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Feedback from Sept 2017

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Feedback letters from the September 2017 issue of Homeopathy 4 Everyone.

From: Interview with Dr. A. Dwight Smith – 1885-1980 (practiced homeopathy for over 56 years)


I had the real pleasure and honor of meeting Dr. Dwight Smith. I remember one story about him that I consider to be quite amazing. During World War I, he served as a physician who treated American troups. Due to limited space for baggage during the war, he was able to take a bag of homeopathic medicines in only ONE potency…he preferred taking 10M remedies only! That itself is quite amazing and impressive!

Dana Ullman

Thanks for that anecdote Dana! You met an exceptional homeopath, a link in history whose own connections went back to the earliest days of homeopathy. And now you are part of that link. Thanks for all the work you do for homeopathy.

Alan V. Schmukler

From:  A Case of Morphinum –  Katharina Riedener-Brunner

My thanks to the author for sharing a very nicely worked case.  There’s much to be learned here.

Martin Earl

From:  Multiple warts in a 6 year old boy – Dr. Jaya Srivastava.

Multiple Warts in a 6 Year Old Boy

Thank you for this interesting case study on Thuja. Since the boy was “very active, excited, impatient, easily angered, and short-tempered,” I’d like to know if these symptoms disappeared also.

Linda S.

Thuja did help with his anger and temper as well. He also had started enjoying jokes, (selected a book of jokes from book-shop which was unlike him before), making pranks. He gets angry now also but not so quick and also not so intense and is able to analyze the situation and find a way out.

Jaya Srivastava

From:  A Case of Morphinum  -Katharina Riedener-Brunner


Thank you. Very clinically useful case!

Lucy Vaughters

From:  Tips & Secrets  – Alan V. Schmukler

Tips & Secrets – Sept 2017

Dear Sir,

Your selection of tips always gives us some new addition to our knowledge .This time I have learned that Lycopodium is used not only in ‘desire for sweets’ but also in ‘ aversion to sweets ‘.


Dr. C.S. Gupta

Alan thank you for sharing such precious knowledge. Warm regards from Skiathos Greece.

Vicky (Vasiliki) Zora

From:  Tidbits 50–Repertory Round-Up, Part-4 – Elaine


Cases most often fail because of mistakes in basic concepts. Thank you for your unique and down to earth way of explaining ideas and methods in homeopathy.

Alan V. Schmukler

Elaine thank you so much for sharing with us such a deep knowledge. You are precious to all of us. Warm regards from

Vicky – Skiathos Greece

From:  HRT Withdrawal Support Strategies for Homeopaths  – Lynne Russell


It’s clear that Lynne Russell is a consummate professional and her excellent guidance comes from long practice.

Martin Earl

From: Is Homeopathy Quackery – The Theory of Dilutions – Ron Harris

Is Homeopathy Quackery – The Theory of Dilutions

An excellent dissertation that shall serve homeopaths well in scientific circles.

Prof. John McDonald

From: Cartoon – Alan V. Schmukler

Wish it was this Easy!

Such a funny cartoon and so true…


From: Soul of Remedies – Fluoric Acid – Dr. Rajan Sankaran

Dr. Sankaran composes materia medica with chemistry and social ethic in his book “The Soul of Remedies”

Behzad Zamani Moghadam

I’ve used Flour Acid 200 for acne in most of my patients and all have been reported to cure completely. It always helps to cure scars if any after being cured of acne.

Asit Kumar Chatterjee

From:  Homeopathy Crossword


I look forward to your homeopathy crossword puzzles each month!

Martin Earl

From:  A Brief Cough Case and Comments on Repertorizing – Dr. Neha Rajput

A Brief Cough Case and Comments on Repertorizing

Great job Dr. Rajput

Dr. Rashmi Tejwani

From: Clinical Experiences of Some Lesser Known Remedies  – Dr. Harold Fergie Woods -(1883-1961)  Dr. Harold Fergie Woods was a Board Member for The National and International Anti Vaccination League in 1929 and 1952, and a member of The London Society for the Abolition of Compulsory Vaccination.

Clinical Experiences Of Some Lesser Used Remedies

Nice. Thanks for sharing this article.

Dr Shaikh Shamsur Rahman.

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