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Coronavirus Genus Epidemicus Analysis

Dr. Manish Agarwala shares his thoughts on the most likely genus epidemicus of COVID-19. His analysis considers various symptoms and modalities of COVID-19 as have been reported in the field. He does a comparative analysis of the different genus epidemicus remedy suggestions given by the homeopathic fraternity.

Homeopathic teachers and Institutions have hypothesized many different remedies as the Genus Epidemicus or the curative remedy of COVID-19.

These include:

= Bryonia  – The Faculty of Homeopathy (UK), Society of Homeopathy (UK),  Dr Paul Herscu, Dr Manish Bhatia and Prof. Aaron To Ka Lun, President of the Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy (HKAH)

= Gelsemium – The Faculty of Homeopathy (UK), Society of Homeopathy (UK) and Prof. Aaron To Ka Lun, President of HKAH also.

= Arsenicum Album by CCRH of AYUSH ministry (India) although they were vague, evasive, non-specific and talking about the use of Ars. Alb. in a generalized way for preventing ILI -influenza type illnesses. Later, the Ministry retracted the advisory partially – adding to the confusion.  According to my analysis may fit the genus epidemicus and could be an effective remedy otherwise.

= Camphora – by Dr Rajan Sankaran

= Bryonia, Gelsemium and Arsenicum from Dr andre Saine of Canada, although he has not indicated any one of these 3 as the Genus Epidemicus. He seems to be favouring BRYONIA.

Allow me to analyze these suggestions and comment as follows:

Bryonia, Gelsemium and Camphora cannot be the Genus Epidemicus remedy for COVID-19.

Let’s begin with Bryonia…

In early march Dr Bhatia wrote: “The season also now favours Bryonia because it is known to work well when the days are warm and nights are cold, the kind of weather transition after winter we are currently in”

But, the Genus Epidemicus remedy should be specific for the season/weather and environment conditions in which the epidemic STARTED and which favoured the sustenance & EPIDEMIC SPREAD of the virus INITIALLY and not the present time. The first case of COVID-19 was a 55 year old man detected on 17 November 2019 in Hubei, China. Later, a vendor at the Wuhan wet seafood market was detected with COVID-19 symptoms on 10 December 2019. The WHO Chinese office was alerted about the outbreak on 31 December 2019. So, it is quite clear that the epidemic started in COLD WINTER and that the location of the outbreak was the ‘wet’ seafood market area at Wuhan, China. The location of the city by the riverside port and the market situation befits the outbreak conditions to be called DAMP.

H.C. Allen states thus, in his Keynotes about Bryonia:

“Complaints: when warm weather sets in, after cold days; from cold drinks or ice in hot weather; after taking cold or getting hot in summer; Diarrhoea: during a spell of hot weather”

Surely, as per the concept of Epidemiological Triad, the season in which the COVID-19 pandemic started is not in sync with the characteristic of Bryonia.

I have come across several references related to the temperature and environment conditions favouring the sustenance and spread of the COVID-19 virus which confirm that this virus does not like heat and favours a cold and damp environment.

A) Prof. John Nicholls, Prof. of Pathology at Hongkong University states that: “Three things the virus does not like: 1. Sunlight, 2. Temperature and 3. Humidity… “The virus can remain intact at 4 degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit) or 10 degrees C (50 F) … But at 30 degrees C (86 degrees F) then you get inactivation”

B) Studies done many years ago showed that the “regular” coronavirus (which is one of the causes of the common cold) can survive on surfaces 30 times longer in places with a temperature of 6 degrees Celsius compared to those where the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius and humidity levels are high.

C) Dr Naresh Trehan (Chairman, Medanta Heart Institute) said on Aajtak news channel that the COVID-19 virus is inactivated in 15 minutes at 52 degrees Celsius temperature.

D) the most noteworthy research study in this matter is by Dr Mohammad M Sajadi and his colleagues at the University of Maryland


This research study states: “To date, Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by SARS-CoV-2, has established significant community spread in cities and regions only along a narrow east west distribution roughly along the 30-50 N” corridor at consistently similar weather patterns (5-11 degrees Celsius and 47-79% humidity).”

So, we may safely conclude that the environment conditions conducive for the sustenance & spread of COVID-19 is cold & damp (humidity must be within a certain range) and we need to look for remedies that are aggravated by cold & damp and ameliorated by heat.

Arsenicum Album matches our requirements but, Gelsemium and Bryonia deserve to be eliminated.

Allen’s Keynotes states thus, about Arsenicum Album:

< from cold; cold drinks or food;

> From heat in general

And Boericke’s Materia Medica states thus, about Arsenicum album,

Modalities.–Worse, wet weather, from cold, cold drinks, or food. Seashore.  Better from heat; warm drinks.

Arsenicum album matches our requirements!

Whereas, H.C. Allen states thus, in his Keynotes about Bryonia:

< entering a warm room < warmth, warm fold;

> cold, eating cold things.

And Boericke’s Materia Medica states thus, about Bryonia,

Modalities.–Worse, warmth, hot weather Better, cold things.

So, we can confidently eliminate Bryonia on the basis of the modalities.

Allen states thus, about Gelsemium: General depression from heat of sun or summer….Headache: < heat of sun

And in Roger Zandvoort’s Complete Repertory –

Boger’s General Analysis ; warmth, heat of fire, sun, overheating etc., agg. -Gels (grade 2, Boger)

Generalities; warmth; agg.; sun, of – GELS: (grade 4, Kent, Lippe, Clarke)

So, we eliminate Bryonia as well as Gels. on the basis of modalities.

