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Caught Doing Wrong Things: Complementing Sensation Approach with Meditative Case-taking Technique

Dr. Jayesh Shah presents a case of anxiety and depression approached with the Sensation method.

“I would like to introduce my approach to cases that may be called a process-approach or life force-approach. This is based on simple phenomenon that the life-force has an inherent tendency to resonate with the similar. The method involves getting the patient into a state of experience rather than into talking about the issues. Anything experienced/expressed spontaneously or intensely has the charge to guide the patient to move into deeper levels of experience. This is done by a gentle suggestion from the physician to the client to close their eyes and experience the symptom, sensation, or the emotion that is expressed or experienced with intensity. This resonance creates an imagery or a dream-like state within the patient. As if the person has started seeing and experiencing a dream right in your presence. It feels like she/he is in a kind of a trance or non-ordinary reality. Once the person closes her eyes it is amazing to see the surfacing of parallel realities.


I have shared a case here, consulted at ‘the other song’, which illustrates this methodology. The patient came to me with the chief complain of intense depression and this methodology immediately took him into the experience of ‘fear’!

depressed-boyA 33-year-old businessman came to consult me for his depression. As he entered my cabin, the first question I ask is how he was feeling in the moment.

There is a reason to ask this. The answer to this question gives me a clue as to whether this case will need a meditative approach or a non-meditative approach.

He immediately said that he felt a kind of fear. On asking further to just talk about this fear, he said that his fear is often associated with vertigo. It is like someone calls to you from behind and you get frightened. That is the sort of fear he was experiencing.

The moment he says this it gives me a clue that his vital force has resonated with something. Once this resonance is established then my role is to simply be a facilitator. The vital force guides the patient deeper into his experience. This step is very important when I practice the meditative method of case taking.

I ask the patient to close his eyes and meditate, asking him to describe the feeling in his fear. Describing his fear, he said that he experienced a kind of vibration, sweating and some sensation in the stomach.

At this point his consciousness goes back to a situation of the past which had to do with his family. He said that his brother had done something wrong with a lady and all villagers had furiously gathered to attack him and his family. There were around 25 people and they started hitting the patient’s father. All this tremendously scared the patient. It was only at the arrival of the police on the scene that these people went away. The family was then taken to the hospital.

The patient said that the incident was still etched in his mind. His uncle who was very close to the family and who stayed in the vicinity did not support them and backed out of the scene to avoid any legal implications or harm personally. The patient was scared that the villagers would file a rape case against them and his brother, who was the wrong doer, would be punished harshly. He felt that he was all alone in the situation and that his uncle, who they had all trusted, had betrayed them. The whole family was embarrassed and his father had a very good image in the village which was marred by this incident.

There were 3-4 other instances in the patient’s life which were quite stressful. He narrated one such incident when there were some illegal activities occurring at his brother’s work place. His brother was a tax consultant by profession. On hearing of these illicit activities, the patient’s fear was aggravated once more. He felt that his brother would be caught and put behind bars and that his career would end. This feeling of fear was accompanied by great physical discomfort and a sense of vibration in his body.

On meditating further, and going deeper into the experience, the patient eventually experienced a light feeling within him. At this point, he visualized himself sitting in nature and there was a very peaceful smile on his face. He saw some light and the meditation ended after which he opened his eyes. The patient also feared suffering from any disease like hypertension, diabetes. He also has much anxiety relating to work, business, losing business, when alone and also when work was not completed. He was also concerned about matters like owning a home or car, and was anxious about children and their future.



We see that this person during meditation, resonates with situations and the main fear in the situation is of a threat to his security, both physical and financial. He is always anxious that something may happen and feels afraid, which for him is like the fear when someone calls your name from behind. You are totally alone to face this attack and your family has betrayed you.

His other fears included fear when work was not done and the feeling that he or his family may lose their work / business which was also reflected in him fearing that his brother’s career may end owing to some illegal activities taking place at his workplace. His other fears are related to health, disease and being alone.

These are the central themes of his case, which are seen in the most intense life situations, reflected in his fears and through his talks. These are seen running throughout the case, manifesting physically as well as mentally. This experience which runs through the mind and the body and that which forms the core thread of the patient’s suffering is termed the Vital Sensation and the approach which helps to analyze it based on this deeper experience, is termed the Sensation Approach.

According to the Sensation Approach, the experience of this patient can be classified as that of Row 4 of the Mineral Kingdom. Row 4 is a stage where one now gathers mass and accumulates, whether it is strength, money, house, relationship, job or health. One calculates everything. “Do I spend less for this, or more? Is this what I do with my money, my health, my house?” You have to be calculative. And one needs to protect, to defend. So Row 4 is about solidity, about mass, about defense capacity, about job, about routine work. The issues of Row 4 are work, money, security, right-wrong, career, business, crime, and police. 1

Calcarea belonging to the 4th row of the periodic table has its main issue to do with stability and security which may be in the form of home, job, family or finance. There is also an important aspect of betrayal and danger seen in the case (his uncle betraying the family by not standing up for them). This is typical of the halogen – Bromine, which has the feeling of being betrayed along with timidity. This with the fear of disease, being alone and inability to be one’s own in difficult situations indicates Calcarea. The central theme in the case is fear of losing one’s security if you are caught doing wrong things. This suggests the remedy Calcarea bromata.

As mentioned in Soul of Remedies by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, under Calcarea bromata:

The main feeling of Calcarea bromata is that they will be pounced upon or punished by the very person on whom they depend for security. The feeling is that they should not do anything that is incorrect. If ever their mistake is detected, they will be in danger of losing their security and protection.

Calcarea bromata persons are constantly seeking a position of security and are inclined towards financial security. They do not however want to be secure at the cost of honesty. These people are very correct, moralistic and honest, trying always to please everyone. At the same time, they feel blamed, falsely accused and pounced upon for no fault of their own. This can result in violent experiences or outbursts of temper on their part, to the extent of striking or even cutting. They have dreams of being attacked, of being late for an examination, of being found in an embarrassing position in public, and of being naked.

Calcarea bromata is frequently indicated in India, where children remain dependent on their parents for a very long time, sometimes even until they are in their thirties. They are very much afraid of going against the moral values taught by their parents for fear of losing their security.

Clinical symptoms observed by Dr. Sankaran which matched that of the case were:

Ailments from, embarrassment.

Ailments from, falsely accused, being.

Delusion, attacked, of being.

Delusion, crime, he has committed.2


The patient was given Calcarea bromata 1M   and the response was quite dramatic in the first 3 weeks, even noticed by friends and family as well. His interest in business improved and the fear no longer persisted. He followed up for 1 year and said that he was perfectly fine, so taken off homoeopathic medicines. It has been more than a year and he is happy enjoying his job and family life. He received Calc brom 1M one dose every month for first 6 months and then just placebo for the next 6 months. His fears, depression and worries were all non-existent by then. The anxiety about clients and work not getting done on time was much better and the patient said that there was almost a 100% improvement.

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Jayesh Shah

Jayesh Shah

Dr. Jayesh Shah is a renowned homeopath from the Bombay School of Classical Homeopathy. Practicing for almost twenty-five years, he has gained a reputation as a skilled teacher and a keen homeopathic prescriber. He is much sought after as an educator and has conducted numerous seminars around the world. He developed a unique method of case-taking wherein he uses meditative and other intensive techniques to explore the patients’ deepest core issues, leading to a very deep level of, awareness and healing in any given case.

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