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Dr. Ronald P. Marsh on the Conviction of James Feijo


: Dr. Ronald P. Marsh talks about the conviction of James Feijo for providing anti- cancer herbs.

Below is a letter Dr. Ronald P.  Marsh wrote to the Newport Daily News about the conviction of James Feijo for providing anti cancer herbs.

To the Editor:

In January The Newport Daily News ran an article titled, “Portsmouth businessman is sentenced to prison for selling unapproved drugs.”  It detailed the January 19 sentencing in Providence Federal Court of James Feijo, owner of Daniel Chapter One (DCO), in Portsmouth.  I am long familiar with this company and have recommended their products to patients.

In 2008 several small companies were attacked by the Government for offering traditional herbal remedies for cancer. Threatened with fines and prosecution for merely publishing information, over 130 companies either censored their message or closed….except for one.  Over 25 years, DCO collected hundreds of testimonies from cancer sufferers who used DCO formulas and emerged disease-free.  Defying the government, DCO chose to remain open. Soon after, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided their Portsmouth business, making off with customer lists and computer records.

The Daily News article mistakenly stated, “[Mr. Feijo] admitted he had sold drugs [which] had been approved by the FDA to treat cancer.”  But Mr. Feijo never said that.  In fact, DCO labels advised: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The court record shows the attorney reminding the judge that, rather than drugs, “Your honor, these were herbs and vitamins.”

In earlier testimony, clients of Daniel Chapter One came to describe their recoveries. Also, five expert witness doctors testified that there was “reasonable basis” for all information shared by DCO.  But the now-healthy DCO clients had come to Washington for nothing: they were blocked from speaking.  The prosecution never proved that DCO products ever caused harm and stated, “Mr. Feijo [said that] to his knowledge nobody was ever harmed by [DCO formulas], and the Government has no evidence to submit otherwise.”  Ironically, the prosecutor did not comment on the death and misery that result from conventional cancer treatments.

Daniel Chapter One succumbed in an uphill battle because natural cancer treatments are kept from public view.  A large database of cancer cures from common plants exists, but most doctors remain in the dark.  Even a “miracle cure” can be ignored and even suppressed if it fails to generate income.

Having served on the Rhode Island Board of Chiropractic  Examiners, I can attest that government oversight can be a good thing in protecting the public.  But it can be a bad thing when government agencies bed down with moneyed interests.  Citizens need to worry that—right here in Rhode Island—people who dare to give us vital health information are punished in order to assure the income of global Big Pharma.

About the author

Ronald P. Marsh

Ronald P. Marsh, DC graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1981. He opened a private practice in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in 1983 and has been there since. He offers hands-on chiropractic adjustments for the correction of nerve interference (subluxation). He co-founded Rhode Island Chiropractic Alliance in 2001, when the state legislature changed the legal language from chiropractic to “chiropractic medicine.” He felt the term was inaccurate and misleading, confusing the chiropractic profession with allopathic medicine. He served on the state Board of Chiropractic Examiners from 2005 to 2015. Dr. Marsh was elected Distinguished Fellow by International Chiropractors Association, the only national organization dedicated to keeping chiropractic drug-free and consistent with principles of vitalistic science.

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