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On Why Equals Do Not Heal

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Prof. Andrés Amado Zuno Arce explains why similars, rather than equals, act curatively.

We always accept the medical point of view that “similars cure” but do not analyze why equals do not heal, and as far as I know, this aspect hasn’t been studied. Here are my conceptualizations about this important matter. Let’s remember Master Hahnemann’s Organon: aphorisms 16, 247 and 272. “The Chronic Diseases” Pages 45 and 49. Here the Master mentions the influence of homeopathic remedies on the nerves. It is my luck to observe and explain that the brain​ reacts, thereby initiating curative programs processed precisely by that brain-computer, which is the governing body of the organism and the only one that can carry out all that it takes to mobilize the healing possibilities, resembling a computer.

The brain needs a different influence in order to react which is clearly shown in the sialotherapy. Indeed, saliva inside the mouth does not cure internal health problems of the oral cavity but, if it is removed for a few seconds and slightly transformed into a similar and then reapplied inside the mouth it produces cures, sometimes very quickly as in canker sores or teeth pain. Yes, sometimes these pains are eliminated in seconds. Why? The saliva is transformed into a similar when it is taken out of the mouth, which causes the brain to react to its influence when it reaches it through nerve endings (Hahnemann).  The brain needs a different influence in order to react, which is clearly shown in this sialotherapy example. If the influence is the same as the saliva inside the mouth, there is no reason to react, nothing changes. Why react? And the healing possibility is established by making the brain react with something different, a similar.

That said, the brain also reacts to the chemical influence of allopathic medicines, but its influence is not similar, but opposite or simply totally different, so that the healing reaction is not achieved. Similar ones influence brain areas in which are found the dysfunction that is the origin of the disease.

Jiri Cehovsky uses the patient’s own saliva after succussion, as he explains in his book, Get Well With Autopath https://www.amazon.com/Get-Well-Autopathy-Jiri-Cehovsky/dp/8086936325 .  In the USA Dr. Bruce Shelton  (http://www.drbruceshelton.com/) does the same. And here in México a few friends also use this method. 

The way in which the brain reacts producing healing is clearly explained in my free book:


About the author

Andres Amado Zuno

Andres Amado Zuno Arce is Associate Professor of the "Universidad Candegabe de Homeopatía" Argentina, and also of the "Escuela de Homeopatía del Instituto Hahnemanniano Internacional" also from Argentina. He is author of two books about homeopathy: "Homeopatía e Informática" and "Acupuntura y Homeopatía.

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