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Exploring The 7th Row Of The Mineral Kingdom: The Utilization of Uranium Nitrate in Cancer Cases

Sujit Chatterjee
Written by Sujit Chatterjee

Dr. Sujit Chatterjee discusses the 7th row of periodic table and the use of Uranium Nitrate in cancer cases. Two cancer cases are included to illustrate.

Edited By: Dr. Ruchita Shah, Armeen Jasavala, TOS publications team

As a continuation of the series of articles from the other song: International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy, here, we will explore the Seventh Row of the Mineral Kingdom (the Actinide Series) along with an illustrative case example from Dr. Sujit Chatterjee.

In Row 7, there is a very high sense of duty and responsibility, under which people feel overloaded, overburdened, pulled back, held together and confined. They feel as if under tremendous pressure and so there is then the desire to break free, break out, let go or let loose. There is a splitting of oneself (of heavy matter) into many, leading to destruction and disintegration. What comes out is only energy.

Characteristics of the energy that is referred in this row can be as follows:

  • It can either be minuscule or be immense and powerful.
  • It cannot be confined and is beyond control of man.
  • It can constructive or destructive, i.e. it can either make you or break you.
  • The power is not of matter or gold or king but that which is beyond humanity. It is like the power of a yogi or sanyasi, like the process from life into death, where the experience is of being detached and extremely isolated. Like Jesus who had the power to heal, where he could produce anything from nothing. Such is the power that is beyond matter, which has the highest respect in the world and which is beyond material possession and prosperity.

Additional Issues of Row 7

  • Issue of destruction and disintegration (Syphilitic miasm)
  • Apocalypse, catastrophe, great or total devastation of self and of the world around.
  • Extermination, disaster, decay and existential threat.

Key Words

  • Heaviness
  • Tremendous pressure
  • Letting go
  • Splitting up
  • Breaking loose
  • Energy
  • Overloaded
  • Confined and cannot be confined
  • Control
  • Containment
  • Infinite
  • Destructive/Constructive power
  • Bursting
  • Burst into thousand pieces
  • Explosion
  • Coming out
  • Gigantic energy
  • Radiation
  • Emanation
  • Penetrate
  • Fragment
  • Shining

Individual Elements of Row 7

  • Francium: The feeling is, “Can’t hold myself to exist; you do it for me.”
  • Radium: The feeling is, “I have to save myself from disintegrating, run for it.”It is the beginning, and they are quite clingy. (Fears in Radium are close to Baryta and Stramonium)
  • Actinium: The feeling is The feeling is, “Can I hold myself together?”
  • Uranium: Very high feeling of duty and responsibility. “There are multiple me’s, many of my own self; there was chaos.”

Differentiation with Row 6

  • In Row 6, it is still matter; it is whole and complete.
  • But in Row 7, the pressure is too much and then there is a breakdown. There is a desire and feeling that one should now cease to exist, should break up, should let go. What remains is the energy.

Differentiation with Hydrogen

HydrogenRow 7
Miasm: AcuteMiasm: Syphilis
The feeling is “I want to come to earth. I want to be grounded.”The feeling is “I am grounded, but I want to go high up, to break lose. Like a volcano bursting, gushing like water.”
Hand gesture: like a dam bursting open. Talks of energy and burst. Nothing more than ultimate and highest energy.
The energy is immense, powerful and beyond control of man.
It either makes you or breaks you.
Here the question is about ones’ existence. “Do I exist or not?”


Experience With Cancer Cases

The last several years, I have dealt with numerous cancer cases and have come up a conclusion that there are two types of cases we come across:

  1. TYPE I: Cases that come to you who are purely wanting homoeopathic treatment, i.e. by default they do not undergo surgery or radiation or chemotherapy.
  2. TYPE II: Along with surgery or radiation/chemotherapy the patients have a desire to take homoeopathic medicine. In such cases also Homoeopathy has a very important role to play.

Uranium Nitrate in Cancer Cases

I started using Uranium Nitrate to nullify the side effects of chemotherapy and in 90% of cases results were very good. I usually recommend one dose of uranium nitrate 30 before and after chemotherapy or LM potency (if frequent or prolong chemo is given ).

In Advanced Metastatic Cancer Cases, even though the patient was treated with chemotherapy, the actinides helped to prevent relapses and maintain vitality which can surely be counted as success as the patient feels so much better.

Cancer-related Themes from Uranium Nitrate Proving

  • Depressed and hopeless.
  • Also, positive attitude in life and cancer is not the end of life.
  • In a difficult situation feeling that there is nobody to help.
  • Mentally and physically exhausted, tired. Physically feeling that you are weak.
  • Splitting of oneself; self gets divided into many.
  • Too much overload, overburdened, piling of things.
  • I am detached from self. Chaos and confusion amongst so many me n
  • Fear of major, incurable, terminal illness; fear of cancer; this is the end.
  • Something pulling back, held together, confined under lot of pressure and the opposite feeling is floating, letting loose, free.
  • Bursting, breaking loose, letting go. Like a volcano bursting, like a dam bursting. What comes out is energy and not material.
  • Energy: Very powerful, gigantic and huge. Destroy; no control.
  • Energy – not energy of matter. Not power of matter/gold/king. But like power of a yogi or sanyasi (saint). Just energy, spiritual and dynamic.
  • Energy: constructive and destructive.
  • Power beyond humanity.
  • Dreams and fear of major, terminal, incurable illness e.g. Cancer of brain etc. But in the end they were positive for recovery and no pessimism (opposite state of what we see in cancer patients).
  • Dream of being about to die or he got shot from behind in a war, and feeling that his daughter should not miss him.
  • One prover said Cancer patient is depressed and hopeless. Positive attitude in life and cancer is not the end of life.
  • One had a dream that nearby a lakeside, a crowd film actresses. Diyamirza jumped in lake, we were scared because she doesn’t know swimming and she would drown. She knew and could come out and nobody was there to help her out.
  • Mentally and physically exhausted, tiredness is intense. Feeling is physical, you are a weak.
  • Dream of major, terminal, incurable illness Ca. of brain etc. But in the end they were positive for recovery,no pessimism. Fear of incurable diseases like T.B/ chronic disease. Fear of CANCER.
  • Intense dream of one prover is that Kargil or Kashmir full of snow. We are in train, suddenly opposite side finds us After shooting few of my soldiers,someone shoots me behind twice. I am about to die. Thinking of daughter that she shouldn’t miss me.

