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Contemporary College of Homeopathy

Contemporary College of Homeopathy
Written by Mike Bridger

Information about Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Bristol.

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy was founded in 1996. It promises to provide students with a comprehensive and stimulating professional homeopathic education.

The Patron of the School is Professor George Vithoulkas, winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize 1996, and leading international authority on Homeopathy. The college shares his ethos of teaching students the solid foundations of traditional homeopathic thinking. Students at the college have access to his online teaching courses as well as his summer post-graduate courses in Alonissos, Greece.

Mike Bridger, the Principal says: ‘We encourage a style of teaching that is entertaining and enjoyable, and this is very much part of the ethos of the college. Students move from being taught the theory and principles of homeopathy to the practical experience of working in the college teaching clinic. This gives students the confidence and knowledge that when they leave the college they have all the tools and skills they need to run a successful future practice.’

Please visit The Contemporary College of Homeopathy website for more information about the college.

About the author

Mike Bridger

Mike Bridger has been practicing and teaching in the U.K. for 25-years as well as in the U.S., Ireland, Iceland, and Finland. He teaches at both the Centre for Homeopathic Education New York and in London. He is also the Principal of Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Exeter and Bristol, co-director of The Orion Postgraduate Training course held annually in London. His publications include: 'Up The Swannee to Atlantis' for The Homeopath U.K. no 68: 1998; 'Fool's Gold.' Article for ' The American Homeopathic Journal', 2000, U.S.A. (Reprinted in Homeopathic Medical Association Journal, 2000, U.K.) 'Kali Carb' For 'The Homeopath.'

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