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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Sue Anello, founder and principal of the Centre for Homeopathic Education New York, talks with Hpathy about the school’s vision, philosophy and program.

CHENY – New School on the Block

Britain’s Supermodel of 21c Homeopathic Training Hits the Ground Running NYC

Just finishing its second year as sister school to Europe’s largest and most successful homeopathic training institute, Center of Homeopathic Education NY is providing a forward-thinking approach to 21st century health needs. CHE-NY Principal Sue Anello RSHom (NA), CCH talks to about preparing for the future of homeopathy.


Can you tell us a little bit about the history of the Centre of Homeopathic Education?

The Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE) has been training professional homeopaths in the UK since 1998. Since its inception, it continues to break new ground by combining the best, most comprehensive education in Classical Homeopathy with the newer, more cutting edge teachings that have emerged since the 1980’s. CHE is now the largest, most respected homeopathy school in Europe.

How did CHE-NY come to be?

In 2005 I was asked to lead a student clinic at CHE in London and was blown away by the teachers and students there who knew about new remedies and combining remedies in new ways with exciting results. I loved the fact that CHE had experienced teachers who showed a variety of perspectives, but didn’t get stuck in one prescriptive way of doing things. A year later I was offered a teaching position that allowed me to maintain my thriving transatlantic practice. In 2009, Marcus Fernandez invited me to tea and asked, “How’s it going in NYC? Why don’t you open a college for us there?” and I jumped at the chance

Why NYC?

I knew when I attended my first NY State Homeopathic Association meeting that there was a HUGE gap in instruction in the US that would benefit from the high quality, British standard of homeopathic training. New York City was the obvious choice to deliver CHE’s vision of the future of homeopathy. The city was home to the 1st homeopathic hospital in the US and was the primary place for training and delivery in the US for years. It’s a sophisticated, cutting edge city with a very intelligent population that is forward thinking and actively engages environmental concerns and alternative health issues and practices.

How is CHE and CHE-NY’s philosophy and style of teaching different from other schools of homeopathy?

CHE’s integrated approach to homeopathic training prepares students for how complex people are in the 21st century and how complex their illnesses are as a consequence. Our teachers and guest speakers are some of the most accomplished homeopathic educators in the field, including Tony Hurley, Melissa Assilem, Mike Bridger, Neil Slade, and Miranda Castro. We deliver the best of Classical Homeopathy with modern techniques to invigorate the practice with exciting results.

Is there is a “right remedy” for each individual?

Homeopathy is not a magic trick one can learn by asking a certain number of questions before they arrive at the right answer. People come to us for healing and we train our homeopaths to walk beside them and support them. Prescribing remedies is part of that process, but learning how to develop an empathic relationship between practitioner and patient is equally important. In a consultation, there will be a remedy or remedies that are needed in that moment. We train our students to best discover what those remedies are, combining good old fashioned study of repertory and material medica with a solid foundation in medical science, and an eclectic range of options to extend the process of exploration that supports a patient’s progress.

So what should a student expect from their training at CHENY?

  1. CHE-NY believes that becoming a homeopath is a transformational experience. As a student, you will be challenged educationally and personally in terms of your own growth and development. As a practitioner, we will show you how to create and provide a safe environment for your patients in order to support their healing process, their environment, and their personal journey to health.
  2. By assessing a student’s progress through a system of papers and testing, CHENY supports each individual’s learning needs with one on one tutorials and group work to extend each student’s base of knowledge.
  3. CHE-NY also provides 200 hours of in-college, supervisory experience at its low cost clinic to support each student’s development as practitioners, while offering affordable care for the local community.
  4. People who are returning to a learning environment after time away, can feel confident that their specific needs will be supported.
  5. Students will learn how to do homeopathy for the 21st century that is safe, effective, and works from birth through each patient’s lifespan, embracing mind, body, and spirit.



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