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Follow Up of a Multiple Sclerosis case

Written by Domenic Stanghini

Homeopath Domenic Stanghini shares an update with lessons he’s learned while treating this case of multiple sclerosis over the last four years. A key lesson was not to change the remedy or potency as long as it’s working.

This is a 4 year follow up of a Multiple Sclerosis case first I shared here at this link: https://hpathy.com/clinical-cases/reversal-of-multiple-sclerosis-in-a-woman-of-53/#comments

First MS attack was on 3/26/2017. A normally functioning client slowly became a quadraplegic within 5 days, spent 4 months in hospital and after 2 years returned to work full time having reversed MS symptoms by about 95% using exclusively Gelsemium. These are some of the things that have been tried since the last article, 08/2019, and other insights for assisting those with MS. There have been no MS relapses since the first MS attack over 4 years now.

Sept/2020, 57 yr old Woman with MS doing wonderful on Gelsemium 200c, dry dosing. For the last 2 years complains of some of her symptoms increasing and not feeling that Gelsemium is working as much lately.

Past MS symptoms have increased, heaviness of hips, legs, internal heat at night, irritable, MS hug or band in the chest area has returned, back pain, shaky hands, weakness in hands, heaviness in legs, tightness in pit of stomach, dizziness, balance issues.

I retake the case using the present sx, Picric Acid is clearly indicated based on the mental/emotional and physical symptoms. 6c, 12c, 30c potency were tried, at 1x/2x/3x a day, and eventually aggravated all her symptoms with a return of old symptoms in greater intensity and no relief as time went on. “MS hug” came back with a vengeance, stomach issues returning similar to the gallbladder attack that happened the past couple of times in the last several years, back pain, shaky and trembling hands, irritability, some vertigo.

This experimentation with different potencies of Picric Acid lasted for 30 days with no improvement and lots of aggravations. Upon stopping the Picric Acid, the aggravation stopped with the client returning to normal. By the end of 10/2020 restarted Gels 200c once a day and things returned to the old progress and no homeopathic aggravations.


  • In a chronic case of MS when it appears the client has benefitted from a remedy do NOT be quick to retake the case on the presenting symptoms of the case. Stay with the present remedy.
  • Consider giving sac lac for a short period and then restart the Chronic MS homeopathic remedy that was working.
  • Have them keep taking their homeopathic remedy but to work on present day stress and find solutions for that. It would seem that sometimes it is not the homeopathic not working but it is the HIGH stress that is making the symptoms worse, so changing the remedy is a big mistake. Stay with the present remedy.
  • Consider an additional dose of the remedy but then stop it once the life issue resolves.
  • Refer them to a therapist for any present issues they are not able to solve.
  • Remind the patient of their chronic condition and the time it took to get dis-eased so patience is needed to reduce it.
  • Homeopathic practitioner needs to be patient as well.
  • Jan/2021 Combo urinary remedy was tried to see if it would reduce urinary frequency but only served to aggravate symptoms. Patience needed
  • March/2021 Some MS symptoms of heaviness were increased and bothered client, more tired, more tightness. Increased Gels 200c to 1M but over the next several weeks got more aggravated. The Gels 1M really seemed to make her more tired at lunchtime and her eyes got more droopy. Going from Gels 200c, 2x a day to Gels 1M once a day has not helped but she did say that she felt more confident going down the stairs. Continue to use the homeopathic remedy that is working and do not be tempted to change it.
  • April /2021 tried Gels 200c 3x a day and the urine stream became stronger but overall seemed to make things slightly worse and she was functioning better with the Gels 200c twice a day only. Keep to the potency and frequency that was working and do not change it.
  • May 2021 there is some philosophy from the Edgar Cayce information that Gold is reduced from the chemistry of MS patients. I suggested Aurum Mur 3x but only ended up aggravating the symptoms again. Continue to use the homeopathic remedy that is working and do not be tempted to change it.
  • May 2021 Gels 200c, 3x a day really did not improve the client at all; she felt she functioned better at twice a day so that is what the client returned to.
  • Patients do NOT always tell you the truth of what is going on within themselves and always want the silver bullet of a homeopathic remedy to save them. A homeopath needs to discern what the STATE of the client is in or what needs to be cured. Lots of clients HIDE the truth of what is going on within themselves so that they do NOT have to face the TRUTH of their responsibility in their healing.
  • As Roger Morrison states in Desktop Companion, and I completely agree after having gone through this experience:
    • ”if you see clear signs of improvement in general energy or on the psychological level, be very hesitant to change the remedy, even if the physical symptoms do not change significantly”.
    • “When the remedy is clear, no matter the speed of the health condition reversal, do not attempt to change the remedy for another most similar one”. 
  • George Vithoulkas on page 2401 of his Materia Medica Viva states that “Gels is the main remedy we give when we hear that a person is experiencing fear, trembling, and an internal sense of paralysis in anticipation of various events such as …””the fear of facing external stress is unbearable, and central to the Gelsemium case”.
    • The point that I am trying to make is that even when the client has some new issues with MS and you think that you need to change the remedy based on the presenting symptoms, keep in mind that the ORIGINAL STATE of MIND that initiated the Multiple Sclerosis has NOT Changed substantially. To change to another Rx, that you think is a most similar remedy, is NOT addressing the reason why the client has become diseased in the first place and will lead to aggravations.


