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Jiri Cehovsky’s original article in this journal* described a method of healing using the patient’s own potentized saliva as the stimulus to healing. In this article he discusses roadblocks to healing, (Candida, Chlamydia, Toxoplasmosis) and how they can be overcome. A follow up will appear in next month’s journal http://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/autopathy-healing-with-potentized-saliva/ *

Note: The reader may wish to refer to Jiri Cehovsky’s first article in this journal describing a method of healing using the patient’s own potentized saliva. https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/autopathy-healing-with-potentized-saliva/

Autopathy can work beautifully in cases of commonly spread chronic (incurable through use of conventional methods) health problems. In the relatively short history of existence of this method, the cases of successful treatment and self-treatment are perhaps already running into thousands, as I’ve been finding not only from my clients, but also at conferences on Autopathy and from correspondence. Nevertheless, sometimes the treatment progresses fast, at other times it is slow. Why are there such differences? A slow or complicated development towards regaining one’s health always means that there are obstacles in the way of treatment, as is well known in homoeopathy, of which autopathy is one of the branches. It is essential to identify these obstacles and remove them. The cause of slow or complicated development could for instance be too low pH levels of the organism, which could be the result of smoking, inappropriate food, medication or unsettled circumstances in one’s life. This can be remedied and the acids can be secreted from the body, which I have dealt with in one of the chapters of Get Well with Autopathy, in the third updated edition, and I also advise my clients accordingly. However, I have had cases that were developing splendidly at first, but things went wrong, while trying to influence the pH made no difference, and it was necessary to find out why it has happened. Here is one such case:

A young girl without serious subjective problems. She feels tired and fearful. Two months before visiting me she was diagnosed with autoimmune chronic jaundice. Without ado, the doctors told her and her mother that she will never get over the disease, and that she will die within five to ten years. The blood tests confirmed a bad state of the liver. Some of the levels are way above norm: ALT is ten times higher than the normal, “healthy” standard. Bilirubin is also above the norm. She is taking corticoids, immuno-suppressive medication and more, in all 4 different drugs, which however are not expected to bring about a cure.

My recommendation: Use autopathic preparation from saliva, dilute with two litres in the autopathic bottle, applied every second day on the forehead chakra.

Result in two months: She feels better, both psychologically and physically. The doctor told her that the readings on her liver show marked improvements. I recommended that she stay with autopathy as before and add to it half a teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda dissolved in water before breakfast, to improve the pH level. No other diet.

Result 4 months after the commencement of autopathic treatment: The blood tests are fine, the liver readings are within normal. She feels wonderful. Continue with the autopathic treatment.

Result after 5 months: All levels are within norm. The doctor reduced her medication to the absolute minimum. I recommended to increase the dilution to 3 litres and apply the autopathic preparation every two weeks.

Six months after the commencement of treatment we moved onto the preparation from 4 litres of water, once a week. The higher potency was needed as the patient was feeling slightly tired. The tiredness disappeared.

Almost a year after the beginning of autopathic treatment we moved to 4 litres once a month. Her medication was being reduced and the doctor told her that if it continued like this he would take her off medication altogether.

A year and two months after commencement of the treatment: No problems, except that the acne had got worse, for which she used antibiotics, after which the acne went away. The tests are still OK. Throughout she has not been on any special diet, eating meat, fats, sugar and everything else. This excellent condition continued even a year and a half after commencement of autopathic treatment, and the doctor would not take her completely off chemical drugs though he had already discontinued two of them. The remaining ones were on the lowest possible level, though. However, suddenly the liver readings had got worse with some of the parameters going over the norm! Immunological tests nevertheless were still normal, which was not the case at the beginning of treatment. I recommended increasing the potency to 5 litres, once a week.

Meanwhile, the patient got married. A month later I’m told that the levels remain the same, with no increase in medication at this point. I was thinking – what to do next? Why this obstacle in treatment and what is it? How to get over it? Sometime later, after more study, I found the solution (which I will explain later). I recommended the dilution with 7.5 l, using the saliva first in the morning, pouring alcohol over it and leaving the mixture for two minutes, only then diluting with water and placing it over the chakra. All this once a week, three times in succession. After this continue like this, but without alcohol.

