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Homeopath Ellen V. Kire is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopath Ellen Kire discusses her use of Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) which she studied with the founders, Grant and Louise Bentley. She also shares her experience using Autopathy, as taught by Jiri and Krystof Cehovsky, and much more!

A.S. How did you first come to practice homeopathy?  

E.K.   Healing myself was my real motivation that started me on my search for the real truth about healing. My first time trying homeopathy was a failure! This was before I studied homeopathy.

I tried a combination homeopathic remedy marketed for headaches and migraines. It did not work at all. It wasn’t until some years later that I decided to give homeopathy another try.

When our dog developed chronic ear infections, I was told by our veterinarian they were incurable and he would be on lifelong antifungal and antibiotic meds. I went to a homeopathic veterinarian. The right homeopathic remedy worked! Our dog never had another ear infection or health issue.

This was the turning point for me! I now knew the amazing power of homeopathy to heal and began my formal homeopathic education in a distance learning program with the Caduceus Institute.

Students were encouraged to get real practical experience treating friends and family after completing the beginning courses. Here are some acute success stories…

We had 17 ducks as pets. One duck became ill with vertigo. She would flip head first over heels walking. One or two doses of Calc carb cured in a day or so….amazing! The vertigo never returned.

Arnica worked great for our horse. One time she had a mouth and muzzle full of porcupine quills. Within 5 minutes of a dose she stood quietly and allowed us to pull them out with a pair of pliers!

Another time, the farrier (person who trims horses’ hooves) punctured the delicate structure in the sole of the horse’s foot, and it was bleeding profusely. Arnica saved the day again…the bleeding slowed and stopped in minutes…no infection or tetanus either!

After that I decided to trim and clean her hooves myself. A dose of Aconite beforehand calmed her down and she would almost fall asleep standing up while I worked on her feet!

When our 17- -year old son came down with the flu days before he was to leave for 2 weeks of flight camp in another state, Gelsemium cured the flu symptoms and his anxiety!

Though I heard about cured cases and believed in the amazing power of homeopathy, I wondered if homeopathy really could work for chronic disease.

My mother had Alzheimer’s, my father with sideroblastic anemia and liver cancer, my mother-in-law with stomach and liver cancer, my father-in-law with emphysema and cancer of the pancreas.

My search for the higher spiritual truths on inner and outer healing led me to Eastern mysticism, meditation, Science of Spirituality and Sant Rajinder Singh.  All my questions on what was the higher purpose of life were answered and my faith in God was restored.

My own health had always been poor- asthma, allergies, frequent colds, bronchitis and pneumonia – that landed me in the hospital often. After a collapsed lung that was very painful and telling my parents I wanted to die, my doctor referred me to the Jewish National Asthmatic Home for Children in Denver when I was 6 years old.

I lived there for almost 2 years with other asthmatic children and teens – away from the safety and security of my family in Massachusetts.

My health worsened in my 30’s after childbirth and both of our sons were diagnosed with asthma. An occasional bad headache had turned into 9 or more migraines each month where I lost many days.

Over the next ten years I tried four different homeopaths, all certified with the classical credentials, to heal my chronic issues.

In spite of their best efforts, I was not getting the results I believed were possible.

I had to resort to allopathic treatment using prescription drugs for the severe migraines. Then I stopped the drugs, tried treating myself with homeopathy, experimenting with different homeopathic methods. But still no real improvement after self-treatment using what I had learned in my classical homeopathy studies.

Confused, frustrated and overwhelmed, I was ready to give up.

There were so many different homeopathic methods and styles of practicing.

I had been taught that homeopathy had the potential and power to heal emotional, physical and mental illnesses. Still, I believed in homeopathy and began to consider a clinical practice

Then I heard about Homeopathic Facial Analysis – HFA. Maybe there was a way to heal myself and help ease the suffering of others? Maybe God had provided the solution? There was hope!

A.S.  You really hung in there!  What has been your experience with Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA)?

E.K.  HFA was like a breath of fresh air. It had a common sense philosophy that made sense to me.  I first became aware of HFA after the annual homeopathic conference in Denver sponsored by the National Center for Homeopathy.

Grant Bentley was a presenter and I purchased an audio file of his presentation. I was very curious about using the face to determine the miasm. Grant had a forum on a homeopathic website where he answered my questions on cancer treatment using HFA.

Also, on I found the interview with Grant Bentley, and an article by his wife Louise Barton (who now goes by the last name of Bentley) with an HFA case quiz.