After 4 years of using Gelsemium 200c, twice a day, it continues to be the best remedy, potency, and frequency. The MS symptoms continue to have been reduced by 95% from the first and only MS attack that left her a quadriplegic. She puts in daily a full day of 8 hours of work and when tired some of the MS symptoms return but a good night’s sleep and a second dose of the remedy in the evening does put things back to normal.

No MS relapses in 4 years and a near complete reduction in symptoms as described in the first article. No disease modifying drugs were ever taken and cancer drugs were refused as well. This client simply took Gelsemium about 14 days after her first MS attack, as well as supplements, physiotherapy, changed attitudes, reduced stress, learned life lessons, and the symptoms reduced dramatically within 2 year.s Four years later she has still maintained the results with no MS relapse even after returning to work full time.

See repertorization charts below:

About the author

Domenic Stanghini

Domenic Stanghini (DiHom(Pract), CGP, C.E.A.S.E (Pract) has been involved with homeopathy since 1994. He received a Homeopathic Practitioner diploma from the British Institute of Homeopathy in 2011.


  • Hi Domenic,
    I read your original article ‘Reversal of Multiple Sclerosis in a Woman of 53’ and this follow-up, and I have concerns about the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. The extremely rapid onset of progressive symptoms leading to complete paralysis within 5 days, in a patient with no prior medical issues or history of neurological symptomology, is entirely characteristic of Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). Whilst both MS and GBS are similar in that they are both classified as autoimmune diseases and they both affect the myelin sheath, they affect different types of myelin. MS is a disease of the central nervous system. This includes the brain and spinal cord. GBS is a disease of the peripheral nervous system (the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord). MS does not cause a sudden and catastrophic paralysis of the respiratory system requiring lifesaving intubation and ventilation, such as occurred with your patient. This does however occur in 22% of patients with GBS.
    You say in the original article that a diagnosis of MS was ‘cautiously suggested’. In my respectful view, there is a likelihood that this was a misdiagnosis, and your wife was actually suffering from Guillain Barre syndrome. This also accounts for your wife’s progressive recovery, since damaged myelin of the peripheral nervous system regenerates more effectively than that of the central nervous system. The good news, if there has been a misdiagnosis, is that a GBS event – though catastrophic – is usually a one-off, and patients usually recover fully – unlike MS sufferers, who often experience ongoing symptoms and flare-ups.
    I do emphasise that none of this detracts from your homeopathic treatment, which was based on presenting symptoms and not a medical diagnosis. No doubt your wife’s excellent recovery has been greatly facilitated by your treatment. I also have treated two GBS cases, which responded very well to prescriptions that included Gelsemium, Causticum and Arnica.

  • Hi Peter. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I do appreciate it. The Doctors did take weeks to settle on the Diagnosis and were confounded at the beginning due to the severe symptom progression. Lumbar puncture + cervical and brain lesions is what confirmed it to them. It is quite possible that the Diagnosis was wrong and is in fact EBS. I constantly asked the Doctors if it was possible it was a virus or other thing but they seemed to settle eventually on MS. We often talk that maybe it was something else as NOT many MS patients have recovered as my wife, though I have another MS Px that has recovered very well and will write up the case shortly. My wife has NOT fully recovered. She says that most of her MS symptoms are 95% gone and she is able to work F/T and appears otherwise normal. Her Neuro says she does not have MS though that is incorrect as Sx come when tired but leave with the Gelsemium. However, during moments when she gets tired heaviness in legs, swallowing issues etc creep up and she knows its time to rest and does not overexert past that point. As for flares. She has had none but has done a tremendous amount of work with reducing stress, solving lessons, coming up with other approaches to attitudes and life and we think that has prevented a flare up! For Her Gelsemium and Arnica have allowed her to return to work and do a full day whereas most MS Px find it hard to reduce their symptoms. I have another case on ms I will send in soon that is another remarkable recovery. Thanks so much for your comments I enjoyed every single one!