A little over a month later I got a mail: “Good day Mr. ?ehovský, I’m sorry that I have not contacted you earlier, but only today I received the results of the blood tests – they were completely in order, and the doctor, after two years, had finally decided to take me off one of the prescriptions I’ve been getting!”

So the autopathic clean-up of the obstacle in treatment had worked perfectly!

Parasites are the obstacle

Let’s look now at the mental processes that lead me to this solution. This is not the only case I currently have that had run into an obstacle. There were a few, previously successful, but where positive development somehow came to a halt. It was necessary to identify the obstacle in treatment. I had thus begun to study the resources on the Internet, and returned to the useful books, which I have already read. One of them was Cancer is a Fungus by the oncologist Dr. Simoncini of Roma. After fifteen years of successful treatment of cancer, he maintains that in all the tumours, without an exception, the parasitical fungus candida was present. When he kills it through infusion of soda bicarbonate into the tumour (yeasts do not like an alcalic (alkaline) environment), the tumour quickly disappears – www.cancerfungus.com. It is estimated that up to 90% of people, men or women, suffer from candidiasis that to a various degree inhabits the organism. From Candida or from mycotoxins that it releases into the body, according to the American authors of the book Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook (Dr. Z. P. Rony a J.M. Martin), apart from vaginal discharges, could be added such things as prostatitis, vaginitis, endometriosis, allergy, cancer, insomnia, tiredness, dandruff, acne, premature greying and loss of hair, depression, impotency, sore throat, cough, stomach ache and headache. Those afflicted crave sugar, alcohol and bread – candida thrives on fermentation of sugars and it has its demands. Other symptoms include flatulence and digestive disorders, autism, hyperactivity, eczema, sweatiness and deformity of fingernails, including inflammation of nail matrix and agnail, thyroid gland disorders and many other problems. Candida has an amazing ability to colonise and completely subjugate a person, including his or her mind. From the intestines it penetrates the whole organism (not only the va-gina and the mouth) and it forms colonies that are interconnected. It takes control of its host, who could then think only of snacking on something sweet. It relishes in acid forming activities such as smoking, drinking alcohol, driving cars, quarrelling, watching adrenaline heavy television shows etc. as candida needs the acid pH in the organism of its host. Once it colonises a person it is extremely difficult to get rid of through use of medication only, and usually it cannot be done.

Another of our buddies is nitro cellular parasite Chlamydia (Homeopathy for Chlamydia Infection), its most dangerous form being chlamydia pneumoniae. According to some estimates, a large percentage of the Eurepean population is infected (for instance, amongst the farmers it might be up to 70%, while up to 90% of the population show at some stage in their lives symptoms of infection by Chlamydia, which usually are never completely got rid of). Chlamydia pneumoniae has its base in the respiratory system; it spreads through air by droplets, like an ordinary flu. Once it gets into the body it is very difficult to dispose of through conventional methods. Antibiotics might restrict its occurrence in the short run, but one cannot keep taking strong antibiotics of the tetracycline order throughout life. The moment they stopped, it comes back in the same strength or even stronger than before; antibiotics only destroy it in some of its developmental stages. It has only got to within the perceptual range of scientists in recent times and many medical doctors regard its activity in the body as one of the main causes of arteriosclerosis – hardening of the arteries (the main cause of death in the so called developed countries), heart attack, multiple sclerosis and generally of most autoimmune diseases, beside pneumonias, inflammation of joints, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, Crohn disease, high blood pressure and others.

How does this clever organism with the characteristics of both a virus and bacteria achieve this? It simply crawls into the cells of the host’s organism, the nerve cells, arterial cells or others and begins to happily parasitize. Tests for this parasite are made on phlegm within the respiratory system. With some individuals the infection might not manifest at all and symptoms, weak or strong, could only appear after many years, when the individual is weakened. Sometimes the most serious autoimmune reactions might break out – the immune system attacks its own infected cells and tries to liquidate them. Thus an autoimmune jaundice, for instance, might develop. Hopes for cure by orthodox methods, as my client was told, are apparently zero.