Hence, considering the season/weather & environmental conditions at the time of outbreak – Bryonia is an absolutely unlikely candidate for the Genus Epidemicus of COVID-19. Gelsemium does not fit in well too.

Analyzing further – In my humble opinion, the thirst-thermal-activity axis proposed by Dr Prafull Vijayakar is central to find the acute remedy in any case. Bryonia is a more hot and much more thirsty (for large volumes of water) remedy than what we are looking for.

While I have come across reports of “dry coughs” and “dry membranes” in COVID-19 patients – I am yet to come across any research study/symptom report mentioning thirst with the desire to have large amount of water at one time. I am unable to endorse a thirsty Bryonia which asks for a large amount of water at one go – as a good choice.

Several doctors treating COVID-19 cases tell me that the patients are anxious, restless, chilly and despite dry membranes – the patients like to have a small amount of water frequently to soothe the dry membranes of the mouth. This is Arsenicum album. Not Bryonia or Gels.

Bryonia patients are too dull. The Keynote of Bryonia is movement agg. and this keynote is central to the entire picture of Bryonia. Farrington in his MM goes to the extent of stating that the Bry. patient will avoid moving the eyes because it aggravates the pain. The Bry. patient will not like to raise his hand. Why does the Bry. patient like to lie on the painful side? It is important to understand it from the perspective of pneumonia – if the right lung is affected – the Bryonia patient lies on the right side. Why? When the patient lies on the right side – he gives rest to the right lung and uses the left lung more. See – here also it’s all about movement agg. The Bryonia patient may be constipated. Why? Again its movement agg! The intestines don’t want to move! So, we can see that Bry. is a remedy with the strong keynote of movement agg. – a dull remedy. Dr Prafull Vijayakar lists Bryonia under hot-dull-thirsty in his thirst-thermal-activity based acute chart.

Allen states about Bryonia: great thirst (for large quantities at long intervals).

I wonder why and how can a hot-dull-thirsty Bryonia be the remedy we are looking for COVID-19. We are looking for a chilly-restless and thirsty for small sips of water remedy. By no means can Bryonia be our remedy. The remedy that we are looking for is Ars.

Kent warns against prescribing on the basis of particulars and ignoring the generals. As per Kent – this may be a suppression. No doubt Prof Vithoulkas, the wise old elder, has correctly predicted a confusing scenario where different Homeopaths find different remedies! Mindless repertorization with costly computer softwares does not help. The correct Similia remedy must have striking Keynotes + match the generals and of course be miasmatically similar. I advocate the old fashioned Keynote school of Homeopathy like Lippe and Allen (which is promoted by Dr Subrata Banerjea in the present times) and simple repertorization by book repertory or computer. Mindless computer repertorization with complex softwares may be  the route to no where…

I have already analyzed the reasons why different Homeopaths gave so many wrong Genus Epidemicus remedies in my free webinar TALK – PART 1.

A recording of this webinar is available here: https://www.facebook.com/manish.agarwala.12/posts/10221794494115002

Please note that a very mild and self-recovering case of COVID-19 can be easily suppressed by any remedy particularly the high potency and repeated doses of the wrong remedies being prescribed by many Homeopaths. No wonder that the Homeopaths then claim that Bry. or Gels. or Lyc. or Camph. or this and that has actually worked on a COVID-19 case!

I quote Prof Vithoulkas…

“Any remedy or false remedy or a placebo will have the same success as the one described for these cases”.

Again Prof Vithoulkas rightly states and I quote…

“I can foresee that if everyone was trying to find the genus epidemics, possibly everyone would find a different one! What may happen for example, after treating let us say 5 cases and finding in two of them he has given the same remedy. He will proclaim it as the Genus Epidemicus. One can imagine the total chaos and confusion that will ensue in such a case where everyone will propose a remedy”

I saw 2 case histories from Italy where Bryonia (in high potency or repeated doses) was prescribed to very much evident Arsenicum album cases and in both cases it was claimed that Bryonia “worked”!

I saw the paper on COVID-19 by Dr Andre Saine. Dr Saine vividly describes his colleague’s experience of a probable COVID-19 infection and mentions angina pectoris type pains which aggravates from movement and difficulty in breathing. This person considered it to be a Bryonia acute and took Bryonia. Whereas in Kent’s lectures on Arsenicum album – Dr Kent gives a long list of heart troubles which aggravate on movement and Arsenicum has dyspnoea also.

Interestingly, after few days –this person felt anxious for some reasons. He called it STRESS! The angina had returned and so he took Bryonia again. My question is – if Bryonia was the right remedy – why did he need a repetition so soon? Why the anxiety? Was it an Arsenicum album case? I also saw reports of some other cases in Dr Saine’s paper. My question is how can one be sure that the remedy was correct and that it was not a suppression because Dr Saine needed very frequent repetitions.

Dr Prafull Vijayakar makes a very keen observation of Hering’s Laws of cure to confirm that it is a real cure and not a suppression and that the remedy is the perfect Similia. Dr Vijayakar’s advice deserves the highest attention by the homeopathic community. If the remedy is correct – in an acute situation – just one remedy and just one dose should be enough. No repetition required.


