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Obesity Epidemic in America!

Faultlines, Al jazeera unfolds the complex truth behind the ‘Epidemic of obesity’ in America. It relates the social, economical, environmental and most importantly political factors contributing to current situation in America. Fast food, Fat profits: Obesity in America.

How big is the obesity epidemic in America? Two out of three Americans are overweight ( Homeopathy for Obesity) and this number is expected to increase to 3 out of 4 by 2020. Time had never been worse than this for Americans and it had never been better than this for fast food industries in America. The rate of obesity in USA is double in comparison to many European countries. One in three Americans is expected to have diabetes by 2050. Government is afraid that the current generation for the first time in history, could be the first generation having shorter life span than the parents. Epidemic of obesity has become a burning issue.

Despite of knowing that they are throwing trashy food into their stomach one in eight Americans depends on fast food for their regular meals because they get a hamburger cheaper than an apple. The culture of high fat deep fried delicious food has deadly consequences. People do not know the benefits of salad and how to make a dish of salad.

When you eat this street food you get temporary energy which lasts for a very short period of time making you hungry soon. Then you have to eat again.

The over weights find it difficult to obtain insurance coverage because obesity is considered as a pre-existing condition to major illnesses like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes. They cannot even seek help from internal medicine doctors because of their heavy consultation charges and prescription of costly medications.

Forces driving obesity spike in America are USDA, MNCs and of course, Lobbyists which control food policies formed by the U.S. government. MNCs do not have good records for what they do to government to force change of food policies. They pay big money to government for their election campaigns and eventually officials start selling their products compromising with dietary guidelines in public interest for their own profit. That’s the main source of corruption.

All 1980; when agricultural policies changed and the farmers were paid not to grow healthy raw food but to grow as much of food as they possibly could which resulted in enormous quantity in genetically modified animal food available. As a result, portion size and servings of fast food went up as well, they increased to 2 to 5 times what they used to be which has early rich in calories in one particular meal which takes many hours to get burnt. Soda drinks which used to be 8 ounce bottle has now become up to 20 ounce sold as single serving. Cities have very less grocery stores in comparison to convenience stores selling processed, refined and sugary foods and especially soda beverages which is one of the main causes of obesity.

The following video presents how obesity has become a devastating disorder among masses in Americans. It is an eye opener that brings in front the varied occult factors responsible for such a dreadful situation. So watch the video for sure.

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