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Africa the Last Frontier, the Battle Enjoined

The author discusses the three scourges in Africa of Malaria, HIV, TB, and shares her thoughts on the politics of medicine. Despite opinions to the contrary, homeopathy proves effective as a prophylactic for Malaria.

Sounds like a movie title, eh? Well honestly, countries in Africa aren’t exactly the very last frontier of homeopathy , as there are many countries around the world that still have to be introduced to this wonderful medicine. Yet, this title is not far from truth either.

The Big Three Conspiracy

Malaria, HIV and TB are the Big Three declared by WHO, as the greatest epidemic threats to human health on the planet. Big Pharma loves it. Donor countries are pouring millions into it. Big Pharma is out to milk as much money as they can from these three diseases. And where do we find the Big Three most? On the African continent, of course.

Africans pay dearly “coming and going” for these diseases. It is primarily due to colonialism and imperialism that most of Africa was – and still is in many ways – enslaved and impoverished, which lead to these diseases being so very out of control. What do I mean by that? In Kenya, for example, in 1921, herbal medicine along with indigenous religion was declared as “witchcraft” and made illegal. While traditional herbal medicine and alternative medicine is now gaining great publicity and popularity, the Kenyan government has yet to fully recognize or legislate it, leaving it in a limbo of disempowerment.

On the flip side, individuals in Africa pay dearly in direct costs of medicine and health care. It is far more expensive than what people in industrialized countries pay in both real costs and relative cost to the local economy. Health care services and medicines are costly, sometimes just as much as in Europe. For 60% of Kenyans living at or below the poverty line this cost is way beyond reach. Not only that, for all the media shouting about quacks among traditional herbalists in Kenya, there are serious issues with regards to the quality of allopathic medical care. There’s plenty of misdiagnosis and wrong prescriptions leading to lots of uncured, untreated individuals who have paid dearly for the privilege. This is much less reported in the media than reports on the quacks of herbal medicine.

Oh, guess what? Financial “Aid” is not aid at all. It is another form of slavery and squeezing the last drops of big bucks from every corner of the continent. Besides in individuals’ health costs, Aid forces governments to buy Big Pharma medicines for the Big Three which impacts the national debts of African countries to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and to industrialized donor countries. The donors are only “giving” their funds in order that recipient countries must use those funds to buy Big Pharma drugs. Of course the various governments’ Ministries of Health are run by bureaucratic doctors who are wooed by Big Pharma and are not at all interested in local solutions (traditional medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition). They aren’t interested in alternatives that would save the national debt millions using affordable health care.

So the battle is truly enjoined and homeopathy is on the front line along with the indigenous traditional medicine of Africa.

Skeptics and Malaria

Many readers are well aware of the running skirmishes going on with the ‘skeptics’, particularly in UK. Oddly, early strikes in this UK battle were against homeopaths prescribing malaria prophylaxis to travellers. Malaria?  There’s no malaria in the UK, and the number of Britons who travel abroad and return with malaria are few indeed….hardly enough to notice that a couple of them here and there choose to use homeopathy as prophylaxis, right?   Ha, wrong indeed, my friend.

That was just some juicing up of the public opinion, for the real war. The real battlefront is in Africa. Any number of articles have been published by “skeptics” and media sympathizers against the use of homeopathy for malaria and malaria prevention. In fact, an article came out a couple years ago, and is still there, about Abha Light “killing thousands of Kenyans” with “imported” homeopathic medicines. (Please DON’T Google the skeptics, you’ll only push their websites up further on the search engines.) I learned about it after receiving a hate mail from a European living in China. The article title is a twist on a report you can find on my website about Neem 2x being used in Tanzania and thousands being saved from malaria. (Yes! please Google for it! send it up on the search engines). Of course the skeptics didn’t bother to read far enough. The article was from another NGO (non-homeopathic) working in Tanzania whom I had taught to make and use Neem 2x as a local solution, and the report is by an allopathic doctor who got interested in doing the research after seeing the results.