After eliminating Bryonia – now let us look at Gels. again –

Gels. does not meet the peculiarities of COVID-19 at all. It is a dull-chilly-thirstless remedy. We are looking for a restless remedy which is thirsty for small quantities of water. Gels. is nervous and dull. We are looking for a remedy with anxiety, fear and restlessness.

THE GENERALS DON’T MATCH BRY. OR GELS. Moreover, as we proceed with this analysis we will have many more reasons to eliminate Bry. and Gels. because Bry. and Gels. do not match all the required peculiarities of COVID-19. So both Bry. and Gels. are confidently eliminated.

Further, I am intrigued by the mode of transmission of COVID-19. Dry cough, dyspnoea and fever are the chief complaints. Many patients have diarrhea and nausea with or without the respiratory symptoms. The mode of transmission of COVID-19 is not limited to droplets or micro-droplets spread during coughing/sneezing/talking etc. COVID-19 can spread via the faeco-oral route too. This combination of peculiar respiratory as well as gastro-intestinal symptoms + cold & damp aggravation + faeco-oral as well as inhalational transmission of virus + origin of the virus outbreak from the wet seafood/animal market of Wuhan – led me to Arsenicum album on the basis of Allen’s Keynotes.

I refer to the esteemed elder, Dr Henry Clay Allen and his famous Keynotes again. He states thus, about Arsenicum album:

“Bad effects from decayed food or animal matter, whether by inoculation, olfaction or ingestion….Ars. should be thought of in ailments from: sea bathing; sausage poisoning; dissecting wounds and anthrax poison; stings of venomous insects….Aggravation. – from cold; cold drinks or food; Amelioration. – From heat in general … burning pain > by heat.”

I see ARS. Keynotes in symptoms of COVID-19!

The first symptoms of COVID-19 are pretty common with respiratory illnesses — fever, a dry cough and shortness of breath, says Dr Carlos del Rio, a Professor of medicine and global health at Emory University who has consulted with colleagues treating coronavirus patients in China and Germany. “Some people also get a headache, sore throat,” he says. Fatigue has also been reported — and less commonly, diarrhea. It may feel as if you have a cold. Or you may feel that flu-like feeling of being hit by a train.”

We will soon analyze and see how ARS. covers all these symptoms.

I have collected symptoms of COVID-19 cases from actual clinical data reported in articles published in prestigious medical journals and further cross checked with media reports as well as information from doctors who are treating COVID-19 cases in many countries of the world. No imagination here. Solid facts. You may refer to the links in my 8 part Genus Epidemicus analysis, posted on my Facebook page, for reference citations. Particularly part 1, part 5, part 6, part 7 and part 8 of my analysis.

On the basis of what has been discussed so far and symptoms collected from actual clinical data – I summarize in this way…

In my humble opinion, we need to look for a remedy that meets the following criteria / has the following peculiarities in order to be the Genus Epidemicus or curative remedy of COVID-19:

* A chilly remedy that is aggravated by cold & damp and ameliorated by heat.

* Ailments starting from/related to sea or damp and cold winters and dead & decaying animal matter.

* A remedy with physical weakness or prostration or excessive exhaustion as a keynote.

* A remedy with mental and physical restlessness. I have come across many case reports of mentally restless and anxious patients.

* A remedy with prominent respiratory symptoms particularly dry and suffocative cough & dyspnoea as keynote.

* A remedy indicated in acute episodes, flu and with fever as a prominent keynote

* Likely to be syphilitic miasmatic remedy

* A remedy with haemorrhagic potential

* A remedy with GI symptoms (nausea and diarrhoea) as keynote

* More importantly – a remedy which jointly has GI symptoms (nausea + diarrhea) as well as respiratory symptoms (the whole range from flu/runny nose in 5% COVID-19 cases to the severe dry cough/suffocative cough and dyspnoea in severely affected COVID-19 cases) as chief complaints along with fever.

* A remedy for ailments which spread via faeco-oral as well as inhalational mode.

* A remedy for “dry membranes”. The patients are thirsty but, not asking for a large volume of water at one time. I have come across case reports of chilly patients asking for small amounts of water frequently.

* A deep acting and powerful remedy that is indicated in life-threatening acutes.

* A remedy that has aches, pains, malaise and weakness but, not bone breaking pains and stiffness like dengue/chikungunya.

* A remedy known to affect the right lung and cause pneumonia.

I am unable to find any other remedy other than ARSENICUM ALBUM meeting ALL the above said criteria. This is with ref. to Keynotes & Materia Medica study.

Kent warns to match generals first before prescribing on the basis of particulars. Having done that and after finding striking Keynotes of ARS. – let us now repertorize and check whether ARSENICUM ALBUM matches the chief respiratory complaints of COVID-19 as per Roger Zandvoort’s Complete Repertory:

Cough; dry: ARS (grade 4, Allen TF, Boger, Boenninghausen, Kent)

Cough; dry; fever; during; ARS (grade 3, Boger, Kent)

Cough; itching, tickling, from; dry, with fever but no thirst: ARS (grade 3, Boger, Phatak)

Cough; suffocative; dry: ARS (grade 3, Allen T F)

Mind; anxiety; pneumonia, in: ARS (grade 3, Knerr, Young)

Mind; restlessness, nervousness; anxious; pneumonia, in: ARS (grade 3, Knerr, Young)

Cough; pneumonia, after: ARS (grade 3, Saine)

To me – this is a strong confirmation of Arsenicum Album.

