Dr. Jawahar Shah

Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Dr. Jawahar Shah interviewed by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Can you please tell us a bit more about yourself – your education and college days? What attracted you towards homeopathy?

Homoeopathy has been our family tradition since last fifty years. Our entire family has used only homeopathic medicines. Right from early childhood we have taken only homeopathic medicines.

The efficacy of Homoeopathy and the family faith in this science of healing was instrumental in my opting for Homeopathy as a career and I just love it. Today, four of my family members are homeopathic practitioners and I am proud of this.

With a zeal to learn more and eager to study Homeopathy more thoroughly, I have now completed my Masters in Homeopathy. I am now MD Hom.. The chosen subject being Role of Homoeopathy in COPD and Bronchial Asthma.
How and when did you start Hompath? What was the idea behind it? When you started it years ago, medical software were a rarity, how it came upon you that a software should be made for homeopathy? We would love to hear the story of Hompath.

Years ago, while traveling from Washington to New York, I came across a very interesting book on the use of computers in medicine.

I at once realized the infinite potential of the usefulness of computers in Homeopathy and its ability to arrive at similimum from a plethora of symptoms and the selection of the remedy from vast mazes of Materia Media and Repertories.

I started like everyone, with a single computer, and today I have more then 10,000 users around the world.

It is the world’s most user-friendly software with a vast amount of Homeopathic data and innumerable features that practically make Homeopathy a pleasure to learn, teach and practice.

The feeling of well-being is the most beautiful gift that can be given to any person on this earth. This feeling is most gratifying when one can bestow a longer lasting health to a child who is our tomorrow and his Well-being will create a healthy adult with a positive frame of mind.

Right medicine has excellent curative properties. It heals from within, correcting the balance at the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and pathological levels. HOMEOPATHY does provide such RIGHT MEDICINE and HOMPATH helps to achieve this always, without fail. It is guaranteed.

What are the future aims of your company? Where do you see Hompath 10 yrs from now?

Hompath has completed the mission to create the best homeopathic software of the world and now we strive to reach out to the world so that more and more homeopaths can treat in a more holistic way and achieve better result in practice.

So we can create Healthy, Happy, Harmonious Homeopathic World.

Our future aim is to see that doctors can find similimum more easily and cure more and more patients. A decade from now, we want whole world of Homoeopathy to be Inter-connected to each other where one can guide each other in treating difficult cases.

The future potentials are infinite and can be limited only by ones imagination.

The futuristic HOMPATH software will have built in intelligence, where the system can read the history, compare it with repertory, Materia Medica and case database and suggest various alternatives in treatment. Also guide for potency, repetition and can help in dosage, 2nd prescription and repetition of medicine.

Thank you Dr. Shah!

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