  • Hi Domenic,

    Congratulations for your great case and excellent therapy. Marvellous!

    No matter what we call it, multiple sclerosis (MS) or Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), that is just a classification of conventional medicine. What is important are the symptoms and correlations.

    I would have only one question about your case: When did your patient last receive vaccinations BEFORE MS and which ones? It would be nice if you could tell me something about this.

    Joachim-F. Grätz

  • Hi Domenic,

    sorry for writing back publicly. But this is very important for everyone, I think.

    You replied to me by e-mail that the patient received her last vaccinations a few years ago (4 or 5). Thank you very much for this info.

    I would like to assure you that in the case of severe illnesses, vaccinations must still be taken into account, even if they occurred a few years ago, because vaccine damage may still show up.

    These damages can appear
    • immediately after vaccination
    • after days
    • after weeks
    • after months or
    • even after a couple of years (e.g. PPS – PostPolio Syndrome – after 15 years!).

    And there is no such thing that severe diseases as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or Guillain Barré Syndrome (GBS) appear just like that – i.e. without cause – out of nowhere! Here Hahnemann’s chronic miasms are at work, and these can be be reinforced or even additionally set by vaccinations, as is known.

    These miasms must now be removed step by step by means of chronic, anti-miasmatic homeopathic treatment.

    The fact that miasms are present and active in your patient is also clearly shown by the two gallbladder attacks, which speak for themselves and which are by far more serious than a flu-like infection, for example.

    In the present case, the situation is similar to Hahnemann’s before he wrote his “Chronic Disaeses”: his well-chosen remedies did not work so well over time, and he had to realize that his patients got the same health problems again and again, but the medicines, which helped well before, did not do so well anymore.

    For more details please see GENTLE MEDICINE (https://www.dr-joachim-f-graetz.de/THE-book, with a table of contents, etc.) – with many case studies of severe chronic diseases of our time.

    Thank you very much for your attention, and please – dear Domenic – this is not a criticism of you or your therapy. Not at all. That was ingenious and very good. This should only be a small collegial hint to possibly continue anti-miasmatically.

    I wish you and your patient continued success.


  • Hello Dr. Gratz
    Thanks for being patient and taking the time to reply and sort through the tech issues. I think the comments will help not only myself, this case, but for others down the road that are either treating MS or experiencing MS and are looking for ideas.

    The vaccines given to this Px were Adacel [TDAP] 2019, Tubersol 2019 & 1/2017, Vaxigrip 2012, AgriFlu 2011, Polio Vax [IPV?] 2010. Date of first MS attack was 3/25//2017. Again, Thanks for your insights and pointers. It is true that the 1st MS attack appeared out of nowhere. However, there was a tremendous amount of stress for 2-4 yrs before 2017 MS attack. There was some respiratory Sx a few months before 2017 that the Px could not get rid of that the Doctors dismissed. Upon reviewing your post, and I THANK YOU for them!, it would seem that the most offending Vax was the Polio Vax. We are not sure what TYPE of IPV was used or from what company as nothing was noted in the Vax file other than Inactivated Polio vaccine.

    I do believe that you are right that Hahnemann’s Chronic miasms are at work. Being happily complacent at 95% reversal of MS and doctor stating that Px did not have MS anymore left me stagnant and not pushing for a complete cure as most of my MS Px rarely get to this level of MS Reduction of Sx. However, after your comments, I feel inspired to try a POLIO detox + anti-miasmatic treatment.

    It would seem to me that there are 2 miasms active and intertwined. The Psoric Miasm + Syhphillitic Miasm seem to be at work in this case. The Syhplilitic Miasm seems to be the predominat Miasm with a genetic inheritance of this Miasm, > cold drinks and food, nightly agg plus other Syphillitic issues.

    Anti-Miasmatic treatment is surely indicated + Polio Vax detox. Reasons being the great stress the Px was under in 2017 and years before that indicated that the Syphilitic Miasm was active way before the onset of MS attack. Polio Virus could have laid dormant much like the chicken pox virus remains dormat and then shows up with Shingles and in this case the Polio virus could have been dormant [from the Polio vax] and then due to the Extreme stress in the Px could have manifested with the disease label, MS, in 3/2017. These are all theories and of course Anti-Miasmatic treatment along with Vaccine detox will be considered to move this case towards a cure. I will surely post an update when and if these are implemented.