The UK media published articles pushed by the skeptics, against homeopathic treatment of malaria HIV and TB in Africa. All the countries where homeopathy is being pioneered by (presumably) UK homeopaths, with their respective websites and publicity, have been mentioned: Kenya (hurrah! that’s Abha Light they’re targeting! Though I’m locally based, I think the skeptics think I’m from UK, which I’m not.), Tanzania, Ghana, Botswana, etc. You do realize, don’t you, that Asia and South America have been ignored in this attack. Also ignored is South Africa, which already has positive legislation for homeopathy and has one of the most excellent schools too. Also ignored are African projects of the French, Swiss, Dutch, German and American pioneers of homeopathy.

Note please, homeopathy has been in Africa for a longer time than you may suspect. It was mostly practiced by the immigrant Indian communities. The first homeopath in Kenya came in 1928. His son (now retired in his 80’s) and grandson are both homeopaths. The difference is that generally, these Indian communities kept homeopathy to themselves and in the cities. Today’s pioneers are bringing it to the Africans, to the village.

I’ve been told there is a Tanzanian homeopath who has recorded 7000 cures of malaria. The TZ government is mostly fair and just about homeopathy. On the other hand, there is another country that has forbid homeopathy in the use of malaria simply due to mismanagement of a (non-homeopathic) non-African relief organization.

So, score 1 for the homeopaths, and 1 for the skeptics.


The Malaria Vaccine

Big Pharma’s money is in Africa. The wealth to be made from health care of the one billion population of the continent, is as lucrative as the blood diamonds, oil and minerals being sucked from African soil to supply the luxuries of the industrialized countries. Big Pharma and multi-nationals know that while the populations of African countries are 60% below the poverty line, the governments of African countries are rich, rich, rich.

Vaccines for malaria are due to hit the market in about 18 months. The HIV vaccine is proving more elusive. Already, as everyone knows, the useless BCG vaccine is given to Kenyan babies on their first day of life. Despite that, TB and multi-resistant TB is very much on rise in Africa. (Makes you wonder: why people can’t see the forest for the trees?)

Seeing as I do the side-effects of suppressed malaria and quinine poisoning, including quinine-like drugs, allows me to predict that the upcoming malaria vaccine will bring new hells to the African population. Undoubtedly it will be given as early as possible, possibly on the first day of life, if not the first month. It is in my opinion, that the state of suppressed malaria will cause epilepsy and brain damage along with all the other usual complications from vaccines.

Silence and Not So Silent

As it is, in my own correspondence with my UK and USA homeopath colleagues, I’m advised to tread carefully and silently about malaria. The skeptics have them on the run in UK and we had better not shout too much of our successes. A bit odd, but that is the way to fight a battle sometimes.

We in Africa don’t need more silence, but more support. Great work is going on in all corners of the continent with homeopathy, in Malaria, HIV and TB….not to mention tropical epidemic diseases, etc. Where’s India, our stalwart? Where’s her voice to support the efforts of homeopaths in Africa? Where’s Cuba and the historical strides they are making employing homeopathy in preventative medicine?

We need funds and support for solid research. The research must be flawless and meet the allopathic standard of double blind studies. It is the only way if we are to protect the future of homeopathy in Africa. Epidemic prescribing methods are the best way forward for these types of research. The successes in Cuba have demonstrated that homeopathic medicines can be employed on a massive scale in preventative medicine. But Cubans are facing their own difficulties in getting the word out. In the meantime, we homeopaths of Africa haven’t stopped working and we need help.

For homeopathy to take root, we need more locally trained homeopaths. Foreign volunteers are only temporary, they will go home. You can do lots of good service and relief activities, but you cannot plant permanent roots without local homeopaths, local schools, local pharmacies, and local professional regulatory bodies. We are in a tender moment of existence. It will take time, it will take funded support until local roots take hold.

There is much going on that, sadly, I won’t report here. I will not give cannon fodder to Big Pharma and skeptics to continue attacking the homeopathic pioneers working in Africa. But I will say, that homeopathy is spreading steadily into the countries of Africa. I get many reports from all over the continent. In Kenya, for example, people are increasingly fed up with the side-effects and uselessness of Big Pharma’s drugs. Homeopathy is gaining in popularity because it’s making strides in the fields of HIV, Malaria, TB, epidemic diseases and tropical diseases.

