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Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine CCHM

Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine CCHM

Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine CCHM was founded in 1994, and is the only Canadian College fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA).

It’s professional training program is based on classical homeopathic principles and emphasizes clinical ability developed through supervised internship clinics that are open to the public, offering treatment at reduced rates.

CCHM offers prospective students five programs to choose from:

Homeopathic Diploma Program (On-Campus, Toronto) – this is a three-year professional diploma program in Homeopathy and Health Sciences beginning in September and January of each year.

Homeopathic Diploma Program for Physicians – this is a special accelerated diploma program tailored for doctors (MD, DC, ND, DO).

Distance Education Diploma Program– this program is similar to our on-campus homeopathy program whereby students can progress at their own pace.

Distance Education Introductory Course – this course serves as an introduction to the fundamentals of homeopathy for those wanting to ‘test the waters’ before proceeding to enroll in our professional program. It is done via distance education and students can begin at any time. Fees for this course are credited towards our professional program if the student wishes to proceed further with their training.

Post Graduate Diploma Program– this is a one-year program open to all professional homeopaths and naturopaths, beginning in the Fall of each year. Both on-campus and distance education are available.

Post Graduate

The Road to Clinical Mastery: The CCHM Post Graduate Program is open to all professional Homeopaths and Naturopaths, either in person at CCHM, online by live webinar or at your own convenience by recorded webinar! Lectures are offered Saturdays and Sundays 9am – 12:30pm & 1:30pm – 5pm ET from October through June, yearly. Upon completion of the program, registrants receive a certificate of completion and qualify for CEU credits.

Clinical mastery is a goal all Homeopaths aspire to but many find difficult to achieve. The purpose of this course is to inspire confidence and increase success in the consulting room, as well as provide an anchor for newer practitioners. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own difficult cases for assistance. This course will strengthen existing clinical skills such as case-taking, analysis and case management and will allow you to delve deeper into your homeopathic practice, and your ability to see more clearly into each case.  The tuition for this course is $2975.00 CAD which is also payable by monthly installment.  Learn more at https://homeopathycanada.com/our-programs/homeopathic-post-graduate-program or contact us today at 1-800-572-6001 or [email protected].

CCHM students with John Miller

CCHM graduation 2018

CCHM Graduates 2018

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Andrea Gallant Deal

Andrea Gallant Deal (HOM, DSHM, CCHM Registrar) graduated from CCHM in 2001. While studying visual art at the University of Victoria in 1997, she stumbled upon Dana Ullman’s book, Discovering Homeopathy. This book, and an introduction to cell salts in an herbal medicine course, sparked a curiosity that has become a lifelong passion. Andrea has been assisting clients using classical homeopathy, cell salts, nutrition and kindness since 2001. She is a trained doula and has also worked as an administrative assistant with a homeopathic company, as a youth coach and as a natural products adviser and teacher at several health food stores. Andrea practices classical homeopathy at the main office of The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto. She uses individualized healing plans, with a focus on classical homeopathy, cell salts, nutrition and journaling,

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