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Gemmotherapy: A Primer for Homeopaths

Written by Lauren Hubele

Homeopath Lauren Hubele presents a primer in Gemmotherapy for homeopaths.

GemmotherapyThe term Gemmotherapy refers to a recognized and clinically established plant based medicine that serves as a cleansing protocol for the body. Gemmotherapy extracts are prepared each spring from the first buds and shoots of the season. These buds or shoots are macerated in a solution of alcohol and glycerin and left to sit for a month. This mother tincture is then diluted with water to be bottled and used as a Gemmotherapy extract. The precise methodology for producing these extracts is outlined and regulated by the European Union. It is the only medicine that can simultaneously cleanse and provide nutrition to cellular tissue. For that reason Gemmotherapy, the youngest form of botanical medicine, has healing capability that far exceeds all current plant based therapies. Each Gemmotherapy extract is based on a single tree or shrub and addresses individual organs or organ systems. Some extracts are polychrests and have multiple actions on the body and are used frequently while others have very specific actions and are used less often. While there are new Gemmotherapy extracts being tested and developed, there are about 60 established individual products in regular use and production. There are currently several recognized large scale producers of Gemmotherapy extracts in Europe as well as multiple boutique style operations. The European producers that import to the United States through a distributor include:

Boiron, Herbal Gem, Unda, and Plant Extrakt producing for Vital Extract.

Gemmotherapy’s advantage over all classic herbal therapies is due to the inclusion of meristem tissue that lies within each bud or shoot that is macerated to form the extract. These meristem tissues contain tremendous regenerative capabilities, much like human stem cells, and have infinite and indefinite self-replicating properties. Pol Henry, the founder of Gemmotherapy medicine, determined that it is the very use of these “embryionic plant tissues” in the extracts that make this medicine unique. Modern laboratory studies in Italy by Dr. Fernando Pitera’ have proven time and again the advantage of Gemmotherapy over all other plant based medicines.

The study of Gemmotherapy today is especially exciting and fulfilling as the capability of the human body to self-heal supported by the power of Gemmotherapy is a topic being researched in clinics, laboratories, and universities throughout Europe. Some of the most advanced research is occurring in universities and clinics in Romania (Cluj, Bucharest, and Constanta) and Italy.

On a practical level, Gemmotherapy is an affordable treatment that is within financial reach of most households. It is straightforward and simple to apply for self treatment in acute care situations and the extracts are sourced and produced in a sustainable manner. Due to the research that has been performed on Gemmotherapy and the human body, we know now this gentle yet powerful medicine can be used on everyone from newborns to geriatric patients. Many extracts are even safe to use throughout pregnancy. They are proven to provide immediate relief for acute illness and infections leaving the affected organs clean and fortified at the end of treatment.

Our knowledge of treating chronic conditions with Gemmotherapy is rapidly expanding and enhanced by the sharing of research enabled by professional organizations such as the ARGH ( Association Romania Gemmotherapy and Homeopathy) and publications by the renowned Dr. Fernando Pitera’, University of Genoa. We know that by fully restoring the natural functions of organs with Gemmotherapy, the need for supplements the body naturally produces is reduced or eliminated. In my practice I address chronic symptoms by applying specific Gemmotherapy extracts to support these following stages:

  • opening elimination routes
  • clean and fortifying organs
  • optimizing organ function
  • harmonizing the body

I have found Gemmotherapy to be an invaluable tool in my homeopathic practice. I now begin every case with Gemmotherapy and have developed a specific intake process to guide my protocol selection. I currently teach my method to homeopaths looking for a process that reduces and often eliminates the aggravations experienced by highly sensitive individuals who seem to be the norm in our practices today.

About the author

Lauren Hubele

Lauren is passionate about Gemmotherapy. She has presented at the annual Gemmotherapy conference in Romania, May 2014 and 2015. In 2015 she presented the results of her work in the form of a four stage healing process along with supporting cases from her practice. Her methodology is being integrated into training programs for Gemmotherapy in Europe and the U.S. Lauren began her Homeopathic training with her personal homeopath physician in Heidelberg Germany following years of successful recovery from Melanoma cancer. She has since trained with David Little, Drs. Banerjee, and Drs. Joshi and been mentored the past three years by Dr. Heiner Frei of Switzerland. She currently serves on the NCH Board of Directors. At Lauren’s practice in Austin, Texas she integrates Gemmotherapy with homeopathic treatment based on Dr. Heiner Frei’s method of Polarity Analysis.

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