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AS:  In the last ten years, more patients are reporting electromagnetic sensitivity. In Sweden this condition is considered an official disability. Can you explain your perspective on this and how you might treat it? Does homeopathy play a role?

HK:  Environmental pollutions including electromagnetic and geopathic stress play an increasingly greater role in our society. Following homeopathic principles, I would take symptoms from a patient and prescribe the homeopathic remedy accordingly. Given the remedy, one would be more stable and less sensitive to pollutants. Since prevention is better than cure, it would be better of course to avoid such stress as much as possible. Let me say one thing, however. One can get concerned about all sort of things with the result that one becomes introverted. What I try to do is to get my patients better with the right homeopathic remedy, adjusting their diet towards a more organic whole food diet and encouraging physical exercise. To have goals in life is important too, in order to focus on a future. If one lives in the past or even in the present, one has less space. Having future plans and goals provides a sense of space, with the result that one becomes less introverted and stressed, and the body is less affected.

AS:  Parkinson’s disease presents a real challenge to homeopaths and one doesn’t find many cured cases in the literature. Could you share your thoughts on this condition?

HK: It is very difficult to treat Parkinson’s Disease when nerve cells in the brain are dying. The causes of Parkinson’s are related to the environment. Toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, vaccinations and drugs are in my opinion the main trigger points. How to prevent it? Avoid toxic things wherever possible. Purify water, stay away from vaccinations and treat any health conditions naturally. I always advised my patients to drink at least 2 litres of purified water a day. In my experience, some super foods such as nutrient-rich algae, eg Chlorella or, Spirulina have the potential to limit the damage of heavy metals. Vitamin C and Niacin can be of help too.

AS: Since you founded the College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1998, it has grown to include colleges throughout the UK and Ireland. What is the guiding philosophy of the schools?  What makes CNM effective in training healers?

HK:  In order to ensure that CNM students become highly competent, successful practitioners, I make sure that our training is as practice-orientated as possible, with students spending hundreds of practice hours in clinic under the supervision of our experts, whether their discipline is Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine or Naturopathy. As part of this, we also train them in how to get patients and how to promote themselves.  After all, a fantastic practitioner with no patients can’t help anyone! Our students are encouraged to value their contribution to society so that when they begin practicing they can confidently set fair prices for their services.  The fact that 80% of our students go on to practice, speaks for itself!  Our undertaking to our students is that we endeavor to ensure that CNM courses are widely recognised and respected in the UK, Europe, and internationally. We’re continuously working to raise the profile of natural therapies in society in general, as well as to support and promote CNM graduates’ expertise, after qualification.

AS: Thank you for sharing with us today. I like the idea that your schools are giving students a broad knowledge of holistic healing. We all run across cases that need something more, and you’ve given us food for thought.

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