Mind Rubrics

  • Fear of cancer, major illness and incurable disease
  • Anxiety about health
  • Delusion about to die
  • Dreams of blocks on the way
  • Dreams of being packed in a drum
  • Incurable
  • Old age and terminal disease

Key Themes

  • Religious
  • Responsibility
  • Heaviness or Lightness
  • Weakness
  • Confined and letting loose
  • Beyond control or Chaos
  • Gigantic huge energy
  • Constructive and Destructive
  • Enjoyment
  • Surprise
  • Stand above


  • Energy : Full of energy, burst open, gushing like a water, gushes with a force like a sudden volcano bursting out, lot of activity, flowing out, going out, breaking to come out. Like opening of a dam. Energy suppressed over a period, surge of energy coming out (HG). Feeling block of natural flow. Want to rush out with full force, powerful, nothing can stop it, nothing beyond that. Ultimate energy. Nothing else came close to it, it stands out. Heat energy, highest energy. Nothing can conquer. It can destroy. Heat energy activity like a lava comes out.
  • Multiple one person:3-4 images one person in 3-4 places, seeing multiple images of self or friend. (Interestingly exactly the same thing happens in cancer, a similar kind of cell division by mitosis and meiosis)
  • Dreams of multiple, fighting against the clone:


Prover G:

  • Multiple of me. Many of my own self. Arguing with them 4-5 myself, I woke up confused – very funny to see 5 of yourself.
  • Very amazing we are having friendly banter. We were discussing a thing.
  • No malice no negative emotions.
  • All were dressed similarly, hairstyle similar. There were 5 of me. This I found fascinating, chaotic (confusing, so many of yourself)
  • Amazing feeling – How many more are there like this.


Prover B

  • I was passing through a park, a boy very thick fat extremely black wearing a bag, handle of which was passing through the lamp post. (the boy was) extremely thick and fat.
  • Suddenly 2-3 more boys totally like him totally black around him trying to imitate him. What strikes me the most, all extremely black. I am wondering why they are so black. As I am observing one of them, he says “we are all cancer patients.”
  • There is some blood lying on side. There is a fair girl standing few feet away and observing the girls, feeling she was amazed totally, out of nowhere this has come up. What are these people doing here? Different kind of motion exercise (HG). First boy then suddenly 2-3 boys .They were pitch black, coal black as if discolored.

Jeremy’s Plutonium Nitrate Proving

About the author

Sujit Chatterjee

Sujit Chatterjee

Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, is a classical homoeopath practising in Mumbai the last 27 years. His knowledge of converting patients’ understanding into Rubrics is unique. He has also conducted provings of several known as well as new remedies such as Chocolate, Camphora, Pipal (Ficus religiosa), Banyan (Ficus indica and Uranium nitrate. He has also made brilliant use of the 50 millesimal potency in his practice. Dr. Sujit is a senior consultant, an esteemed faculty member at the other song and has rich and varied clinical experience in treating several cancer cases with excellent results.


  • Besides Uranium Nitrate in 30 potency, we have Radium 200 which is also very effective especially after Radium treatment.
    I have saved many cases by administrating Radium 200 before and after radiation.
    However, one has to address the totality of symptoms in every case and this requires mastery of symptom analysis and assessment. In cancer cases of stage 3 and 4 even the similimum may require support from some other therapies. The first one is ‘Detox’. This is a subject requiring great expertise. In cases of constipation, detoxing works well. In cases where there is an abundance of lose motions it is perplexing and requires ‘probiotics’ and use of enzymes to support the digestive system. the next is ‘Nutrition’. This has to be tailor made yet there are some famously tried and tested protocols like Dr Max Gerson and others. We must take support from both detox therapy and the nutrition. In addition, I found some other measures pertaining to exercise and specific life-style changes. First and foremost is ‘Oxygenation’. This involves frequent deep breathing and drinking purified water. Herbal Shops keep liquid oxygen to be given 15 drops diluted in half glass of water depending upon the need. Begin from once daily and go up to thrice daily. Next is early morning sun exposure for say 20 minutes with sublingual Vitamin D3 spray. The patient must be encouraged to stand on the ground barefeet if possible. This measure will give him/her electromagnetic radiation. Support to the cellular structure is also essential as the mind becomes unable to govern in the usual degree and needs support from the cellular side to a fair degree before it can take over the control of the immune system. It would be a beneficial step to administer 12 tissue salts given diluted in purified water to every case for cellular support. Finally, the psychological aspect also needs to be attended and simply homoeopathic medicine may not do the work because it is no secret that a mental remedy given even in high potency can be wiped out should the patient experience high emotion. I know a case in which progress diminshed considerbly each time a relative visited the patient and made adverse remarks which upset the patient. We had to ask the relative to stop visiting. The patient definitely needs tender care and support and a lot of venting of the feelings besides the similimum.
    Not yet the end…
    Hameed Alwi

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