The case illustrated how HFA can be useful in clinic when there is not much information or symptoms to repertorize by including the miasm determined by facial analysis. Grant had been searching for the real truths about health and homeopathy for years like me.

He was dissatisfied with his clinical results using classical homeopathy. He developed HFA through trial and error over 20+ years of research and clinical practice. I was impressed with his honesty and integrity.

When Grant began teaching the HFA courses, he would share the difficult cases where he did not get the right remedy on the first go – because there was a valuable lesson in each case.

And he had plenty of cured cases too. He did not promise fantastic results but said that HFA will increase your likelihood for success by getting consistently good results of about 80 percent to start, and even higher with more experience.

I was very fortunate to be in an online group with other HFA students while taking the HFA courses. We shared photos to analyze, compared our results, and gained practical experience on how to do the face well.

This showed that HFA was reproducible – when you see others evaluate a face and get the same results. Louise answered all questions and helped me hone my HFA skills. My photos were often rejected by Louise, who would help me with the facial analysis, and explain why photos must be taken properly.

I loved the simplicity of HFA and found facial analysis fascinating. The face puts you in the right “ball park”- so to speak – because you know the miasm of the client.

The miasm has a corresponding group of remedies associated with it. This narrows the remedy choices in the repertorization even further, so you might have only four or even less to differentiate.

You will have more confidence in the remedy knowing you are working in the miasm that matches the client. And this reduces the possibility of an aggravation.

HFA is really a complete system that has a different approach to case taking, case analysis, repertorization, prescribing and follow ups. Case taking is no longer a three hour ordeal for you and the client.

Most clients will not give you that much time! Most everyone is so busy these days that they will cut the interview short and rush off before you have the necessary information! But in HFA only half an hour is needed…and if the client fills out a questionnaire beforehand, this helps too.

Another benefit is that it works well even if clients can’t tell you their symptoms. Case taking can be difficult with animals, babies, children, teens or the elderly. Or if you only have physical pathology to repertorize.

You spend less time on each case, your client’s health improves faster, and your success as a practitioner leads to more clients who want your services. Even beginning practitioners can achieve better clinical results using HFA. Years of experience are not necessary because HFA “levels” the playing field.

I tested HFA first on myself and family members. My own health began to improve gradually as did my family’s health. My mother with advanced Alzheimer’s became calm and easier to live with on her HFA constitutional remedy.

She no longer needed meds for insomnia, arthritis, constipation and depression. She was in hospice and still living with us during her last 5 years. We never had to use morphine or any other meds for pain to deal with the end stages and death.  The medical staff was amazed that she was on no prescription or over-the-counter medications.

The results confirmed to me that it was unnecessary to use any other method because HFA worked so well. No need for more credentials or years of experience to achieve good clinical results. My toolkit was simple and relied only on one method – HFA.

I began to seriously consider a homeopathic practice because I wanted to spread the healing power of homeopathy to others – and raise awareness of how HFA could improve clinical results for practitioners.

Now it felt bigger – more like a mission – to help heal others and spread the word about homeopathy. And I wondered if perhaps the homeopathic profession could be elevated worldwide – by using the HFA system. Perhaps HFA could deliver on multiple levels?

A.S.  How was it starting a practice?

Starting a clinical practice evolved slowly during my ten years of education in classical homeopathy and HFA. But it was never a goal or objective in the beginning.

And there were always doubts and questions.  How to market HFA to potential clients? Would clients be able afford homeopathic treatment? Would they quit treatment if results were not immediate?

How to gain their confidence and believe homeopathy could heal their chronic health issues became a real challenge.

Clients wanted to know what to expect during their treatment. Some were savvy and knew about homeopathic aggravations but others expected immediate improvement and began to doubt homeopathy and would not return.

Clients would only give you a month or two, and if progress was slow, they would return to their medical doctor for pain relief and treatment.  Trying to explain that sometimes it took a few attempts to find the best remedy was a challenge.

And clients that were happy with their progress, thought it unnecessary to keep coming for treatment – even after explaining that more than one chronic remedy might be required.  Educating the client became a real important factor  – not an easy task when dealing with skeptical people!

Rapid Dosing

 One thing I learned using HFA which really helped turn skeptics into believers was something called Rapid Dosing. Louise Bentley describes this protocol in her newest book published in 2023, “HFA in the Clinic – Success and Strategy.” Here is how it works:

When acute exacerbations of the chronic state occur in between follow-ups, the client is instructed to take their constitutional remedy more often – until symptoms improve or pain is significantly reduced.

