Dr. Peter Naydenov interviews Ton Jansen

Written by Peter Naydenov

Homeopath Ton Jansen, who developed what he calls Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT), shares his views on this method.

Ton Jansen

Ton Jansen

Ton Jansen is a Dutch homeopath who developed what he calls Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT), which he teaches internationally. He’s believes this  approach allows for quicker and more permanent cures of more ailments and with fewer aggravations. In this interview he discusses HDT.

PN:  Could you tell us something about your life and how you came to homeopathy?

TJ: When our second daughter was a baby, she received the MMR vaccination. Within days she got a very bad bilateral ear infection. Doctors gave her several antibiotics, but after 3 days she got encephalitis with very high fever. She was hospitalised and after another 3 days she fell into a coma. The doctors told us that she could not make it because her brain was too damaged. She could not have a normal life. They even suggested to let her die. So I took her out of the hospital and brought her to a homeopath who had treated me in the past. She gave my daughter some homeopathic remedy and within 3 hours she woke up. After 3 days she was playing with her toys. That day I decided to become a homeopath.

I completed the School of Anthroposophic medicine in Den Hout, The Netherlands, where I studied both classical homeopathy and anthroposophic medicine. The normal course lasts 5 year, but after 3 years my teachers asked me to start a practice, because I knew everything I needed to know.

My wife Elly is an anthroposophic physiotherapist and we work together. She is not only the love of my life but my inspiration as well, my guardian angel and the person to whom I owe all my success.

PN: How did you start the Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT)?

TJ:  It came to me that I was not treating the cause that was making the patient sick. That was why I could not always cure the disease. And when Hahnemann started homeopathy he was working according to this principle, for example, with Sepia, Arsenicum, Mercurius and Aurum.  I always asked patients about when their complaints started. Neither the patient nor I related their answers to medications, vaccines or other toxic substances, although both the patient and I did see that the symptoms appeared after this. I was too busy repertorising symptoms which is how I was taught. I was not asking myself whether each vaccine or each allopathic medicine might be and should be used as a homeopathic remedy.

One night in March 1993 I decided to potentize the vaccine DTP. I first started experimenting on myself. I started with 30K and observed the effect. Then I repeated it. The next step was to obtain the whole range of commonly used potencies (30K, 200K, MK and 10MK). Again, I tried them on myself, first once a week in increasing potency and then I continued taking each potency twice a week. I noticed that this worked well and I felt better.

The potentised DTP vaccine brought a big change in me. My pains subsided and I experienced greater freedom.  I started to give public lectures, something I did not dare to do before, as I used to be very shy. Now I know that the reason for my pathological shyness was the vaccination.

Later on I asked my pharmacist to prepare homeopathic remedies from other vaccines, such as MMR and from the allopathic medicines cortisone and prednisone in potencies 30K, 200K, MK and 10MK.Thus I was able to even better address the disease causes of some of the patients.

In 2001 I met Tinus Smits who was experimenting with a similar method, which he later called CEASE therapy. While he was working mainly with autistic children after vaccination, I was applying HDT in most of my cases. I discovered that this method could cure patients with all sorts of complaints. In a sense, this means that there are no incurable diseases, if the homeopath knows what to do.

PN: Why is HDT important in curing diseases?

TJ:   In the Western world almost everyone suffers from low-grade or latent infections. These complaints are usually tolerated and ignored. So almost no one knows what it feels like to be really healthy, because already during pregnancy and birth, our defence mechanisms, the immune system included, are often overloaded with harmful substances. And the first vaccination puts blueprints of pathology and diseases in our immune system, connected not only with the respective microbes, but with the chemical substances in the vaccines as well.

Vaccinations weaken the immune system, though western medicine says that they make it stronger. The only thing that happens after vaccination is the production of antibodies against specific diseases. These antibodies only work for five years, and they mislead our immune system and make us more susceptible to other diseases.

Many chemicals, such as amalgam, plasticizers, synthetic hormones and additives in food undermine human health. Think of additives in food, sweeteners such as aspartame, food colours, flavour enhancers and substances such as benzoic acid, and potassium glutamate.

The disruption of the organs also falls under the simillium and must be addressed with appropriate homeopathic remedies. If someone for example has depression or burnout, part of the cause is that the serotonin and cortisol metabolism is disturbed and needs to be balanced. For this purpose we could give homeopathic doses of serotonin or cortisol.

Also, no one can be cured if the miasms are not treated. For example, if you operate on a cancer tumour, but don’t address the miasmatic predisposition, the cancer will come back. So even if you successfully treat the patient with HDT, but don’t treat the miasmas well, for sure there will be new problems.

PN: Is HDT a complementary method or is it a completely different form of homeopathy?

TJ: I see HDT as a missing link, because it focuses on addressing the harmful external factors. It is a forgotten link Hahnemann already was talking about: the lifting of blockages. If someone continues to live in a damp house or if someone continues to work with substances such as mercury or arsenic, you can’t cure him 100%.  If someone has been poisoned and thus his defence mechanism is blocked, this should be addressed first. The HDT method can lift the blockage so that the organs can start functioning normally again. After HDT treatment, most blockages disappear and the homeopathic picture becomes clear, and thus the patient can be cured.

You have to take a critical look at the results in your practice, and if they are unsatisfactory you should ask yourself why you couldn’t cure all your patients. In general, the percentage of patients who experienced a quick, gentle and durable cure with homeopathy is low.

PN: What are the biggest problems caused by allopathic medication and suppressive treatments?

