for Homeopathy
Very much enjoyed the articles! Thanks!


Thank you for your article about speakers. I have attended a few seminars who presented cases on single remedy prescribing that actually were multiple remedies and tissue salts, but the speaker felt the cure was from the single remedy. All details of the case is important to know, because results are different depending on what is given. Even the practitioner makes a difference. If they have a good listening ear and demeanor, people with emotional issues may even get well just from telling their story.

I wonder about people who teach homeopathy at many schools who do not have much experience or a busy practice. I have been put off by many seminars I attend as it seems to be a case of “look at the odd remedy I prescribed”, instead of helping us to find the proper similimum.

No offence taken, I totally agree with you!
Heather Caruso

Goodmorning, i wish i had the gift of eloquent communication and i don’t, however the fact is that i spent 4 hours glued to my copy of h.pathy ezine. And it was a gift. I love Jan Scholten’s methodology, (and R. Sankaran’s, thank you for the work you did with him too). I soaked the articles right up. We are humans ‘being’ and evolving. Our beliefs and the way we look at our ‘being here’ has to evolve, it’s natural law!. Thank you so much for the service you bring to my life with your magazine. Denise Wilhelmi.


Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. So far, I have only attended seminar that were sponsored by NCH, etc.

I will be very careful of the future seminars I attend.


Hi Doctor,
Congrats, you dared to place it right.
But i have seen some eminent faculties who are good in taking classes and practice, but poor in selecting the cases for presentation.
Another question is if they are such busy practitioners, how will they get time to prepare for seminar???
I have observed some famous speakers giving lectures every week at some part of the world.
And how would you comment a junior Internee taking class on behalf of some Famous speaker?

Dr. haroon


I would like to bring up the issue of HANSI.

It is claimed to be a cure all homeopathic remedy originating from Argentina by a botanist Juan J. Hirschmann.

Also I understand it is produced in the USA under a different name.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone had some experience or information about this.

Thank you in advance, Finn


Jan Scholten
The article is illustrating. Thank you
It was an excellent piece of interview by Dr.Bhatia.You have done an excellent job to extract from Dr.Jan.Many points raised by you are of great importance since you are constantly engaging to bring the ideas of Dr.Vithoulkas.Dr.Sankaran,Dr.Jan etc through there will be bit confusion among the readers on new vistas and that is natural and it will be solved by regular exchange of such ideas.
The only concern of mine is that how many of the “common homoeopaths” are able to get access to the new ideologies and new trends.
K C Murali
respected sir
I read your views in sep 07Hpathy and impressed very much with your practical and unique approach of expression.You are a DIAMOND IN the coal mine of homoeopathic world .
Thanks very much
God bless you


thank you very much for this educating and advanced article by dr jon. actually im a student of 3rd d.h.m.s. in pakistan central homoeopathic medical college and hospital karachi. i would like to see more exclusive articles on the homoeopathic aggravation n partial similar cases. thanks again and i will be waiting for latest articles bye.

Elsa Ahsan


Hi Dr Manish,
With reference to your editorial hpahty sept 2007 titled Its all about money, honey. I cannot agree with you more than this. Its totally true in today’s context. so much so that doctors like us (and many more indeed) have stopped attending seminars just because of this. of course seminars by well known experienced homoeopaths are welcome.
But as of today, almost 80% seminars are just money minting mechanism and that too from gullible students . which is very very harmful for the system as a whole.It has become a highly paid business.

I congratulate you for writing up an editorial on such a sensitive issue , albeit at risk of offending few ( even well known masters ) persons, whom main income is through seminars
and not from clinic practice.

But i am very sure, majority of readers will agree with your conclusion.

