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A Letter to My Children

Written by J. K. Raghuvanshi

A Letter to My Children

Dear Mamta and Tushar,

Today is my 59th birthday. I am going to give you an abundant gift – how to learn and understand Homeopathy. My teachers have taught me that the homeopathy is not only a science but it is an art of healing too. If you wish to become a master of this art of homeopathy, the first thing is that you must have full faith in its master. Trust him more than a God. I will quote an example of Kabirji, how he had more faith in his guru than God. One day Kabirji was in meditation as usual. Lord Govind and his guru Ramanandji came and stood in front of Kabirji and waited till he finished his meditation. As Kabirji opened his eyes he got puzzled, whom to bow the knees first – God or Guru? Again he closed his eyes and went into meditation. He got an intuition that he should bow his knees to his guru first. He immediately got up and went to his guru Ramanandji and bowed his knees there. God Govind got annoyed with this and said, Kabir you have not done the right thing, you are supposed to bow your knees first to me. Kabirji said, O’ Lord pardon me. My guruji Ramanandji is the first person who showed me the path which reaches you, so I bowed my knees to him first. Lord Govind got pleased by his statement and blessed him. Hence Kabirji says in his poem (Doha) : –

Guru Govind both stood, whom shall I bow first?

The sound came from inside, the Guru first!!!

Do have this type of faith in Dr. Hahnemann while you read the aphorisms of Organon.

The scientific and the artistic achievements of whole life work of Dr. Hahnemann means the Organon of Medicine. You should take this book as Vedas, Kuran and Bible. Just learning the aphorisms of Organon by heart will not make you a good homeopaths, you should understand them. Now I will tell you the way to understand the Organon of Medicine. Hindus read mantras of Veda with full faith in God, Muslims read ayats of Kuran with full faith in Allah, Christians read paras of Bible with full faith in Jesus. Like that you must read aphorisms of Organon with full faith in Dr. Hahnemann. My teachers Dr. B.K.Sarkar, Dr. P Shankaran, Dr. Wadia, Dr. Menon, Dr. Batra etc. were the top most homeopaths of India. I am proud to mention their names because they used to tell me – Raghuvanshi, read at least ten aphorisms of Organon and one drug picture from Allen’s key notes daily because Materia Medica has the tools and Organon has the keys to use these tools, go on reading it daily.

In the beginning you won’t understand any thing but as the days, months and years will pass your mind will under go a process like drug proving and thoughts will theme of homeopathy will reach to it’s extent day by day and whole of your mind will become similar to the mind of Dr. Hahnemann. Then the day will come when success will put her head at your feet, your mind will become homeopathic mind and your eyes will get created as homeopathic eyes. Your observing eyes will automatically judge the constitution of the people walking on the road, your eyes will acutely judge the signs of Homeopathy in your patients and then after asking a few questions, the similimum will immediately come to your mind. This is the key to become an unprejudiced Homeopath. By doing this you will earn all the pleasures of the world – name and fame, as an AUTHORITY in Homeopathy

Lots of love and blessings.

Only yours,

Dr. J.K.Raghuvanshi

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