Thirdly, there is the toxoplasmosis, another highly underestimated parasitical organism, which in Germany and France infects about 80% of the population; in the Czech Republic about 30%. Its main host are the felines, including domestic cats. They form a symbiosis and get along well. Toxoplasmosis reproduces in the cat, and through the faeces it gets into the food of mammals, including man. Its main target in our environment are the rodents. They form cysts in the new host, often in the brain, which are full of tiny sporozoans. Until recently it was assumed that infection by toxoplasmosis does not cause any great damage, with the exception of pregnant women and some rare, not too serious symptoms. According to new researche (for instance by Prof. H. Flégr from the Charles University), it can manipulate masterly the host’s behaviour. The mouse becomes adventurous and incautious, and so it can easily become the cat’s prey. It came out that people who are infected are several times more likely to cause traffic accidents (through their excessive bravery and inattention). It also turned out that toxoplasmosis can cause schizophrenia (see the case of autopathy further in the text). The scientists assume that the parasite remains with its host until the time of death (in case of the devoured mouse, it returns home).

Thus we do have 90% of people with candida, 40-90% with chlamydia and 30% with toxoplasmosis, altogether nearly 100 % of population.

Isopathy and autoisopathy

Now let’s get back to homoeopathy and autopathy. It is obvious that this new epidemic (or pandemic) of parasites from a homoeopathic point of view is only another form of miasma, weakening of fine-matter vital force, which ceases to give our contemporaries the natural protection against these types of diseases. This can be corrected through use of a remedy of high potency. There is an interesting book by a Canadian homoeopath, which in the professional circles became a true bestseller, Louis Klein’s : Miasms and Nosodes. The author describes how nosodes, homoeopathic preparations made from pathological materials, can treat the very diseases from which they have been made. For instance Bacillinum, prepared by homoeopathic dilution of human sputum that contains germs of tuberculosis have cured many cases of tuberculosis. This is called isopathy. The cause of the disease, homoeopathically prepared, cures the very same disease. Klein also defines a new conception, “parasitic miasma”.

Nosodes nevertheless often would not work in a straight forward way, often it is necessary to use the whole picture and complicated techniques of homoeopathic analysis, which is what the book is about. About two years ago, together with some of my students, I had experimented with the use of homoeopathic Candida albicans with women having yeast-like discharges – it never worked. It cannot be this simple. Why had it not worked? Because a parasite can very adroitly adapt itself to the fine vibrational field of any host. That is its basic ability. Therefore the immune system of a human cannot recognise it, mark it as intruder and destroy it. As there are seven billion people, there are also almost seven billion individually formed Candidas, Toxoplasmos or Chlamydias. There are even scientific theories, formed mainly by medical doctors and microbiologists, concerning the so-called pleomorphism (Dr. Béchamp, Dr. von Brehmer). Some micro-organisms, according to some well-known scientists, can change from one into the other, while their embryos (the so-called bionts) are components of the human blood. (Prof. Dr. Enderlein, Dr. Reich, it is mentioned even in the book Bowel Nosodes by Dr. R. Malcolm). Every parasite is highly individually adapted to its host. Every Chlamydia has a slightly different, individual, vibrational field, depending on its host. On top of this, every person has his or her own mixture of these parasites —there are different types of both Candida and Chlamydia, and their rates vary from person to person. A homoeopathic preparation therefore has to be made individually.

