Cindee Gardner

Cindee tells how she got into homeopathy trying to find a cure for her vaccine-damaged child.

Today we are honored to have with us the most decorated homeopath in Pittsburgh– Dr. Cindee Gardner! Have a seat, Cindee, while I recount your many exploits: You have a Diploma in Homeopathy from my alma mater, the Hahnemann Academy of North America; you have a Certification in Homeopathy; you have a Doctorate–oh, make that two Doctorates (sorry, I lost track of your doctorates). Cindee, I know there’s a story behind this: you were trying to find a cure for your vaccine-damaged child. It sounds fascinating and yet frightening at the same time, can you share this story with us?

Cindee Gardner

To begin with, I actually became interested in Homeopathy after meeting a retired physician from Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh in 1972. He was speaking to a homeopathic study group on Biochemisty and Homeopathic Tissue Salts. I was fascinated watching one person after another telling heart felt stories of how these tiny pellets knocked out one ailment after another, especially the “incurable” ones.

Over time, I learned from many great Homeopathic educators and practitioners. I became more involved in teaching local groups and educating others that they had choices beyond the conventional system of medicine. The quantum physics of dynamized medicine and the memory of water molecules exemplified in Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine was my favorite topic of discussion!
You could say I was on a “Homeopathic Theory Honeymoon” until my daughter became very ill and was not responding to the Homeopathics that were implicated by all the books! The medical system gave me the diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Two of the top Neurologists at the local children’s hospital confirmed a serious neurological disorder. I ran to the most popular Homeopaths, Chiropractors, and Osteopaths for help and none of the therapies seemed to make any difference in her condition!
In despiration, I ordered every book, tape and journal on Homeopathy. I took every course and attended every conference possible to learn chronic prescribing. In one of Robin Murphy’s seminars, he brought a guest speaker, Neil Miller (author of “Vaccines, Are They Really Safe and Effective?”).

As he spoke about the typical symptoms of vaccine damage, I realized that it was shortly after the DPT shot that my daughter started exhibiting the signs of vaccine damage. I was both furious and elated at the same time. Until then, the vaccine issue was very radical and hush-hush.
It was then that I went on a personal mission to master Homeopathy.

I studied under every school, every great healer and every teacher who had success in that area of Homeopathy. I treated my daughter with the knowledge of many great minds and borrowed their tactics of success. If you are interested in learning her symptoms and story, you can go to website. I can tell you that understanding the eitiology, treating the whole person, understanding the pathology, taking her symptoms, and knowing what to expect in the healing process, helped my daughter to recover, and to blossom into a beautiful healthy young adult.
Today, she is in 11th grade, fully recovered, and rarely gets even a cold!

I’ve worked with thousands since my beginnings in Homeopathy. I don’t advertise, but the people that I have worked with shared their stories and brought others over the years, three generations in some families. Homeopathy truly knows no boundaries. I have clients in Nicaragua, Japan, London, Hawaii, Israel, all over the globe, relatives of relatives, friends of friends…I actually have more people that do internet consults than office appointments, sending videos and e-photos.
I love doing Homeopathy more today than ever before.

Question: Was there any indication after the DPT shot that your child had been damaged? In other words, knowing what you know now, was your daughter exhibiting a distinct remedy picture, as we say in homeopathy, after the vaccination? How long did it take for such an image to show up?

In the days after the vaccine, Shana had what most people think is normal: a high fever. The Doctors asked me to give her Tylenol. Within the week, she stopped digesting her food, became constipated, nursed for a few minutes, coughed and choked, stopped sleeping for more than 20 minutes at a time. Within months, she stopped growing, lost eye contact during feeding, arched her back, screaming, and developed strange expressions on her face. For the period of nine months, she didn’t grow an inch, had to have all stools pulled from her physically.

I went through the common remedies: Calc carb, baryta Carb, Cuprum, Mercurius etc.
The remedies seemed to help a little here and there but no major changes.

