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Homeopath Maja Letić shares her impressions of a webinar by Dr Jonathan Hardy, hosted by the Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a tremendous impact on every aspect of our lives, including learning. While waiting for it to pass, we stopped the world. However, life must go on, so we’ve started to adapt to the ”new normal”.

Not being able to attend traditional face-to-face seminars, and yet so eager to acquire new knowledge, we were delighted to join Dr. Jonathan Hardy’s webinar held 27-28 June 2020.

Dr. Hardy was supposed to give a lecture at summer school in Levoča but due to the new circumstances he did it on the Zoom platform. This enabled many people who otherwise would not have had such an opportunity, to attend it.

Seminars hosted by the Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy (SAKH) commonly bring together people from different parts of Europe, and sometimes even from the rest of the world. This time the number of participants was even bigger than expected. Dr Hardy, from his office, was teaching in English and it was simultaneously translated to Slovak, Polish and French.

Participants from Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Luxemburg, Brazil, Turkey, Morocco, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Serbia and England were listening to the lecture in English.

Participants were attracted by Dr. Hardy’s knowledge, clarity, systematicity as well as by the topic of the seminar itself : Carbon Remedies and Row 2 Of The Periodic Table. Remember for a moment Dr. Kent’s words – A man dies with an illness he was born with. In the light of these words, is there any more important topic?

The word constitution means the way someone is functioning and these questions are established in the second series of the periodic table: Are we ready to leave our comfort zone and face the world? Do we want to stay in the womb a bit more?

How do we feel about the first contractions in the uterus when we are going through the narrow birth canal and then breathe fresh air for the first time? Are we separated from mother on all levels or just the physical one? Insecurity, lack of enthusiasm, vulnerability, sense of invisibility – all of these are topics of the second series of the periodic table.

The Carbon element is the third-most abundant element in the Universe (following oxygen and hydrogen) and sixth on the earth. On the earth it can be found in four different forms: elemental carbon, pure organic chemicals, organic mixtures, salts of organic chemicals. It’s a part of more than 10,000.000 compounds. Its themes and topics are:

Confusion and mental weakness

Lost and disorientated


Sudden onset: ties in with the effect of anaesthetics which take effect in seconds

Isolation and feeling estranged

Value and worth




Infancy and birth

Exposure to petrochemicals

In this seminar Dr. Hardy covered a lot of remedies from cases presented both on video and paper. From Graphite to Adamas, we got an insight into feelings and sensations on the whole range of remedies.

He explained why patients scared of the coronavirus often need Camphor and what symptoms that remedy shows us. We are aware that there is too much plastic in the world, and at the seminar we saw the homeopathic picture of polystyrene and realized that some of our patients need exactly that remedy. It could soon be included in the polychrests.

Through studying the essence of a remedy, we  go deep into the theme of that particular remedy. The next step would be the theme of a group of remedies, carbonicums in this case, to get better insight into that remedy and the ones related to it.

In my practice I used this in a simplified way, by taking some other element which makes compound with Carbon and whose theme completes the picture of a patient. However, the element of Carbon is present in many compounds with different chemical elements and we can see its effect on the entire compound.

In this way, in addition to Graphites,  other remedies (eg.Adamas, Calc-c, Kali-c, Nat-c, Bar-c and Am-c) consisting of the carbon element come to our focus. Others are  Glonoinum (C3H5N309), Carboneum Dioxygenisatum (CO2), Polystyrene (C8H8), Chloralum (C2H3Cl302), Carbolicum Acidum(C6H6O), Camphor (C10H16O) Kreosotum (C8H10O2), Petroleum which has 6-16 of Carbons atom in its formula, Carbo-v, Carbo-an.

Knowing the themes of Carbon element and with this process of thought, every time I spot the theme of Carbon, I can expand my search of the remedy to the whole group of compounds it exists in; and with precise differentiation inside that group, I can find the suitable remedy for the patient.

Before the seminar Dr Vladimir Petroci, director of SAKH, forwarded to us detailed material for the Dr. Hardy’s seminar. After the seminar, he shared with us the link to video material from the seminar, expressing his gratitude for our participation and inviting us to the upcoming events, which we look forward to.

For many of us, learning this way is quite a new experience. We attended a lecture but were not physically present, did not see or hear others but knew they were there.  Our lecturer did not see his students and there were multiple channels and translators. We all wonder when we will be able to see others again, sit next to them, talk to them.  Still, we are all grateful that in these circumstances we found a way to connect.

Knowledge always has a way of finding those who are looking for it!

About the author

Maja Letić

Maja Letić was born in 1970 in Belgrade. After studying sociology and law, she acquired knowledge of gestalt psychotherapy in the Gestalt Studio "Belgrade". She graduated from the Homeopathic School "Simillimum" in 2011 and continued her ongoing education at SAKH (Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy). She published 17 articles in her country and abroad. Her work has been translated into several languages. In 2022 she was presented with the "Award for excellence in homeopathy" for Accomplishment and Years of Contributing to Hpathy and to the Homeopathic community. She is the founder of the AUDE SAPERE association, focused on the education and training of homeopaths. She cooperates with the Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

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