However, when you make an autopathic preparation from the vibrations of a live parasite, contained for instance in the saliva, it is ineffective and it will not harm it, even though the preparation would deal with many other problems. It is necessary to learn from the preparation of homoeopathic nosodes. Traditionally, the biological matter is first mixed with alcohol, which kills all micro-organisms. This is another principle that homoeopaths have discovered – information contained in a homoeopathic potency about death of some organisms is a warning to other organisms of the same kind: this is a hostile, dangerous territory, unsuited to life and further breeding. I will give you some examples. As I’ve been teaching homeopathy and lately also autopathy for twenty years, I’d met with many students and discussed with them their personal experiences. Thus I found out that one lady, who was allergic to insect bites and was often attacked by insects, overcame the problem by hanging a vial with the potency made of the dead queen of the bees (Apis mellifica). From then on insects left her alone. Another student of the Homeopathic Academy told me that he had problems with the gold bug on his farm. He killed one and pulverised it and put it into water, which he poured into the spraying device used on the field. The gold bug disappeared from that field, while it was still rampant elsewhere. Another student of homeopathy told me how by burning a snail and putting the ashes into the watering can she saved her crop from invasion by the snails. Another case of this principle is the remedy Carcinosin, made up from the clear emission from the open breast tumour. Indirectly it confirms the theories of the oncologist Simoncini: The discharge contained Candida, which consequently was mixed with alcohol and made into a potency. Nowadays this nosode is one of the most useful homeopathic remedies for cancer, as well as for candidiasis. Also, the well proven Bacilinum (for all the other nosodes) – first the bacteria of tuberculosis were killed by alcohol, made into potency, bringing about many cures.

Sterilisation of substance

Thus a conclusion of these complicated speculations would be: When there is a suspicion that a parasite might be the obstacle to treatment, the patient’s saliva must first be sterilised and only after that it can be diluted or made into potency to be used. An individually prepared nosode is the best way of getting rid of the parasite, as will be corroborated by some of the cases I will present. Sterilisation nevertheless might not be only through the traditional use of alcohol. It has its disadvantages in introducing extraneous information about an allochtonous substance – alcohol. The ability of the remedy to resonate with the vital energy of the patient is then somewhat reduced. Would it not be better to sterilise through boiling? No other information would then enter the remedy. On top of this, an undisturbed information about the person’s vibrations would remain, (the well known Russian homeopath Dr. Lupicev says that the potency even gains strength by boiling). The autopathic bottle is made of borosilicate glass and cannot by broken by heating. Therefore I have begun to also use this method, even more frequently than the first one. During this time the method of preparation with boiling proved more effective. Continued below:

How to prepare it : The following text is the User guide to the Autopathic Bottle:

Autopathic Bottle

User guide

Heated saliva

Read carefully before producing the preparation. The preparation is usually produced by the person who will use it, although this is not an absolute prerequisite.

Purpose: “The Bottle” is designed for the vortex flux dilution of a person’s saliva into the fine-matter level. The product of dilution is used exclusively by the same person that provided the saliva.

Philosophy: Through spiritual resonance, the fine-matter potency acts positively on the fine-matter (from a materialistic point of view) immaterial spiritual organizing principle in man (vital force, prana), which can gradually improve its function. The action is always dependent on the internal state of the individual.

What you need:

An Autopathic Bottle made of chemically stable borosilicate glass.

2) A gas lighter (or a gas burner, gas lamp or a candle).

3) Ordinary bottled spring water (not sparkling and without high mineral content and without artificial additives) in a quantity (at minimum 1 liter) as recommended by a consultant or by literature about autopathy. Or , clean bottled distilled water.

4) A packaged previously unused clean dropper to collect saliva for persons unable to spit into the bottle.


In the evening brush your teeth without using toothpaste. In the morning, before you put anything into your mouth, spit into the autopathic bottle – it has to be the saliva that was in the mouth during the night. Before this, cough substantially several times with the closed mouth (so that the droplets from the lungs get into your mouth). There must not be any cosmetics on your face and lips. Do not use a cell phone before preparation.

If you are producing the preparation for someone else you should wear a scarf or surgical mask across your mouth and nose throughout the entire period of production so that no microscopic drops of your own saliva transfer (when talking or sneezing etc.) to the preparation.

Unpack the bottle and take it into your hand so that both pipes jut up diagonally at approximately a 45 degree angle from the level, resembling the letter V. Spit into the funnel . The saliva should be washed down with a small amount of water, not more than enough to fill the round whirling chamber. Do not touch the inside of the funnel. No other person should be present.

Heat up the round chamber up with the lighter held in the other hand, until the liquid begins to boil, which might take about a minute (the bottle is made of borosilicate glass). Stop heating about one minute after the boiling point is reached. Place the bottle on the edge of the basin with the outlet pipe turned towards the drain. Wait half a minute. Within the vortex chamber a small amount of water is left, carrying the information. After that pour into the funnel the amount of water as recommended by literature or a consultant. Do not interrupt the procedure. Do not touch the funnel with the bottle neck; pour from a height of about 5 cm. Ideally, (although not a necessity) the water should form a surface in the funnel. Overfilling the funnel is not a problem.

