Dr. Dinesh Chauhan interview Part II

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan interviewed by Dr. Rina Dedhiya Part II

Dr. Rina:     Earlier you said that you have been lecturing in Tamil Nadu since 2010.

Dr. Dinesh: Yes, I started there in 2010. My lectures were organized by this group of engineers, who are now homeopaths. They run an institute by the name of Manitham Homeopathic Health Charities. Since 2011 they have organized my lectures through national seminars every year. In June 2011they organized a seminar in Samayapuram, Trichy where the topic I spoke on was “Characteristic Symptoms to Sensation.” Almost 120 students participated there, in 2012. I lectured on “A Scientific Way Of Finding The Similimum At Its Natural Abode” where 125 doctors participated. In 2013 we did Case Witnessing Process in difficult cases with 90 participants and in 2014, The Integrative Holistic Case Witnessing Process. Further along we discussed Case Witnessing in Non-Verbal Cases .

In 2015 as we evolved further with topics like fine tuning the 3 steps of the Case Witnessing Process, taking the case from passive, active and active-active in source level and healing effortlessly, and case witnessing process in geriatric cases … how to guide geriatric patients towards a remedy and healing.

We discussed case witnessing to do true reassessment without getting biased about our first case taking and the concept of the 2nd prescription. Also, how to handle cases with defenses of denial and projection and it was an overwhelming response of 140 participants.

In December Dr.V.Charuvahan and Dr.G.Prema of Homoeopathic  Academy study circle, Dindigul successfully conducted Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s seminar for 2 days for about 150 participants. So again I want to say it’s all about integration of all concepts on a single platform.

Dr. Rina:     You also visited colleges in Tamil Nadu?

Dr. Dinesh: Yes, there are nine private homeopathic colleges in Tamil Nadu along with government colleges. The ones that touched my heart were Hahnemannian College and Sharda-Krishna College. I also lectured in the RVS Homeopathic Medical College in Coimbatore, Salem Homeopathic Medical College, and Martin Homeopathic Medical College. The staff, students and doctors of this college said that the case witnessing process gave them a different perspective towards approaching a case and was an eye opener for them.

Dr. Rina:     How was your experience visiting the Engineer group of homeopaths!?

Dr. Dinesh: They work under the banner of the Manitham Homeo Health Charities. The working pattern of this centre is very inspiring and systematic, providing a platform to budding homeopaths, where every new case is discussed with the senior homeopaths, regular follow ups and progress in the case is discussed among the entire senior panel of doctors; later discussions are held on a daily basis where the learning’s of the day are reflected upon. This institute regularly organizes national seminars of renowned homeopaths. They conduct homeopathic camps in the rural areas, villages where even medical help is not easily available.  Their vision is to develop a homeopathic hospital based in nature, where everything from diet to every activity is holistic, the treatment regimes are holistic, the type of food. The environment provided to the patient, is based on the Simillimum principle. Another thing which touched me there was the way they are treating deep irreversible pathologies like cancers also in the most natural way, with natural food and environment.

Dr. Rina:     What is there for the students and homeopathic practitioners to look forward to?

Dr. Dinesh: To begin with, we have an interview with the senior most homeopath Dr. Srinivasan in Tamil Nadu who is 80 years old and yet manages to practice on a daily basis. He has given a lot of inspiration for the budding homeopaths to take home. You can find him surrounded by books from the older publications to the latest Indian and overseas publications. We then have cases lined up by the upcoming homeopaths in Tamil Nadu for Dr. Manjula, Dr. Micheal, Dr. Divya, Dr. Semmalar, Dr. Charuvahan, case from Dr. Arulmanickam and case from Sivaraj college in Salem.

Dr. Rina:    What made you initiate this journey with Tamil Nadu?

Dr. Dinesh: I could have started with any state but the kind of motivation and dedication towards true classical homeopathy in Tamil Nadu is empowering, you get drawn towards their enthusiasm. Here most of them are doing classical homeopathy and at the same time show eagerness for newer concepts and they put it to test in their cases.

You also know that we have a charitable trust ABJF which provides a platform for budding homeopaths, even Dr. Atul and Dr. Priyanka from our ABJF team were well received in the seminar organized by Manitham group.

Dr. Rina:     It indeed shows the enthusiasm and hard work of homeopaths in Tamil Nadu.  Have you any parting words for the readers?

Dr. Dinesh: We invite all of your readers to be a part of this new vision. While reading this I want that this seed of Integrative Holistic Homeopathy take the shape of a tree in your own heart and you start spreading real collective holistic integrative homeopathy in your unique way to your own unique audience.

Dr. Rina:     Thank you so much sir for your time and words. I am sure this venture will strike a chord with the readers and move them to be a part of this mission of integrating homeopathy at all levels, thank you so much…

Dr. Dinesh: I would also like to thank you Dr. Rina Dedhiya, for putting your efforts in bringing this whole issue together, personally getting in touch with all the doctors, editing cases and taking interviews.

–Edited by Dr. Rina Dedhiya

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Rina Dedhiya

Dr. Rina Dedhia graduated with a B.H.M.S degree in 2009 and later obtained her Masters (M.D in Repertory) in 2013. Pursuing her talent as a writer as well, she is currently working on a book on Acute Case Witnessing Process along with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan. She is one of the co-ordinators of all the activities conducted by the ABJF trust. She compiles Dr. Chauhan's articles and cases to have them published in various homeopathic journals.

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