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GT: Greetings Isaac and congratulations on your new book, “Vaccine Damaged Children”. Why did you focus on vaccine damage?

IG: I have worked in the field of homoeopathic disease prevention since 1985. One of my daughters was vaccine damaged, and then when I eventually discovered homoeopathy I was amazed to find that homoeopaths had been preventing infectious diseases since 1798 when Hahnemann used Belladonna to prevent scarlet fever, and later used Cuprum as a preventative in the Cholera epidemics.

When I began practicing as a homoeopath I wanted to give parents a choice between vaccines and homoeoprophylaxis (HP), and so developed my own 5 year program in 1985. I saw that we had a lot of clinical evidence but very little hard data, and having a background in economics and figures, I started collecting data from people using my program.

As my work became known in Australia, due to my articles and books, I began to get a lot of referrals to treat vaccine damaged children. So prevention of vaccine damage is where it started, but assisting with treating vaccine damage once it has happened, is the next logical step and homoeopathy has a great deal to offer in both cases.

GT: I have great admiration for you and the work you’ve done researching vaccine adverse effects and homeoprophylaxis. What was the timeline on this work?

IG: As mentioned above, I developed my first 5 year preventative program in 1985, and the data started coming in late in 1986. I continued that series of data collection until 2004, and used it as part of my Doctoral research at Swinburne University in Australia. This data was about the effectiveness and safety of the HP program which parents were giving their children. I really didn’t start collecting data on vaccine damage treatment until the late 1990s which is a shame because if I had been more careful with my treatment files early on I would have been able to present much more data.

GT: From what background did you evolve to your present work?

IG: My early professional training was in economics, company finance and financial accounting. I lectured at universities in Australia in the early 1970s in these subjects. I then disappeared for 7 years pursuing esoteric studies, and when I emerged I took up studies in Natural Medicine. When I came across homoeopathy I knew I had found my dharma in healing.

GT: In your opinion does the homeopathic community fully acknowledge this massive problem with vaccines?

IG: No, but there are many reasons why, and they are not always in the control of individual practitioners. To begin with, many Colleges do not teach their students about vaccination and its potential adverse consequences. Some Colleges do not teach their students about HP, or alternatively give very limited and therefore misleading information. Most Colleges do not comprehensively address the treatment of vaccine damaged children.

What this means is that many practitioners have to educate (or re-educate) themselves following graduation in one or all of the above three issues, and this is not an easy task. For example, there is considerable debate within the homoeopathic community regarding HP. Some homoeopathic associations are uncomfortable about critically analyzing vaccination. There is very little information concerning vaccine damage treatment.

So we face a situation where the quality of available information about all aspects of this topic is very uneven. I have seen my task as being one of trying to provide factual information about the history and use of HP, its philosophical foundations with the Law of Similars, its effectiveness and safety, as well as some options regarding the treatment of vaccine damaged children, of which there are many more than anyone (myself included) ever realises.

GT: What are the first few “Red Flags” that go-up when you see a new patient and suspect a vaccine adverse reaction?

IG: Because I work so much in the vaccination area, I have tended to avoid making an immediate diagnosis of vaccine damage unless there is an unambiguous never-well-since symptom picture relating to vaccine damage. This of course does happen, and when it does then the need to deal with it becomes very clear.

The research I have done in compiling my latest book, Vaccine Damaged Children, has shown me that this was excessively cautious to the detriment of some of my patients. In other words, a more prompt and more targeted focus on vaccine damaged would have progressed their treatment considerably more than happened.

In the new research, I have tried to map symptom profiles of different vaccines, using profiles of successful treatments with vaccine potencies. This work has much further to go, but we can get an idea of the broad symptom picture of damage caused by different vaccines. If a practitioner sees these symptom profiles, especially in patients where well indicated treatments have not worked, then the possibility of vaccine damage being a cause should be explored.

This is the main problem with recognising and treating vaccine damage; there is no one or two unique symptoms that point to it, but more a general symptom profile. This can readily be lost in the patient’s symptom totality where the practitioner is focused on other aspects of the case, depending both on the uniqueness of the patient, and the type of approach(es) the practitioner generally uses.

GT: What’s been your experience in teaching the allopathic community about vaccine reactions and the use of homeopathic remedies?

IG: Nothing positive. Unfortunately most allopaths, in Australia at least, are not well educated when it comes to non-pharmaceutical approaches. We follow the American rather than the European model, to our detriment. So unless the GP is one of the small but growing number who choose to educate themselves about other healing methods, their response to any information, however factual, is minimal.

As well, vaccination is an issue where most GPs simply stop thinking and slip into some pre-programmed space where everything about vaccines is good, and any potentially negative comments are hysterical attacks. Of course this closed-minded approach is totally non-scientific, and yet we are lectured about failing to adequately comply with the science. I find it galling to use the most polite term possible.

GT: What effect do you hope your research will have on the homeopathic community?