Dr Pankaj Gupta


dear edior,
it is difficult to answer or vote in given formate…. so i thaught to write to u.
question being asked as: Can the ‘simillimum’ be found in any kingdom? Can there be more than one simillimum?

i think 1st question is not clear to me as we can find simillimum from any kindom for the given case. is it like one patient can need moe than one simillimum from all different kingdomsat same time??????? in this senario i think in any given case at the present moment what ever the totality of symtoms based on that we are making our selection for the simillimum so obviously it has to one because it is not possible to have more than one remedy for any pt at a time. and if it there then we have not found the exact toatality of the patient.
now 2nd question: can there be more than one simillimum?
in given moment of time there is only one simillimum is requred to remove the disease. yes we can find another simillimum for the same patient, provided his toatality gets change the obvioulsy we needto find a remedy which matches to the newer totality at that time…
so my cunclusion is in a given moment there has to be one simillimum based on given totality.

dr pratik


It was rather very satisfying to know Scholten talking about his life and his journey in Homoeopathic field. The interview though short was to the point throwing light upon various unknown aspects about the man whose inventions in homoeopathic field has helped many; the credit for these beautiful piece of words definitely go to the man himself Jan Scholten for showing generosity to share himself and of course to Dr.Bhatia for making it possible.

I have been reading various homoeopaths on Hpathy, I read David Little’s and Dr.Sankaran’s, etc, this of my response is for all these interviews for which I missed to provide my feedback earlier.

After reading all of them, one thing I realised, –

A simple QUESTION “what is life?”

A simple CURIOSITY “what is human?”

A simple DESIRE “to bring life, smile and health in its true sense back to the life of fellow being”,


A passionate HEART to fulfil the desired DESIRE and

A sound foundation on life and science,

make a perfect recipe for a sound homoeopath.

Knowing Dr.Scholten, knowing Dr.Sankaran, and for that matter knowing everybody who has given something substantial to our existing science is to Know that to invent some thing new and make additions to the existing, it is crucial first to know your fundamentals well; because your invention is nothing but your efforts to bring solution to various questions that left unanswered through the existing fundamentals for you and your patients.

Their inventions have been subjected to test of time, again and again by themselves as well as various fellow homoeopaths, they have brought lot of success to many and not so to many, their inventions and thoughts have appealed to many and not so to many, their thought or invention may be valid or may not be so, that is secondary, what is far more primary and crucial is to understand that we have such inventive souls in our field who will keep the science growing, a science which has a lot of potential to offer health and life to many suffering souls, but a science which is still far from being known and explored completely.

There are people who criticise various newer inventions; to my view their criticism is healthy if it’s genuinely used to bring better inventions and thus perfecting the existing ones; but mere criticism out of sheer failure due to their imperfect applications or other reasons, turning away face towards newly coming inventions is not a health either and definitely a bad news for a growing science.

It is the amalgamation of NEW [or so called MODERN] with the OLD that will promise to bridge the gap and bring new dimensions for our science in my view.

It was really satisfying to read these people on Hpathy who have dared to walk their own path, respecting the old. I wish them best luck and seek motivation while I am on my own path; it definitely brings a promise to contribute more to our existing esteem science.

Urvi Chauhan


The issues are with full information based on analysis and successful treatment. I thank you for pomptly sending me all the issues for my reading.

I find very useful information and tips.

thank you,

Life Force

About 48 years ago , on looking for a way to cure my epilepsy , I met this 85 year old Jewish Doctor, he was a regular Doctor and an Homeopathic Doctor , he was a concentration camp survivor , his wife and children , murder by Hitler , but he survives in the camp even on the lack of medicine to his Homeopathic knowledge and he cure Germans and Jewish alike , the term life force had a completely correct meaning with the translation , he was German and one of the few first students of Homeopathy and he told me a few things to get me interested in Homeopathy , !) the first immunization was done by an English Minister (Homeopathic Doctor) on an act of desperation in an African village he extracted blood from a dead man and injected himself with the blood of a disease person to imitate in what as possible a homeopathy compound , he mix this with a little whiskey and injected himself and 5 men left in the village , they were the only survivor and he went back and reported this to his church , no one knows his accomplishment , commented this with a few homeopaths , that how he learnt it , he discovers on the concentration camp how to make penicillin , but as an homeopathic remedy , still it was too strong and the couple of people he used to cure of infection almost perish from the detoxification of this plant and stop using it , Life Force , it creates or it balances the body , so the translation was not too bad , so all of this is old news , we are trying to make Homeopathy as effective as medicine and we must remember we are walking in different paths , we work with nature and doctors work with chemistry , we should be more understanding of each other shortcomings, instead of trying to show we are superior , as the cure it is still in the body .some could be cure with water and sugar , others have to be radiated , to be cure . Homeopathy and Medicine are both a work in progress , the day we could achieve a Universal Medicine by either one , we have accomplish our task. A.Candolfi…Cl,Hp.

