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Written by Brenda Goldstein

Homeoprophylaxis educator and author Cilla Whatcott is interviewed by Brenda Goldstein

Cilla Whatcott

Homeopath Cilla Whatcott co-founded Free and Healthy Children International with Kate Birch in 2011, then left in 2014 to found Worldwide Choice. She talks to’s contributing writer Brenda Goldstein about these organizations, homeoprophylaxis, and the uphill battle we face in order to gain the freedom of educating our children’s immune system in a healthy manner.  She is the author or co-author of four books on Homeoprophylaxis. “Parents will effect great change over time by way of their fierce love for their children.”  – Cilla Whatcott

BG:   Welcome to Hpathy Cilla.  We’re honored to have you with us today.  Let me start with the most basic question.  What is Homeoprophylaxis?

CW:  The safe use of diluted and potentized  disease products (nosodes) or material from an animal, mineral or vegetable source to elicit an immune response, and educate the immune system before encountering the disease.

BG:  Why did you start FHCi and Wordwide Choice? What are the missions/purposes of these organizations?

CW:  To educate and familiarize the public with this safe and effective practice. When I co-founded FHCi, its mission was to collect data from parents using HP in order to validate the effectiveness.  The goal was to have a non-profit organization that could support itself in this mission.  Once I obtained the 501c3 non-profit status with the IRS, my role there was complete. I started Worldwide Choice in order to expand the possibility of bringing HP to the public in a wider way through conferences, educating medically licensed practitioners and conducting further study in conjunction with respected medical institutions.

BG:  How were FHCi and Worldwide Choice founded, and what challenges have there been?

CW:  FHCi was founded by myself and Kate Birch, who recognized the need for more education and evidence regarding HP.  I subsequently founded Worldwide Choice to further develop outreach, education, and validation of evidence reflecting the safety and efficacy of HP.

BG:  What is the current situation in the U.S. vis-a-vis vaccinations, and what are you hoping to change?

CW:  The current situation is one of increasing pressure to comply with the bloated recommended schedule of vaccines that is ever increasing.  Legislation in many states seeks to make vaccination mandatory regardless of the Supreme Court ruling that “vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.”  Changes will occur through grassroots efforts of parents who were once in favor of vaccines, but through personal experience learned firsthand how they can cause injury or death.  These parents will effect great change over time by way of their fierce love for their children.

BG:  How can parents, homeopaths and western medical practitioners learn about HP?

CW: The world’s leading authority on homeoprophylaxis is Dr. Isaac Golden, who has online informational classes through  Medical practitioners and parents can both access  for training, individual or family programs and also travel prophylaxis.  Parents can also access Free and Healthy Children International for a database of trained homeopaths who offer programs.
BG: How does HP relate to current laws?

CW:  HP does not satisfy any state or federal laws for immunization….yet.  Parents are responsible for knowing the laws in each state and whether they have a philosophical, religious or medical exemption available. In India HP is a legal alternative to conventional vaccination due to the success of the Japanese encephalitis program with 20 million people.

BG:  Do parents have the legal option to educate their children’s immune systems through HP protocol rather than through vaccinations?

CW:  In states where there is a philosophical exemption (16), parents may choose HP or any method they choose to educate their child’s immune system.

BG:  What remains to be done politically to promote HP?

CW:  A great deal could be done to forward HP.  My focus is not in the political arena, but more about education.

BG: What resources are needed and how can people contribute or help out?

CW:  Attending conferences, becoming more educated, sharing information, donating to FHCi, writing blogs, doing interviews such as this one, and requesting HP from medical providers are all ways people can contribute.

BG:   Could you give us some statistics on HP’s effectiveness?

CW:  The average effectiveness of HP over the last 200 years with trials including well over 20 million people is about 90% when all averaged out.  Studies have been done with leptospirosis, hepatitis, dengue fever, meningitis, Japanese encephalitis, polio, pertussis, cholera, childhood diseases and many tropical diseases.

BG:  What motivates you, personally, on this issue?

CW:  My own daughter was vaccine injured at 12 months old. She was adopted from China, weighed just 10 lbs. and was ‘failure-to-thrive.’ She received multiple vaccines at once and immediately developed aseptic meningitis. She almost died but recovered and is in full health today.  I found that the MMR carries a possible side effect of this and began researching then (1995).  In 2007 I bumped into Kate Birch who had met Isaac Golden and began offering HP in the US.  We co-authored our first book and set to work forming FHCi.  I then published “There is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis” in 2015.

BG: What are your goals/hopes for the future?

CW:  My only hope is to see healthy, vibrant babies and children whose parents are empowered with the knowledge and freedom to make informed choices about their health.  There is no other force stronger than the love of a parent. This force has the power to change the world.  It certainly changed mine.

Editor’s note: You can learn more at Cilla Whatcott’s website:

And by reading :

There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis  by by Cilla Whatcott and Dr. Isaac Golden

Free and Health Children by Kate Birch and Cilla Whatcott

The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative –by Kate Birch and Cilla Whatcott 

Worldwide Choice: Homeoprophylaxis  by Cilla Whatcott

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  • The work being done by Dr.Cilla is highly commendable. Her love for children and concern for their health and solutions to safeguard them through HP program shows her commitment to the profession. I appreciate the Hpathy and Brenda for interviewing a great physician having high values and noble thoughts. May her efforts bear fruits in the coming years.

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