Dr Manish Bhatia states: “The CT findings suggest that usually the lower lobe of lungs are getting affected; most lesions are peripheral, near pleura and there is predilection for the right side.”

Let’s see if we find ARS. under pneumonia in the Complete Repertory with the peculiarities as stated by Dr Manish Bhatia.

Chest; inflammation; lungs, pneumonia; base, lower; right: ARS (grade 3, Trinks CF & Muller)

This analysis favors Arsenicum album as the genus epidemicus and Arsenicum may be found to serve otherwise as well.

With due respect to Prof Vithoulkas, I humbly disagree with his suggestion to treat the different stages of COVID-19 with different remedies. Dr. Manish Bhatia, too, proposes many remedies different to treat COVID-19 stage-wise.

Why does Prof. Vithoulkas avoid suggesting the best Genus Epidemicus remedy for COVID-19 or suggest its nosode for Homeo-prophylaxis? Inexplicable!


I feel more comfortable with Dr Prafull Vijayakar’s approach of giving the perfect similia in 200c potency (just one dose) in an acute case and just wait and watch. If the remedy is the perfect similia and the vitality still has the strength to react – if allopathic medicines have not spoiled and complicated the case beyond repair – the single remedy (single dose) will cover ALL stages/act in ANY stage and resolve the acute emergency very beautifully within 24-72 hours and that too, as per Hering’s Laws of cure.

Theoretically, for curing an acute case of this disease a single dose of the simillimum given just once should suffice. The proof of cure should be evident as per Hering’s Laws of cure. After the remedy is given – the fever may increase and then come down and as the case resolves the dry suffocative cough and dyspnoea should reduce giving way to fluid runny nose…coryza …sneezing. Nausea and diarrhoea, if present should stop and there may be a one or two very malodourous stools with characteristic rotten or cadaverous odour. This is evidence of cure as per Hering’s Laws.

Giving partial similia/several remedies in a series of repeated doses in a life threatening acute may be fatal. It may sometimes be possible to do a suppression (in not so severe cases) with zig-zag prescribing but that should be treated as an exception and not a rule. It is safer and better to choose the best suited Similia based on striking Keynotes keeping the thirst/thermal/activity axis in mind and prescribe a single dose of the single remedy in 200c only once.

Now, let us evaluate Dr Rajan Sankaran’s choice of Camphora as the Genus Epidemicus remedy.

I offer Farrington’s Materia Medica and Kent’s lectures as evidence to show the changing clinical picture of the same Arsenicum Album case as it worsens (to syphilitic and even more far syphilitic terminal end stages). In the terminal stages – the Ars. Alb case may be confused with Camphora, Carbo-veg. or Verat. Alb.



The extreme terminal syphilitic end-stage of Ars. Alb. may look like Camphora or Carbo. Veg or Verat-Alb. but, it is actually the advance stage symptoms of Ars. Alb itself. please refer to Kent’s lectures on Arsenicum Album and Farrington’s Materia Medica to see the differential diagnosis of Carbo. Veg., Camphora and Verat-Alb as compared to Ars. Alb.

Camphora is the Genus Epidemicus remedy hypothesized by Dr Rajan Sankaran and Dr Aditya Kasariyans of Iran. Dr Sankaran’s paper states that after a detailed study he zeroed on Arsenicum, Camphora, Veratrum-Album and carbo veg and finally chose Camphora. Probably, Dr sankaran considered Camphora, carbo-v and Verat-Alb as the Genus Epidemicus remedy on the basis of the prostration and collapse of the vital force and considered Camphora and Verat-Alb on the basis of collapse of the vital force along with diarrhoea and vomiting. But, Camph., Verat-Alb or Carbo Veg. do not meet the generals + particulars of COVID-19 as per what we have analyzed just now.  These remedies do not fit the COVID-19 picture in totality. I also wonder why Dr Sankaran left out Arsenicum Album!

Camphora is too icy cold to be the Genus Epidemicus remedy of COVID-19. if Camphora would have been the Genus Epidemicus remedy of this epidemic – the origin of this epidemic would have been in some frozen icy location and in the frozen icy cold winter there! Not in China!

Verat-Alb is too thirsty to be the Genus Epidemicus remedy of COVID-19. Had Camphora or Verat-Alb been the GE of COVID-19 we would be seeing a symptom picture similar to cholera worldwide and not the present picture of COVID-19.

Carbo-Veg main keynote is air hunger and it does not cover COVID-19 peculiarities as per what we have discussed and analyzed so far.

However for whatever reason – Dr Sankaran hypothesized Camphora as the Genus Epidemicus remedy.

Allen says in his Keynotes about Camphora:

“Camphor antidotes nearly every vegetable medicine; also tobacco, fruits containing prussic acid, poisonous mushrooms;”

But, my question is…we are not looking for an antidote to herbal medicine!

Allen states in his Keynotes about Arsenicum Album:

“Bad effects from decayed food or animal matter, whether by inoculation, olfaction or ingestion…ailments from: sea bathing; sausage poisoning; dissecting wounds and anthrax poison; stings of venomous insects.”

Aha! So here in Arsenicum Album we have an antidote for poisons from dead/infected animal matter from the wet seafood market of Wuhan, China!

