A Letter to the Allopathic Doctors of Dayton, Ohio

On the above foundation, I fear no man or set of men, when a truth is to be declared, or an error to be exposed. I am gentlemen of the “Regular” Profession,

Truly yours,

Henry Wigand, M. D.


About the author

Henry Wigand

Dr Henry Wigand was an American homeopathic physician circa 1850’s practicing in Ohio. In 1851 he published the Dayton "Herald of Health". He is the author of “Homoeopathy explained and objections answered, with additional articles, viz: 1. The effects of mercury. 2. Physics and purging. 3. Laudanum and paregoric. 4. Coffee, tea, liquors, and tobacco, and “A Letter To The Allopathic Doctors Of Dayton Ohio”.

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  • A very funny and uplifting article. Dr. Henry Wigand really socks it to the allopaths for their closed mindedness. That was back in the 1850’s, and it seems nothing has changed! He makes excellent arguments which are just as relevant today.

    Martin Earl

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