Today vaccines are questioned; back then, no one even thought it could have been a vaccine that caused it. They thought she had a cold, that I was eating something she was allergic to, whooping cough, you name it. One diagnosis after another, and one remedy after another with not much success.

After I figured out the timing, it all clicked with the seminar about vaccines. Then I used the remedies for vaccination damage, and she started to respond as if overnight! I still had no idea of how much damage was done until she started school and was behind on everything, psychological, growth, visual, reading, etc. I discovered she was blind in her left eye and had 240 vision in the right eye.
Today, she still is blind in the left eye, but the right eye recovered to 30. She is now driving, and has no glasses!

We have a long, heated thread here at our hpathy discussion forum on Vaccinations. Not only are vaccinations staunchly defended by “regular” people but by many homeopaths as well! People really believe that this is modern medicine’s finest hour! People believe that the reason we don’t have smallpox and diphtheria and polio anymore is because of vaccines. They don’t deny that proper sanitation plays a role, but they insist that without the vaccination program we’d be awash in polio, whooping cough and all kinds of dread diseases, and that people like you and I pose a threat in that if everyone believed us, all these diseases would come back full throttle. Do you have a reply to such thinking?

I tell parents to read two books and then come back to me for a discussion: Neil Miller’s book, Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective and Harris Coulter’s A Shot In The Dark.


The key is that we should never blindly do anything routine without educating ourselves. I respect each parent’s feelings about the issue if they weigh the choices and are aware of the damage and side effects. I was very surprised to see the charts of how the epidemics were on their way out by the time the vaccines were produced. I was also shocked to see the ingredients in the vaccines! Some of my clients may choose some and not do others.

There is no science to the way anyone gives vaccines. In other countries like Japan, they never give a vaccine until the child is two years old. We are shoving poisons in our children before they are a day old. I could go on and on but I want to stress that people need to drop the theories they were taught and do some reading on both sides of the issue before arguing the point.

One thing Homeopaths understand is that although we treat a particular illness in a person, we don’t use the same remedy on everyone. How can anyone justify that each person will react the same way to a stimulus, especially a poison stimulus? Also, we should not do anything out of fear but out of knowledge.

First of all, I can’t belive we both have daughters named Shana!  (Or maybe this explains why Shana isn’t in her room….) Secondly, it sounds like you went through an absolutely horrific experience. It seems like not only was the DPT shot a factor but, when the doctor suppressed the fever with Tylenol, I imagine that played a role as well.  It’s very dangerous to suppress a fever.  Your body has initiated the fever for a reason.  You can’t interfere with the immune system without asking for trouble.  You raise an interesting point about the Repertory rubric, “Ailments from Vaccinations”. Some say this rubric is meaningless, that you have to prescribe on the presenting symptoms.  However, you obviously found this rubric to be essential. Given that there are roughly 35 remedies in this rubric, how did you decide?  Also, I’ve often wondered, what makes these remedies–Thuja, Silica, Carcinosin, among others, so specific to vaccination damage; do you happen to know?

Remember that my daughter’s case was over 13 years ago, so please bear with me on the answers.
Since I had the opportunity to train with so many Homeopaths with different opinions, it taught me that there is no right answer. This made perception and not having a protocol a great advantage. I do treat each person according to what I feel, hear and perceive. In some I do a split dose of a nosode, in some an LM daily, in some an intercurrent remedy, in some zig-zag, in some, a remedy and half way through, a bowel nosode. I really don’t have a pattern.

If I recall her case correctly, I went through quite a few remedies with some of the most popular Homeopaths (won’t mention names). None helped, except for an old Indian Doctor via fax. I wrote him her story and he sent me Thuja powders. I told him that I already tried Thuja and he insisted that I must use the hand-succussed remedies. Her symptoms did lessen after that week. At this time, I discovered the vaccine link and faxed him another letter. We did an intercurrent Triple Antigen [homeopathic DPT], and then returned to Thuja. It was the first night Shana slept through the night!  Her cough lessened. She had a stool that was softer on her own, the same week. She was more calm. I noticed enough changes to know that I was on the right track. I then went to the LM’s and more intercurrents and dealt with acutes as they came up. Over the years, I also studied herbs and added them in as well.