Again….Allen Keynotes states about Camphora:

Surface cold to the touch yet cannot bear to be covered; throws off all coverings…

> drinking cold water

But, COVID-19 patients are chilly and like to be covered + like to have frequent sips of water as well as hot drinks too

So, it is quite clear that Camphora does not cover all the peculiarities of COVID-19 cases.

It must be noted that Prof Vithoulkas has analysed Dr Rajan Sankaran’s paper and rejected Dr Rajan Sankaran’s choice of Camphora as the Genus Epidemicus remedy.

UPDATE: Prof Vithoulkas has given one more message on this topic and titled it “the Camphor nonsense” and critiqued the choice of Camphora as the Genus Epidemicus.

See here:




Arsenicum Album shows a clear affinity for the right lung – as per the complete repertory. We do not need a Lycopodium to complete the cure at any stage. Lycopodium is not the Genus Epidemicus of COVID-19 and does not match the peculiar symptoms of COVID-19 cases. A single dose of Arsenicum Album 200c should be enough to cover the entire acute emergency.

During the 1918 flu pandemic – as per Dr Harry Baker of Vancouver – Gels. was the Genus Epidemicus and covered 95% cases. A few atypical cases here and there needing a few other remedies do not decide the Genus Epidemicus. Again one must be extremely careful to ensure that one is not prescribing the wrong remedy or partial remedy in the name of individualization.

Prof. Vithoulkas has mentioned Aconite in one of his messages. The peculiarities of COVID-19 case, as we have discussed so far, does not match Aconite.

What kind of remedies cannot be the GE of COVID-19? Hot or psoric or thirsty for a large volumes of water at one time, or constipated or too dull or thirsty for cold water taken in a large quantity at one time or strongly left sided or remedies not covering the generals + particulars of COVID-19 cases cannot be the Genus Epidemicus of COVID-19.

So, Gelsemium, Bryonia, Spongia, Drosera, Rhus Tox, Phosphorus, Camphora, Nux vomica, lycopodium etc etc  which do not have keynotes matching with the peculiarities of COVID-19 cases are all rejected.

This analysis thus favors Arsenicum album as the genus epidemicus. Ars. alb. might also turn out to be effective remedy otherwise.

More confirmation of Arsenicum as the hypothetical genus remedy on the basis of uncommon peculiarities and toxicological research studies:

See here….

PART – 5




Now let us do a miasmatic analysis –

The symptoms of COVID-19 show a clear pattern which matches the syphilitic miasm. The dry cough is syphilitic. It’s Vataja Kaas as per Ayurveda. COVID-19 is severely affecting those with degenerative diseases and the elderly. This is again the syphilitic age group and the syphilitic state of health. Arsenicum Album is a deep acting and strongly syphilitic remedy as per Dr Roger Morrison’s Keynotes. So, here I see a miasmatic confirmation of Arsenicum Album as the Genus Epidemicus.


I checked the cardiovascular symptoms of Arsenicum Album in Boericke’s Materia Medica, Farrington’s Materia Medica and Kent’s lectures and was assured that Arsenicum Album covers all the cardiac complications of COVID-19 and so, it is the best suited Genus Epidemicus as well as the curative remedy for most of the severe COVID-19 cases and can prevent the chronic complications.

See my analysis here…


This confirms that arsenicum album covers all the respiratory, gastro-intestinal, neurological and cardiac symptoms and complications of covid-19.

I can predict that very soon there will be medical reports about the acute as well as chronic renal effects of COVID-19. If so, Ars. Alb. will cover that too. Please refer to Farrington’s Materia Medica and Kent’s lectures on Arsenicum Album.

Arsenicum album has already been re-confirmed as the genus epidemicus & curative remedy on the basis of neurological and caridiac peculiarities. Now some more pqrs (peculiar, queer, rare, strange) symptoms to further validate Arsenicum album : See my analysis here…


Re-confirmation and re-validation of arsenicum album as the genus epidemicus of covid-19 on the basis of a rare neurological complication (acute necrotizing encephalopathy), intra cerebral haemorrhage and other neurological symptoms of covid-19 not just by repertorization but through arsenic toxicity resarch studies



I have carefully reviewed many case histories of COVID-19 cases from many countries worldwide and my final opinion is as follows:

It is quite possible for homeopaths to get confused and suggest many remedies for the myriad variations of COVID-19 symptoms when the best suited remedy Ars. Alb. covers all.  Arsenicum Album is the only remedy that covers the “ailments from” + mode of transmission + season at the time epidemic started (in china) + modalities according to the nature of the virus + syphilitic miasm + chief complaints (respiratory symptoms) + GI symptoms + peculiar/queer/rare neurological symptoms in some patients with loss of taste/smell/hearing  + cardiac symptoms/complications + confirmation from toxicological research studies + rare complications like ANE (acute necrotizing encephalopathy) & intra-cerebral haemorrhage + past experience of the efficacy of Arsenicum Album in viral ILI (influenza like illnesses).

There may be some atypical cases needing other remedies for cure.  Some patients may need their constitutional remedy for cure. Nevertheless, hypothetically, Arsenicum Album appears to be the best suited genus epidemicus.

For best results: in case of the genus epidemicus it is preferable that the person is not already over-medicated with so many wrong remedies and multiple repetitions and the correct genus epidemicus [one single dose. given only once] is allowed to work undisturbed for 5 months.