Dear Editor , gall stones and renal calculus , I seem them dissolve , not by homeopathy , but by a combination of bicarbonate of soda , milk of magnesium with mint flavor and powder milk , unfortunately the person would not give the exact combination , the gall stone was a couple of year and very large , the person suffering very bad pains and doctors were ready to operate in 3 weeks the pain was gone in 3 weeks , in 7 weeks , the person felt and i saw the gravel in the urine , same with the renal calculos , so sometimes we must be open to unusual and simple systems , the theory behind it is that the stone form due to the type of calcium and needed softer calcium to dissolve , the person that do not drink enough calcium, creates this rock like formations. that dissolve with soft calcium. that is the idea behind this , at least i know it worked . A. Candolfi.


It’s All About Money

I agree on everything you said (it applies to much wider issues within homeopathic community) and well done for raising it!
Maria Webb




Homeopathy and Classification

The concept of perfinity does not seem to hold good in the case of homoepathic proving as we see the differences in the symptom picture of Solanaceae family members.
It may not give much difference when we speak of simple salts of a group or period. This too, not very much sure whether predicted symptoms and provings are the same.Is there a study available in this regard?
When a live force interacts with dynamized/vitalized essence of a remidy what is born is proving and this can never be left to theory and has to be emperical. Prove and then say the symptom is worth considering as a therapeutically useful.
Hahnemann was /is very much right in his disliking towards theorizing any aspect of therapeutic medicine – Because it has to be an emperical scientific data and that too based on a perfect experiment called PROVING

I understand there is lot going on now a days with what we call predictive Homoeopathy/scientific homoeopathy/ advanced Homoeopathy/Essence Homoeopathy/Planchet H/ Astrological H
These are all nothing but some tools that here and there individual doctors build to increase their efficiency Some times they succeed some times they do not. But project hese as the future of Homoepathy and Path breaking is some what naive.
let me stop atthis point for now.

Let every one Study ORGANON and then learn what ever they want to

I do not think we are at a stage similar to where newtonian physics is engulfed by Q- mechanical model
Not yet…..

Love to one and all


Please stop with all this theory homeopathy of Kingdoms !!!, and speculative theories
there are only a few teachers who do this kind of stuff, and it confuses all new students a lot !!!
90% do not even know how to use the normal 100 – 150 remedies well at all,.. this takes many years pratice first
lets focus a few years again on this!!

and when everybody can get good results, then allow moderate time and nergy into all this new stuff, and only when quality of all students stays on high level

kind regards


Jan Scholten – Interview

First of all, I see that Jan started looking for new boundaries as he was disappointed about his results in curing patients…

He states that the Law of Similars does only work sometimes; that we need more remedies to cure more patients…

However, very often, the problem is that we (homeopaths) have not enough capacities to practice homeopathy as we should; lots of homeopaths still don’t know (or don’t use) the 5th/6th edition-methods of Hahnemann. Many still look only for a remedy in their search for the similimum, however, the similimum is right remedy, right potency and right dose!

We all made (or make) the mistake of changing the remedy because we see no cure… but so often it is just the potency or the dose that needs to be adjusted.

The golden tip here is CASE MANAGEMENT!

I totally disagree with Jan when he says that potency choice is of minor importance, neither do I think it’s correct that sensitive people need higher potencies… on the contrary: sensitive people’s Vital Force will be altered very easily and often very tremendously so you should be very carefully using the great powers of the higher potencies!

Jan says that an unknown case needs an unknown remedy… What is an unknown case? Every new case is unknown; it’s the homeopath’s job to get to understand it. With a good anamnesis, searching for the ‘why’ of the patient’s problems and a good case management, most cases will evolve from ‘unknown’ to ‘understood’… leading to the right remedy.