This gives people more control and eases their fears about suffering when an ailment acts up under stress. There is no need to prescribe different remedy for flare ups. Because the ailment is not an acute symptom and is part of the totality of their symptom picture. So only the constitutional remedy is necessary.

Here are a few examples of Rapid Dosing. I have one client with extensive dental work in her past history- many fillings, crowns and a root canals.  She began to experience strong pain and went to a walk-in clinic where antibiotics were prescribed which she did not take.

Instead, she asked me for help and I reminded her about Rapid Dosing with her constitutional remedy. She was very impressed and thankful because she did not need the antibiotics after all.

Another client was traveling and her sciatica flared up. She could not drive because she could not feel the car pedals. Rapid Dosing of her constitutional remedy fixed the problem quickly and she enjoyed the rest of her trip.

An elderly client was in the process of selling her home and moving. She was having lots of anxiety and felt overwhelmed. Rapid Dosing took care of her stress and worries quickly.

Really, any acute flare that is part of the chronic picture – back pain, migraines, depression, etc will respond with reduced intensity and shorten the duration (unless the constitutional remedy is not correct – or has not had sufficient time to begin working.)

The only problem I see in practice is that clients forget to use Rapid Dosing as their first line of defense and need to be reminded to use it.

A.S.  Another healing modality you learned was autopathy.  How has that worked out for you?

 E.K. Autopathy expands healing beyond the limitations of homeopathy. There are no government restrictions regulating it’s use or manufacture. The healing potential of autopathy may be unlimited because it uses self-information. No information is used from another person, animal, mineral or plant – so no worries about a homeopathic proving!

Is self-information more similar with enhanced healing potential? This seems a logical possibility because it carries the memory of everything that needs to be healed. Self-information  becomes a healing autopathic preparation after being transformed through potenization.

You can treat yourself, family, friends, animals and plants – once you learn the basics – and it works well for all types of acute and chronic diseases. Autopathy has the advantage of being relatively simple and easy to learn when compared with homeopathy. Like homeopathy, autopathy is holistic without toxicity and the risk of drug side effects that can lead to more serious health issues.

There is a yearly online conference in January that is open to everyone worldwide with translation where folks present their cases and new information is shared. Jiri Cehovsky’s newest book costs only $14 and demonstrates through cases and instructions, how to use autopathy for healing: “The Autopathy Handbook – Enhancing Our Life Force – Holistic homeopathy without homeopathic remedies, and beyond”:

There is a wealth of free information on the website:   with over 8+ pages of cases  illustrating how diseases such as cancer, depression, schizophrenia, MS, Parkinson’s, Crohn’s, asthma, ulcerative colitis, autism, eczema, etc can be significantly improved or reversed.

Many people have freely shared how they treated themselves, their pets and plants so others can be inspired!  Here is the link to sign-up for emails on new cases, articles, testimonials, and future webinars:

Initially, I was curious about how autopathy stacked up against homeopathy. I was surprised to learn that even the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann – and other homeopaths of this era – used autopathy to heal when homeopathy failed.

There is a parallell between the development of autopathy and HFA homeopathy. Both Grant Bentley and Jiri Cehovsky spent many years in clinical practice using classical homeopathy, which they taught in their schools. After years of experience and believing better results could be achieved, each developed a method they hoped would elevate homeopathy to its fullest healing potential. Both have received awards of excellence as pioneers in homeopathy from for their efforts.

Raising awareness about anything new is not an easy task. What really helped me discover both, are the many articles and cases published by that show the benefits of both! Another similarity is that both Grant and Jiri have been influenced by Buddhism and ancient healing traditions that embrace karmic philosophy – how it impacts healing on all levels – spiritual, mental and physical.

Jiri discusses a “higher” spiritual power that knows what is best for each of us in terms of our karma –  the accumulation of the positive and negative actions from our past that impacts this lifetime. Karma impacts our ability to heal and the time factor involved – whether we improve slowly or quickly. And whether we even find these healing modalities at all in this lifetime. Perhaps Jiri and Grant will meet one day to compare notes as their healing methods evolve?

Consultation is strongly recommended by Jiri Cehovsky for serious diseases and beginners…until you learn the basics from the Autopathy Handbook or taking his online courses and webinars. There is a global map of qualified autopathic practitioners on the website.  I tried self-treatment first using the lowest dilution of 1.5 liters, had immediate results, then increased over two months to 8 liters, and relapsed!

