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The Applied Research in Homeopathy Foundation of Canada (ARHFC)

Written by Hal Sippel

Hal Sippel, Executive Director of the ARHFC discusses the work of that organization

The Applied Research in Homeopathy Foundation of Canada The world we live in is infinitely complex and utterly fast paced. We are now in the information age. Homeopathy, while it is two-hundred years old, and indeed some concepts were enunciated much earlier by the ancient Greeks, must and will progress just as surely as science advances.

The motto of the ARHFC is: “Forward Homeopathy Together”.

When Iman Navab approached me some years back,and asked me to join him to build a new association, I was delighted and eager to rise to the occasion. The underlying concept we envisioned for this new organization was three fold. First, the ARHFC is tobe involved in scientific research in the efficacy of Homeopathy on people, animals and plants. Secondly we wish to recognize excellence in research.And thirdly,we wish to provide coaching in good clinical practices.Homeopathy we believe is an applied science.

Good fortune smiled on us as we secured the services of a wonderful group to form our Board of Directors. We are most fortunate also to have the benefit of a very accomplished group of homeopath practitioners, medical doctors, authors, lecturers and professionals from around the world as members of our domestic and international advisory boards. We are grateful for their input and support.


Our website was formed: www.arhfc.ca  and our FaceBook pagewas developed.

We announced our existence!

With our boards in place, and our house keeping matters dealt with,we moved onto other business. In September 2011 we held a general meeting. Among the various topics of discussion was the upcoming regulatory process here in Ontario.

From what we are seeing,homeopaths who become successfully registered in the newly created College of Homeopathswill be considered to be primary health care providers by the province.Concerns regarding non-integration into the provincial healthcare plan unfortunately remain paramount.The next few years we believe will be a challenging and pivotal period for Homeopathy in our political arena.We are holding our collective breath.

It was most refreshing to next turn our gaze onto science and research. One area of endeavour is the visual presentation of the results of ‘Trituration’ as seen through the lens of a microscope. Below is a series of three images, each at a higher level of potency, progressing from 1X, to 2X and 3X.


Step 1: One part of the raw-material (Capsicum) and nine parts of vehicle (milk-sugar fine powder) were properly mixed in the mortar. To achieve Capsicum in1X potency; the mixture was thoroughly rubbed ina clockwise circular movement for 60 minutes continuously.Dr. Hahnemann regarded this stage as highly important for dynamisation. Thus the late Vaikunthanath Kaviraj, homeopath and scientist, recommended continuing the Trituration process for several more hours.

Step 2: to achieve Capsicum 2X, one part by weight of the1X powder was triturated with nine parts by weight of the milk-sugar, and then rubbed for 60 minutes continuously.

Step 3: to achieve Capsicum 3X, one part by weight of the 2X powder was triturated with nine parts by weight of the milk-sugar,and then rubbed for 60 minutes continuously.


The Trituration methodology provokes the latent medicinal constituents of materials which remain dormant in their crude state. This process is used in remedy preparation on raw materials that are not soluble in liquid vehicles,namely, alcohol. Two scales – Decimal or Centesimal are in use for Trituration. For this presentation, the decimal scalewas used.Capsicum (Chili pepper) is soluble inliquid vehicles, howeverit is used in this demonstration due to its color pigments for better visibility.This process wascarried out ina  clean room with controlled air-quality ,under conditions of GMPs. The equipment used were a sanitized unglazed mortar with pestle, 9 parts of milk sugar as powder vehicle and 1 part of raw capsicum as medicinal ingredient.

We can see the Capsicum is not visible by the third stage: some might view high dilution as making Homeopathy implausible, yet othersview thisas thewayof nature.


“Mother-Nature is the best teacher and if we want to read her book, we must walk its pages. She will reveal all to the sincere who want to understand.”

Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj    1946 – 2013


Over his lifetime Kaviraj did about 500 clinical studies of humans, 450 of animals and 120 on plants. In a series of conversations entitled “There is nothing in it” Kaviraj shared his insights into the nature of matter, energy and trituration.