Searching for new remedies, Jan started looking for analogies between elements; these analogies made him philosophize about new remedy pictures which he tried out on patients. But this seems to be sufficient for him; he even says that to him, a proving is not so interesting anymore since he already knows the remedy. He’s even convinced that the picture of the (cured) patient IS the remedy picture…!

On the other hand, he states that the most important thing is to find out the essence of a remedy. How else can you discover the essence then by doing many provings?

The more provers you have, the more symptoms you will discover… and depending on the frequency of appearing of certain symptoms, you will find the real essence, the basic idea of a remedy.

When you have enough provers, you’ll be able to see the different stages of a remedy and find the logic in it. You’ll understand why and how it is possible that one remedy can have totally opposite symptoms; why there are in almost every remedy psoric as well as sycotic as well as syphilitic aspects

Jan tells us that half of the entries in the repertory are incorrect; working with such data is unscientific, he says. At the same time, he adds new remedies to our repertory which have not been proved… however, provings are part of the foundations of our beautiful science!

You cannot and may not confuse cured symptoms with proving symptoms; there has to be a clear difference between them in our repertories.

I’m glad that there are people as Jan Scholten who try, in a scientific way, to improve our knowledge about homeopathy. It is fantastic if we can get disposal of new remedies.

But I strongly believe that we should stick to the foundations of homeopathy which have been proven to be correct for over 200 years.

Surely, there will be mistakes in our repertory; let’s avoid to add more…

Marc Van Wijk

By definition the simillimum is the remedy that is the very best remedy for that person/animal at that particular point in time. So there can be only
one because there can be only one remedy that is the ultimate remedy. There is only one mountain top. Could there be more remedies to which the person
could respond which would lead the homeopath to believe that the simillimum had been prescribed? It depends how exacting the expectations of the
prescriber are. I’m just thrilled when the patient starts to feel better.
Only rarely will I think, because of the amazing response, that I might have prescribed the simillimum.
Thank you for your most interesting journal. It is wonderful that it is free and freely available.



(Mary Glaisyer R.C.Hom New Zealand)


Dear sir,

Thanks for your mail. I’m happy to read the same concerns in your query that I’ve dealt with in my book “The Charm of Homeopathy”, published by The white Room ( last year. Maybe you’d be interested to have a look.

Yours truly.

Anne Vervarcke


7th and 8th aphorism


Dear Editor:

The well-known fable of the 4 blind men and the elephant teaches us that error thrives, when we give too much weight to habitual points of view. Dr. Payhruber’s thought-provoking paper extends this lesson, reminding us as well that new or alternative points of view need not contradict existing practices, but may instead enrich them – no matter to which theoretical “school” we adhere.
Looking at an object from a different (or new) perspective certainly introduces challenges, and, in medical practice, that may disturb the doctor’s equanimity. But, with increased familiarity, he may find that a new perspective reveals new details in the patient’s profile. Sometimes, it seems we forget that this does not require us to abandon the insights we derive from more usual or conventional methods.

Thanks to Dr. Payhruber for a valuable contribution.

Neil D. Shere


Dr. Payrhuber’s article on miasms (Sept 07) was richly textured. He wove together ideas from the four elements theory, Freudian psychology, Ortega,
Masi, Flury and Sholten, as well as David Bohm’s continuum. I was fascinated by his extrapolation of miasms onto the evolution of German society. A
superb piece of conceptualization!
CR Victor US

A brief word to say how impressed I have been with your articles – especially Jan Scholtens highly informative ones on the periodic table – so useful – in summary and fills in the gaps –

Thank you very much and keep up the brilliant work –
Carole Sanders RSHom

Blackmore Vale Clinic of Homoeopathy

26 Frenchmill Lane



The article Acne/Pimples simplified my approach towards such patient.
Homoepathic managment could have been practical.

Dr S.K Vashisht
Very good work. Keep it up.


