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A Brief History of Wells Homeopathic Hospital

A Brief History of Wells Homeopathic Hospital, Ohio.

Did you know that Wells Hospital was one of the best private hospitals in the early 1900’s?  Dr. Henry Wells was the founder and owner of Wells Hospital in Ohio. He was born in Newark, Ohio on December 3rd 1878. Henry Wells had ten siblings; he was the fifth child of the family. His father Dr. Levi Wells was the pioneer homeopathic physician of Guernsey County. He was born at Bridgeport in Belmont County on February 26 of 1847. In 1876 he entered medical college and subsequently graduated from the Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago. In 1878 he was engaged in practice at Newark, but a year later moved to Cambridge. For about forty years he worked in Guernsey County, doing a general practice in homeopathic medicine and surgery. In later years he specialized largely in children’s diseases, and his great success in that proceeded from his deep love and care for children. He was a member of the Ohio State Homeopathic Medical Society and the American Institute of Homeopathy.  Dr. Wells always had a deep interest in causes affecting the welfare of his home community.  Levi Wells passed away on March 11 of 1923. His son, Dr. Henry Wells continued on his father’s path, and through his own journey he gained a state wide reputation.

Henry entered the Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College, and graduated as Doctor of Medicine in 1905. He was elected as secretary of the Ohio State Homeopathic Medical Society in 1923 and was also a member of the American Institute of Homeopathy.  He was commissioned as a first lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps during the World War, until honourably discharged on April 11, 1919.

In 1921 he built the Wells Hospital, which was opened in March of 1922. This was a beautiful hospital building both architecturally and in interior design and equipment. It contained twenty-five rooms, and there was no hospital in that state with more complete equipment and facilities for general medical, surgical and obstetrical cases. Dr. Wells as the owner and operator of the hospital, performed all his professional work there, and his hospital’s facility was available to all reputable physicians in the county. Due to the hospital’s success in patient care, it developed an excellent reputation.

On behalf of the homeopathic community worldwide, I would like to thank him and his family for their services and dedications to homeopathy!


Source credit: Heritage Pursuit Records

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Iman Navab is a certified classical Homeopath and doctor of alternative medicine from Canada. He is the President of the Applied Research in Homeopathy Foundation of Canada (www.ARHFC.ca). He is the author of 'Miasma of Cancer', and is a historian of Homeopathy. Iman teaches History and Philosophy of Homeopathy at the Canadian College of Holistic Health. Navab gives lectures and seminars to raise awareness about the rich history of Homeopathy.


    • Dr. Henry L. Wells was my great-grandfather. The Wells hospital is not longer in operation. Later, (1960’s) it became the St. Francis Hospital, which has since closed. It spent some time as the museum for western movie star Hopalong Cassidy and an antique mall. The current owner is Scott’s 10th St. Antique Mall. . Some of the history of the building is preserved in a room dedicated to the building’s history.

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