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Classical Homeopathy and Autism

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The author discusses the use of homeopathy in treating autism and identifies the methods of five prominent homeopaths who have contributed knowledge in that area.

Classical homeopathy has been used with some success to both alleviate mental and physical symptoms, and sometimes to cure individuals with autism. Many parents have reported significant improvement in their autistic children after the children received homeopathic care.

In classical homeopathy, remedy selection involves addressing the person in totality by looking at the following:

    • Behaviors
    • Physical Symptoms
    • Emotional Symptoms
    • Genetic weaknesses (also identified as miasms or constitutions)
    • Environmental factors such as vaccinations, drugs or other environmental toxins

If the remedy is correctly selected on the totality of symptoms, then improvement may be seen in all areas. Homeopaths try to determine the individual’s susceptibility, ie. Individual weaknesses in the vital force, to both cure and prevent a re-occurrence of symptoms. The first effort should be to take a full case and give the remedy that most closely matches the individual’s expression of their disease. It is a widely held belief in many circles that the MMR vaccine has catapulted ASD to its current level of epidemic proportion. To the extent that vaccines have been involved in a particular case, the potentized vaccine may also help.

Though many ADD/HD individuals have been helped by homeopathy, it is still believed that a full recovery through homeopathy is not usual. However, many homeopaths see big improvements in the symptoms and behaviors of ASD individuals, even when there is not complete recovery. Starting treatment as early as possible improves the chance of a successful recovery from autism. Ideally treatment should begin before age 5. It has been observed that as children with ASD age, they seem to become more distant and it is harder to bring them back. Cases are also often complicated by other interventions such as allopathic drugs, vaccinations, behavioral therapies, etc.

Curing autism can be a long term project, taking months or even years, as the homeopath deals with various layers and tries to understand the individual well enough to select the true simillimum. When a remedy is found that resonates, the effect is usually quite evident and significant improvements can be seen. Homeopaths ask parents to not introduce other treatments or interventions in the earlier stages of homeopathy, so they can observe the direct effects of the homeopathic treatment.

Below are several homeopaths who have contributed greatly to our knowledge of treating autism:

Amy Lansky, PhD

Amy Lansky is the author of the well known book “The Impossible Cure”. Amy’s own son was cured with homeopathy, which led her to study homeopathy and write this book. Amy does not personally treat autistic individuals, but is very active in promoting and educating people about homeopathy. Her book is a wonderful introduction to homeopathy and helps parents of children with autism to understand homeopathy’s course of treatment and to select a homeopath.


Dr. Luc De Schepper

Dr. Luc De Schepper is a classical homeopath who has contributed much to our knowledge of treating ASD. He has had success in working with ASD as well as ADD/ADHD. His website contains links to many articles he has written on treating autism and ADD with homeopathy. He has come up with new perspectives, such as the susceptibility to vaccines being linked to the syphilis miasm. He also theorizes that this susceptibility explains why ASD children are more susceptible to mercury and why mercury has been a prominent remedy in treating autism. He also stresses the importance of treating the mother and is interested in the mother’s experience during pregnancy and possible events, traumas, and a family history that might lead to the emergence of the syphilitic miasm.


Pierre Fontaine, RSHom., CCH

Pierre Fontaine focuses on finding the individual qualities of the autistic child. He tends to use mainly animal remedies, although he does use minerals and plants as well. Basing his work on Temple Grandin’s work in her book “Animals in Translation,” he observes that rather than being hypersensitive, children with autism are hyper perceptive like animals, taking mental pictures and remembering minute details. This can be what leads to the need for routine in their lives and the difficulty in adapting to change. These characteristics are also perceived in the animal kingdom. Remedies are prescribed on each animal’s extraordinary and individual hyper perception and how it links to that child’s individual perception. He also stresses the need to “feel” the child rather than to base remedy choice on a mechanical rational approach.


Dr. Tinus Smits

In his treatment of autism, the late Dr. Smits worked mainly with potentized forms of the vaccines that seemed to trigger the autism. He also worked with potentized forms of antibiotics and other allopathic medicines that had been administered to the children.

In his general work with homeopathy he explored the idea of layers of human experience leading to the use remedies in sequence. As explained by Dr. Smits:

In this regard a distinction has to be made between the individual layer with eventually sub-layers, caused by vaccination, allopathic drugging or important emotional afflictions, and the universal layers, treating lack of self-confidence, affective problems, incarnation problems, lack of boundaries, old traumas (victim problems), guilt (bully side) and duality, the last obstacle to our unification with our higher self our soul. In totality there are seven universal layers. At the individual layer everybody needs his individual remedy, but once arrived in the universal layers, only a few remedies can be used. These remedies are: Carcinosinum, Carcinosinum cum Cuprum, Cuprum metallicum; Saccharum officinale; Lac maternum; Vernix caseosa; Rhus toxicodendron; Anacardium orientale; Hydrogenium. This aspect of universal layers, where the individuality of the patient seems to be lost, can be for the classical homeopath a big obstacle. But once the patient enters these universal layers, practice proved to me that these remedies were the best ones to resolve their problems and to help them to evolve to deeper awareness and more stability in physical and emotional, mental and spiritual health“.

His work appears to be a crossover between the Timeline or Sequential method, and the classical approach.