Dr Harsh Goel

tI really got more from this interview then I went in expecting to recieve. It took some of the “mystery” out of what I was reading and thinking. I am not a “Homeopath” in that I have a practice…I am a rank novice who uses what little bit I know to help my family. I have seen miraculous cures in my own life and they did not always follow what “should have been used” criteria. thank you for putting out so that I could read it.



I read your article carefully.First part of the article is very good.It is really true some ppls ad themself by fales statment.
I am not agree with you thad a real homeophat publish there article in repute paper.I practically know thad most of the mag.,paper publish article on personal realations base.some authore never take or give homeo remidies but they write on subject.They donot know abc of homeo but clam of mastery.

Hariom Singhal


Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Thank you for the article on seminars. I organized Cesar Millan’s (The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic Channel) seminars in 2005 and 2006
and it was a huge success because he has a television show. I am now organizing seminars for Christina Chambreau DVM who is well known in
the homeopathic veterinary world. She just happens to be an excellent teacher and I am very proud to represent her. But, I know what you mean, there seem to be a lot of names out there giving seminars and I have no idea who they are. And, even if they are excellent homeopaths – can they get the message across? Sometimes they may be very knowledgeable but very boring. This doesn’t help me learn. At Homeopathic Academy of Southern California, I was always excited if Malcolm Smith, Karen Allen or Will Taylor were coming to speak! Their lectures were exciting but truthful. Malcolm was always great in telling us about case management and how he tried in vain before he finally found the remedy. It made us realize the struggle and made us feel human and know that Malcom is human too. I will never forget Will Taylor’s story of canoeing upstream to find a certain flower so he could make a remedy he know would fit his patients case. See – I didn’t forget! Anyway, thank you for the article. I am happy to be partners with a wonderful educator who is speaking about holistic health care and homeopathy for animals. Not many in the field and she is excellent. My best to you and thank you for the good newsletter. I try my best to read what you send out.

Gayle Thompson
Beginning Homeopath
Los Angeles, CA


I red this informaion about homeo pathy and enjoyed and gained knowlege.
please do send your emails regularly.I am looking forward from your mail.
kindly regards



In August issue It is rightly said by George vithoulkas that Homoeopathy’,s eventual downfall will be due mainly to a number of ‘artistic distortions’
that are injected into the mainbody by the ‘imagination’ and ‘projections’ of some ‘modern teachers of Homoeopathy.
I add some more comments! In journals I see some renowned teachers treat patients as their ‘Whims and fancies’ give 3 doses per day for 3 days and lapse of 15 days again give higher dose tds for 3 days likewise and te result still under observation.
another doctor gives a number of medicines in one day i.e. 18 medicines not all proved medicines and publish in his magazine with photo of the pt with
Public are not aware of this type of treatment and the concerned articles will reach young Homoeopathic doctors who enter the profession and definetiley will confuse them.


I am reading Hpathy regularly and I congratulate you for the great work you are doing in the field of Homoeopathy.
What I liked the most is your interview with many people.
I just returned back from 14th international seminar that I delivered at Bulgaria.
I am sending my article on ‘The Unspoken Language’.
I request you to see my
Yours sincerely
Dr. Ajit Kulkarni


If your get in touch of the so called „sensation state” with the patient it is amazing what happens than.

Sankarans concept is not good for homeopaths which like to work with the mind. If you are strong enough to wait the enfoldment of the patients truth than homeopathy is gift for you and the patient.


Klaus Loebisch


The issue is ofcourse up to a usual high standard and quite informative




Your interview with Jan Sholten

This has been a most informative interview containing brilliant questions and equally brilliant answers.

D P Rasatogi


i am a second yr student of homoeopathy and i totally agree on what you have written in your article “A note for the students” about the teaching in our colleges. Your article has so much to learn from, its a lesson much needed. I will try to inculcate the things that you have put light on. thank you very much sir.



I really got more from this interview then I went in expecting to recieve. It took some of the “mystery” out of what I was reading and thinking. I am not a “Homeopath” in that I have a practice…I am a rank novice who uses what little bit I know to help my family. I have seen miraculous cures in my own life and they did not always follow what “should have been used” criteria. thank you for putting out so that I could read it.



