Letters to the Editor September 2009

Letters to the Editor September 2009

Dear Sir

Your August 2009 Newsletter is a wonderful collection of valuable articles. It is always better and better. Your Newsletters are wealth of knowledge and information.

With best regards

Sincerely yours
Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


I loved the article about vacinosis – What parents should know.

As a parent i’ve been using homeopathy since my son was about 11/2 after, I believe from too many prescribed antibiotics from a doctor who had no patience for a child who didn’t like doctors, was fearful of any examination etc…

So as parents we decided to go through the next sickness without anti’s unless absolute necessary. I armed myself with a homeopathy kit and away I went.

I love homeopathy.

Thanks for the article it was very informative.



I simly want to say that I love all your newsletters. I just wish there was more time available to read everything. thank you for all your time and energy in putting these issues together. By the way Homeopathy works amazingly with reiki. Like the layers of an onion. Peel off, then heal.

Virginia Ruth Ghaziri


I just love reading everything you send me. You are doing something wonderful.

I thank you!

Sue Klein


Dear Editor,
The article regarding H1N1 is timely and informative. (

I am also aware that NuxVom is very effective as prophylactic against more than 500 different strains of viruses. Hence I employ this successfully whenever there is any such “seasonal wave ” going on, like the current Swine Flu.

Keep up the good work !

Kind regards:


Hello Dinesh Chauhan,

It was with interest that i followed your case ‘I love heart’ on Hpathy and i was astonished about the choice of remedy.
I have never even heard about the remedy! Tilia Cordata is a remedy that does NOT occur in any of my dozens and dozens of books and in my software, all i can find is Tilia Europaea.

I believe, that east Indians have a partly different, partly bigger variety on remedies than Europeans and Americans. But maybe I am wrong here.

What do you suggest one like me could do? I assume, in the case at hand the prescribed remedy was of great benefit for the patient, since there was nothing really to be cured, and that longterm study has proven, Tilia was the right choice.
But even if it wasn’t… There might be a case out there that requires just this rmeedy and one like me, just finished studying and now on my own as a homeopathic doctor is at a loss, because i don’t even know of the existence of this remedy, nor would i have been able to gather any information on it, not even now that i know it exists?!
And i am sure, it’s not the only one…
So what would you do? Obviously i have huge gaps in knowledge? (ANd come to think of that – i am certainly not the only one!)
Thanks for your input, Ute Seebauer

Ute Seebauer, DSHom Med


Thanks for mailing the latest issue of hpathy which is really good to accumulate the knowledge of homoeopathy more theoretically then practically.

my suggestion that there must be survey or from all parts of the homoeopathic forum some solid conclusion should come forward related to the prevention of swain flu. there are different opinion but a medicine should come out considering the maximum votes and that should be publicly known.

Bharat Bhushan


Excellent coverage in this issue particularly details on H1N1. Can anybody suggest any possible set of Homeo Medicines as preventive for H1N1? This guidance would be of immense help both to practioners and interested public. Some Homeo visionary should come forward and suggest.

Sharat Gupta


I sincerely thanks entire team of HPATHY for giving such wonder full issues month on month which motivates the practitioners how much homeopathy is efficient and safe even at the crucial times i am very much happy to read issues of hapthy and eagerly waiting for the such a beautiful articles. especially The July 09 issue which contains the Dr Navin Pawasakr’s article. Request to publish such more articles in feature additions.



I like yours issues.I don”t speack english very well,that is the reason because I don”t answer yours until now.


Aderluce Pedroni-Brazil.


Thank you veri much for the August issue of the Homeopathy 4 everyone. I mostly enjoyed the cases from the clinic, I found them very, very interesting for me.
Best regards,
Doina Pavlovschi


The case study of Phosphorus , given by Dr.Julie andrews, is very interesting. The skill of doctor in selection of remedy is commendable and it is matter of pride for all practicing Homoeopaths that we can serve people who have lost all hopes after going through best possible treatmrent available in allopathic medical science.
Ram Singh


I particularly like the article on vaccinosis, the pharmaceutical companies have a lot to answer for. Once again thank you for your website. The articles are fantastic.



As always your ezine is wonderful. Thank you for your excellent work.

Eugenio Aguilar


Louise Mclean’s 50 facts about homeopathy is a great compilation and helpful not only to patients but also to homeopaths by reminding them of what a wonderful profession they are blessed with.


Excellent….things (video of dr.bhatia and case literatures). Its really very helpful

Thanks and regards
Dr.Nisha Joshi


Excellent…as usual, thank you..

Bernadette BRESARD


Dear Editor,

Thank you for the August issue. I wish to comment on the article on vaccine damage. Dr Jean Elmiger developed a protocol using isotherapy for dealing with vaccine damage,a similar protocol is also used by Dr Tinus Smits in Holland. This has been proven to be effective, The article in your August issue on this topic is far too vague to be of any use. Homoeopaths should read Dr Elmigers book called Rediscovering Real Medicine or go to Tinus Smits website to get effective information.