IG: I hope it will make individual practitioners aware that there is an immense problem out there in heavily vaccinated communities. Hopefully they will think of another strategy when well indicated remedies fail to act, and they can see symptom profiles which are consistent with the possibility of vaccine damage. I really hope they will objectively examine the data regarding HP, because if a child uses HP instead of vaccines then there will be zero possibility of vaccine damage.

GT: In your book you speak of short term damage and long term damage, why is this important?

IG: Short-term damage usually is obvious, and usually self-limiting. However long-term vaccine damage is by definition not self-limiting, and it is often not obvious. This is why it goes unreported, is frequently unrecognised, and therefore untreated.

GT: Your book covers the subject of removing obstacles/blocks (vaccine toxins) by using a protocol also followed by Dutch homeopath Dr. Tinus Smits. Can you elaborate?

IG: This is probably not the place to go into the suggested protocols at length. Dr. Smits’ work is reviewed on his web site, and I would prefer that your readers saw his information for themselves. I would like to say here that I have tremendous respect for the work Dr. Smits has done over many years. He has made a great contribution. We met over the internet 8 years ago, when a student of mine who was reviewing some of my files came across his work and discovered that the two of us had been working totally independently of each other on opposite sides of the globe, yet had developed very similar symptom profiles of general vaccine damage. It was an exciting moment for me.
But addressing the question of blocks and layers in general, I believe they exist and are a major reason why well indicated medicines sometimes do not work particularly well. They derive from many possible causes, of which one is vaccine damage. It is almost certainly a more significant issue than any of us ever imagined.

By targeting specific causes with cause-specific remedies, we can help move a case forward which otherwise may have stalled. We can reach and treat areas which other modalities and even other types of homoeopathic treatment cannot deal with.I believe there is flexibility in how we deal with these blocks/layers, PROVIDED always that we do it within the Law of Similars.

One thing which my latest research suggested is that we need to be flexible, and in cases of vaccine damage that it is unlikely that only one remedy will be sufficient. Thus we will probably need constitutional, anti-miasmic, drainage as well as the layer remedies, along the way.

I’m old fashioned and prefer one remedy at a time in most situations, with infrequent doses. I learned from the latest research that there were times when I almost certainly under-prescribed. I try to share these lessons in the new book. The whole experience was a real learning experience for me.

We must never stop learning. How many editions of the Organon would we have today if Hahnemann was still going? One thing I am sure of, we would still base everything on the Law of Similars, and that is what we must do with the treatment of vaccine damage.

GT: Many example cases are listed in your book. My favorite was Jessica, the patient who had severe adverse reactions to the new vaccine called GARDASIL. For her convulsions she was prescribed DIAZEPAM by allopaths, who failed to connect her convulsions to Gardasil. You gave her homeopathic remedies and now, how is she doing?

IG: Physically she is fine now Gina, but I believe she and her parents are left with a healthy skepticism concerning what they are told by orthodox authorities. And this is a significant point, because whilst GPs deserve respect for the tremendous effort they put into completing their course of study, they are losing the respect of intelligent patients who won’t accept being treated like fools.

That was a case of short-term damage where the consequences were significant, yet not one doctor who saw Jessica was prepared to admit what any intelligent person would see as obvious, that the vaccine caused the reaction.

GT: Your book starts and concludes with 4 questions:

1-Do vaccines cause damage?
2-What are the symptoms of vaccine damage?
3-How can we prevent vaccine damage?
4-How do we treat vaccine damage?

Does your book answer these questions?

IG: The book answers questions 1 and 3, and offers guidance regarding questions 2 and 4 because that is all that is possible.

GT: Dr. Isaac Golden’s Quote at the end of his book is :
“The truth will always win in the end”. I agree 100%! Thank you for this Interview Isaac.


Isaac Golden, PhD, DHom, ND
Isaac has been teaching homoeopathy for 15 years. He is founder and Director of the Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy and Faculty Head of Homoeopathy at the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine He is the author of eight books on Homoeopathy, including –

Vaccination? A Review of Risks and Alternatives
Homoeoprophylaxis – A Ten Year Clinical Study
Homoeoprophylaxis – A Practical and Philosophical Review
Homoeopathic Body-System Prescriber – A Practical Workbook of Sector Remedies (2nd edition)
Australian Homoeopathic Home Prescriber – Part 1: The Treatment of Simple Everyday Conditions (2nd edition)
Australian Homoeopathic Home Prescriber – Part 2: A Simple Materia Medica of Common Remedies with Repertory
Homoeopathic Treatment of the Energy Bodies – Traditional Strategies and New Developments
Homoeoprophylaxis – A Fifteen year Clinical Study

Isaac Golden is a world authority on homoeoprophylaxis and has done the largest long-term study of parents using such a program.
Dr. Isaac Golden may be contacted at either;
Postal: P.O. Box 695 , Gisborne, 3437.
Phone/Fax: (03) 5427 0880.
E-mail: [email protected]

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