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Some Characteristic Indications in Rheumatology

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Written by Pooja Gori

Dr. Pooja D. Gori presents keynotes of often indicated remedies in rheumatology.

Stellaria Media: Shifting pains in all parts.

Pains with SORENESS.


Enlarged and inflamed gouty joints which are painful.

It is also used as mother tincture for local application with olive Oil.

Salicyclic Acid: Articular rheumatism with great swelling, redness and fever (Elbow/Knee).

Pains are acute and piercing.

Aggravation by cold.

Amelioration by heat.

Sticta Pulmonaria: Rheumatism of right shoulder blade or joint,wrist joint,ankle joint,knee joint.

Reduces Fluid In Joints. (Effusional swellings / joints).

Tartaric Acid: Pain in soles of feet and heels.

Trimethylaminum: Pain in wrists and ankles with fever.

Reduces amount of urates.

Berberis Vulgaris 200: Pain in heels.

Better by putting most of weight on them.

Magnolia: Rheumatic heart disease

Pains alteranate between spleen and heart.

Suffocation sensation aggravation when walking fast.

Sabina: When the gout is present there will be no hemorrhages, and when there are hemorrhages the gout will be relieved.

Actea Racemosa: Rheumatism affecting vertebral joints,especially neck.

Pain in nape of the neck.

Mental states following the disappearance of rheumatism is a strong feature. The rheumatism gets better, but the mental state becomes worse.

Amelioration- During Menses.

Drosera: Pain in tibia and long bones.

Pyrogenium: Pains better by 1st motion and worse by continuous motion. (Opposite – Rhus toxicodendron)

Patient has to move a little stop then again move a little.

Urtica Urens: Gout with thick urine.

Use 5 drops of mother tincture every 2-3 hourly.

Passes lots of gravel in urine.

Carboneum Sulphatum: Chronic rheumatism, chronic gout.

Sensory difficulties in limbs.


Fingers swollen; Insensible.

Gait unsteady; tottering aggravates in dark.

Flying pains, returning regularly.

Pain with Cramps.

Nerve pains and inflammation.

Used as local application for facial neuralgia and sciatica.

Lycopersicum: Rheumatic pains aggravates outdoors.

Pain in right deltoid muscle + pectoralis muscle.

Right crural neuralgia.

Tingling around right ulnar nerve.

Aching all over the body.

Better during chewing tobacco or during smoking a cigarette.

Tamus: Mother tincture is used as a local application for bone pains.

About the author

Pooja Gori

Dr. Pooja D. Gori, B.H.M.S, C.G.O, C.C.H (Mumbai) has been an assistant to Dr. Farokh Master for one and a half years. She works at Homoeopathic Charitable Clinic, A/4 –Mumbai and Ghoghari Samaj Trust, Mumbai.

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