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Clinical Approach of the Sehgal Method

Dr. M.L. Sehgal gives examples of translating the patient’s expressions into rubrics.

sehgal-schoolTo practice this method one must have knowledge of existing rubrics in the repertory, especially rubrics given in Kent’s repertory. Thereafter one should look for their clinical meaning in a dictionary. (For that we have already published the clinical dictionary named Pathfinder).

After we get the feeling of the patient expressed through different versions we interpret and convert it into the rubric. One must keep in mind that a version given by a patient to express his problem can be identical to another patient’s version. So while observing and listening our focus should be on the way patients are expressing their feelings i.e. How, Why, What and When they are saying or doing in front of you. Another thing is that, there could be different expressions for a particular rubric or there could be an identical expression for different rubrics having minute differences between them.

The next point to understand is the expression of different remedies given under one rubric. No doubt they carry similar meaning but clinically it is very important that we should know how to differentiate one medicine from the other. A patient will speak or act in a simple manner about his or her feeling. So practically, while selecting the medicine, it is not easy to find out in a short time to which medicine our patient belongs. To really differentiate between all the medicines it will take a long time. Due to such difficulties physicians ignore many rubrics, which have many drugs under them.

With R.M. it is possible to do it. For example under the rubric DELUSIONS, wealth imagination of , we have medicines such as: Agn., Alco., Belladonna, Calcarea, Cann-i.,,, Phosphorus, Platina, Pyrog., Sulphur, Veratrum By simply paying attention to the feeling expressed by a patient about what he imagines is his wealth (mentioned by him in a few words) there is enough for us to understand and differentiate which remedy he belongs to.

Agn. cast : He is at no loss so there is no danger to his possession.
Alco : She is gainer in all respects, so she has no threat even from an enemy.
Bell : His mobility is his wealth.
Calc : He is independent
Cann. Ind. : All are his friends and he has no one to owe anything to.
Kali Brom : His wealth is his possession of knowledge.
Acid nitricum : His wealth is affection
Phos : His wealth is his self sufficiency.
Platina : Self sufficiency.
Pyrog. : Considers himself so big and rich that he is capable of possessing the whole world.
Sul. : Hope is his wealth

Veratrum: His communication with God.


Given below are some versions, which we commonly hear from our patient in day-to-day practice.

If your patient says:

1. I have not taken my skin problem very seriously. I thought it would get better on its own. Yesterday I saw that it increased further. Seeing that, I got scared, and I immediately decided that I must visit the doctor before it increases further.”

INDIFFERENCE complain, does not

FEAR extravagance, of

2. I did not notice when this patch appeared on my hand. Laughingly says, “Actually I am careless about myself. I wonder why I did not notice it though I use my hand every day. It was only when my mother / friend asked me about this patch that I realized about it.”

LAUGHING speaking, when

3. Since many days, I have been feeling some heaviness over my chest. I did not care about it. I consider it as a normal complaint of acidity or flatulence, and for that reason I did not think of telling / visiting the doctor. A couple of days ago, by chance, while I was reading a medical journal I came across an article in which I read that heaviness of chest could be related to heart problem. Then, one day while talking with my friend about it, he also told me the same thing. Although I do not get scared so easily, but this time I got a bit scared of getting some serious problem. I thought that I must visit a good doctor. I have a feeling that by neglecting it I might have created a problem for myself. I think that with the present problem now you have to take care of that problem (occurred due to negligence) also. Do you think that it is related to heart or it is a flatulence problem? Because I am not able to understand what is it?INDIFFERENCE complain, does not


COMPLAINING supposed injury, of

FEAR betrayed, of being

GROPING as if in the dark

4. Doctor please take care that I am not put through any suffering (pain), I am afraid of it.

Dr.: Why are you so afraid of it?

P.: Because in such condition it becomes difficult for me to move / do anything. I have to lie down which I do not like. Physically as well as work-wise I have to suffer then.

FEAR suffering, of

5. I am at a dead end. I cannot fight anymore. I have accepted defeat. There is no use pursuing the treatment anymore as I feel it is not going to make any difference to my problem. I did not want to come to you. It is only on the insistence of my wife I have come to you.


6. I want to get rid of this condition even if it is achieved by death. I feel so bored. I want to get out of this routine. I feel as if I am in a prison.


7. I want that no one should disturb me. Neither there should be any activity around me nor I would be involved in any sort of activity.

DISTURBED, averse to being

QUIET, wants to be

8. I have a feeling that the main cause of my not getting better and always getting one or the other trouble is because of intolerable environment, people, circumstances, family members around me.

DELUSIONS injury, injured, surroundings, by his

9. Frankly I must tell you that I have no faith in any medicine.

Dr.: Why?

P.: Whatever I am going through today is only because of medicines.

Dr.: How can you say this?

P. Before I took medicines I had only one problem. After taking medicine, I developed so many other problems. I have a feeling that the doctor did not handle my case properly. He gave me wrong / strong medicine, which has spoiled my life. Now I cannot eat, sleep or work properly.

DELUSIONS, wrong suffered, has

10. Please do not disclose my problem to any one in family. I do not want that someone should know about my problem. Till now no one except my mother/ father/ wife/ husband/ children know about it. Though I did not want my mother/ father/ wife/ husband / children to know about it but somehow it got disclosed. I take utmost care not to appear like I have some problem.


