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Readers’Comments From the April 2019 Issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone


Readers comment on’s library of homeopathy books and on cases of: Panayiotopoulous and Tourette Syndrome, hypercholesterolemia, infertility, herpes zoster and more.

Comments about the new website for’s library of homeopathy books:

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Dear Dr. Bhatia

I have bookmarked the site. I have many printed books but still search online regularly. I especially like the veterinary books as homeopathic remedies helped me save my dogs from carbon monoxide poisoning. I will spend time in that category for certain.

Thank you

Jane Mac

Dear Dr. Manish

It’s a wonderful concept and so easy to use and read e-books to enhance  homeopathic knowledge.I really appreciate your initiatives taken for the benefit of mankind.

God bless you

Sunil Sharma

Thank you so very much.  What a wonderful resource.

  1. Allison Douglas-Tourner

Thank you so much for the great material!

Annemarie Grady

Great job Dr Manish.  Keep going.


Dr. Munavvar S

This is great, Thanks!

Betty Torrence


From: A Case of Panayiotopoulous and Tourette Syndrome Treated with Classical Homeopathy -Dr. Mariana Tărniceru

Dear Dr. Tărniceru,

Thank you for sharing this very well analyzed and managed case.  It’s a tribute to classical homeopathy and Vithoulkas’ methods.

Martin Earl


From: Individualised Treatment of Hypercholesterolemia and Simultaneous Reduction in Statin Drugs with Classical Homeopathy – Cash Casia Leo

|A well described article, useful to all. Thanks and congratulations to the author.

Dudekula Imamkhasim


From: Tips &Secrets  –  – Dr. Sneha Thakkar

Alan, you are doing great work!! Thanks a lot for informing us, busy in practice!!!



From:  Infertility Treatment with Classical Homeopathy – A Typical Learning Case – Dr. Seema Mahesh

This was a fine piece of detective work showing the importance of understanding layers of illness and the concept of levels of health as described by Prof. Vithoulkas.

Martin Earl


From: Herpes Zoster Treated Effectively by Classical Homeopathy – Linda Lee

Hello Dr. Linda,

I appreciate you for curing this case of Herpes Zoster. May I know why you prescribed Apis 30 for 3 consecutive days instead of prescribing only 3 doses on the 1st day?

Dr. Paramjot


From: Tips & Secrets –Dr. Sneha Thakkar

Excellent collection. I’m writing from the USA.  I am a student of Dr S. R. Phatak

Vijay Pradhan


From Cartoon:  Blood Test – Alan V. Schmukler

Ha-ha! That was a good one, Alan!

Elaine Lewis Elaine Lewis

Indeed these are fixable problems – and the method suggested is globally used as well as very highly effective.

Vatsala Sperling

Very topical!!

Rochelle Marsden

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