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Written by C.A. Walton

C. A. Walton, M. D, presents three cases to illustrate the value of understanding Hering’s Law of cure.

  1. A. Walton, M. D. (Circa 1914)

One of the greatest helps to me in the treatment of chronic diseases is observing the fact that disease gets well from within out, from above downwards, and in the inverse order in which it came. Until I got these facts firmly fixed in my mind I could not treat chronic diseases successfully. I was always changing my remedy at the wrong time. The following cases will illustrate.

Mr. L. G. came to me February 22, 1912, with following history: He was operated upon for appendicitis one year ago last May, with no improvement in his condition. Present symptoms

Cramps in abdomen come on one-half hour after eating, > hard pressure. Appetite fitful, at sight of food appetite would leave him. Thirsty for cold water. Vomited blood at times. Aversion to fats. Backache in small of back, < lying, > sitting. Bowels constipated. Generally < 4 P. M. to 9 P. M. Chilly in warm room. Must have fresh air or would faint. Generally > out of doors. Takes cold easily. Sensitive to draft. Palms of hands sweat. Mentally: Wants to be alone, aversion to company.

February 22. Pulsatilla 1m., one dose. March 1. Pulsatilla 10 m., four doses, three hours apart.

March 21. He was very much discouraged and said he was no better. Sore, bruised feeling under shoulder blades, < lying. > walking slowly out of doors. Would get up at night and walk up and down the street for relief. Headache begins in occiput and extends over head and settles over eyes, sharp pain < lying. > out of doors. Sore, bruised feeling in legs, < in left ankle, which was dislocated one year ago. Muscles get hard, feels like a board strapped upon them. Night sweats, foul odor, < after sleep. > on waking, return on going to sleep -again. Weak spells 6 A. M. to 10 A. M. No cramps in abdomen for two weeks. Stomach good. Bowels regular. Not so chilly, did not crave the fresh air so much. I asked him if he had ever had this condition before and he said yes, that was the way his trouble began. Since the picture had changed to the original expression I did not hesitate to assure him that he was getting well in the right way and gave him no medicine.

April 1. He showed lack of improvement and I gave him Pulsatilla 10 m., four doses, three hours apart.

April 23. All the symptoms had disappeared except the ankle, which had been dislocated one year ago, was badly swollen and so painful that he was on crutches. I assured him that he was still on the road to Wellville because the disease was working from above downward. Pulsatilla to m., four powders, three hours.

June 12. Symptoms negative and he said he had not felt so well in years. Up to the present time, December, 1913, he has had no return of the old conditions.

The results in this case show how important the generals are as a basis for a prescription. Some of the particulars stand higher under other remedies than Pulsatilla. I take it that the real key to this case was < in the house, > out of doors, absolute demand for fresh air. Chilliness in a warm room and the make-up of the patient, who was a Pulsatilla type.    In times past I would have changed my remedy and spoiled the case.

Case 2

  1. R., which illustrates the fact that disease gets well from within out. She gave a history of having had the womb removed two years ago. Last few months goiter had begun to develop and was quite large now and giving a great deal of distress. Pulsatilla 1 m.. one dose, was given with some improvement. Sulphur 1 m., one dose, was given, and in a few days a profuse, very irritating leucorrhoea was established, which persisted for three weeks. No local treatment was used. A general improvement began with the appearance of the leucorrhoea. The goiter and accompanying symptoms began to leave. Bowels became regular. She has had no medicine for two months now and is still improving.

Case 3

Mr. A.:  Gonorrhoea suppressed by local treatment, venereal warts cut off and cauterized. He came to me to have a gleety discharge cured. Under Thuja 10 m., for eight weeks, the warts and discharge returned. Sepia 1 m. and Nitric acid 1 m. were both given with no apparent results. Psorinum 1 m., two doses, four weeks apart, cured the case. The establishing of suppressed gonorrhceal discharge has enabled me to cure a good many cases which I believe would be otherwise incurable. If we obey the law, give the single dose in the higher potencies and not repeat as long as improvement keeps up we will have more successes than failures.

Homoeopathic Recorder Vol. 29 – 1914

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C. A. Walton, M. D. (Circa 1914)

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