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Dr. Ravi Singh is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Dr. Ravi Singh is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler. Dr. Singh discusses his use of hair transmission of remedies, a method based on the teachings of Dr. B. Sahni.

Dr. Ravi Singh (MD Hom) is a leading homeopathic practitioner in Lucknow, India, and a nationally known homeopathic doctor and teacher. Over the years he has conducted seminars and workshops for practitioners and students in India. He will be talking to us today about his use of hair transmission as a means of applying homeopathic treatment.

AS: Would you please define hair transmission of homeopathic remedies for our readers and tell us how you first came to use it?

RS:  Hair Transmission or Medicine Transmission through hair is also called          the “Sahni Effect”. It is a method of application of “dynamic homeopathic medicine” from a distance, named after its discoverer Dr. B. Sahni of Patna in 1967.

In this method, a particular medicine is selected according to symptoms of the patient following Hahnemann’s schema and then a ‘transmission set’ is prepared in a 5 ml glass vial by dissolving one globule in it. The vial is filled 9/10th’s with tap water.

A hair strand of the patient is then inserted in the ‘transmission set ‘ which is stoppered with a cork and the vial is given ten strokes. A that point, transmission of “dynamic medicine” starts going to the patient irrespective of the distance from the transmission set.

I was aware of this method around 1990 as my eldest brother Dr. Rajul Singh was doing his B.H.M.S and got in contact with Dr. M. K. Sahni, son of its discoverer. My father Dr. N. P. Singh was a veteran homeopath of eastern U.P. and started experimenting with this method on his patients.

The results of this method were so convincing that he later adopted it as the exclusive method of his practice. In this way, I was witnessing its results since my adulthood. I got admission in BHMS at Patna in 1994 and met personally with Dr. B. Sahni and Dr. M. K. Sahni at his institute.

I was impressed with their immense knowledge and dedication towards homeopathy.  After I graduated in 2000, I started my practice at Distt Balrampur of U.P. with the oral method (I was once a prescriber of multiple medicines at a time).

In a few cases, I was also practicing with the method of medicine transmission. Soon I realized that the results were far better with the transmission method and I gradually switched over to this.

AS: What type of energy do you believe carries the signal which is being transmitted?  How does it reach the particular person?  Or, is it a broad beam that reaches all people who happen to be resonating to that remedy?

RS: With the existing scientific knowledge, we are still not able to establish the exact nature of waves which transmit the dynamic medicinal energy from a distance. After discovering this mode of transmission Dr. Sahni has tried to correlate this with cosmic waves and the Raman effect.

It’s a matter that requires further scientific investigation with a dedicated team of physicists, nano scientists and conscientious homeopaths and obviously with lot of funds and team work to establish its nature.

To my understanding, the human body is governed by a field of energy which we homeopaths call the vital force. This vital force is influenced by the dynamic homeopathic remedy, when some natural field belonging to the patient containing his/her molecular impression or DNA is being contacted.

We are living in a cosmos where our health is influenced by the movement of planets (as homeopaths we know the effect of moon phase on health), and perhaps our medicines are transmitted through cosmic waves.

It does not affect all persons in the range, as for example we receive a mobile call at its own number because of the unique identity code of a sim card. Similarly, only that person whose hair is inserted in the vial, will be influenced by the medicine.

When we read the foot note of the 11th aphorism of the 6th Edition of Organon of Medicine, Hahnemann clearly mentioned the modus operandi of Homeopathy as a dynamic influence. He has clearly stated that just like a piece of iron is attracted by a magnet, a homoeopathic medicine acts in a similar fashion.

He further states that if one sees a nauseating substance, an anti-peristaltic action starts in the stomach. Similarly, homoeopathic dynamic medicines act for dynamic disease.

One can also take the example of a wifi zone. Only the person having the password will receive data. Likewise, the effect is observed only in the patient whose hair is inserted in the vial of remedy.

AS:   Electromagnetic fields can be blocked by various materials, including certain metals and alloys. From your experience, if a patient is located in a city where there are many buildings with metal structures, will that interfere with the transmission?  Does transmission work better in rural areas?

RS: So far, I have patients across the globe and I hardly find any difference in results (obviously most important is selection of medicine) in patients from my city (Lucknow) or USA. Theoretically its possible a hinderance by distance or any electromagnetic field, even an effect on a person in a fast-moving train or flight, but in practice we have never experienced any problem.  A guided study with a vast number of patients in a given protocol may reveal further truths.

AS:  Must one use the patient’s hair with the root intact?

RS: Usually we take hair from the roots, but in my observation, I have found no difference in uprooted or cut hair. I have even transmitted medicine from the tail of a cow with excellent results.

AS:  I see that you use LM potencies.  Do they work best, or do all potencies work equally well?

