Dr. Dinesh Chauhan interviewed by Dr. Rina Dedhiya – Part III

Written by Rina Dedhiya

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan interviewed by Dr. Rina Dedhiya – Part III. The Journey from science to intuition, from system to no system to creating your own system

Part 3: The Journey from science to intuition, from system to no system to creating your own system


RD:   In the previous two parts of the interview you have etched the importance of the individualistic expression and how you strive to find it in all your cases, be it of any pathology or any other special types of cases. In order to do true classical homeopathy you said you need to prescribe on the holistic level, and also it is equally true that we need to do the classical case witnessing process at the holistic level, and so we need to do homeopathy at the holistic level.

chauhan-journey-human-core.jpgDinesh: Yes, true, I have always wanted to design the case witnessing technique in such a way that it should have a universal application, such that it should be useful in all kind of cases, from reversible to deep irreversible progressive pathologies. I should be able to apply it in cases from common cold to cancers to psychological and psychiatric conditions… to make the case witnessing process ageless, which I would be able to apply in both children and geriatric cases. Make it such that I would be able to use the same method in people who can talk, to non-verbal cases, who cannot talk due to pathological conditions or in non-verbal cases who choose not to talk because of a deep trauma they suffered, as in abuse cases. Hence I felt the need to design a method in such a way that applying the case witnessing process or the three steps, whichever condition you explore, the holistic centre should be in front of you.

RD:   Similarly you are applying the 3 steps in acutes too?

Dinesh: Yes, very recently in these past two years I have been closely monitoring my acute cases, and I have developed this whole understanding of acutes, their detailed classification, how I would use the same 3 steps in acute cases, and how acutes act as a window to the chronic similimum as well. This I will soon share through my upcoming book on acutes in a short time.


RD:   When we began with the interview, you spoke about the universality of these 3 steps, and how you now apply that in your life also.

Dinesh: I believe that everything in our life right from the smallest to any big event happens in 3 steps, wherein initially we put open ended effort, the result at the beginning is scattered not connected, but we continue the effort in that direction, slowly the scattered and not connected starts coming together and we start finding meaning in it, so we keep going at it, till the whole journey becomes effortless, and finally intuitive. Take for example the art of walking.

When we start walking on a daily basis, the whole process of walking towards health goes through the same process from effort to effortlessness. For me the whole phenomenon of walking is a 3 step process. When we start walking, initially the mind and the body are not coordinated and are scattered. In the mind we have loads of thoughts going on, we are not able to concentrate only on one thing; it’s a mental chatter which starts, so also our body experiences different sensations. Sometimes there is pain in the legs, we are sweating, sometimes we feel our heart beat faster etc, your hands, legs, eyes, in fact there is no mind and body coordination. But as you keep at it, you keep doing it, keep following it in a systematic way, you start feeling that slowly your mind and body start getting coordinated, your mind is focused and your body also is with the whole act of walking, and gradually as you keep at it, you go to a stage where there is complete alignment of the mind and the body, the moment I start walking accordingly, where every system of you starts walking together connecting to a single whole then everything, my whole body, every system of my body starts getting coordinated and then you leave the system; here the whole process of walking becomes intuitive and you can now break the systematic effort that you had to put in and create your own system to walk. You are able to perceive how much you (your mind + your body) need to walk that day, and you can also go into a state of meditative trance and also deal with some mental and physical problems with the help of this awareness which you have attained with walking.

Similarly in my upcoming book “From Treating to transforming Choose homeopathy: A designers approach to your child” I have explained the three steps which I apply in case taking for children, I have recently introduced this new system of diary making (the inner encounter diary) where the child makes notes of his dreams, fears, interests, and hobbies, drawings, and gradually we see a pattern running through and through in his illness, and all his different areas. Soon as improvement sets in. We can eventually guide him according to his inner pattern in his life style, sports, hobbies, study and environment etc.

RD:   You began with the story of the rain maker…

Dinesh: Yes, this is exactly the three step process. Let me complete the story for you all. The first day the rainmaker sat with himself in meditation, he paid attention to every system, all scattered thoughts, dreams, fears, actions, breath. The second day when it all came together he stayed with it and this time he stayed longer in concentration, till everything becomes a part of him, and the 3rd day his whole being was completely connected with the whole of the universe. Now his whole was in tune with the universe and he could make rain effortlessly.

RD:   What would be your message to the reader.

Dinesh: This was my further journey which started with case taking, but this belief that what is true for one is true for all, took it further, from case taking in difficult case taking, to all types of cases to application in my day to day life, in my interests and hobbies in my job etc, this was my big leap

So my message to the reader would be to wish all the readers all the very best, to start your long journey into yourself, start every activity of your life in a systematic way, putting open ended effort, it will be scattered initially, but keep following the system till you start seeing a coordination, the scattered things start coming together in a single whole; once you start seeing a coordination with the whole, keep following it, till you are at a stage where you can now leave the system and create your own system, then it comes to you naturally and spontaneously, moving from science to creating your own individual system.

RD:  Thank you sir, for your insightful wisdom. The whole interview was indeed in a true sense from science to intuition, in 3 steps, where we began with the open ended understanding of the individualistic holistic expression, to actively applying the 3 steps of case witnessing process in various cases, moving to understanding the universality of the 3 steps, and bringing intuition and creating your own system in every aspect of our life.

Dinesh: Thank you Rina. I also take this opportunity to connect with the readers, and request all of them to write to us at Swasthya, through emails and our website. Also you can further read in detail about all the various techniques we spoke about in the upcoming case witnessing book. Lots of healings.

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