I feel more comfortable with Dr Prafull Vijayakar’s approach of giving the perfect Similia in 200c potency (just one dose) in an acute case and just wait and watch.

See My Final Hypothesis Here:

PART – 6



Kolkata. INDIA








Manish Agarwala ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಗುರುವಾರ, ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 12, 2020



PART-2 and PART 3:

Analysis of Dr. Manish Bhatia’s analysis of Bryonia, and Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s analysis of Camphora as the Genus Epidemicus



(NO need to visit these links. Already covered in the narrative in PART-1 in the revised and updated presentation)



Unsubstantiated comments by prof vithoulkas on the genus epidemicus of coronavirus covid-19



PART – 5

Confirming arsenicum album as the hypothetical genus epidemicus remedy of covid-19 on the basis of uncommon peculiarities and toxicological research studies



PART – 6

Confirming the hypothetical genus epidemicus of covid-19




Re-confirmation and re-validation of arsenicum album as the hypothetical genus epidemicus of covid-19 on the basis of a rare neurological complication (acute necrotizing encephalopathy), intra cerebral haemorrhage and other neurological symptoms of covid-19 not just by repertorization but through arsenic toxicity resarch studies




Analysis of all new updates related to coronavirus covid-19




Please do not miss these updates and talks.

DISCLAIMER: this information is only for homeopaths and for private academic discussion amongst homeopaths only. please do not self-prescribe or self-treat yourself or treat anyone else on the basis of this talk or post or any post made by me on Facebook or on the basis of any other information anywhere in the social media. statements made by me are not endorsed by WHO or any other statutory, medical or govt body. please contact government authorities for official epidemiological forecasts and advisories. please consult your healthcare providers or local hospitals for proper professional treatment & advice specific for your case. please follow all government advisories/directives applicable to your locality including social distancing, isolation, lockdown, testing, quarantine, hygiene & all other safety measures.

About the author

Manish Agarwala

Dr. Manish Agarwala is a Classical Homoeopath based in Kolkata, India. He has studied at Burdwan Medical College and assisted the renowned classical homoeopathic master of Kolkata - Dr. Dhananjay Ray. He advocates the study and practice of Classical Homoeopathy in the old-fashioned way in the tradition of Hahnemann, Hering, Lippe and Allen and subscribes to the keynote method. He practices Vipassana Meditation in the Burmese tradition and sees medicine (Classical Homeopathy & Ayurveda) and meditation as a part of a holistic continuum. He has researched Buddha's teachings and J. Krishnamurti's teachings in-depth. He likes to writes prose and poetry in Hindi, English and Bengali on facebook and dabbles in creative arts in his free time. He may be reached at https://www.facebook.com/manish.agarwala.12 OR [email protected]


  • dear homeopaths,

    namaste from india.

    1. parts 1 to 10 of my entire research may be seen on my fb page.

    2. i will be posting a very important update within a few days. it will give irrefutable evidence from toxicology, virology, biochemistry & western medicine. it will be placed in NEW part 8. (the part 8 link mentioned in the article above is not working)

    3. i am preparing two downloadable .pdf files that contain all my research on covid-19 till date. kindly find these files in new parts 9 and 10 on my fb page after a few days.

    with regards to all,

    dr manish agarwala

    • I read your complete analysis and i found a bias towards infected from animal source a reason for selection, though I want to re emphasise that it is viral disease we are talking not bacterial.
      Arsenic album is good for putrifaction at any part of body which is rapid enough. Still if you see in totality Arsenic album can be used for allergic responses where hypersensitivity is present with increased immune response.
      Here we are talking about viral disease which always leads to lower TLC or poor immune response for first few days till it debilitates a person and hijacks its system.
      I would like you to study Ignatia and Sulphur which are best suited as genus epidemicus given in alternative doses minimum 3 doses each.
      Single high dose as preventive can lead be followed by many unwanted symptoms in patients who have constitution Opposite from Ars album.

  • इस बीमारी मे सबसे पॖमुख बात है, फेफड़ों का विनष्ट होना, इस रूबिऺॖक को कवर होना अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण है

  • Din this disease ghr PQRS is destroy of lungs is tha main rubric, and this is not considered in this article,

    • arsenic covers destruction upto necrosis and gangrene. please review my entire research including materia medica and toxicology references. more evidence in the final conclusive part of my research.

  • Dear Dr.Manish
    Your article is well researched one and derserves to be considered as a “Research on COVID_!( and applied Homeopathy to find a GE” It is in the letter and spirit of Hahnemann which stood vindicated today and ever. Look at the most advanced and researched subject of Serial Dilutions and and its efficacy advocates the line of homoeopathic treatment
    The analytical approach following Holistic methodology with PQRS and in depth exposition remedial features of Medicines bt differences based on the idiosyncrasy of each of remedies deserves highest appreciation to Scientifically and Artistically establishing the GE as Arsenic Alb
    This we prescribed from December 2019 as a preventive and curative to our hundreds of patients across India and overseas.It was prescribed as
    Arsenic Alb 30 2-2-2 tab for three days.Then one day a week

    Best Regards

    Dr.S.L.Patil Mumbai
    Practicing Homoeopath
    [email protected]
    Dr.Talwalkar Polyclinic Dadar and at
    Vihaan Multispeciality Hospital and Metro Hospital
    Navi Mumbai 410209

    • thanks for your good wishes, sir. dose is too frequent. frequent repetitions prevent us to see the miracles of minimum dose. 1 dose of SBL 200c given just once works for 5 months. i am a sensitive prover myself.