RS:  As per observation of its discoverer, Dr. B. Sahni, LM potencies act best in medicine transmission through hair. One of my patients with a diabetic ulcer made an excellent recovery with transmission of Silicea in CM potency. Our selection of potency is according to the 6th edition of Organon, where Master Hahnemann  introduced the LM as the most safe and the best potency. The best part of the LM scale is that you need not to make a big jump while going to a higher potency, as in the centesimal scale.

AS:  When the need for a second prescription occurs, how do you cleanse the hair to have it transmit another remedy?

RS:  When the change of remedy is needed, we first prepare another transmission set of the indicated medicine. The hair from the previous set is taken out, wiped with a piece of a wet cotton swab or washed carefully under the tap and then inserted in a new set.

AS: When you make a new transmission set after cleansing the hair, do you use a brand new glass bottle, or just wash the bottle?   Some people believe that you can never remove the remedy frequency from glass.  Others state that you can boil the bottle.

RS: We always use a new glass bottle. Hahnemann also advised a new bottle in preparation of potencies.

AS:  Aside from hair, can any other body part transmit a remedy? 

RS: Any body part containing individual DNA can be used. Observation has been done with positive effect via use of the patient’s nail by other practitioners of the Sahni Effect. I have never used any other body part, hair being the easiest one to use.

AS: If the hair is left in the remedy bottle for too long, can the patient prove it?

RS: Transmission is an ongoing process.  We don’t give any medicine to a patient blindly or for an unlimited time. We check the transmission set regularly both manually and through our in-house ERP (software system). The patient can prove the medicine and instances are on record. Even violent reactions have been observed in oversensitive patients with the wrong medicine.

AS:  Under normal circumstances, if a remedy aggravation is too severe or in the wrong direction, a homeopath will antidote it with the appropriate remedy. Is that still true with hair transmission?   

RS: This is one observed and recorded benefit of medicine transmission through hair. Unlike the standard method, we don’t need or hardly need to antidote a remedy. Only simply detaching the hair from the transmission set and washing it, will check the aggravation if any.

AS:  What are the advantages of using this method?

RS:  Medicine transmission through hair is a great medical boon to humanity from the great Dr. B. Sahni.  It has many advantages over the traditional oral method which I have observed in my private practice in the last 19 years.

Before quoting them, I wish to make a comparison, which I often quote to my patients.  We use the telephone (landline phone) and mobile phone for conversing from a distance. Both serve the purpose of talking, but now hardly anyone uses landline phones because mobile is handy and it has advantages. Still, many elderly people use landline phones, because they don’t wish to change their mindset.

Here are few of the advantages of medicine transmission through hair:

  1. It’s a hassle-free process. No oral medication is given to the patient so you do not need to worry about taking medicine daily, nor having oral medication making you feel sick.
  2. Distance is no barrier for the patients. You can be anywhere in the world and this method of medication will work.
  3. Changing medicine is very easy and the new medication effects are reflected right away.
  4. In case of any aggravation, simply removing the hair from the vial will work. You don’t need to take an antidote.
  5. It is a continuous process. The patient is receiving the medication 24×7 as long as the patient’s hair is placed in the remedy solution.
  6. It is the quickest method of treatment and the effects are seen very fast.
  7. Since there is no oral intake of medicine, this method can be used in religious fasting like Vrat and Ramjan without breaking or hurting the religious sentiments of the patient.

AS:  I’m assuming that hair transmission only occurs with potentized substances.  Is that correct.  If not, how does one safely dispose of hair?

RS: We can only transmit energy or dynamic medicine from a distance. We cannot transmit material things, hence we use potentized medicines only. So, after using hair for a medium between a patient and remedy, after cure, we remove the hair from the vial, wipe or wash and then dispose of it.

Hahnemann discovered homeopathy with experiments on crude Cinchona bark but in later years he moved towards “dynamic medicine” with one of the greatest discoveries of mankind – potentization. It revealed medicinal properties of many substances which they don’t have in crude form.  All these experiments and experience he modified in Organon 6 times.

In the 6th edition, in a footnote to the 11th Aphorism, he clearly mentioned dynamism in medicine and disease. He narrated the dynamic influence of dynamic homeopathic medicine over dynamic nature or the invisible vital force. The Similia principle can be applied to crude substances, but to become homeopathic medicine, it must be potentized.

AS:  If the hair has been dyed does that interfere with hair transmission?

RS: It is a common question asked by my patients who are using hair oil or hair dye. My answer always is, “Not at all as dye or hair oil is just a crude substance and it cannot make dynamic interference.

AS:  Hairs are considered to be dead cells. How can they transmit information about a living being?

RS:  The common understanding is that hair is dead, but science tells us that every material on this earth has its own quantum existence. In ancient Hindu mythology, one doesn’t dispose of the first shaved hair of a child in the garbage, but carefully   places it in sacred rivers.

There are even days and festivals meant for shaving hairs, including cremation. Scientists have yet to find the role of detached body hair with its source body. Just a few years back hair was considered dead material but now it can and is used in paternity tests for a DNA match. The DNA code is our own identity and just like fingerprints, it is different for every individual.