Please, dear reader, just because UK homeopaths have decided it’s presently strategic to keep silent on Malaria, HIV and TB, doesn’t mean that we in Africa have stopped work in these fields. We are just working quietly, that’s all. This battle will be won ultimately by homeopathy, because drug-based medicine is running out of steam. Those of us working tirelessly on the ground for the benefit of humanity need your support, both morally and financially. I will suggest to you to select your favorite pioneering project in any country in Africa, South America or Asia and support it wholeheartedly.

About the author

Didi Ananda Ruchira

Didi Ananda Ruchira, DIHom, ND, FKIAM, KSoH - an American, has been a homeopath since 1998. She"™s been living in Kenya for twelve years. She is the director of Abha Light Foundation. She also holds position on the executive board of the Kenyan National Traditional Health Practitioners Association.
Director Cells: 0733-895466 / 0723-869133
Skype: anandarucira


  • Didi ~ As the person on the ground day in and day out, teaching others, raising funds, handing out remedies, walking amongst the villagers, listening to their stories, observing what is happening over the course of years, only you have the true perspective on how the political and socio-economics effect the African people.

    No words can express the gratitude these people must feel for your dedication and caring. Let us pray for a shift in energy enabling more people outside of Africa and within the country to contribute to a more compassionate approach to healing and support for the population.

    There seems to be an increasing awareness about the dangers of pharmaceuticals and the drug monopolies. Keep up the good and courageous works.


  • Hi. You say: “I’ve been told there is a Tanzanian homeopath who has recorded 7000 cures of malaria.”

    Who is this person? If we could publicise this success, rather than make a seemingly unsubstantiated, hearsay statement wouldn’t that rock the big pharma boat? Why not trumpet this success?


  • As another expat who has lived in Kenya for over a decade, I must contest your claim that medical care is expensive here. Wages are lower for all medical professionals, which is why so many of them leave to take jobs in other countries.

    I support this claim with the cost of buying insurance. Buying health insurance here is far cheaper than in the West. If you want worldwide insurance coverage, you have to pay more than simple “Africa only” coverage.

    You are correct that the poor have a hard time paying for good medical care. That is because they are poor, not because the medical care is more expensive than the rest of the world.

    The other concern I have with your article is your strategic use of silence. If your methods are strong and correct, why be silent? Why use the weapons of conspiracy? Skulking in the shadows is not the way of the truth.

  • While I absolutely support homeopathy and its use anywhere, and particularly in Africa, I do take issue with your comment that :

    ‘ It is primarily due to colonialism and imperialism that most of Africa was – and still is in many ways – enslaved and impoverished, which lead to these diseases being so very out of control.’

    Having lived in various African countries over the past 16 years including Angola, South Africa (twice), Zambia and now Malawi I know without a doubt that Africa’s problems are not because of colonialism and imperialism but due to African corruption, incompetence, greed, bigotry and a lack of community consciousness which means ‘everyone is out for themselves’ in the main and those in power look after Self first, family second and possibly then extended family or community.

    Maintaining this fantasy that it is all the fault of the evil colonial oppressors and the West is what keeps Africans trapped in a destructive cycle where they do not take responsibility for themselves and where Aid money just makes the problems worse. Some three trillion dollars have been poured into this continent over the past forty years or so and the average African is worse off than they were 30 years ago! That money may have been partially wasted by inefficient and ‘well-kept’ Aid agencies but most of it has gone into the pockets of politicians, the powerful and the presidents!

    Just take a look for instance at Zambia when the British left it – a country with immense wealth on a par with Singapore – and what it was reduced to within a decade through corrupt, incompetent, self-serving government! It is nearly half a century since the colonial masters left and things have only gone from bad to worse in pretty much every country. Sadly, those who know South Africa see the same sort of spiral into ‘basket-case’ territory as well.

    By all means seek to help Africans but recognise that it is Aid which ails Africa more than anything and maintaining the lie that their problems are due to now very long-gone former colonial masters, who, by the way, did actually make these countries work profitably, efficiently and justly, and Western intervention now, does nothing to help them – in fact it hurts!

    Africa will only drag itself up out of the gutter when it takes responsibility and stops putting out its hand for money.

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