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Healthy Lifestyle through Healthy Diet

Written by Dr. Manisha Bhatia

A variety of foods in appropriate proportions conglomerated with physical exercises in your routine helps you to attain a healthy life.

In today’s world, people feel the importance to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. However, juveniles crave more for unhealthy diet rather than focusing on balanced and nutritious diet. The European food information council made by teenagers for teenagers in collaboration with a European project named ‘Food 4 U’ presents a few tips in the following video on how you can live a healthy lifestyle. Its objective of the video is how you can incorporate healthy ways in your daily routine.

Adequate quantity of food comprising of all essential nutrients is primarily responsible for maintaining healthy body. Slight corrections in your daily diet and routine activities can prove to be a stepping stone towards healthy lifestyle.

The food we eat comprises of enormous quantity of nutrients. These nutrients comprise of both macro nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals). A single variety of food may not be able to provide all the essential nutrients for your body. For example, an orange provides abundant amount of vitamin C and fibre whereas cheese provides vitamin B12, essential fatty acids and proteins. So, in order to consume all type of nutrients it is suggested that you select recommended number of food servings demonstrated in national food guide pyramid or plate. These anticipated guidelines are prepared by scientists and food experts to guide us make healthy food choices for a healthy lifestyle.

Different European countries have devised different food pyramids. A food pyramid presents variety of food intake and fluids consumption per day satisfying the daily requirements of micro and macro nutrients. Consuming variety of foods is the potent requirement suggested in all food pyramids. So, it’s imperative to consume variety of foods to placate the daily requirements of your body.

Though food is the basic necessity but eating is sometimes pleasurable and an emotional experience. To get more connected to food you should regularly visit nearby food market and eat a home cooked food for sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Eating appropriate portions is also inevitable to sustain balanced weight and diet. Eating excess of required food or eating less than required, both may be dangerous in the long run. Easiest way is to look for the product label for its nutrients, energy and serving size to identify an actual amount of intake sufficient to fulfil your body’s nutritional needs. A wholesome diet for a day consists of meals and snacks between the meals. As part of snacks, one can choose small portion of vegetables, fruits or nuts.

Concurrently, to maintain healthy lifestyle physical exercises play a vital role for proper body functioning. Performing physical exercise for at least an hour per day and integrating intense activities like strengthening muscles and bones minimum three times a week makes one more physically active. It’s important to maintain balance between calories consumed and calories burnt. Incorporating routine works with physical exercises acts as a motivational tool for attaining a desired healthy body.

In addition to all the foregoing, an unbalanced and unhealthy diet causes obesity which leads to chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer etc.

So guys what are you waiting for, pull up your socks and go for a healthy diet and exercise plan. Consume a variety of foods and shed your sweat for an hour daily to achieve a healthy life. You may find it live in the video below. Do have a look… it’s worth watching.

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