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The Candegabe Algorithm – A Tool to find the Similimum Could There Be Other Codes Than Hahneman’s Law Of Similars?

Remedy:  Sabadilla 30

2 weeks later

I tried Sabadilla (4th on the algorithm chart and a plant remedy) after taking the first consult and she did improve slightly. I wasn’t satisfied with the result so when she told me about how she always had to immediately apologise after screaming at her mother, I gave her Lyssin 30.

Remedy: Lyssin 30

She rang 1 week later she said her sinus had improved after an initial aggravation, she felt lighter, lifted, motivated and less heavy in her body.

After 3 weeks her sinus was 70% improved. During this consultation she told me that she could not stand the sound of dripping water. She had had only one headache; her right shoulder was better and she was making decisions easily.

Remedy: Lyssin 30

4 weeks later:

Bad back came and went. No sinus problems for the first time in her life. One headache, bad period pain. She realised that she didn’t need to save her mother and was only responsible for herself. Playing less with fingers.


Remedy: Lyssin M after her period.

Repeat if any symptoms return.

Chart 3

Chart 4

I encourage homeopaths to try the algorithm. The Huma Method can make it easier for the homeopath to make a better remedy choice and will bring up remedies to consider which normally wouldn’t be in your thoughts.

The Candegabe Community is hoping to develop and realise the potential of this new tool. The algorithm can be used with other tools and systems including Sankaran, 9 Scholten, 10 Liz Lalor, 10 Vermuelen, 11 Alistair Gray 12 etc.

This new tool can be used for prescribing and in the development of clinical material medica for the little known and rarely used remedies. It makes it easier for the homeopath to make a better remedy choice.


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About the author

Rhonda Campbell

Rhonda Campbell

Rhonda E Campbell is a Homoeopath and Herbalist and has been in practice for over 25 years in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney. Presently her practice is in North Bondi, Sydney, NSW, Rhonda has been using the algorithm with her clients for four years and is very pleased with the results.

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  • What has the name and nicknames of patients got to do with the diseases or remedies ? is the question.
    Except for inclusion of newer remedies in the repertory this method seems highly unscientific. Since case taking has to be done with utmost care as in normal repertorisation methods, the homeopath can passively be biased towards most likely remedies and the similimum. A fresher would not be able to use this algorithm method satisfactorily.
    That makes the method superfluous.
    If Masters like Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, Kent and Hering etc have declared that there’s no shortcuts to prescribing, further attempts to find shortcuts are futile
    Also mathematically speaking, prescribing is an inverse problem. we are actually reconstructing the remedy picture from one of its own outcomes with fragments Of The total picture available in each case. as such it is a NP problem in computation complexity theory.
    Hence there can’t be any satisfactory algorithms. it is a mathematical impossibility.
    pardon me if I am disappointing