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Dr Mohinder Singh Jus –An Indian Legend

In Memoriam
Written by Rajiv Peres

Dr. Rajiv Peres shares memories of his teacher, mentor and friend, the legendary Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus.

Dr Mohinder Singh Jus

On 10th September 1947 Dr Mohinder Singh Jus was born into a family of artists at Delhi and wanted to become an artist as well. His father was also a hobby homoeopath. As a youth Dr Jus aspired to be a cricketer but destiny chose him to become a homoeopath. He considered himself to be very lucky to have personal instructions from Dr B.K Bose at Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College and hospital and graduated in 1968 with “Diploma of Medicine and Surgery”. Dr Jus completed his M.D (Hom) in 2010.He was one of Dr Bose’s favorite students. After completing his DMS and receiving blessings of his teacher Dr Bose, he returned to Delhi. In 1979 while his teacher was ailing in bed in a stuporous state, Dr Jus visited him and shook his teacher crying “This can’t be the state of the lion of homoeopathy.” Hearing this Dr Bose arose, placed his hands on the face of Dr Jus and replied “Shut up Mohinder”, Dr Bose asked Dr Jus to “Take care of Homoeopathy and give further what I have given you,” before passing away.

From 1969 to 1985 he had a private practice in New Delhi. He started practicing in a small way in the beginning and in a short time, his had a busy clinic. He had 120 patients a day. The clinic was crowded and often two patients sought his attention at one time. He would still make time to go to the slums in Delhi and offer his services for free every week. He gave prime importance to service before self. Dr Jus was also a spearhead in the HMAI Delhi branch. He was also lecturer at Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College. He was so famous that his patients included then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, Physician to the president, and top ministers.

In 1985 when Dr Jus decided to migrate to Switzerland, it was shocking news to all his colleagues, but little did they know that he was embarking on a new mission. Many of his friends called him foolish as he was giving away his running practice. Dr Jus did not get discouraged. He believed in sowing seeds in a new place and so he went to Switzerland and started his clinic with the help of a translator. At the same time, he began learning German. In a few months he got better than his translator. At that time the Swiss people had problems even pronouncing the word “Homoeopathy”. The only homoeopathy they knew were the mixtures from Schwabe and Reckeweg. At that time Dr Jus picked up the banner of classical homoeopathy and conducted many awareness programmes for the general public. In 1988 he established the SHI Homoeopathic Institute. His first batch of students from Switzerland were allopathic practitioners and they all had busy practices. He converted them to homoeopathy and homoeopathy flourished in their practices.

As Dr Jus became famous in Switzerland, he found the need to have more doctors to handle the clinics. In 1993 he founded the B.K. Bose Foundation and SHI Homoeopathic College in Zug, a small town near Zurich.  Hence, he founded the SHI college to train more homoeopaths. He devised a four and half year study programme. He wrote 3 volumes of Practical Materia Medica, and books on child types, and first aid and trauma. He started the quarterly magazine Similia.

He completed his External M.D in Homoeopathy from Muzaffarpur on the subject of Organon of Medicine. His examiner was Dr. Mahendra Singh the Great of Calcutta. Upon seeing Dr. Jus’s dissertation, he was so impressed that he told Dr. Jus that this work must be published in a book. Although Dr. Jus was master of Materia Medica he was greatly inclined to the Organon. He went all over Europe to lecture and give seminars on homoeopathy. He went to Poland even though the institution could not afford his travel. His life was based on charity and mission.

In his institution he has a museum dedicated to his teacher Dr B.K Bose where he has a rich collection of personal belongings Dr. Bose like eyeglasses, letters, clothes, a stethoscope, etc. He loved his teacher so much that he supported Dr. Bose’s younger sister in law, who took care of his teacher till the last. In Switzerland Dr. Jus convinced the municipality to permit him to utilize a triangular unused stretch of land in the vicinity of SHI and he converted it into a lovely homoeopathic medicinal garden. Most of the high profile officials were his patients. He erected a monument for Hahnemann which was always his favorite place in the garden.

Most of Dr. Jus’s life was dedicated to education and promotion of homoeopathy. As a teacher he was very skilled in the art of demonstrating case taking on stage. His penetrating observations earned him the reputation of arriving at the prescription just as the patient walked in and sat down. He would begin the case taking in such a way that everybody around him would be on the same page and could easily comprehend why the medicine was chosen. He would always summarize the case for his students. He simplified everything in homoeopathy, especially miasms. He organized and presented papers on Asthma, Arthritis, M.S, ADHD, etc. He spoke to his patients in such a gentle way that they would remember his advice forever.

I came to know this giant in 2003 when he signed a memorandum of understanding with my college, Shri Kamaxidevi Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital in Goa. I was in the first B.H.M.S and Dr Jus gave us a lecture on how proud we should feel to be homoeopaths. Later, I had the terrific opportunity to be his translator. Every year he visited Goa with his team of students, conducted bed side sessions, O.P.D’s, camps for the poor, and donated money for the underprivileged, and wheelchairs and other equipment to our S.KH.M.C hospital, Shiroda.