Immediately after that raise the bottle and through the lower pipe pour the remaining content of the vortex chamber (the round bulge at the bottom) or its part to the middle of your forehead and spread with a slight touch of the lower pipe above eyebrows and the root of the nose (in area of the sixth chakra). Let the skin get dry. If the surface of the bottle gets sooty with the smoke, you can clean it with a rag or toilet paper. The bottle should then be returned into its plastic wrapper. The application of spiritual, fine-matter, high dilutions on the skin was already recommended by the founder of homeopathy S. Hahnemann (Organon of the Medical Art).

The autopathic bottle should never be used at a later time for another person. This would result in the fine-matter spiritual vibrations of the two persons being mixed, so-called “cross-contamination” and the preparation would no longer be effective. It is known from the production of homeopathic dilutions, that a “memory of the glass” exists which is able to retain fine-matter information, even if the previous liquid has been expelled. A new bottle must always be used for another person.

In case of repeated autopathic application for one person, three months at the latest after its first use, the bottle must be replaced. After this time the memory of the glass reduces the effect of the application. After using it, place the bottle back into its plastic cover and the box to prevent danger of contamination (impairment of effect) by another person through touching it, or speaking or breathing from nearby. It is suitable though not necessary to hold the fingers of your free hand from the beginning of dilution process until the end under the water that flows from the lower outlet pipe.

One liter of water produces a dilution of 40 C. A preparation produced this way can tune gradually the non-material spiritual organizing system for the long-term, even in case of a single dose. Long-term development following the preparation’s use is not necessarily straightforward and is an individual matter according to the person’s inner, hidden (karmic) condition. You can draw inspiration from the literature – Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony by Jiri Cehovsky, which deals in detail with the experiences and philosophy associated with this method. It is also suitable to follow advice of an informed consultant.

A Commentary to Instructions

If you suffer from candidiasis, the saliva that was in the mouth overnight contains the cells of candida. If you have a concealed chlamidiosis (pneumoniae), the information about this is in the respiratory system; this is why it is necessary to cough with your lips closed before spitting. Information about the antibodies to toxoplasmosis, if they are present in the organism, is also contained in the saliva. There could also be other unwanted micro-organisms in the saliva. The Auto-isopathic preparation will give our fine-matter organisational sphere a vital strength and information about how to combat such unwanted influences.

It is advisable to always dilute the saliva with some water. If you bring the pure saliva to the boiling point it might be too concentrated and leave white sediment on the wall of the twirling chamber. Even with this sediment, however, after continued use the preparation has worked. When we use a lighter or burner, etc., we hold the small bottle just below the funnel, where it has no time to get too hot. If it takes longer to warm the bottle and the heat reaches even this part, hold it in a nappy in order not to burn your fingers. Clean sources of the flame – gas burner, portable gas stove, gas cooker – are recommended.


During the II Conference on Autopathy 2010, I gave a report on this method of autopathic cleansing, and also advised how to make the preparation in the autopathic bottle and how to apply it.

First, 4 times once a day from half a litre of water, then 4 times once a day from one litre of water, after that 3 times from two litres every second day, followed by 3 litres (for people with lesser vitality) or up to 6 litres (for people with stronger vitality), once a week. After a month, or after an obvious elimination of symptoms of parasitosis, move onto the regular doses once a week, without sterilisation, using either saliva or breath (http://www.autopathy.info/breath-heals.htm)

Ten days after the conference one participant, a medical doctor, called to tell me that immediately after getting home she had run a test on chlamydia on Voll’s electro-acupuncture apparatus. The levels were high. After ten days of using the preparation from the heated saliva, she had run the test again and the level dropped to one tenths, or nearly insignificant. At the same time her shoulder stopped hurting.