    It is clear that the Gelsemium remedy is clearly working but not CURING completely as the MS symptoms come back again and again when TIRED. It does lend to the theory of a block, Miasmatic or Vaccine/Drug induced. Thanks for the link to your Book and it does seem Very Insightful with Amazon carrying it! I do think that you are correct to push me to a Miasmatic direction AND I also think a Polio detox may be needed once the results of the Anti-Miasmatic treatment are clear.

    I am very curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for your thoughts, patience, & persistence with Tech issues, and willingness to help with this Case.

    Thanks so much for all your comments. God Bless everyone in the Healing of others!

  • Hi Domenic,

    Here now a short answer to your last remarks.

    You wrote: “The vaccines given to this Px were … Tubersol 2019 & 1/2017…” and “Date of first MS attack was 3/25/2017…”

    Sic! 2017‼ – A vaccination 2 months before the first MS attack! This is not “out of nowhere”. There’s a clear vaccination connection, or what do you think?

    Vaccination elimination by means of vaccination nosodes works only very rarely and is not really homeopathic. Such remedies are NOT tested on healthy people. We do not know their spectrum of action. Here is a quote from Dr. Henry C. Allen, Professor of Materia Medica at the Hering Medical College and Hospital (1892-1909) and author of the comprehensive “Materia Medica of Nosodes”: “It is folly, then, to expect to treat symptoms with its nosode, and the folly is the more apparent when we realize that the character of this nosode is essentially changed in the process of potentizing. The only way, therefore, to use a nosode is to prove it on the healthy like any other drag, and note its symptoms in the regalar way.”

    Incidentally, vaccinations cannot be selectively eliminated. Vaccinations amplify the miasms or add new ones, so that chronic anti-miasmatic therapy is necessary. Vaccinations are then inevitably included.

    Regarding follow-up remedies to vaccinations and rubrics, please read my paper «Remedies for “Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI)”», just up to date in “Homeopathy 4 Everyone”:

    The main follow-up remedy to vaccinations at present is Medorrhinum. See my book “Gentle Medicine – The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health ” with all its casuistry (see the table of contents: https://www.gentle-medicine.com/2021/09/24/toc-table-of-contents/).

    I think your MS case is a sycotic one with additional tubercular load, as shown by the few symptoms mentioned. But actually one would need a medical life history with all passed diseases, treatments, vaccinations etc. to be able to judge the total context. For more details, please refer to my work “Gentle Medicine”.

    In chronic cases, I therefore work with a specially developed homeopathic anti-miasmatic questionnaire. This way the patient can prepare himself and knows approximately what is important for the homeopathic anamnesis. See: https://www.tisani-verlag.de/homoeopathic-questionnaires

    With such severe chronic diseases as MS it is advisable to work with the gentle LM-potencies (Q-potencies). This is gentler and more profound. In addition, one can act and react individually better, if something goes well or less well, or also make acute intermediate treatments, without having to interrupt the cure. (see also the casuistry in “Gentle Medicine”)

    Domenic, I don’t want to sell you anything here, really. But I think it is very important to deal intensively with the treatment of the 5 miasms before making decisions. At this point please allow me to quote a small reference to my book by Francis Treuherz, an internationally known homeopath from London: “This is one of the longest, most intense and rewarding books I have ever read. It should be read and studied by all: students and teachers, newly qualified and veteran homeopaths alike.” (Excerpt from Francis Treuherz’s review of the book “Gentle Medicine” in “Homeopathy 4 Everyone”, May Issue, 2021:

    I hope to have helped you a little and keep my fingers crossed that everything will be fine again.


    • Dr Gratz.
      Thank you so much for your comments. It is surely plausible that there is a vaccination connection. It would seem that chronic anti-miasmatic thereapy is necessary. There was a steady persistent cough right after the Tubersol and 2 months later the only MS attack. I did read your paper and those are some interesting rubrics. Of note that Gels fits in that rubric set and probably why, among many reasons, that it has helped so tremendously. I will investigate Medorrhinum remedy among others. I do see a Mixed Miasmatic case and will move slowly forward when I feel it is appropriate. I have already ordered your book and should be here this week. Before doing anything I will do a deep dive into Miasms & Vaccinations and orient myself to this possibiity. It is true that 4 years later Gels has taken the patient to 95% MS reversal but not to cure so a change in thinking is wise. Thanks so much for your insightful comments. When and if I have something positive to say I will do a Follow up but probably will not be for 4-6 months. All the best

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