Another interesting thing that I learned is that the remedies really do vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and it’s crucial to have the right tools when you are working.
PS- There are 69 remedies in my books for “after vaccine”.  I’m guessing if you add all the journals, there are even more!

Just to make sure I understand, was the Indian doctor trying to say that Thuja didn’t work because you didn’t use a hand-succussed remedy when you used it the first time?

Yes, he asked me to use it again if I used a machine-made one. I don’t want to open a can of worms….

I’m not happy unless there’s a can of worms.

Well, I’ve repeated many remedies with better-made ones and people saw dramatic results. The remedies made on machine and run through Xrays and God knows what seem to be easily antidoted or don’t seem to have as lasting an effect as the hand-succussed ones. That’s just my personal experience.

I think it definitely helped us get to the next layer., and made enough changes to keep me fighting!
This is a whole topic of it’s own.

I mentor 10 Homeopathic graduates a year. I tell them to pick a case where they were sure of a remedy choice, absolutely positive. Then I have them call Archeus or go to (They bought Dr. Chaudhery’s entire pharmacy when he retired) order the same remedy in water, have the person succuss the remedy before taking it and give it in a split dose. (Divided doses). 99% of the time, they see results. They also mail everything out with foil wrapping, to protect against Xray. This was one of the greatest secrets of my success as a Homeopath. My clients all purchase the hand succussed kits and when acutes come up, they are instructed how to make sure the remedies work with what they are doing chronically, how to make them up in droppers and they have so much success using Homeopathy, and feel empowered doing it….they stay for generations.
I promised to write a book on the things that aren’t published in Homeopathic books and tell the little tidbits that I got from sitting at the feet of so many great healers that no one knows of , because they aren’t in the public eye and do not sell books and tapes!

But to get back to my daughter’s case, I had to use intercurrents. I can’t stress enough that this little girl was really in bad shape. It was not a fast cure. Her symptoms were severe and I was given no hope. I was even threatened by the Easter Seal Society for not putting her in the care of an MD.
After a remedy that worked, there was no question when I saw a change.

Her picture changed and we changed remedies. She started digesting, she had normal stools, she started to focus, and she started to grow. Her looks changed. I don’t remember every remedy and dose, as it was so many years ago, but I know that Homeopathy and the grace of God changed a mentally and physically challenged girl into a normal and special young lady. It made me give up a career that was very promising and pursue Homeopathy to help others.

So much for the idea that one remedy will cure these cases!  Cindee, can you tell me a little bit about your practice?

We have a Homeo-Help Line, which can range between $15.00 to $60.00 depending upon the severity and time it takes. The full case is $295. It includes filling out an 18 page health profile, pre-study on my part, consultation time, usually an hour and my repetorization; includes Homeopathics, herbs, supplements, optional therapies, and diet recommmendations including the juices for that ailment. We also talk about lifestyle. Everything is optional to the person, some people are happy with 30% decrease of symptoms after the first month, some want more. It’s individualized to their needs.

I have lost only about ten people as clients in over 25 years; if they no longer have symptoms, we do a follow up, a wellness one, every year or two. I only do two follow ups a day or one case and one follow up a day. I spend a great deal of time and study telling them the latest research and giving them info. My associate teaches them how to use the remedies and how to use their kit, they usually pay for my bi monthly newsletter that gives information on acutes and tips in general. I do all cases by hand, and also redo it on the computer program and consider all angles. Hope this gives you a good idea. I’ve managed to keep my prices reasonable because I am fully booked all year and put people on a waiting list until my schedule opens. This year, I’m going to take two weeks off, I promise!

Homeopathy Heals!!
Cindee Gardner Ph.D.,HD (RHom), C.Hom.
2324 Marbury Rd. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15221

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