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Candida Vaginalis infection

Yeast Infection During Menstruation

Dr. Jhalak Khatri Nagrani presents a case of chronic Candida Vaginalis, solved by careful classical prescribing.

Mrs. N.B. was my first patient since I started practicing homeopathy and she has always put utmost faith in homeopathy and in me. She was struggling with the very embarrassing disease of Candida Vaginalis.  She would always come rushing to me in a terribly anxious state as the itch used to be unbearable. “Dr. Jhalak, please give me some medicine immediately. My itch is unbearable and I am fed up with allopathic creams and medicines.” She used to be a regular patient of one of the renowned gynecologists in Vadodara, who had been my teacher once upon a time. But seven years down the line there was nothing but despair. She used to cry at times as even her sexual life was disturbed and sitting in many public places and social occasions used to be a challenge for her.


This 37 years old lady, for the first time came to me with acute UTI and some weakness on that day. The UTI gave her severe burning while passing urine and it was very itchy even then. Her pale and waxy face, puffy cheeks and hot temperament made me think of Apis mel which I administered, and which got results within two days.  Her relief lasted only for 4-5 days and again the problem started. This time burning micturition was not there, only severe vaginal itching. Again as per the totality of symptoms I administered Caladium 30 for 4 days and again she was alright, only to return after 15 days.

She told me that since she saw quick results with homeopathy in her acute complaints, she was motivated to open up about this chronic problem. This time she was determined to find a complete cure through Homeopathy. A more complete homeopathic case taking was done and this time I found a cure with the theories of two stalwarts of homeopathy

  1. C. Hering’s 3 legged stool
  2. Kent’s ascending potencies
  1. Habitual tendency to abortion at 3rd Problem started after difficult 1st labour.
  2. Great heat on the affected area though her body used to be cold to touch and her itch and burning in va-gina was always relieved by cold water application.
  3. Dark complexioned and scrawny lady with sunken eyes and excessive thirst.

Remedy:  Secale Cornutum 30


I started with Secale cor 30 2 doses followed by sac lac for 2 weeks. It was a marvelous response, but the problem was still recurring.  Secale Cor 30 was followed by Secale 200th which helped for a few months more.  For 2-3 months she had no complaints, but this time in summer (which was much better than previous summers in terms of itching and burning) again there was a relapse, and the 200th  didn’t seem enough this time. Secale 1M was given. Finally I gave a single dose of Secale Cor 10M and the problem stopped.  It has been six years now and the symptoms never returned.

About the author

Jhalak Khatri

Dr. Jhalak Khatri Nagrani is a Homoeopathic Physician practicing in Vadodara, India. She passed her B.H.M.S. in 2009 from S.M.M.H.M.C, Vadodara. She has been awarded with Gold Medal from Dr. Wilmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. for standing first in graduation. In her past experience of working with Dr. Batra’s Clinic for 4 years she has been awarded several ‘Wow Certificates’ and ‘Successful Treatment awards’ . She is presently running her own clinic Holistic Homoeopathy where she treats various acute and chronic ailments.

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