AS: Did Hahnemann ever mention anything related to hair transmission in his writings?

RS: As I mentioned earlier, Hahnemann worked throughout his life in experiments to improve homeopathy. He was well aware of the dynamic mode of action of homeopathic potentized medicine.

For instance, the dynamic effect of the illness-making influences upon healthy man (as well as the dynamic energy of the medicines upon restoration of health), is nothing other than infection and so not in any way material, not in any way mechanical.

He has given a long footnote below aphorism 11, 6th Organon, (entirely different from the 5th edition) where he stated that homeopathic medicine is nothing but dynamic influences, just as the magnetic force. He gave the example of how, on seeing some nauseating substance through the eyes, antiperistaltic motion starts in the stomach without even smelling it. Does that material enter your stomach through the eyes? He was so convinced about the dynamic mode of transmission of energy that he has devoted an entire aphorism to mesmerism (6th Organon).

AS: What motivated Dr. B. Sahni to develop hair transmission?

RS:  Dr. B Sahni was a great philosopher and homeopath. I was reading one of his editorials in a journal where he was objecting to the discrimination between doses for adults and children. Some stalwart author has recommended a dose of 4 globules to an adult and 2 globules to a child (and 1 drachm dose to an animal ). These ideas lead the mind to materialistic thinking. When one considers homeopathy as an infinitesimal dose, a dose beyond Avogadro’s number, does it really matter if it’s   2 globules or 4?  Hahnemann has always recommended, “one single poppy size globule as enough of a dose”.

Before Newton, gravitational force existed, but it was only Newton’s mind that thought “Why is the apple falling on the ground?” Perhaps Dr. B. Sahni  experienced the spiritual power of dynamic medicine and read the aphorism 11 footnotes, and was hunting for a method of dynamic influence of medicine without actual contact.  The idea came into existence on January 17th, 1967 when he first experienced the effect of medicine in a patient with fever by touching the patient’s hair with the indicated medicine. Later he published his work in a journal published from Jaipur “Torch Of Homeopathy.”

AS: Thank you for sharing with us to day Dr. Singh.  You’ve pointed us in a new and fascinating direction.  I hope readers will report their results in future issues of this journal.

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  • Thanks Alan for publishing the interview. Dr Ravi has a big following on Facebook and he is taking homeopathy to a new level of sophistication. I particularly liked Dr Ravi’s understanding of the footnote to Aph. 11.

  • Thanks Alan and Ravi for discussion of such off the track subject, the discussion is very interesting and gives a clear understanding of the subject to anyone. I personally agreeing with this method feel that it is a good way to overcome the issue with posology of homeopathy, i. e. the potency dose and repitition of medicine. There are many things happening in nature and our body which today’s science is unable to describe with the available technology and understanding but they are happening, so let’s try this one if it works.

    • Thanks,
      Dr. Jayant ji
      Dr.B Sahni has quoted in his book about transmission from Shakespeare
      “There are more things in heaven than are dreamt in your philosophy”

  • Fortunately I was trained by Dr. Sanhi himself in his visit to Lugano Switzerland in 1990. My wife Lucia was visited by Sanhi and I attended as translator. After 3 hours I claimed What IS this? He said Classical Homeopathy, my friend! I want to learn this. He said: I will teach you.

    Whe he went back to India he appointed Dr. Christian Kurzer à young german naturopath to continue to train à group of 6 interested people.
    I’ve been practising With Sanhi’s méthod for thèse 30 years and I highly reccomend this approach.
    If you are interested in knowing more get in touch: [email protected]

  • Hello Dr. Sahni,
    re: “We check the transmission set regularly both manually and through our in-house ERP (software system).” Would you kindly expand what is ERP and if available for practitioners.
    Has anyone experimented with imaging technology sensitive enough to visualize subtle energy between hair alone, hair with correct homeopathic medicine and hair with incorrect homeopathic medicine? It might make for interesting study.
    Thank you.

    • ERP- Software system is a patient management system, many such software are available online like Practo, Lybrate, but we are using our own.
      Till date, I have never experimented with imaging technology. Symptomatic matching for remedy selection is used in our clinics.

  • Thank you so much, Dr. Singh and Alan Schmukler, for sharing this. Hair transmission is really a fascinating way to use homeopathy.

  • Thank you for this interview I have been dispensing long distant hair transmission for a long time now -one of my articles may be floating around at
    Another means of dispensing is placing a remedy in a vile and hanging it around your neck ( as I do often for people with motion sickness ) no need to swallow pills just use the vile
    Thank you

  • Good to know about such pathy where credit goes to Dr B Sahni but not sure on that this is legal or not. As anyone can misuse someone’s hair by applying any other “Vidhya” or “Tantra Mantra “ and spoil person’s life

    • When you travel via aeroplane , there is possibility that pilot can crash your plane, but you do not doubt about their intention. Likewise we Doctors never think to harm anyone, yes there is possibility.
      It all depends on susceptibility as well.

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