Anne Grace (homoeopath Ireland)


The article by Dr.Isaac Golden re: Endeavour College of Natural Health is very interesting as also relevent to this century. Hope this type of study will be more benificial in the long run for alternative medical courses.
Best wishes


There is a lot to read hear and I probably won’t get it read real soon. However, I read the 50 fact by Louise with great interest. As usual, you’ve done a good job.

Wanda Salyard


Dear Emilia,

Thank you for your recent article in “Homeopathy for Everyone”. We wanted you to be aware of the work that Dr. Paul Herscu has been doing since the early 1990’s in regards to the flu and using homeopathy during epidemics.

This work, along with his recommendations for the genius epidemicus for the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak, is published on the new Herscu Laboratory Influenza site…

His specific recommendations of Nux v as the genius epidemicus during the Spring can be found here…

The updates he published during the heart of the outbreak in April and May can be found here …

He will continue to publish updates on this website throughout the Fall as appropriate. He has not yet published his recommendations for the Fall, because it will be symptom specific and as the specific symptoms folks experience change, so will the genus epidemicus.

There is and will continue to be extensive information published on this site. Anyone interested in the use of homeopathy during epidemics should essentially read everything available on this site and continue to check back to see what has been added.

Thank you for your time and please do share this information with anyone you think would be interested.

Best regards,

Kim McGuire
New England School of Homeopathy
The Foundation for Homeopathic Education
Herscu Laboratory


55 Facts About Homeopathy
Dear sir,
I have gone through the article for several times.It is well writ, compact and highly praise worthy. But I wonder -it would have been a great satisfaction for homeopaths if things run in the way as described.Practitioners face a great problem now a days. Symptoms are detected, diagonisis is alright but medicine does not work. Reasons may be either Medicine is corrupt or germs are now much powerful to ignore potency.
My humble request to all, kindly look into the matter and find a solution to save homeopathy as well as homeopaths.
With best wishes
Mir Quasem


I am extremely glad to know that homeopaths the world over have joined together to combat this flue successfully.The article on Swine flue symptoms, remedies etc is excellent & worth reading by every homeopath, especially. in India. Thanks a lot for this detailed article.

Best wishes


I very much enjoy each issue of your magazine; with each issue I learn something new.
Thank you very much.
N. Feddersen Germany


This the first issue I received after registration.I liked it very much. It has covered almost all aspects of Homoeopathy.Pl. make sure that it is sent regularly. I will soon sent my eye-opening cases that I have treated. Lot of thanks to dear Dr. Manish Bhatia.

To Homoeopathy.


Dr.Suresh Jain.


It’s nice to go through your ezine, it’s really very helpfull.
Thanks & regards.


Thank you so much for your your newsletter, I am growing in my homeopathic knowledge with it.
God bless!
Kind regards~Megan Schlaudraff


Interview on miasms is interesting, meaningful but short.
Banaras Khan


Thank you for sending me an issue of the ezine. I have missed not having a copy. I found the articles really useful – I particularly liked the case studies. I look forward to the next issue.

kindest regards

Dawn Waterhouse


I keep learning from Homeopathy 4 everyone! I love Elaine quizz, and tips and all articles are so worthy.
Thank you very much and keep going !

Veronique Bouan


Hi, hpathy, I’m, final yr homeopathy student, this journal is very useful in
my academic year. All the topics which is useful me to increased my
knowledge. i would like to suggest plz add topics those r important n 4th yr
homeopathy. thank you.


I acknowledge receipt of the August Hpathy Newsletter. I enjoyed reading its articles especially on tips ansecrets. I am fortunate that a friend of mine gave an intro of what Homeopathy is and how effictive it is. I am now mostly using homeopathic remedies when I become sick. It is a remedy without pain or bitterness of the chemical.

I appreciate,



As always, and excellent edition with lots of useful information. I particularly like Schmucklers “OH grow up” and the cartoon

Brian Teall


I must say commend you for your efforts in putting together a superb collection of fulfilling material.

K. Bajwa


Video message by Dr.Bhatia takes us to think about what we carry to the next generation and research it by way of understanding various miasms. Thanks to Dr.bhatia for his efforts in taking forward and linking with the homeopathic treatment and genetic theory.

My regards to Dr Bhatia fo his true efforts and spending his worthy time for running this Journal.

C.p.Krishna rao


Miasms and Epigenetics
Both this terms we use to understand the patient and make patient understand the disease he suffering with.
In one of the seminars on Miasms a question was put ” When all the 3 Miasms are present in most of the drug, or is there any drug which does not have proving of the 3 miasms, than when I am prescribing on symptoms what’s special of the antimiasmatic remedy
SK Vashisht



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