I decided to consult Jiri’s son, Krystof Cehovsky by email who told me I made the common mistake of increasing the dilution too fast, without allowing sufficient time for healing. Later, I tried the very high dilutions up to to 200+ liters which failed.

Krystof explained how they only work for some folks and most folks do best on the low potencies that use less water. Through consulting the experts like Jiri and Krystof Cehovsky, you learn the finer points of autopathy that come with experience and wisdom, because not everything can be learned by simply reading a self-help book. I really appreciated the advice from both Jiri and Krystof, and the low-cost consults Krystof does by mail:

Here is a brief overview with more tips on how to proceed with autopathy:

 Pure water is required or autopathy will not work! You can use bottled spring or distilled water. A natural spring or well water that is not contaminated with impurities or added chemicals, such as chlorine or fluoride is fine. A carbon filter is another option.

I made the mistake of using hotel tap while traveling and ruined my autopathy bottle due to the memory of glass!  Beware of buying the cheap bottled drinking water often labeled as “purified or reconditioned”. Pure water is critical for successful results!

The autopathy bottle must be replaced every 3 months due to the memory of glass as it carries the burden of unhealthy older information that will diminish or stop healing. In Jiri’s second book, “Get Well with Autopathy” there is a successful Alzheimer’s case that relapsed because the autopathy bottle was too old!  The man regained the improvements he had lost, after switching to a new bottle!

Next you must decide on these parameters to achieve optimal results –

Dilution / Method/ Frequency. Dilution is the most important parameter and you start treatment with 1.5 to 6.0 liters of water – depending on age, health and pathology.

One liter is equivalent to a 40c potency. There is an optimal potency to achieve maximum results. If you undervalue the potency with a low dilution, you may still get some improvement, and more as you increase. But too much water may give no improvement, weak results or a worsening.

Starting lower and gradually increasing is really the best plan. – so you don’t bypass the optimal dilution – because you can’t know beforehand. Most people in general need the lower dilution, especially when beginning treatment.

The second parameter is the method where you decide on whether to use physical information or fine matter called prana. Which method you choose will depend on what needs to be healed.  Physical body information – breath, saliva, urine, stool, etc is often heated with water for detoxification in the autopathic bottle, then diluted and applied on the skin at the forehead between the eyes.

Frequency of application is the third parameter.  Daily dosing, alternate days, or weekly applications work well when starting treatment and the interval lengthens with improvement. Serious pathology or pain management may require more frequent dosing.

Most people notice immediate improvement – especially in their mental state, while improvement in physical issues may take longer. Prana is the only method that uses information from the 7th chakra which is about 6 to 10 inches above the head, and has different instructions on preparation and use.

Detoxification is not done with prana since it’s not physical information. Prana is often used for strong mental/emotional health issues – anxiety, anger, depression, and fear that have disturbed the psyche. Cancer patients benefit from the prana method for the fear and stress related to the cancer diagnosis, and prana is often alternated with physical body information for treatment.

My experience with autopathy is very positive – though limited to my husband, our dogs, our garden plants and myself. For over two years, we only used autopathy so as to evaluate its effectiveness for our chronic health issues –  which have improved gradually as they did when we used homeopathy.

My husband used to get colds every other month – before chronic treatment with homeopathy and autopathy – and he has had only one or two mild colds since beginning autopathic treatment with Krystof.

We did get Covid once – it was a mild case that resolved with no lingering problems and we are not vaccinated either. Likewise, I have not been ill with colds that used to become bronchitis or pneumonia before treatment. Migraines are now rare, much less severe, and resolve in a short time!  Blood pressure is lower and arthritis has improved too. Autopathy cured our two dogs of fear from thunderstorms in a few doses.

Our Apache plume bushes recovered from a severe beetle infestation and the tomato plants from early and later blight using the Korsakov method described in Jiri’s books. The Korsakov method works without the autopathy bottle because plants respond well to very low potencies of 6 to 12c.

To summarize – both homeopathy and autopathy work well for acute and chronic diseases, for prevention in contagious disease epidemics …..and both can restore health from debilitating,  acute diseases that have become chronic, such as long-term Covid.

Each has its pros and cons so one may be more appropriate in certain situations. The biggest advantage autopathy offers is self-treatment!  Beginners find it is relatively simple and easy to learn compared to homeopathy, with no searching and trial period to find the right homeopathic remedy.

A.S.   Thank you, Ellen!  You’ve provided a wealth of information and our readers always appreciate personal experience.

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