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Combination Remedies

Written by Cyril W. Smith

A question often asked is whether combination remedies can really store multiple frequencies, or do they just merge, as too many colors on a palate create gray. Physicist Cyril W. Smith finally answers this question.

Q: There are numerous commercial homeopathic preparations which combine multiple remedies in a kind of shotgun approach. They are not considered official homeopathy. The question of whether they work has been long debated. It really comes down to whether water can store multiple frequencies as discrete entities, or whether they just merge in some way as too many colors on a palate create gray.

A: I have been able to measure three of these so-called combination remedies. You will see from the following Table that something unusual has happened as a result of a particular combination of potencies. This  must have been arrived at empirically. I have not identified the producers or details of the remedies in this Table. The important thing is that the frequencies all come at precisely decade intervals and all are stimulatory of biological activity (as indicated by the upwards arrow).

Homeopathic CompositaeR Homeopathic CompositaeC Homeopathic CompositaeT
Hz Hz Hz
?3.122× 10-4 ?1.313× 10-4 ?4.005× 10-4
?3.122× 10-3 ?1.313× 10-3 ?4.005× 10-3
?3.122× 10-2 ?1.313× 10-2 ?4.005× 10-2
?3.122× 10-1 ?1.313× 10-1 ?4.005× 10-1
?3.122× 10 0 ?1.313× 10 0 ?4.005× 10 0
?3.122× 10+1 ?1.313× 10+1 ?4.005× 10+1
?3.122× 10+2 ?1.313× 10+2 ?4.005× 10+2
?3.122× 10+3 ?4.005× 10+3
?3.122× 10+4 ?4.005× 10+4















This decade pattern is not unique. It appears in water from certain ‘Holy Wells’, “Commercial Treated Waters” and in water potentised from single crystal quartz or silicon. A healer can produce a continuum of  stimulatory frequencies. A potency of hydrogen peroxide will also do this. A potency of formaldehyde will produce a continuum of depressive frequencies.

Somatropin HGH and the body frequency patterns of some patients with electrical sensitivities may also have these decade frequency patterns but in this case they alternate in the usual stimulatory-depressive-stimulatory- etc. pattern of biological activity instead of being all stimulatory.

A single frequency 1Hz imprint if diluted and succussed gives an additional frequency which is the original multiplied by the dilution ratio, i,e, 10 Hz.  For the next dilution and succussion, one is operating on two frequency imprints and thereafter things rapidly get complicated as seen in Figure 1. There is an additional problem that prime number dilution ratios erase, they do not potentise and some other dilution ratios may give unusual results too. Certain combinations of frequencies are ‘nilpotent’, that is, when they are combined the result is zero.

Figure 1  The potentisation  of 1 Hz

Homeopathic potencies will contain a pattern composed of many frequencies. To make Combination remedies, the choice of remedy, its potency and the order of potentising will all matter. It is remarkable that the unusual decade pattern of therapeutic frequencies has been arrived at intuitively.

Frequency Information Capacity

There is a limit to the number of frequencies that can be stored in any medium due to the physical process involved in ‘memory’. The maximum number of distinct frequency imprints which I managed to imprint into the following media are as follows:

Small pillule (1 mm diameter)            446 imprints
Large pillule (3.5 mm diameter)        395 imprints
Tablet (6 mm diameter)                584 imprints
Water (per microlitre)                1 imprint
Water (per millilitre)                ~1000 imprints

The number of frequency imprints possible depends on the proton availability as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2  Number of possible frequency imprints into water.

© Cyril W. Smith       November 2010

About the author

Cyril W. Smith

Cyril W. Smith, physicist, is the author of countless papers on the effects of subtle energies and co-author of Electromagnetic Man. He is one of the world"™s leading experts on the biological effects of subtle energies. He was Research Fellow at Imperial College, London, researched electromagnetic effects in living systems at Salford University, was Secretary of the Dielectrics Society, worked with H. Fröhlich treating electromagnetically sensitive patients and acted as a scientific consultant for the Breakspear Medical Group Ltd.


  • I find this very relevant and useful but it would have been more enjoyable if the data were explaied in non-technical terminology too.

  • Homeo remedies are dynamic/energy remedies. What was said in this article is any homeopath’s guess. What is said is vague to generalise.

    Combination of remedies infer that we have not yet got grip over single remedies even though Hahnemann told what to do in case of two remedies are indicated. Combination of remedies is imitation of allopathy and failure of case taking and case analysis. Now a days few homeopaths propound new methods to add confusion to new students. I doubt that 90% of homeopaths have no knowledge on Organon and chronic diseases. Those who read will understand that Hahnemann never said to combine remedies. He did advise alteration of remedies and daily doses subjected to some condition.

  • Dear doctor,
    In case of using combination how do you prescribe in the 2nd prescription onward? If you can not specify which remedy acted more and do not follow up with that one for 2nd prescription onward, in that case the patient would not experience real cure, but will have palliation only. Your comment please.

    Dr. Aziz, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    [email protected]

  • often we puzzle to select single remedy for a severe acute case,and there we should try combination as it is necessary to save the patient at first then constitutional or single remedy may be choosen as per totality of symptoms

  • In acute case single remedy may not give the expect result. It is because there is no time to find the uncommon characteristic symptoms and also there is no patience of the patient to answer the question of the doctor. In that case multiple remedies if giving will be helpful. i m not telling to mix all and make the cocktail and give. But 3 or 4 remedies alternately. I believe in 1st aph of organon ‘the physicians high and only mission is to restore the sick to health as it is termed’ The patient should get relieve instantly in any acute condition. If not getting relieve he will not turn his face next time for homeopathy. what the organon is telling it is absolutely right. But in some time it is highly required to input our insight and some deviation ( if it is beneficial for patient) then i think it is wise.

  • Respected Doctore
    It does not mean the patient is of Chronic or Acute if we think the begining and servival of homoeopathy that should starts with acute challange but what now a day we are just from acute and only stbilise to us on chronic and contitutional only . Here the matter of combination I want to say somthing for we took two elements like O2 & H the both elements having fire character but after combition they form a compound like WATER (H2O)there character is totally reverse if same should happen with our combination medicine it may be or may not be just imagine what happen
    Thank you,

  • Does combination mean that all the remedies are mixed together .LIKE in Recweg and in combinations of BM .
    If the drugs , just two or three are spaced out will inter act and cause incompatibility.

    There needs to be more clarifcation, form the present day MASTERS of homeopathy– Sir Shankar,Vithulkas, Shantha Kumar , Luc and so on.


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