Hello my name is Maria and couldnt help but notice Isaac thinks heil means whole in German. But to my knowlege Heil means Heal, so we get healing art not whole art.
Cheers Maria

Just a brief note to say I am reading at least some of all the issues I am receiving.

Additionally on occasion I go back into the archived issues to search for items of interest.

From my point of view, probably the best series of articles were the ones with David Little, particularly the articles that explored in depth the dilute solutions and LM potencies.

I appreciate your hard work.

Thank you,

Duncan Echelson
Clinic Director
Oak Hill Oriental Medicine


I am a great advocate of the Bombay method of prescribing and have found it has transformed not only my practice but my confidence in prescribing and deepened my understanding of what is health and what is disease – although ………………….I still have soo much to learn and am delighted to read the latest articles particularly Jan Scholten’s which have already this month helped me in understanding one case in particular – but also several more

Please keep sending me the ezine !! I want to understand more experience more and widen my perspective !

Carole Sanders

Dr. Bhatia –
I welcome your editorial on seminars.
For myself – seminars are out of the question, because:
Although I am new to homeopathy – I have learned more than I can handle or yet use on your web-site.
I do not need to leave my home.
It costs nothing except my inter-net connection provider fee. (usually used for entertainment).
You offer classes (I’ve taken one).
I can ask questions.
Your credentials, and those you provide time & space for are well-known , experienced & documented.

I feel that there may be as many ‘shams’ attending as performing.
Some people need to see and be seen, and appear to be doing something that will attract attention to themselves.
Then too, some people are there to get a quick fix. There are none of those really. Homeopathy, as everything worthwhile, requires time, personal effort, persistence and to be willing to make mistakes and learn from them .

I am grateful that you have taken the time to point out some of the pitfalls and running after every new thing in town.

While truly skeptical at first, I am now convinced, thankful and respectful of all the dedicated practitioners that further this method of healing and prevention.

Linda Pranzitelli


what a feast!! this is the first newsletter/magazine I have subscribed to that has me reading EVERY ARTICLE!
I am grateful to you for the quality, quantity and variety of information made available.
many thanks
Sue Barnes

Thanks for the interview with Jan Scholtern.
Looks interesting and I’m finding the magazine interesting too.

I really enjoyed the scholton interview, it was really good to hear a bit about his past and his life and future developments.

I lookforward to more interviews of this nature!



Excellent Editorial
Dear Doctor

This was really a bold step and much needed dose.

Best Regards,

Sunil A. Fonseca


Your editorial about the rising number of seminars both national and international is apt.It is mainly the fresh graduates who think that ther is some easy way to practise homoeopathy from these seminars are deceived.Each one gives their own versions about finding the similinum and the poor participant is confused thoroughly.As you said it is best to check the credentials of the organisers and the speakers bwwfore enroling for the seminars.

Dear sir,

I have been receiving Hpathy 4 you every month for the last few months. The contents, the discussion, the research reports has been very useful for any
Hpath. I would like to thank you and hope that this will continue to part as it is.

Thanks & regards

Dr. K L Rana

You make some good points regarding the false and misleading structures to seminars. I do not attend them as I can smell a phony a mile away.I t6hink you could have emphasided the need to have some method of scrutinizing data produced in seminars. Misleading others is unethical and should be dealt with if we want to be regarded as a profession.


No doubt Scholten has a point in the fact that provings has a severe weakness in bringing forth symptoms also from the prover. This fact also shows that homeopathy is not without side effects.
But claiming that he makes order in homeopathy by bringing in a system based totally on theoretical speculations is not valid. Neither is his claim about beeing scientifical in his approach. No science would accept his data without proof. Where are the proofs that his system is working? Where are the cases showing that he can cure severe diseases?
Many regards
Chris Jorgenfelt


I believe your statements is true. The main problem for homeopathy is lack of knowledge in the common polycrests. Presenting all sorts of fancy theories on seminars won´t help homeopathy foreward at all.
Chris Jorgenfelt



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