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Natural selection shadow shields cancer

“Natural selection process in the human body helps to protect from cancer by auto correct mechanism. Lifestyle modifications, better prevention and diagnosis of the cancer help to battle against cancer.”

Human body is a biological furnace; the cells in our body are busy and active in dividing into millions of daughter cells to replicate DNA and produce enzymes. During this biological process, human body generates new cells and casts off millions of dead cells. Approximately 5.5 grams of dead skin tissue sheds off from our body and 80% of dust particles seen in the sunbeam are human dead skin cells. Our body has remnants of dead cells like finger nails, hair and skin

During the process of DNA replication, cells divides into 3 billion nucleotypes with exact sequence. During the process of cell division and enzyme synthesis, DNA tends to make 120,000 mutations, which might be beneficial or neutral or endanger the body. During cell mutation abnormal cells are formed; resulting in increased blood supply. This process occurs at an uncontrollable rate finally it begins to spread in the body such special cells are called as “cancer cells”. There are 200 types of cancers with different origin, descriptions and variation. Cancer can affect in any stage of the life.

There are some other conditions wherein DNA mutations may occur. Cancers might be acquired by environmental conditions like UV radiations, industrial pollution, habits and lifestyle modifications. Exposure to extreme environmental conditions, whether it may lead to cancer or not, but it can cause serious damage.

“Cancer Research, UK”, suggested a theory of a biological autocorrect mechanism named as “Natural selection shadow”; our human body has an autocorrect biological mechanism, which repairs the genetic mistakes by proof reading, mismatch repair “catch and correct process” which helps to stop more than 99% mutations, in spite of environmental damages and genetic mutations.

The Natural selection shadow develops from birth in the mother’s womb, during the embryo formation based on one’s lifestyle whether it occurs due to genetic mutations or environmental crisis. Body’s biological mechanism acquires a natural shield to face the dangerous situations. It is our turn to improve our lifestyle by modifying with the healthy diet and regimen to battle against cancer. Better sanitation and refrigeration of the foods helps to reduce stomach cancers and infections. Vaccines also helpful in prevention of cancers like cervical cancers etc;.

Life expectancy in cancer survivals are increasing based on the statistics. 40 yrs ago, one in four (25%) survived in ten years of life expectancy and now it has been increased to two in four (50%) and seems to be after 20 yrs it is going to increase three in four (74%) after treatment of cancer.

Natural selection shadow shields from dangerous mutations and cancers. Natural selection shadow helps us to fight against cancer and now it is our turn to decide how to fight our war for better and healthier life.

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