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A Solution for the Wikipedia-Problem: Freewiki


Everyone who has tried to find information about a homeopathic subject or any other form of alternative medicine in Wikipedia, will know that Wikipedia has become an instrument not to spread knowledge but to manipulate public opinion.

And everyone who has tried to correct wrong statements or mobbing against homeopathy in a Wikipedia article will have found themselves blocked as a user and the correction reversed within a few minutes. So, there is no possibility to change the situation as Wikipedia is in the hands of well organized groups of fanatic materialists who block all users with a different philosophy.

Some research showed that homeopathy and CAM are not the only targets of Wikipedia manipulation. Critical political views outside the mainstream are also, as well as ecological issues that include a critical view on Monsanto.(footnote: You can read some of this research in more detail in my blog “Homeopathy and the World [1]”).

Behind these attacks on several subjects and their exponents is a group of people who falsely declare themselves as “skeptics”. (footnote: Why they are not you can read here [2].) These pseudo-skeptics are not just acting as individuals according to their personal belief-system, which would of course be their right and part of our freedom of opinion and belief. But they work organized for a targeted manipulation and rewriting of Wikipedia and other media. There is a group called GSoW – “Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia” (no joke!) with the only objective to do just that and to train newcomers to manipulate Wikipedia. (footnote: You can read this in this article [1] and in their own publications [3].)

Now what to do? We can just go on complaining about the situation and wishing for someone to change it. But Wikipedia is far too important as a public reference system and becoming more important every year, so that it will more or less monopolize “objective information” within a short time and be the only source people turn to if they want to “know” about something. – We can’t leave it at that.

Obviously fighting against something we don’t like, is not the way of homeopathy. Homeopathic would be to do the same, but a bit different. So, I decided to build a platform that covers all those issues that are being misrepresented in Wikipedia and give them a fair and solid description. This platform is called FreeWiki [4] and it is online already though with too little content yet.

On the one hand FreeWiki [4] is a necessary alternative to the distorted articles in Wikipedia and is meant to draw public attention to this problem. On the other hand, it is also a chance for us to collect solid homeopathic information in one place where it is easily accessible for everyone.

Regular readers of “Homeopathy for Everyone” will know of Wiki4CAM, a website project started by Dr. Manish Bhatia several years ago with quite similar goals. Sadly this project had to be stopped because it was taken over and spoilt by the same groups of people that dominate Wikipedia.

Why a new attempt? What is the difference? First, this time there will be no anonymous and free access to FreeWiki. All users have to register with their full name and email address and apply for editing rights. This is a bit clumsy but necessary to protect the site. And secondly FreeWiki will not only cover CAM subjects which would make it interesting only for insiders who know it anyway and would not arose much public interest. FreeWiki will be an online encyclopaedia for all those controversial subjects that are treated like enemies by the dominating Wikipedia editors.

Doing this FreeWiki [4] will raise consciousness to the fact that homeopathy and CAM are part of a much wider movement that is critical of an overly materialistic view of the world and of destructive ecological, economical and political behaviour. It will do so for CAM insiders to be more politically conscious and see their therapeutic and healing work in a wider context. And it will make political and ecological activists aware of an alternative to conventional medicine being a necessary part of a new form of peaceful and sustainable society.

All of you who read this and feel competent in any form of homeopathy or CAM, please feel invited to contribute and support FreeWiki [5]. FreeWiki will follow the same strict rules regarding sources, quotation, ethical values (non-discriminating, non-racist, no insults or offences, etc.), and others as Wikipedia was meant to in the first place; and the project is donation based.

You are invited to participate in this project and introduce your fields of knowledge in the form of encyclopaedic articles. Any kind of proposals, ideas, criticism and additions are very welcome. Interested? Register in FreeWiki [4] and write to Joerg Wichmann, [email protected] [6].

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