In the microscopic images of the trituration process presented above, we began to see in picture form the “problem” of homeopathic dilution. Kaviraj responds to this issue by stating:

“… ignorance … is the biggest problem in the world”. “You cannot say, something becomes nothing; that is not possible. You cannot say when matter disappears there is nothing left. When the matter is not visible, then there must be some energy.

“Avogadro’s limit actually tells you nothing more than that he had no means to detect beyond the molecular level. When the particle size is reduced to a nano-meter size, it is smaller than the critical mass associated with its normal property. And as a result the properties have changed into something else, and that difference is determined through the control of the size of the particles.”

“If we look at nature we have countless examples of nanophase particles.” On the topic of agriculture he stated: “In regular agriculture they try to kill the offending pest or try to eradicate the disease by killing it. It’s always killing.”

These videos were recorded by ImanNavab and are available on YouTube.

The venerable homeopath, Ron Harris, is our nextauthor andbenefactor, andhe came to address us about his insights and understanding ofthe treatment of cancerous tumours.


“… boththeory and experience condemn the use of knife,which in my humble opinionis no cure for tumours.You may ask, is an operation, then absolutely and always useless and damnable? Not quite that, though it is not often needful ifthe case is taken early, when the tumour is young and tender. BUT when it has become large, very large, broken, granulating and auto–infective, then an operation is called for. But medicinal means should be at once used to prevent recurrence. In the early stages operation is both damnable and dangerous.”

The quote above is taken from this web page:  wherein the entire course of treatment is presented.


We were privileged to have been asked by Ron to assist with the editing of his new textbook which we were delighted to do. He has graciously given the ARHFC the copyright to this textbook.


The publication date is to be announced by the author.

HOMOEOPATHY: The philosophy


“Man does not become sick in part. The whole of him becomes sick, body, mind, and spirit. The body will manifest symptoms in the illness, but the physical body is not the origin of the disease, at death the physical body remains, but it is no longer curable. That which is curable has left the body.

The vital force has left the body. An imbalance in the vital force is the origin of the illness. The symptom expressed by the body, the mind, and the spirit are simply the signposts telling of that imbalance. Homoeopathic physicians use those symptoms to select a remedy especially for that person in his illness, but the remedy is a potentized substance having an energy force. That energy force acts on the vital force. Once the vital force returns to balance, the person heals him- self. A vast number of patients often feel totally exhausted. Their own energy seems to ooze away like a river in the sand. But energy does not simply disappear. It is a Law of physics that no energy is lost. Where does it go?”

Ron Harris


Another project we undertook was a book entitled “An Interview with Samuel Hahnemann” written by Iman Navab. This book is a compilation of the state ments and writings of Samuel Hahnemann, presented in a conversational manner.

“Iman in his earlier work, the Miasma of Cancer shared with us his understanding of that disease. In this new work he opens a virtual time capsule and presents us with Samuel Hahnemann as though we had just sat down with him over a coffee. What follows is an insightful and informative discourse with the founder of homeopathy”


The concept is very charming and a wonderful public relations medium. It is available on the internet as a free download from the ARHFC .

In oursecond year ARHFC acquired a permanent new home,complete with a very large meeting room, consultation room, laboratory anddisplay area for homeopathic artifacts.

This is the interior entrance to our new office.


And this is our new lab facility. The “masked man” is Iman Navab.

Coming up inthe near future wehave the visit of Dr. Farokh Master:


Future projects:

The ARHFC was greatly honored to have received from Kaviraj three of his unpublished books.

The tentative titles are: Drug Personalities; New Remedies for Agro-Homeopathy; and, a Trilogy of Novels in 3 parts: (Book 1) A Case of Mistaken Identity, (Book 2) Trail & Error, (Book 3) A Wolfin Sheep’s Clothing.

Publication dates are pending.

We wish to thank Alan V. Schmukler, Chief Editor of Hpathy.comfor the opportunity to present tothe homeopathy community the story of the ARHFC.

Iman Navab, President

Hal Sippel, Executive Director

About the author

Hal Sippel

Hal Sippel is a homeopath practicing classical homeopathy and a certified hypnotist. He combines hypnosis with homeopathy. He is also Executive Director of the Applied Research in Homeopathy Foundation of Canada. Visit Hal at his website : www.halsippel.com

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