Another participant had sent me the following mail:

“After the conference on autopathy I had contacted you with the problem of mycosis during pregnancy. I had followed your advice, and because you wanted to know about the developments I’m sending you the result. After two days of taking the dilution from one litre, the saliva heated on flame, the mycosis had “flushed out” in form of a discharge, which had happened twice more during the week. The problems with mycosis (itching, discharge) had disappeared. I had a new cultivation made after the end of treatment, and today I was told that the results are negative – there is no mycosis. I’d had candidiasis. Thank you once again for your help. In the course of treatment no vaginal suppositories were needed.”

After my enquiry about more details concerning the treatment, she answered:

“Overall I feel better psychologically and it also appears that the varicose veins no longer agglomerate, and a small swelling near right ankle has gone. I don’t crave sweets any more, or more precisely, suddenly I have no problems staying away from them. I took the preparation the way you suggested (which was first week a litre over the flame every day, the second week 2 litres over the flame daily, and the third week 3 litres over the flame, but only twice in that week), now I continue with 3 litre dilution, breath without flame, according to how I feel, either once or twice a week, which I would probably continue until giving birth, after that I don’t know. Perhaps I would know after the birth. Overall I feel lighter (despite the large belly) and a sort of less “acetous”. The urine samples give better results for pH or glucose. I think that the mycosis had gone after the first week, but I simply had continued so that it wouldn’t come back.”

Here is a case of a woman diagnosed with schizophrenia. She suffers from anxiety, fear, feels changes of perception, lacks energy, feels uncertainty, things make no sense, states of panic. Improved somewhat after autopathic potencies from three, four and a half, and six litres. States of panic are less frequent, once a week and are lighter. We moved to preparation from 7 1/2 litres water and saliva mixed with alcohol, once a week. She had begun to sweat a lot, stool in the morning was watery – cleansing reactions. She wrote to me:

“Last week I felt much better, more vitality, desire to do things, energy”

She does not mention any states of panic, altered perception, fear, tiredness, etc.

With reactions to preparation sterilised with alcohol or through boiling, noticeable is the fast reaction, things begin to change markedly immediately after the cleansing and an obstacle to treatment had been removed. Lately I have been recommending a simpler method of application. I estimate the potency individually according to the criteria described in my books, i.e. depending on the vitality. I recommend preparing through boiling or alcohol and applying once a week. Sometimes three applications were enough, after that moving onto pure saliva or breath. If symptoms of parasitosis persist, continue with the sterilised potency until it disappears. In such cases it is possible to increase the potency gradually. It is also possible to use the preparation from pure saliva or breath (see http://www.autopathy.info/breath-heals.htm ), sometimes laced with the just described methods of preparation, then continue as before, or cease treatment altogether if the patient is cured.

The method is still developing: Now I recommend mostly one dose of a higher potency of heated saliva made from 4,5 litre or 6 litres and then “wait and watch” (a golden rule of homeopathy). Sometime it has a long term effect; sometimes after for instance 4 weeks we go to two or three litres more (higher the potency) with heating and wait and watch again. In some cases I observed a marked improvement with a flow of energy even after four to six weeks from the dose. In case of any sign of relapse go still higher (2 or 3 litres more than previously) with the potency and wait, etc. In cases of cancer I recommend one dose daily, made from one litre of water and I have successful cases with marked improvement.

More cases:

A man about fifty. He writes to me:

“Current state – overall exhaustion, continuous, as in the chronic fatigue syndrome, reduced ability to do anything, strong sweating even after a small effort, I get out of breath easily, perennially hungry, that’s why I overeat, gain weight, snore, feel not rested after sleep, constantly have a clogged nose, suffer from flatulency, have mycosis on feet.”

The classic syptoms of candidiasis, as if taken from textbook.


Repeat autopathy from heated saliva – 3 times from one litre every day, then 3 times from two litres daily, every morning according to the attached instructions. After that from 3 litres every second day for a week, later 4 litres once a week. After one month send a report. His mailed report after finishing the treatment read thus:

“Last Sunday I had completed the whole cycle as recommended by yourself, ending up on 4 litres. Throughout the entire time I felt great.”

So the chronic problems had disappeared quickly. For a short time he had back pains, which is an old reverse symptom.