11. Doctor I wish that no one should know about my problem. I do not like it. Actually I am not afraid of it but I would not like people ask about it. Once they come to know they begin to ask stupid/ irrelevant questions about it. I want to keep myself away from such hassles.

HIDE, desire to

12. I am an open person but there are certain personal matters (emotions, deeds, acts, problems etc.) which I think no one should know about. Before coming to you I decided thought that I will not tell you about my personal matters (emotion, deed/ act, etc.) but I do not know how I told you about them.

HIDES things

13. I have taken many treatments for my problem but nothing has given me any relief. I do not see any ray of hope now. For this reason I have no more desire/ enthusiasm left in me to take any more treatment. I have come to you but I do not feel that my condition will get any better.

DESPAIR recovery, of

14. Doctor I have tried many treatments without any refractory results. Now I doubt will I ever get better. Perhaps I will have to live like this for the whole of my life.

DOUBTFUL recovery, of

15. Now, since the attack has come I am finding ways to get out of it.

ESCAPE, attempts to

16. Doctor you will not believe it, but I have a feeling that someone has been doing something mysterious to me.

Dr.: What do you mean by mysterious?

P.: Something like black magic.

Dr.: How can you say that?

P.: You will not believe it, but I have a strong belief that there is something, or how could I always be getting one or other problem, and no medicine works on me. Because of this I have developed a fear that I am not going to get better unless the effect of such a thing wears off.

FEAR, superstitious

17. Before coming to you I have checked about my problem on the internet. I have also talked about it to people to know more about it. I looked into several health journals as well. Doctor what do you have to say about this problem? INQUISITIVE

18. It came to my mind several times that I should consult a doctor about my problem. But sometimes I forgot and sometimes I hesitated. Can you please tell me, doctor, what is my problem? If you think some tests have to be done I am ready to do them.

Dr. Are you worried?

P.: No, I am not worried. Actually, now I have begun to get frequent attacks, and also it is not getting any better with medicines. Due to this I am a bit tensed, however if I know about my problem then it would ease me. I do not want to live with a burden in my mind. I do not want to know about it in detail. A little information is enough for me.

LIGHT, desire for

19. Sir if you do not mind, can I ask you something?

Dr.: Yes.

P.: Did you ever treat a case like me?

Dr.: Why is it important for you to know?

P. Just to be assured that you will cure me. I am not doubting your ability, but if you need to, you can consult your seniors. I can wait for some time for medicine. I will pay you for that. I have heard about you a lot. My relatives praised you a lot. I visited your website and read about you.

Dr.: Why ?

P.: To make sure that I am going to the right person. I do not visit a doctor till I know about him or her fully. I do not want to take any risk.

Dr.: What is the risk?

P.: I want to get better but I apprehend that if you could not select the right medicine then the action of that medicine may have an adverse effect on me. Instead of getting relief I will end up losing whatever good health I have. And then you will tell me to go to the hospital. I fear such a situation.

FEAR betrayed, of being

20. First I try to get better without taking any medicine. I take rest, plenty of water, sleep, eat boiled food, but if nothing works then I take a pill or apply some natural ointment. I do not like to visit the doctor for my problems. From my childhood I have never seen my father, mother, their parents or anyone in my family visit any doctor. They always preferred to take natural treatment. I am also following their way. I do not mind taking herbal/homeopathic or any natural treatment but I will not take allopathic medicine. For my present problem I myself have tried herbal treatment, which indeed helped me, then I felt that perhaps I require your help. I think medicine will give an extra boost to the process of my recovery.

PREJUDICES, traditional

DELUSIONS help, calling for

SHRIEKING aid, for

21. I think now I cannot get better without medicine. Doctor, do something. I cannot live with this anymore. Bring me out of it. While speaking his voice gets a bit sharp accompanied with some tears in eyes.

DELIRIUM crying, help, for *

22. I got your reference from one of my friends. Your treatment cured him. When he told me about you I did not wait and immediately phoned you. I wish this problem should get better soon. I wish you prescribe me a medicine that works fast.

CARRIED, desires to be fast

23. My mother has referred me to you. She came to know about you from her friend whom you have treated. That patient had a similar problem. After hearing the result of your medicine I have developed a faith – blind- that my problem will also get better after taking your medicine.


24. I have taken many treatments. Though no change has occurred in my problem I think that perhaps there is some chance that with homeopathy my problem may get better. May be your medicine will work on me. With this hope I have come to you.


25. I will make effort even if I do not get a result. Once I start a treatment I do not give up on it unless the doctor himself tells me that nothing can be done.


The above examples are clinically verified, and are useful in practice. But please keep in mind that to grow further in this method one needs to put lots of labor in to it. Constant efforts through seminars, courses, clinical courses and small classes from our team have been made for a better understanding of this method. Also our further publication will be helpful to you.

About the author

Madan Lal Sehgal

Dr. M. L. Sehgal took up homoeopathy as a hobby. It later was to become his passion and he conducted research to improve its effectiveness. His method of prescribing has been successful in treating many cases of both acute and Chronic ailments. In 1983, he founded Dr. Sehgal's School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy in India. He authored Rediscovery of Homoeopathy Series, volumes I- VIII - the last series IX co-authored by his sons, Dr.Sanjay sehgal and Dr.Yogesh Sehgal. These give a detailed insight into his method. Written Originally in English these volumes have been translated in other languages, namely German, Italian & Czech. There are dedicated followers of Dr. M. L. Sehgal's Method all over the world.


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