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What Causes A Panic Attack And Dealing with Anxiety attacks

Chris Bayliss reveals a holistic plan to cure anxiety and panic disorder permanently without drugs. His book ‘Panic Miracle’ is the ultimate guide to stress relief! What Causes A Panic Attack And Dealing with Anxiety attacks .

Chris Bayliss a chronic victim of anxiety and panic attack. Easier said than done, he underwent an extensive research and experimentation process to find out the cure to anxiety and panic attacks. Eventually discovered a complete and comprehensive holistic system comprising of a 5 weeks plan to cure panic attacks permanently.

The then chronic victim is now a renowned medical researcher and nutrition specialist. The adjoining video reveals about his book ‘Panic Miracle’ on how to cure all types of anxiety and panic attacks. It helps to eliminate all types of phobias. Makes people feel confident to drive, fly, travel or speak in public, improve the quality of your life dramatically!

If you have severe anxiety or panic attacks and chronic phobias, ‘Panic Miracle’ is the only clinically proven drug free holistic system to cure permanently. It helps to regain your self confidence and enjoy life without fear using a unique three step method without psychiatric therapies, harmful drugs, etc.

‘Panic Miracle’ was first published in 2004; since then, approximately 138,000 people around the globe have been benefited and their lives have been completely changed.

Amazingly, every person who used this method got positive results.

Chris explains you how panic attacks manifest. It may appear as constant obsessive negative thoughts and worries, spontaneous increase in heart rate, hot flushes with anxiety and panic attacks, sensation of pressure in chest and throat with dizziness prior to having a panic attack, feeling of detachment from surroundings and society, anxiety in narrow and overly crowded spaces such as cinemas, lift, public transport, erratic breathing with choking sensation with anxious thoughts, extreme fear of leaving your house, driving, flying.

Chris provides you with three fundamental facts about Anxiety and panic attacks:

  1. Panic and anxiety attack is a addictive disorder, not a disease.
  2. Panic and anxiety trick you all the time.
  3. Panic and anxiety symptoms are not real and do not cause any harm to you.

Chris stalks about the most common class of anti-anxiety drugs known as benzodiazepines. He instructs to be cautious of such drugs as it comprises of xanax, klonopin, valium, ativan. He says that these drugs may have many serious side effects like drowsiness, lack of energy, clumsiness, slow reflexes, slurred speech, confusion and disorientation, depression, dizziness, light headedness, impaired thinking and judgment, memory loss, forgetfulness, nausea, stomach upset, blurred or double vision, mania, rage, impulsive behaviour and hallucinations.

Chris explains that the fear of having another more severe attack is the root of the problem. Actual scientific studies on the brain show that once a person goes through a panic attack the blood flow in his brain shifts from the frontal lobe of the brain where rational thoughts are processed to the mid brain which is most active in time of threat and produces a ‘flight or fight response’. If you know how to control your mental activity during a panic attack you can transfer your brain activity back to the rational mode to the front part of your brain and thus you can easily overcome any panic attack regardless of its severity.

The video comprises of the ‘Panic Miracle’ which teaches you seven unique and exclusive steps to analyze your panic attacks and discover their starting cause. It teaches you how to incorporate three basic elements like healthy diet, correct lifestyle and breathing exercises along with ten powerful steps of self hypnosis technique to calm your inner turmoil triggering anxiety and panic in you.

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