Judith Reichenberg-Ullman, Robert Ullman

The Ullmans have been instrumental in bringing awareness about the use of homeopathy in ASD and ADD/HD. Their books on the subject are “Ritalin Free Kids”, and “The drug free approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism”. They have classical homeopathic approach to working with autism. They tend to look at the case in a psychological way, working predominantly at the level of emotion, and looking at the child’s behavior and fears, aversions, modalities. They have been very successful in their work with ASD individuals and have contributed greatly to this area of research in homeopathy.

Looking forward to the MICH Method

As we move forward into practicing Classical Homeopathy with the MICH method, we look forward to seeing further success in the treatment of ASD individuals. By providing a compassionate space for the client to express their inner world, in whatever way they choose (including non verbal), the MICH method allows full exploration of the individual’s disease or suffering at the energetic level of vital sensation. This is important, not only in bringing us to the simillimum, but in allowing the client to participate in their own exploration and healing as they become more aware of their own perceptions and disease expression.


Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy



6th Feb 2008


Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, by Amy L Lansky.

Ritalin Free Kids: Safe and Effective Homeopathic Medicine for ADHD and Other Behavioural and Learning Problems, by Judith Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman.

A drug-Free Approach to Asperger Syndrome and Autism: Homeopathic Care for Exceptional Kids, by Judith Reichenberg-Ullman, Robert Ullman, Ian Luepker, and Bernard Rimland.

About the author

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson graduated from the Montreal Institute of Classical Homeopathy (MICH) in May 2009 and now works as a facilitator at MICH. She has a homeopathic practice treating both adults and children. Kate is passionate about homeopathy and its ability to bring awareness and clarity to each client.


  • I appreciate the fact that an article supporting the healing power of classical homeopathy for autism has been written. However, the description of Pierre Fontaine’s approach is not at all accurate. This description appears to be based on some remarks he made 5-7 years ago at a forum where Amy Lansky was speaking, and bears no resemblance to his approach to classical homeopathy.

    I am the mother of an 11-year-old boy who was diagnosed with autism. We used a special diet and biomedical (allopathic) intervention which brought him from non-verbal and low functioning to relatively high functioning, but still autistic, in an autism program and regressing into more and more aggressive behaviors at age 9. He had a history of ulcerative colitis, osteoporosis, malabsorption, and many other problems. He was highly reactive to toxins in the environment. I had seen a classical homeopath when he was 5 after reading Amy Lansky’s book who provided no help at all.

    I brought my son to Pierre at age 9. In one interview he determined his correct constitutional remedy. The speed at which he lost his autistic characteristics with that one remedy was amazing to me. He went from being a child who had to have guidance to hit off the T and be led around the bases in Challenger Little League to being on his school’s competitive basketball team and regular little league in less than two years time. He went from an ABA based autism program with sub-norm IQ to entering a college prep program. We had a lot of catch up to do as he missed so much in those 9 years, but it is amazing to me how rapidly he has done it. He is no longer needs a special diet.

    Obviously, since then I have referred many others to Pierre. He has perfected his approach to the point that he is now getting the constitutional remedy right from the initial interview more than 90% of his patients with ASDs. They are seeing phenomenally rapid improvements with their single remedy. Every child is unique, but rarely do their presentations fit animal remedies. His work is not based on Temple Grandin’s work. Actually he prescribes mostly mineral and plant remedies.

    While he recognizes at least 10 miasms, he finds the most prevalent miasms among children with ASDs are Typhoid and Cancer. I believe his amazing results for our childrens’ recoveries and dramatic healing speak volumes on the success of his approach.

    • If Pierre’s cure for Autism has profoundly helped ASD children it should be shared with the Autism community. Shame on Piere Fontaine.

  • I have been witness to the healing power from classical homeopathy for autism, when I began seeing Pierre Fontaine for my son, Nicholas’s autism. The description of Pierre’s approach which was written here is not accurate and from what I understand was taken from something he said many years ago. This does not accurately portray his approach to classical homeopathy.

    My son is currently 5 ½ years old. For the past 3 years, we have used biomedical interventions which included various supplements and heavy metal chelation. These interventions took a low-functioning, non-verbal child to a child who is now verbal and making progress with each passing day. Knowing we still had much farther left to go on this recovery journey, I sought Pierre Fontaine’s services. During the first interview, Pierre correctly determined Nicholas’s constitutional remedy. The changes we have seen during this time are nothing short of miraculous. He no longer shows any signs of autism and he no longer needs to take any of the many supplements which were supporting him.

    With the success we have witnessed with classical homeopathy, thanks to Pierre Fontaine, I have recommended him to many others through my blog ( and word of mouth. These parents are now also witness to the healing power as they are seeing their children rapidly improve with their single remedy. I have yet to hear any of them report that their remedy is an animal remedy, most are plants and minerals.
    The results we have witnessed in our son, Nicholas, and the results that friends are also seeing from their children, can only attest to the success of his approach. My only hope is that other parents can witness the same for their autistic child.

  • Pierre is also featured in a case, in the (in production) movie about homeopathy being made by Laurel Chiten from
    Check her out and support where you can. Thanks.

  • Dear Sir,

    Acording to the Hahnemannian Homoeopathy first of all should be taken the case with keen obeservation and the on the basis of totality of symptoms the prescription should be prescribed 50 millesimal potency medicine.

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