An elderly man with cancer of the prostate, the tumour reaches to the bladder and is inoperable. He went through chemotherapy and radiation treatment, he takes medication. About a month and a half after I recommended using daily autopathic preparation from one litre (autopathic bottle), saliva, alcohol. He says that the pains he felt while passing urine had subsided substantially and there are none while urinating during the night. The markers of cancer improved, reduced 40 times in one month, improvement in psychology, feels good as far as energy level is concerned. We moved to preparation through heat, PSA markers still improving, last time 0,020, energy level is good. A brief report from his daughter after half a year of continual treatment: He is doing very well. Even his muscles were grown to their full strength (which he had lost after hormonal treatment one year ago).

A man about fifty. After a bout of bronchitis for a year and a half he suffers from chronic cough and is taking cortisone medication. Coughing gets worse when moving from cold to warm environment. When the difference in temperature is higher, he gets headaches. Face is swollen. An eczema on thighs. After running tests, the doctors told him he has asthma. Recommendation: 3 times daily autopathic preparation saliva/alcohol from 3 litres, after that a clear preparation from breath (http://www.autopathy.info/breath-heals.htm) once a fortnight. Control in five weeks: Did everything as agreed upon, except that three week into the treatment he once more made the preparation from saliva and alcohol, after that returning to preparation from breath. The cough stopped, the main complaint has been cured. The first few days the cough got worse – he went through the healing crises. The sensitivity to temperature fluctuations is no longer there. The eczema is markedly improved. And most importantly, he says that he feels like he did thirty years ago, when he was twenty!

Understandably, I have more experiences with this new form of autopathic treatment. What they have in common is relatively fast improvement of their conditions with marked tendencies to getting better. The tests confirm declining levels of micro-organisms that impede the progress in treatment. The way it looks, apparently I might be recommending the cleansing method described above at the beginning of autopathic treatment pretty nearly in all cases, and particularly to those patients who suffer from any auto-immune disorder. Also to those whose progress in treatment has for some reason slowed down or halted.

Because autopathy is above all a method of self-healing, it is certainly befitting application of the self-healing preparation, made as described, repeated for cleansing purposes, at least three times at the beginning of treatment in lower dilutions made from 1 – 6 litres (see instructions in my book , http://www.autopathy.info/book.htm ), then we can go higher to 9 or more litres of water used in an autopathic bottle and repeat in periods of weeks or even months. Or – only if a relapse occurs. Some people need high potencies and some lower and this is to be determined during the treatment. We can try going gradually from lower to higher potencies. During the course of time potencies made from heated saliva proved to be more efficient than those made from saliva and alcohol.


The Autopathic bottle, the e-book on the method and more information, www.autopathy.info

Cehovsky, J.: Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony, Alternativa, 2007

Klein, FSHom, L.: Miasms and Nosodes – Origin of Diseases, Narayana Publishers, 2009

Martin, J.M , Rona M.D., Z.: Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook, 2nd edition,Three Rivers Press, 2009

Chlamydia Pneumoniae Help and Treatment, http://www.cpnhelp.org

Simoncini M.D., T.: Cancer is a Fungus – A Revolution in Tumor Therapy, Edizioni Lampis, 2007

Autopathy, www.autopathy.info

Ždichynec MUDr., B.: Chlamydie, skrytá hrozba v t?le, (Chlamydia a Hidden Threat in the Body), ?eský klub, 2009

About the author

Jiri Cehovsky

Jiri Cehovsky was born in 1947 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, European Union. He began using homeopathy around 1980, when his family was suffering from chronic health problems. For twenty-three years, he has served on the committee of The Homeopathic Society, most of the time as its chairman. Twenty years ago, he started to use autopathy in treating clients. His first book on autopathy, Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony came out in 2004. In 2007 his 2nd book on autopathy, Get Well with Autopathy, was published and the last book Autopathy Handbook summarizing experiences was released in 2018. Jiri regularly gives courses and webinars on autopathy and teaches at the Homeopathic Academy in Prague. Visit Jiri at his website: www.autopathy.com


  • I had tried urine but this method with saliva is completely new to me. Congratulation to Dr.Cehovsky and thank you for sharing your knowledge with other homeopaths.