He was highly popular among patients and students as well as teachers. His O.P.D and camps would be so exhaustive that it would leave us drained. Dr Jus was energetic as ever, full of humour and always speaking with compassion. His encounter would be very short, hardly 5-10 minutes, but the impact it created remained lifelong. I recall an alcoholic whom the entire village hated, who changed his life completely after one prescription from Dr. Jus. He not only gave up alcohol but took up a job, later got married and lived happily. A patient who consulted him once would love him forever. He was the greatest influence to budding homoeopaths and changed almost everyone.

I remember a case of a 55 year old fisherman who was struggling with a fistula on the dorsum of the left foot. For six months several surgeon’s in Goa failed to help in healing his wound. The wound occurred when he had gone to collect crabs in a rocky region. When pressed on the dorsum, the wound would bleed in three places. Dr Jus saw the wound and talked to the patient. Two doses of Lachesis 1M were given. After 3 months the wound healed completely.

Another case was of a darkening toe in a diabetic with insensibility of the affected part. It was completely cured with a few doses of Carbo Animalis 200. A child of 7 years with cirrhosis of liver and ascites was greatly helped by him with Iodium LM1. He always had something in his repertoire for hopeless cases and nobody was disappointed who consulted him. He was known to use high potencies with utmost confidence. He needed no repertory, no book to refer to, as he knew it all in his head. Patients waited the whole year to see him. This year I had a patient who had horrible pains in the right shoulder which did not allow her to sleep at night. I tried some medicines and failed. I brought her to Dr. Jus and he prescribed Lycopodium 10M, 2 doses. In three days, her frozen shoulder was completely better and her range of movement returned.  Dr. Jus’s style of case taking was completely unique. At the start of her case he had asked her “Where is your husband?” She said he was working abroad so she had to bear all the household responsibilities alone. This aspect I had neglected during the earlier interview.

Dr. Jus demonstrated for us how to approach a case. Often, he saw our flaws in his O.P.D when we presented our failed cases. However, he never spoke of our mistakes in front of the patient. He believed that every person has his own role and every school has its own place, but he followed Kent’s teachings which were further modified by Dr. B.K Bose. He said that everything people suffer is for one’s learning and teaching. The most stubborn cases would resolve under his care and patients remained in remission for months and years. He showed us what a complete cure was.

He remained humble till his last. In 2008 Goa Homoeopathy College organized a National Homoeopathic conference on lifestyle diseases at which Dr Jus was bestowed the “B.K Bose Best Teacher Award”. Years rolled by and the association between the two institutions grew more than a decade old.

In 2018 Dr Jus decided to stop this intensive training program in Goa, however Dr Jus and his wife continued giving free services to the community. Dr Jus was like a father to me. He treated me when I fell ill, He motivated me while I was doing my M.D course and encouraged me when I was successful.  In February 2011, I was fortunate to receive ‘Best Teacher’s award’ from Dr. Jus’s hands offered by Shri Kamaxidevi Homoeopathic College and Hospital, Goa.

He was a skillful painter, musician, a trained classical singer, a talented good cook, awesome author and charismatic teacher.  This year Dr Jus came to Goa in February with his wife Martine and conducted camps and O.P.D as usual. Even after completing 50 years of practicing Homoeopathy he never sounded arrogant but announced that he was still learning. Dr. Jus did not want to go to his grave being the only man possessing these skills. Therefore, he personally trained the next line of homoeopaths in Switzerland for over three decades. He completed his mission on earth.

I remember him consoling patient’s who had lost their beloved one’s in the O.P.D. He said “You only think of your loss, think about their gain? Learn to be generous. God gave it to you but you don’t want to return back to Him what is His. He reminded them that life is not in our hands and that we all have to die, so why worry? How can we waste precious time fearing death, when we have so little time to live? He lived an extraordinary life and will be remembered for the way he lived. My great mentor Dr Jus left for his heavenly abode on 10 June 2019. The homoeopathic world lost a diamond.

About the author

Rajiv Peres

Dr. Rajiv Rui Viegas Peres M.D(Hom) Assistant Professor, Dept of Organon of Medicine, Aarihant Homoeopathic Medical College, Bhoyan Rathod, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Pin 382721 Received Best Teacher’s Award 2010-11, Received Hahnemann Award 2018, Received Excellence in Homoeopathy Award in April 2022, Active Member of H.E.R.I Mumbai.


  • I am excited to know the kind of people mother land has produced. born uin India, going to foreign countries without knowing their languages and managed to spread Homeopathy.
    I pray for Mohinder Singh Jas that God may bless his soul in peace.

    Hari Thandi
    Leeds, UK

  • Honored Dr. Rajiv Rui Peres,
    you have found such true words about our great und brillant common teacher Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus.
    I could not have said it better. Thank you so much for this.

    His light will acompany us on our homeopathic path.

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