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A Letter to the CDC – Forced Vaccination

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Written by Lucy Cole

Health freedom activist Lucy Cole, challenges a proposed law that would allow detainment, imprisonment and forced vaccination in the U.S.

The CDC’s proposed regulation, CDC-2016-0068, for detainment, imprisonment, forced medical examinations, forced treatment, and forced vaccination, is gross governmental overreach and medical tyranny. It deputizes airline personnel and public health personnel as medical spies, such as the citizen spies used by Communist East Germany during the Cold War. As the CDC is now more frequently manufacturing fear campaigns, which ultimately don’t pan out, these regulations could be used at any time, if allowed to pass. Past scare campaigns include: 2002 – West Nile virus, 2004 – SARS, 2005 – Bird Flu, 2009 – Swine Flu, 2014 – Ebola,  2015 – Measles and the current scare, 2016 – Zika, which has never been proven to cause microencephaly.  The only Zika “epidemic” occurred in poverty-stricken Northeast Brazil, where pesticides were sprayed directly into drinking water.

These scare campaigns result in Congress appropriating millions and billions of dollars to the CDC, and their cohorts in the pharmaceutical industry, to contain the panic that they have created. This does nothing to improve public health, but does a great deal to improve the bottom line of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex. Since many of the scientists who work for the CDC also work for the drug companies, the CDC prospers as well. The people who suffer are the American taxpayers – and worse, the American citizens who are bullied into taking unproven vaccines.

Despite the CDC’s hype, the full CDC-recommended vaccine schedule has never been tested for safety; the giving of multiple vaccines in the same doctor visit has never been tested for safety. The vaccines themselves are not tested in the rigorous manner required of all other pharmaceutical drugs by the FDA, but are rushed through as therapeutic biological products.

Drug companies cannot be sued when their vaccines cause damage, including death, so they have no incentive to make their vaccines safe. Medical students are only taught how to give vaccines, and how to encourage/pressure parents into allowing their children to be vaccinated. Medical students are NOT taught the ingredients in vaccines, which include aluminum, formaldehyde, trace amounts of mercury, DNA of various animals, DNA of aborted human fetuses, polysorbate 80, monosodium glutamate, phenol (anti-freeze), etc., nor are they taught how to recognize adverse vaccine reactions. Most, if not all, vaccines have never been tested for carcinogenicity or mutagenicity.

CDC-2016-0068 is not about public health. It is a blatant power grab by the CDC.

I very strongly oppose this proposed regulation, which would enforce medical tyranny on the American people.


About the author

Lucy Cole

Lucy Cole graduated from Stanford University, and did a post-graduate year to obtain a Certificate in Physical Therapy. She worked as a licensed physical therapist at the NYU Medical Center and the Columbia Presbyterian Center, both in Manhattan, and at the Schlierbach Orthopadische Klinik in Heidelberg Germany. During the 1970s, friends introduced her to vitamins and healthy food, and by 1992, she had become a strong advocate for health freedom. She worked hard to prevent the FDA from classifying vitamins as drugs, and was gratified when Congress passed, and the president signed, the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act) into law in 1994. In subsequent years, Lucy continued her efforts for health freedom, and last year she became an almost full-time activist in the fight against SB277 and other vaccine mandate laws, an endeavor that she continues to this day.


  • Forced vaccination looks pretty much like a Done Deal. If you disagree with being vaccinated against the current fake pandemic (Corona Crap), you’ll be jailed. Isn’t there some homeopathic remedy to undo the stupid vaccine, like Thuja?

    • Sure Cheri, but, the problem is, it’s not a “sure thing”. Thuja, Ledum, the virus nosode… maybe take all of them? But I hear there’s going to be 3 doses of it given, a month apart! So, whereas dealing with one vaccination might be enough to ask of us, there’s going to be 3 of them based on what I’ve heard! Enjoy life while you can is all I gotta say. And what are they going to do with all the people who have acquired antibodies, permanent immunity? Are they going to do antibody titers so that these people can be exempt? Probably not! and what happens if you vaccinate somebody who’s already immune? They probably don’t even know!

  • My biggest fear is not the Coronavirus, it’s the forced-vaccination which is surely coming in about a year’s time. I just hope it doesn’t involve jail or a horrendous fine. I predict employers saying, “All applicants must be vaccinated against COVID 19”. I predict Shana losing her job in a year’s time. It just doesn’t look good; all people who don’t want to be vaccinated will be treated like “witches” and persecuted.

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