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About Dr. Deva Khalsa  – A Brief Autobiography

Dr. Deva Khalsa, VMD is the recipient of our Award of Excellence in Veterinary Homeopathy. Below she explains how she learned veterinary homeopathy and what enabled her to reach her current level of skill.

Dr. Deva Khalsa VMD contributes her veterinary column to Homeopathy for Everyone each month, answering varied questions about dogs, cats etc. She is the recipient of our Award of Excellence in Veterinary Homeopathy, so I thought you might like to know more about her background and her extensive training in homeopathy. By the way, she was also awarded the Winston Churchill Medal for excellence in veterinary homeopathy. Below she discusses her adventures in learning the trade.

The Magic of Homeopathy

Homeopathy can cause a dramatic reversal and cure in some cases, or drain and tone organs in others, and can improve the health of a patient for life.  The homeopath chooses the path most needed.

Homeopathy was my first true love in the field of holistic health. The field of homeopathy takes a lot of love as it requires a great deal of dedication and study. It’s typical for a dedicated homeopath to have homeopathic books piled sky high next to one’s bed to study interpretations of remedies.

Before starting veterinary school, I belonged to a Homeopathic study group in Philadelphia, which included some of the great minds of homeopathy. Several of us met every week to receive lectures and study individual remedies.  A little-known fact is that Hahnemann Medical School in Philadelphia was the first homeopathic medical college in the United States.

Not long after I graduated the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, I was asked to lecture at one of the early AHVMA conferences on homeopathy.  My reputation had been made!  A veterinarian from England, Annie Russel Jones, came to study with me on a Winston Churchill Grant.  I was awarded a Winston Churchill Medal for excellence in veterinary homeopathy.  This was followed by an invitation to me to lecture, as the keynote speaker, at the first International Homeopathic Veterinary Conference in Oxford, England.

I’d become close friends and studied under George MacLeod, one of the first homeopathic veterinarians in England.  We taught a course together in Philadelphia when he was in his mid-nineties.  He came over from England with his daughter to accompany him. George practiced until he was 100 years old!  He wrote many books on veterinary homeopathy.

I also visited, studied and traveled with Christopher Day, another incredible English homeopathic veterinarian. It was like living in a James Herriot novel!  Chris had a small sporty car and he drove like a wild man.  The farmers wore English style tweed caps, vests and jackets and all the roofs were thatched.

I also studied homeopathy in Brazil and India.  Some fascinating stories are to be had on those adventures.

I was asked to teach the National Institute of Homeopathy course (NIH), but I had young twin boys and a super busy practice, so I declined. I did become a Fellow and a Professor of the British Institute of Homeopathy and guided veterinarians from all over the world through their lessons.

I write for many magazines and one of them is an online publication (Homeopathy for Everyone) that has a free subscription. I answer questions about veterinary health monthly.  If you want a free subscription to Homeopathy for Everyone, here is the link:  www.hpathy.com

I have always helped Alan, the editor of Homeopathy for Everyone, with his pets… and here is the latest episode with his cat: https://hpathy.com/editorials/editorial-march-2022-saved-by-the-homeopathic-vet/

Homeopathy has had a hard time in some countries while it has flourished in others. Pharmaceutical companies would rather it did not exist – as homeopathy can often be curative, is inexpensive and cannot be patented and owned.  Conventional medicine most often suppresses the symptoms and the patient needs to refill and refill again and again. That’s much better for the corporate bottom line.

Homeopathy creates a stronger, wiser body that is more able to heal itself when the need arises.

About the author

Deva Khalsa

Dr. Deva Khalsa V.M.D. is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a Fellow and Professor of the British Institute of Homeopathy and has lectured both nationally and internationally. She is the co-author of ‘Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies’ and Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog‘. Her practice includes homeopathy acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, nutrition, N.A.E.T, J.M.T. and other modalities. Her philosophy is to use whatever it takes to restore health. Dr. Khalsa’s practice is in New Zealand but she consults by internet and phone with pet owners from the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Europe and the UK. http://www.doctordeva.com


  • Conheci Deva, quando veio a Campo Grande MS, Brasil
    Conversamos e discutimos casos durante os dias em que esteve entre nós
    Guardo atéhoje boas recordações deste encontro


    I met Deva, when she came to Campo Grande MS, Brazil. We talked and discussed cases during the days she was among us I still have fond memories of this meeting

  • Interested in speaking with you about my 13yr young poodle recently diagnosed with Hemangio sarcoma.

  • Dr Khalsa, don’t know if you remember me but I used to work for you in Yardley, Pa. My name is Debi smith. I desperately need to contact you. I will keep trying to find you. I am on Facebook if you could reach out to me. I need your help please, please. It’s a desperate situation and I need you, please

  • Hello Dr. Khalsa,

    I would like your contact to speak with you about a 4 y/o Labradoodle recently diagnosed with hypo-parathyroid.


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