      • Dear Dr Agarwla,

        Congratulaton for your well researched article. So you are suggestin One dose of Ars Alb 200 as a preventive medicine for the current epidemic?

  • Dear Dr.Manish, you answered almost all questions related to different GE.Thank you very much for giving very clear picture of COVID19 and Arsenic Album, that will remove all the confusion related GE.


    attn: respected homeopaths who have taken interest in my research

    1. Please read the FULL version of my research on my facebook page accessible through the links given in my article.

    2. This is just a brief glimpse of my research! I have researched covid-19 from the perspective of classical homoeopathy and modern medicine (toxicology, pathology, biochemistry, virology and immunology) and i will be sharing my research with the medical community worldwide within a few days. Most humbly, you will find this research revolutionary. I have made a few surprising discoveries for the first time in the world. i have solved a few mysteries…

    3. AYUSH has given a proposal for clinical trial. last date is 1st MAY 2020
    the pdf file is not accessible at AYUSH wesbite at present. however, i had saved it. please download it from here: https://www.docdroid.net/MqjvT3f/ayush-pdf

    4. The delhi government has also issued an advisory about treating covid19 with homeopathy:

    5. i am looking for COLLABORATING PARTNERS WORLDWIDE WHO ARE READY TO DO PREVENTIVE AND/OR CURATIVE CLINICAL TRIAL ON THE BASIS OF MY RESEARCH. i will be sharing my thesis with the medical fraternity after a few days. if anyone of you, strongly agree with my findings – please join hands with me. we will work together under AYUSH umbrella.

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    6. Foreign collaborators may write to Ayush but, may not get funds from Ayush.
    I am ready to collaborate with any Government body or private institution or physician worldwide who has the required permissions for clinical trials. I do not need funds to co-ordinate/guide the clinical trials.

    7. My research will give the required theoretical background from the perspective of classical homeopathy as well as modern medicine with numerous reference citations. the dose and potency selection will be very classical. single remedy. single dose. only once. i am sure that the clinical trial, if done PERFECTLY will lead to great results and this will be the renaissance of classical homeopathy worldwide like never before.

    8. i pray for your support to uphold genuine classical homoeopathy. this will be for the benefit of humanity. it is a lifetime opportunity in many ways.

    9. i will be available for further interaction only after a few days. Those seriously interested in collaboration may please message me through my facebook messenger and mention their mobile number or email id or email me.

    10. time is very short. i apologize for not being able to discuss individual queries at length. i will be please to respond after 10-15 days at leisure.

    skeptics/trolls/troublemakers who don’t believe in homeopathy – please excuse. i am not interested in unproductive debates. similarly, i am not interested in people who wish to combine allopathy with homeopathy or want me to suggest a polypharmacy ‘formula’. only classical homeopathy please!

    11. please note that my request for collaboration is not with the intention of forming a group of my own or for self-promotion. my intention is to unite the wise homeopaths and uphold high quality classical homeopathy worldwide. we need to work together like ONE family.

    It is the spirit of Truth that tries to unite us all; but the father of Lies keeps us separate and divided – Dr Constantine Hering

    with warm regards

    dr manish agarwala

    STOPcovid19: International Group of medical doctors and classical homeopaths united against Covid19.

    • Excellent. Classical approach to homeopathic prescribing.
      May I have your ID mail ,please Dr Agarwala.

  • URGENT: those who agree with my covid19-arsenic-HIV research and can do clinical trials under AYUSH – please contact me ASAP with your email id/mobile number. last date of writing to AYUSH is 1 may 2020.
    i have completed my research. please download my entire research in 3 pdf files from links given below. (no need to read snippets from my facebook page)


    urgent attn: medical & research institutions involved in covid-19 research worldwide, journals/media/databases, learned medical experts, ATSDR (USA) and nobel laureate dr luc montaigner

    respected sirs,

    i have researched covid-19 from the perspective of classical homeopathy and western medicine (toxicology, biochemistry, virology, immunology, pathology and pharmacology) and am pleased to declare the following for the FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD:

    1) there is a strange similarity of symptoms between arsenic trioxide poisoning AND covid-19 AND HIV/AIDS. apart from usual symptoms that are common between all three – example of rare symptoms common between all three are: loss of taste or smell / acute necrotic encephalopathy or demyelinating encephalopathy / the very rare symptom of rhabdomyolysis. this is no coincidence.

    2) all the phenomenon related to covid-19 that have baffled scientists till date – can ONLY be explained from the perspective of arsenic / arsenic trioxide toxicity.

    [requesting the ATSDR toxicologists to review my research and confirm the sinister connection. their confirmation will compel the medical scientists to take my research seriously. for example – in covid19 cases it is not dyspnoea but, it is actually hypoxia and exactly as if mimicking arsenic toxicity and the doctors are mindlessly putting people on ventilators! If required, please involve FBI]

    3) genus epidemicus: i propose arsenic trioxide in potentized homeopathic form (arsenicum album 200c. potentized on K-tronic potentizer) as the preventive & curative remedy for covid-19 & HIV.

    4) no vaccine will be successful against HIV or covid-19. moreover, any forceful attempt to suppress HIV or covid-19 by any drug or vaccine will lead to severe antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) and/or a pandemic of viral diseases including HIV and/or an upsurge of tuberculosis & cancer. time will prove me right.

