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Diseases of the Heart

Dr. G.H.G Jahr shares some remedies in common heart affections.

  1. Inflammations — In true inflammation of the heart (carditis, pericarditis) Acon 80th, as usual in a watery solution, generally accomplishes everything that can be desired, and, if no rheumatism is at the bottom of the disease, is often alone sufficient to cure the pericardial inflammation. If symptoms remain after Aconite, they yield mostly to Bryonia, Puls, or Belladonna If effusions in the pericardium set in, and Arsen. does not remove them entirely, Glonoin, Apis, Kali carb., Colchicum or even Lycopodium do a great deal more good than Digitalis, from which I have so far only derived a short, palliative improvement in cardiac affections, not much better than from Bromium and Iodine. For violent congestions of the heart, which sometimes precede an inflammation, Acon, is the first remedy, after which, if the former proves insufficient, Bell, Phosphorus, or Aurum may be depended upon. For cardiac inflammations consequent upon suppression of cutaneous eruptions, ulcers or foot- sweats, Sulphur or Arsenicum may prove effectual.
  1. Endocarditis, rheumatism of the heart. — If endocarditis is the result of a rheumatic metastasis, Aconite likewise helps in very many cases, but never as perfectly and reliably as in simple inflammation. Very often in such cases, we accomplish our purpose by means of. Belladonna, Bryonia, Pulsatilla or Spig, but I have treated a case of rheumatic endocarditis, with violent hemorrhage from the nose and mouth, where Aconite, Bell, and Bryonia quieted the heart’s tumult for a while, but allowed the haemorrhage to continue uninterruptedly, until I gave a dose of Phosphorus 30th, two pellets, which very soon effected a visible diminution of the flow of blood, after which a dose of Arsenicum completed the cure, whereas in the case of a girl who had had an attack of acute rheumatism every two years since her twelfth year, and whose heart had become affected during the third attack, Aconite, Bryonia, Belladonna, Cocc, Phosphorus, Lachesis and Spigelia remained utterly without effect. Colchicum very speedily broke the violence of the disease and improved it so that Bell, and Lach, easily removed the remainder. In more chronic cases I have administered Aurum with a good deal of benefit, likewise Calc, Arsenicum, Rhus t.
  1. Palpitation of the heart. — If the palpitation is caused by rush of blood to the heart, Acon, likewise helps in very many cases, or, if Acon, does not afford any relief, Bell, Nux v., Aurum or China, and likewise Arsen. and Sulph. will frequently remedy the trouble. If caused by debilitating influences, self-abuse, loss of blood, China and Ferrum Help. In the case of nervous, hysterical persons, more especially, Ignat, Cocc., Puls, on Phosphorus For chronic palpitation of the heart, beside Sulph., Arsenicum, Aurum, China, very often, Natr. mur., Phosphorus, Calcarea, Petrol, and Nitr. ac. For palpitation caused more particularly by going up an eminence, Sulphur and Nitr. ac, or even Thuja relieve sometimes. If it occurs especially at night, Arsenicum, Pulsatilla, Phosphorus; if after eating, more particularly, Carbo veg., Phosphorus, Lyc; if it is accompanied by great anxiety, Aconite, Arsenicum, Veratrum alb., Spigelia, Aurum, Pulsatilla; if by syncope, weakness, Arsenicum, Veratrum alb., Ignatia; by great dyspnoea, Aconite, Bell, Nux v., Phos,, Spigelia
  1. Hypertrophy of the heart. — In this disorder I have never yet seen decided effects either from Acon, Asparagus, or from Bism., Graphites, Kali hydr., Prunus or Verat alb. Pulsatilla, Calc, Spigelia, Arsen., Lye, Kalmia, have rendered me more than once excellent service. Dropsy resulting from inveterate hypertrophy has yielded in my hands to Lycopodium
  1. Aneurysm of the heart. — If the disease has not progressed too far, Arsenicum and Carbo veg. do more than any other medicine : Spigelia, however, has had a good effect in some cases.
  1. Valvular disease. — Before Hering published his article on Spongia, my attention had been directed to this remedy by one of our American colleagues. In more than one case of valvular disease I have had repeated opportunities of verifying the symptom pointed out by Dr. Wells:

“ Starting from sleep at night in fright, with fear of suffocation.” Even in a case of inveterate angina pectoris complicated with valvular disease, this remedy afforded considerable relief, although Arsenicum did more for the angina pectoris itself.  For thickening of the valves, Spigelia and Kalmia are very efficient remedies. Spigelia especially is excellent in thickening and ossification of any part of the heart.

  1. Cyanosis. — Digitalis is very useful in this disease, especially in the case of new-born infants. Sulph. and Calcarea are still better.

Altogether the remedies that have been recommended theoretically for heart disease, more especially Iodine and Digit. have disappointed me. These  two remedies in my hands had to be given in large doses and then had only a palliative effect. Hypertrophies were even made worse by them. Whenever I have seen these two remedies employed by homoeopaths in large doses I have been able to predict bitter disappointments

Excerpted from:  Therapeutic Guide: The Most Important Results of More Than Forty Years’ Practice, Personal Observations Regarding The Truly-Reliable and Practically-Verified Curative Indications in Actual Cases of Disease.  Dr. G.H.G Jahr

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George Heinrich Gottlieb Jahr

Dr. George Heinrich Gottlieb Jahr 1800-1875. Protégé of Hahnemann. His chief work, " The Symptomen Codex" and its abridgments, has been translated into every European language. He also published several smaller works for daily use, ''Clinical Advice" "Clinical Guide," and "Pharmacopoeia", as well as his "Forty Years' Practice”. Also "Manual of the Chief Indications for the Use of all known Homoeopathic Remedies in their General and Special Effect, according to Clinical Experience, with a systematic and Alphabetic Repertory."

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