TJ: The largest group of troublemakers are the medications and interventions that take place around the time of conception, pregnancy and in the first three years of human life.  During that period the brain and other organs are developing and medications and interventions, as well as substances like tobacco, alcohol or recreation drugs, cause the most damage.

A crucial moment is childbirth, which is forced with medication. Delivery should be neither too early, nor too late; but I think the counting is wrong. The last 20 years doctors started to count the 40 weeks of pregnancy from the first day of the last menses, while the counting should start 14 days later, from the moment of ovulation. Pain is not accepted as a normal part of labour anymore. Nowadays women get a lot of painkillers during delivery. The epidural anaesthesia could be very dangerous for the new-born child and even lead to serious neurological problems.

PN: How should HDT be applied in practice?

TJ: First you look at the hierarchy of the allopathic medication and at the hierarchy of the organs and organ systems. You do not start detox of most recently taken medicines. The goal is to determine where the disturbance is most important and treat this first. Often if you start correctly, other complaints disappear without further treatment, as the body gets stronger and can cope by itself.

The method is still in development. Five years ago I usually needed up to 2 years or more to cure my patients. Nowadays I mostly need only 2-7 months for complete recovery. However, still, this is not always the case and sometimes more time is needed. There are people who need more than a year of treatment before they recover and function normally in the world.

To prescribe the correct treatment, I have to know every allopathic medicine the patient has taken and also the diseases he has suffered from. I then put this information in the timeline from conception to the consultation.  The body system that is highest in the hierarchy must be treated first. ‘Never well since’ is not always the starting point for the treatment. There are often other causative factors that appear earlier in life and are hidden below the surface. These causes must be treated first.  In this way, treatment is quick, gentle, permanent and almost without aggravations. I use a lot of body substances that harmonize and regulate various organs during the detox course, like cortisol, tryptiline, histamine, saponins, cholesterol, insulin, etc.

PN:What potencies do you use?

TJ: I use, in increasing order,  30K, 200K, MK and 10MK. Nowadays I start the treatment, where possible, with the 12K potency, because my experience shows that it works more gently in the beginning of the course. Because the 12K potency is on the borderline between material and non-material levels, it must be efficient on both levels. Organ support mostly needs to be done with lower potencies, and I prefer liquid remedies as they can be slightly changed every time the patients takes them. Nosodes and endogenous substances are given in various potencies according to the individual needs.

TJ: How can homeopaths can get more information about HDT?

TJ: I started a Facebook page with Dr. Peter Naydenov, where we intend to publish much more information. In this way we can create a community and be in touch with colleagues from all over the world. I would like to ask everybody to write their questions on our timeline so that I can answer them either directly or in the book I am writing at the moment. People can go to  and subscribe to the free newsletter “HDT Today”.

The seminars in which people can get a diploma in HDT are mostly in Den Hoorn, near Delft, in the Netherlands. But I am open to invitations from other countries, provided that enough people come to the courses.

On the website of The International School of HDT  we announce all the courses and seminars we offer and people can contact us through email from there. On this website there is a list of homeopaths from various countries that have completed the full HDT course. Patients can contact them for help, and if needed, can ask them for supervision with me.

About the author

Peter Naydenov

Dr. Peter Naydenov became a medical doctor in 1986, and got his first diploma in Homeopathy in 1994. He was the organizer of the first homeopathic courses in Sofia together with the London College of Classical Homeopathy and Peter Chappell. He received his IACH diploma in 2000, then his HDT diploma in 2014. He is also an astrologer, business owner, network marketing leader and publisher. Dr. Naydenov published some of the first textbooks on homeopathy in Bulgarian and he is author of several books on homeopathy. These days he works mainly with children who were damaged by antibiotics, vaccines and other drugs and toxins.


  • Interesting research and theory presented here.

    It can well be that a vaccination is at the bottom of the present health problems of our patients. But such an assumption alone does not furnish the indications for selecting one medicine over another, or in this specific situation one nosode over the rest of them. Frequently, It is unclear which of the Vaccinations is the culprit, and how to select the vaccination nosode. To complicate things even further more, I have seen cases where the accumulation of several vaccinations was blamed of causing the present symptoms of ill health.

    Here the principle of “symptom similitude” comes to mind as the decisive factor.

    One may assume ( like done frequently in the past) that the effects of potentised nosodes are the same like the vaccine damage known being caused by the specific vaccines, but testing in potency has brought out significant symptoms not experienced with the crude substance. (comp. TB with tuberculinum)

    This necessitates us to do full homoeopathic provings on these vaccination nososdes on unvaccinated individuals. (as vaccinated individuals may not bring out the full picture of symptoms)

    Once there are clear indications for vaccination Nosodes by their individual proving symptoms, these Nosodes can form an integral part of homoeopathic treatment, used whenever the lifeforce of the individual is asking for their aid.

    The experience of more than 20 years of full-time homoeopathic practise has convinced me, that individuals who suffered ill effects of vaccinations can be restored to health with our well proven medicines selected and applied according homoeopathic rules and principles, so much so, that I do not feel the need for new nosodes at all.

    Hans Weitbrecht
    Consultant Homoeopath

  • I am interested in learning more about this topic. The author mentioned a book he is writing. Good news.

  • “Too good to be true”, I’m afraid.
    The etiological prescription is an important part of our toolbox, but it is far not the only one, nor the most important one. At least not always, or not so often.
    I’m sorry, but at this moment I prefer to remain an unprejudiced observer.

    I don’t hesitate to prescribe a potentised vaccine when it’s picture corresponds with a patient’s picture, but to administer such a series of potentised vaccines and drugs – this goes beyond my understanding of “holistic approach”.

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