    5) i enclose my complete research in 3 .pdf files with this email. i have given enough evidence & reference citations in support of my statements.

    please download here:

    Genus Epidemicus Covid19.pdf

    Covid19 arsenic connection.pdf

    Arsenic HIV.pdf

    6) i will be pleased to work with any government or institution worldwide for further research confirmation / clinical trial / correct implementation of my genus epidemicus proposal.

    with warm regards,

    dr manish agarwala

    26 april 2020 and 27 april 2020


    Disclaimer : This information is only for medical professionals & Homeopaths and only for private academic discussion among the medical community. Any statement made here is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease even if it is stated so. Please do not self-prescribe or self-treat yourself or treat anyone else on the basis of any talk or post made by me on facebook or elsewhere or on the basis of any other information given by me anywhere. Statements made by me are not endorsed by WHO or any other statutory, medical or Government body. Please contact Government authorities for official epidemiological forecasts and advisories. Please consult your healthcare providers or local hospitals for proper professional treatment & advice specific for your case. Please follow all Government advisories/directives applicable to your locality including social distancing, isolation, lockdown, testing, quarantine, hygiene & all other safety measures for Covid19 and all other statutorily mandated official guidelines for the treatment of HIV/AIDS cases. This is a concept paper and needs to be confirmed through further research and clinical trials.

  • Dr Manish, Thanks for your pain staking research on Covid19.
    I do admit that Arsenic, bryonia, and gelsemium will be the primary remedies for uncomplicated Covid19 patients.
    For the complicated cases many other remedies will be needed. e.g. Phos, Lycopodium, lachesis ,merc Sol etc
    Nosodes are very good immunity booster. So we can think of Tuberculinum, Carcinosin, influenzinum as preventive remedies. Thank you again.

    • thanks for your kind words, dr mukherjee!

      however, it appears that you have not gone through my entire research work because, what you say is no where near my final conclusion.

      kindly download my entire research from these links:

      Genus Epidemicus Covid19.pdf

      Covid19 arsenic connection.pdf

      Arsenic HIV.pdf

      if there is any difficulty in downloading the files – please leave a message here. i will be pleased to email all 3 pdf files to you.

      a new update will also be uploaded within a few days.

      i thank you, once again, for your kind appreciation of my humble work.

      with warm regards

      dr manish agarwala

  • Thank you so much, Dr. Agarwala, for this important article on Covid-19. I’m not a doctor or professional homeopath, just someone who loves homeopathy and your research seems extremely thorough and convincing. I am putting my faith in you and am now telling my family and friends, here in the US, to have Arsenicum 200c handy in case they get the virus. Bless you for sharing such valuable information for the world to read.



    Kindly download my entire research from these links:

    A) Genus Epidemicus Covid19.pdf

    B) Covid19 arsenic connection.pdf

    C) Arsenic HIV.pdf

    D) covid19 new complications .pdf

    OR you may download the 4 pdf files from this German website:

    – dr manish agarwala

    Disclaimer: these papers are only for academic discussion among the medical community. please directly contact your health care provider & government authorities for treatment and advice specific for your case. read disclaimer as mentioned at the end of the research papers cited above.

  • Dr Ajit Kulkarni has also indicated Ars Album However Chronic remedies Sulphur , Lyco , Phos etc can also help if those have helped the patients in thepast

  • Bryonia is for who loves to sit at home in his secure environment. They have no problem in sitting for a prolonged time. Indeed movement is what could cause an aggravation, but movement also in the sense of “change”, which is an emotional problem, not really a physical one.

    Arsenicum is perfect for who fears contamination, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and tries to keep his fears under control by controlling his environment.

    But these are emotional problems, not related to a virus, but to the global situation arise from a deeper cause from within the collective subconsciousness.

    Gelsemium may be a good remedy for the common flu, but the covid-19 virus from the coronovirus family is a virus so common in all parts of the world and most times it can be found in people with a simple cold. Indeed this virus is everywhere. We don’t know the benefits of viruses in general yet, but science is discovering that as bacteria all viruses may have a beneficial function and may act as upgrade for our DNA.

    In contrast to the 1918 pandemic of the spanish flu, the covid-19 is a pandemic of fear. This needs to be taken in account for the genus.

  • There might be patients who are stoic and not restless then what can be the remedy provided all other symptoms are there ,


    1. Covid-19 Classical Homeopathic & Toxicological Genus Epidemicus Analysis




    – Dr Manish Agarwala

    Disclaimer: this is only for academic discussion among the medical fraternity. not for self diagnosis or self treatment. do not diagnose or start/stop/prescribe any medicine to yourself or anyone else on the basis of any statement made by me. please consult your health care provider for professional advice specific for your case. please follow all government rules, regulations, laws and advisories.

  • i will be authoring a 5th paper with new updates on all aspects of the covid-19 pandemic as soon as possible.


    dr manish agarwala

  • UPDATE as on 27 October 2021

    I have completed my thesis on Covid-19 and will be uploading it on researchgate as soon as possible.

    meanwhile, i have published a summary of my thesis on researchgate with new updates.

    Dr. Manish Agarwala


    Dr. Manish Agarwala


    disclaimer: these are concept papers. only for academic discussion amongst medical professionals. disclaimer cited at the end of the papers is applicable.

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