  • hello,
    It is a very fruitful and informative article for healing the unhealthy.
    One disadvantage I feel is that restricting the autopathy bottle’s reuse, making it a bit costly for a household to follow the method per se.
    Is it not possible to remove or to neutralise the bottle’s previous memory by heating the used bottle ?
    Any way,congrats for the article and your efforts in proving the process!
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    • After reading my e-book on autopathy http://www.autopathy.info/book.htm you will know how to make the autopathic preparation even in a top of an ordinary plastic bottle with drinking water using “Korsakof” method of dynamisation. Do you know that a vessel looking very similar to autopathic bottle and with a very similar purpose was used from time immemorial in India and was called “kundika”? Read the book.

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    Jeypore (Orissa)

  • Hallo Jiri,
    I thank you very much for this great method! i tried it out directly after i read this article and i have much success! i feel actualization of my chronic health issues: allergies and hayfever, during the first days i felt a intensive cleaning especially by the skin, and then my nose was reacting. i made autopathic remedies for 5 of my patients and i just got the first positive results 🙂 one of my patient suffers from bowelcancer.
    Jiri, do you have any experiences with cancerpatients???

    however, i used a different bottle for fluxpotentiating: i bought in a head-shop a 14er cooler for glasbongs and it works wonderful. it´s the same method, but with a different glasbottle (a head-shop is a shop where you normally buy glasbongs and other stuff for smoking marihuana) 😉
    only the amount of water changes a bit to reach the potentiation you desire, but that doesn´t matter at all, because i test with each patient the amount of water which is necessary for the best result by kinesiologic armtest or other testmethods.
    best regards from Germany,

    Dr. Christoph Roggendorf

    • Hallo Christoph,
      One of my experiences with cancer is described in this article and also in its follow-up next month you will read one of them. It works too in spite that all of my clients of this kind are simultaneously under chemotherapy and radiotherapy. They also mostly pass chemotherapy with lower damage than others.
      Autopathic bottle has some advantages which you appreciate during continuous treatment of a chronic disease: it gives potency which was found as effective in my practice and which is stable, not differing in every use. It is produced under certain condition and gives better results during long term treatment of chronic diseases. During my practice I used several time also Korsakoff method ( potentization in any vessel – it is described in my book for the first aid) but every time I observed worse or no results in comparison with the flux dilution in AB. Its glass is also good for heating without any damage to the AB. In fact I see expenditure for AB as marginal in comparison with its results.

      • Jiri, thank you for your answer! it is very good to hear, that Autopathy works also effective, when cancerpatients are under chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
        i think your article is the BEST ARTICLE 2010! Especially using the autopathic remedy on the 6. Chakra or using the breath for making a remedy is very clever and wise! I work also with Jin Shin Jyutsu, a japanese healing method and there it is said that “The breath is the ultimate Healer!”
        I hope that many many Homoeoepaths and other people discover the value of your new knowledgde. Your article was the missing link for me in my search for restoring the immunsystem of my patients. I tried out Autopathy for myself during the last 3 weeks: it works wonderful and very effective!
        I hope to hear soon more from you in december article of Hpathy!!!
        with best regard,

        • Hi:
          I would like to purchase an Autopathic bottle. Could you give me a supplier in the US, e-mail address, etc. Thank You.

  • Hello Dr. Jiri Cehovsky,

    Firstly, I want to thank you for showing us another path by which we can heal ourselves. May god bless you.

    I am not a doctor. I am medical transcriptionst who is interested about homeopathic and other alternative methods of treatment. It would be very helpful for the general public to do your self healing technique if you provide a VIDEO describing the full procedure in detail. A video would help people to get answers to their questions and ultimately would help them and would serve your purpose of “helping people”. Please reply and give my request a thought.

    Sanjay Debnath
    Kolkata, India

  • DEAR DR.

  • I am happy to read you share Doctor Simoncini’s opinion about the presence of candida in cancer; I am not sure it is candida the cause of cancer but, undoubtedly, the presence of cancer produces lower ph which facilitates the development of candida.
    Unfortunately Dr. Simoncini has been persecuted in Italy and has been obliged to leave his country in order to continue his research.

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